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1 If You'll Accept me... on Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:35 am

beautiful yet dangerous.
It's a Flash Back. // 1,097 Words

Adèlicia Joséphine Zuleika arose early that morning, she could hear the bustle in the Manor around, it would take another year before the Castle she wanted was made, so in the meantime she, and her men would stay in the largest estate on the Island. It was a rather cold morning, the air sickly cold; goosebumps rising on her arms and legs as her pale skin was uncovered. But today was going to be a big day, seven of her best men were meeting with her soon, and she needed to prepare.

Adèlicia had always been a prominent person, never wanting to make anyone wait, even if it was their job to do when it came to royalty, but she never enjoyed how jerkish the others were. Especially the World Nobles, she hated them the most. Always so unkind, but always so lazy, acting as if they were a gift. The world could do without them. But Adèlicia, she had always been loved, her family, always been loved. That was, until the outbreak. Her saddened her heart and almost caused tears to think of all those people dying when her family was rescued. For that, she would always hate the World Government and the Revolutionaries, their sorry excuses, always wanting to get rid of the World Government, yet doing nothing to help nations in need. She shook her head, she had to focus; she needed to dress and make her way to the meeting room.

Adèlicia stretched herself, some of her bones cracked as she did; slipping behind a small curtain that was put up in the corner of her room, she undressed from her night garments and into her royal attire. Today she would wear the red lace dress, the one that poofed around her small body. It was a dress that was recovered from her family's old home, one her father bought for the day she would become Queen, of course, it was thought to be lost but still remained, untouched, covered in plastic. It was the one small thing she had left, beside his sword.

After her clothes were on, she slipped into her shoes and began her descent to the meeting room. "Six... Five... Four... Three..." She thought the steps as she got closer, her nerves were beginning to reach her now. It was almost frustrating, but she noticed the door was slightly open by at least three inches, closing her eyes she listened, muffled voices of the men. They were already in the room waiting for her, she couldn't help but smile at the sound, the seven men in the room made her feel safe like nothing could ever go wrong again. She couldn't wait to surprise them. As reached to open the door, she found herself being stared at, seven men, each so different in appearance, each personality so different. She had her Doctor, Aita Phersu, a strange man, they picked him up on their way back to her Kingdom; he was kind when he first boarded, but it soon became clear that his mind was so much wiser than he would let on sometimes, never the less the Doctor was a quiet man, but his lust for knowledge was always so great. Then there was Solas, one of the two cyborgs; he was the first she had ever encountered, he was quite, for the most part, however his stories were always her favourite, his age gave him so much knowledge, and she always enjoyed trying to get him into debates on World topics, but his greed for... everything would always be there.

Then there was her Karou, a man that had been with her from the very start, her family picking them up when they were leaving the Island from the outbreak. Her father, forced so many to pick life, serving him, or death. But even after her father died, Karou stayed by her side swearing to never let harm come to her, she knew the sudden rise of people becoming closer to her would make this man uneasy, but never the less it was needed. Masako Ushigawa, the second of the cyborgs, had come to Flevance on his own accords after the news of her return hit the world. He came and requested to be allowed to stay, to help her, with his age and knowledge, she accepted him with open arms. She found Masako to be an envious man, not in the normal sense one would be, but in an entirely different sense. Then there was Serr Hathcock, a Fishman who showed up in Flevance, showed promise, even though his paranoia and gluttonous ways when it came to booze were sometimes too much to handle, he was smart, and on his toes. His paranoia came in handy sometimes too. However, the other two, she still didn't know much about, besides their slothful and wrathful ways at times. But this would change over the course of their time together. And everything would change at the moment she began to talk.

Adèlicia walked across the room, moving towards the front of it, sitting down in the chair in front of them, she began to speak, quietly at first, from her nerves, then her voice rose to a respectable height.

