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1 {1 - 11} Future Preparations on Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:38 pm

Task Name: Future Preparations
Tier: 1
Location: Alabasta
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Now that you are undeniably the largest power in Alabasta, make the necessary arrangements so that your leadership is supported.
Enemy Details: -
Boss: No

A week had gone by since Ro's last confrontation with the Kingsguard, and only now was she beginning to unwind from the stress she had put her body under during the feud. Now the operation was in it's late stages, with only one more obstacle in her way. Yanus had been killed, it had been necessary to do so. She couldn't risk such a cunning man with his political ties to make trouble for her in the future. If the game of thrones was chess, then the advisor had been a master. His mistake lay in trying to use Rokuju as if she were a pawn, not realising she was really a queen. No, the current monarch, King Uron, was much easier to manage. He had more or less submissed to her control after the violent display of strength a week earlier. His cushy upbringing conbined with his self focus and his high evaluation of his own life had rendered him unable to act against her, imprisoned in his own fear. Not that he would have anywhere to go really, Ro had made sure to import as much of his power into her own hands as possible. She had the royal decrees to prove it. For six days now the island kingdom had shifted from that of a traditional monarchy to a military state, putting Ro as the general in absolute power. Still, the king had his uses, the man was able to keep diplomatic ties as well as serve as a public face in this time of change.

She did have one regret about what had happened a week ago. After seeing the strength that the men and women of the Kingsguard posessed, both of mind and body, that she could not have kept them alive and have them join her own forces. They were the strongest group of soldiers she had ever encountered, and their loyalty to their king was resolute. Men such as Yanus and Uron definitely did not deserve such loyalty lives protecting them. After all, it was their scheming that got them all into that mess, and when the time came to face the consequences, they tried to wriggle out of them and run away. Then again, it was probably for the best. The Kingsguard were strong willed, and had supported the monarchy with everything they had. They would have been a strong opposition in Ro's ascent to power. That team had refused to acknowledge her command in the war against Hamilton. Still was a shame. She could only hope to have such capable people under her if she were to ascend any higher.

There was a lot to do and a lot to plan for. The first and most important thing for the Alabastian Kingdom to worry about was to rebuild the damage that the recent events had caused. The war for the treasure between the Yonko, marines and all sorts of other treasure hunting types had left the city of Alubarna in a state of severe disrepair. Not only that, the war with Hamilton had been even worse for the cities health. All of the building she had rigged with explosives and other brutal traps. The once beautiful city had become a place of death for locals and foreigners alike. The land stunk of greed and sorrow. It needed some time to heal, and a hand to guide regrowth. Ro would do what she could to help, after all, she had a big part to play in the end result. It was not like she could deny the position of responsibility that now befell her. Grabbing power was all well and good but the duty that accompanied it could not be shirked.

The people came first, and that meant that the essentials that are required for living needed to be a priority. Food was not too much of an issue, reserves could be pulled in from other cities and outer provinces. The city itself had a store of wheat to draw from. From the reports she had received, it looked like the people would have enough food for about three to five weeks with rationing. After that time, regular production would have to recommence. Water was a massive challenge, as it always was on Sandy Island. There would need to be a chain transportation for water all the way from Rainbase. That would be a logistic challenge in itself. Ro had already delegated people to ensuring that it would be set up. She just hoped that the eighty percent of the population would be able to survive without water for a couple of days. It was tough making these sorts of decisions, but what water there was went to the essential personel.

Housing was another issue, what with a good chunk of the city rendered unlivable, there were many people displaced. Ro ordered a begrudging Uron to welcome them into the palace, filling it's halls with thin canvas sheets that give little comfort to he families crammed in. What remained of the homeless, they have had temporary huts built in an attempt to stave off the freezing desert nights. Ro had seen reports of dozens dead through complications with the drop in temperature. It was at it's worst right now but improvements were already well on their way. The people of Sandy Island were hardy, and they reacted as well as could be expected in this trialing time. Ro wouldn't admit it so easily, but she had become fond of this summer isle. She remembered how much the sand, sun and coarse culture had rubbed her up the wrong way. Now she would be sad to leave it.

Looking further down the track in the development of this island, it was clear to her what developments needed to bring it into a new age. First of all, the travelling routes to and from each city and to the ports needed to be built into formal roads. Having a loose track through the desert made the trip only viable to experienced and resourceful people. A formal road would open up the option for mass travel. There would need to be allowances made for the weather conditions, protecting the routes from the shifting sands and blasting sandstorms. There were also the creatures that lived beneath the sands that would need to be accounted for. Suppose that all of these issues were dealt with, a clear pathway for travel and trade would be secured. On top of that, major ports would need an upgrade in the future. To have access to the rest of the world, the harbour hup would be required to dock all the incoming ships.

Slowly over time, the mess in Alubarna would be cleared, once the Alabastians had settled down, construction would begin. Cleaning up the streets and rebuilding would take place over the next couple of years. Slowly the scars of war would be healed. Most of the industry of greatest importance should be up and running before the year was out and then things can be taken from there. Ro was thinking about deploying some designs she had tucked away for a rainy day. These were to focus on two things; the first being an easier water collection method. Maybe something that drew what little moisture out of the air and stored it in a useful form. Another plan she had was to develop the soil around Alubarna, to turn the gritty sand into a more useful earth. Minerals would need to be brought in from an outside source, and mixed with a composting agent. It would be a long term plan for sure, but Ro hoped that fifty years from now, she could bring fertility to a harsh land. Maybe she would even look into providing an energy system for appliances. There would be a lot to gain from modern day technology. Whatever the case, the plan would aim to give future generations would have everything that they needed.

"Is that all, Rokuju?" Uron asked her as she signed the last page of the last report.
"Yes, that will be all for now. I'll be heading away for a little while but expect me back soon." The king nodded, and watched her stand and collect her things. Finally, she had finished her plans and orders. With these, Uron should be able to take responsibility for the kingdom's progression. Finally, it looked like things were wrapping up here on Alabasta. She was keen to get going but at the same time, she would miss her time here. But she would not stop moving forward, for there were greater heights to attain.

But there was still one more hurdle as far as Alabasta was concerned. And that was a beast by the name of Ren, the mink who had claimed the island for his turf. The time was coming soon where she would face him. But for now, that was in the future. Ro watched the sun slowly climb down the sky into the afternoon. Tomorrow would bring yet another dawn, and with it, an all encompassing radiance. The Vinsmoke woman smiled. The future was bright.

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