"I'm sure you are all wondering why I've brought you here today, and that's simply because I wanted to thank each one of you, most of you came to me, others I found. But you stayed never the less, and because of this I wanted to give you all something, even though my power is limited at the moment, and my Island has barely anyone... I wanted you all to be apart of it, for good, if you do so, please. And what I mean by that, is I want to... How do you say it... Knight you." She paused for a moment, letting them soak the information in before she kept going, "I want each of you to know how special you are to me, and how I want you all to stay close, and the best way to do that is to make each one of you apart of the Queen's Guard of White Knights. Each one of you are represented by one of the sins. Karou will be the head of the guard, Solas his second in command, and Aita the third." She paused once more, letting that sink in also, "To finish, I simply ask you to all bend the knee so I may Knight you your sin." She stood up, picking up her fathers' sword.

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2 Re: If You'll Accept me... on Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:18 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Karou had been about the castle, content only to carry on an inner monologue with himself as he awaited her highness whom had summoned him, all of them. Karou had been inside of the manor already and when the grunts bearing messages bore them through the main hall, one of their jobs became incredibly easy, not even having to depart into the deeper cold to deliver the message to Karou. In response and equally simply, Karou walked the short distance to stand before the chair that he knew she desired to be a throne, first to arrive.

Karou didn't mind, he was able to carry on his inner monologue, alternating between words and trying to visualize what he may be sent to do, what adventure, what quest, what task could be added to his belt. In a literal sense, his belt was likely the most ornate piece of his dress. Flaked with gold and red dye to match his name sake as he tried often to do, evidenced by his red pauldrons, red robes, and red tabi socks, though he lacked footwear for the sake of mobility and balance. The belt was more than the fanciest part of his outfitting though, it was to serve as the carrier of trophies, a trophy from every mission that he was given by his Queen of Flevance to display his honors and intimidate his foes. Or at least they would be something that he could be reminded of, confident of, proud of as it were.

Before Karou could carry on in his boring ways further about his belt and trophies yet to come, his pale Queen entered, silent as she walked to the chair and entering soon following the other Commanders she had gathered to serve as Queensguard.  It excited Karou, it was a task of difficulty, a mission requiring adventurers to have the highest order of servants all called simultaneously, though he remained outwardly stoic, silent, unmoving and attempting to be un-blinking, a staring contest only he knew of.

Of course he wouldn't be alone, in theory. It would not be the concern of his the ways of individualism or group effort. He was here to perform tasks, win glories, trophies, and serve the daughter of he who saved his life and who had, in turn, spared his life once more. A life debt that ran so deep one could say it was in his blood stretching back to his great ancestor Kit-Kat, and Breyvus before him who had taken the name Redtyde through bloody honor and who remained proud warriors ever since along the entire family line.

Finally, the reason of the summons, the Queen sat upon her soon to be glorious throne-chair and spoke, addressing all Commanders after silently and gracefully taking her rightful place for the ceremony of orders. Karou remained silent, his loyal and looming position as the first sword, first shield, and first of the loyal had long taught him such. Though he was filled with deeper pride at the Queen's words that would proclaim him as a Knight. The formality of the event the new beginning of the Kingdom and White City. Karou waited dutifully as the Queen spoke her words that shed glorious light upon that which his life had been dedicated so far. A trophy of the mind, a moment for pride as he would surely find himself Knighted under. Only breaking the dutiful silence and stillness of his stance when asked to formally kneel and make an oath. A binding for life of purpose and loyalty, unquestionably and while he was sure that the others would be loyal, Karou already considered how the expansion would be safest and most efficient...Conquest.

And so, with thoughts of Conquest, Karou stepped forward, taking care to conceal his tabi socks beneath his robes to not offend as he had been taught as a child to do. Slowly dropping to one knee and exposing his neck as openly as he could while still retaining his own dignity and without some kind of silly scalp to the floor position. A proud moment as his mind raced underneath the silent stony face, facing the stone but seeing only the visualization of the glory and honors he would win, his belt coated in bells, gold, and the shrunken heads of his enemies. The justice long since overdue for the glory of the White City that had been betrayed and left to ruin. The world itself folding their petty factions under the White City. The world would pay, and it would be Karou who was the steel sword and shield of that change.

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3 Re: If You'll Accept me... on Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:13 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Though the meeting had been called only a short while ago, Solas arrived before most others, not because he was close to the meeting room, but because he was extremely good at finding places that either should never be spoken of, such as the I̧̨̒͗̾̎͐҉͚͎̺͕̮N͉̘̣͇̯̝͛ͪ̊̏̄͝ͅC̛̣̒ͪ͗͘͟I̴̩͉͕̥͌̀D̥̟̉͊͢Ĕ̎҉̧̺̗͍̭͓̬̹͟N̶̟̣̝̞̰̘͕̄̃̍̓̀ͅT̷̩͈̬̮̞͎̲̆͋̋͝ͅ, or that made no sense from a physical motion standpoint. He had once crossed an ocean overnight by talking a walk in a forest. No one, not even Solas himself, was quite sure how he got there, but it seemed easier to travel when he had a destination in mind, but no travel plans in mind. Unfortunately, it also meant walking through houses and sometimes funerals. Fortunately, he had only been trying to go to the kitchen instead of the meeting room, as he wanted a sandwich before he left.

Ah yes, the messenger had been rightly terrified as well, having the door open in his face, only to see Solas lean down, putting their faces mere inches from each other, before letting out a terrifying screech. He was still unconscious when Solas left five minutes later. Regardless, Solas found himself in the meeting room, quite sure he was heading towards the beach to find a witch of the sands, but he disregarded the idea once he realized the room was still full of people, all waiting on their queen.

Solas had a... odd relationship with the Queen, probably because Solas himself was quite odd, being the oldest half-toaster-cyborg to exist. Well, that he knew of. She probably thought he was insane, which was also probably correct, if even half of his thoughts were accurate. In any case, he respected her well enough that he did not mind serving under her, be it as a warrior or a scientist. Probably a warrior, since he killed a lot of people through both science and swords, the difference being that he actually intended to with swords.

It was wrong to assume he wanted to rule the world, or that political power was his ultimate goal. His ultimate goal was nothing quite so dull. True, he wanted physical power, wealth, and glory, but he, far more than anything, wanted adventure. To see the world and have fun every step of the way. Given his body would only give out if he ever stopped fixing it when it failed, he did not have any issues stopping to smell the roses. His agelessness had given him a unique view on mortality and immortality, one that seemed to separate itself from both words, while maintaining the concept of death and the refusal of said concept. Indeed, it was this reason he had joined this group, his idea of life and death morphing the idea of a group of highly skilled people into a joyride rather than anything too serious. Perhaps it was this same sense of death that allowed him such levity in all his actions.

Still, the various members of the group were a bit worrying. Not in the sense that they would betray him, or the Queen, but in the sense that they might hog all the fun. He had no qualms admitting his becoming a threat was a very recent thing, while several of these men seemed to have decades more experience than him, and he was quite sure none of them were that old... Odd. It mattered not, he had only truly begun, while these were trained warriors. Except two of them seemed less like warriors and more like... well, he was unsure, but they definitely did not seem like they would be the ones to beat someone to death using that person's best friend. Well. They might, but they would be more likely to just science the person to death. Not that it made a difference, a life was a life, and if they wanted to corpse-ify someone, the method of doing so mattered little. Except for spectacle...

Having a barely audible conversation with himself, arguing with himself over whether or not explosions were the best way to kill a person unexpectedly, Solas was quite surprised when he was interrupted by the door opening. Well, interrupted only in that he stopped talking, but kept thinking about it. It was quite an interesting topic, since he was debating between explosions and Moon Javelins... Wait a moment! Why not both?! Ah, it seemed she wanted them to kneel. That was fine, he had no reason not to at this point, although kneeling with a robot body was... difficult at best. Walking so that he was next to Karou, Solas knelt. For about two seconds. Then he fell over, towards the opposite side of Karou, making a soft 'clang' when his body connected with the floor. He merely acted as if he did not fall, which was what he was pretending had happened. He did not fall, the world simply turned sideways. Like usual.

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