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3 Re: If You'll Accept me... on Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:13 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Though the meeting had been called only a short while ago, Solas arrived before most others, not because he was close to the meeting room, but because he was extremely good at finding places that either should never be spoken of, such as the I̧̨̒͗̾̎͐҉͚͎̺͕̮N͉̘̣͇̯̝͛ͪ̊̏̄͝ͅC̛̣̒ͪ͗͘͟I̴̩͉͕̥͌̀D̥̟̉͊͢Ĕ̎҉̧̺̗͍̭͓̬̹͟N̶̟̣̝̞̰̘͕̄̃̍̓̀ͅT̷̩͈̬̮̞͎̲̆͋̋͝ͅ, or that made no sense from a physical motion standpoint. He had once crossed an ocean overnight by talking a walk in a forest. No one, not even Solas himself, was quite sure how he got there, but it seemed easier to travel when he had a destination in mind, but no travel plans in mind. Unfortunately, it also meant walking through houses and sometimes funerals. Fortunately, he had only been trying to go to the kitchen instead of the meeting room, as he wanted a sandwich before he left.

Ah yes, the messenger had been rightly terrified as well, having the door open in his face, only to see Solas lean down, putting their faces mere inches from each other, before letting out a terrifying screech. He was still unconscious when Solas left five minutes later. Regardless, Solas found himself in the meeting room, quite sure he was heading towards the beach to find a witch of the sands, but he disregarded the idea once he realized the room was still full of people, all waiting on their queen.

Solas had a... odd relationship with the Queen, probably because Solas himself was quite odd, being the oldest half-toaster-cyborg to exist. Well, that he knew of. She probably thought he was insane, which was also probably correct, if even half of his thoughts were accurate. In any case, he respected her well enough that he did not mind serving under her, be it as a warrior or a scientist. Probably a warrior, since he killed a lot of people through both science and swords, the difference being that he actually intended to with swords.

It was wrong to assume he wanted to rule the world, or that political power was his ultimate goal. His ultimate goal was nothing quite so dull. True, he wanted physical power, wealth, and glory, but he, far more than anything, wanted adventure. To see the world and have fun every step of the way. Given his body would only give out if he ever stopped fixing it when it failed, he did not have any issues stopping to smell the roses. His agelessness had given him a unique view on mortality and immortality, one that seemed to separate itself from both words, while maintaining the concept of death and the refusal of said concept. Indeed, it was this reason he had joined this group, his idea of life and death morphing the idea of a group of highly skilled people into a joyride rather than anything too serious. Perhaps it was this same sense of death that allowed him such levity in all his actions.

Still, the various members of the group were a bit worrying. Not in the sense that they would betray him, or the Queen, but in the sense that they might hog all the fun. He had no qualms admitting his becoming a threat was a very recent thing, while several of these men seemed to have decades more experience than him, and he was quite sure none of them were that old... Odd. It mattered not, he had only truly begun, while these were trained warriors. Except two of them seemed less like warriors and more like... well, he was unsure, but they definitely did not seem like they would be the ones to beat someone to death using that person's best friend. Well. They might, but they would be more likely to just science the person to death. Not that it made a difference, a life was a life, and if they wanted to corpse-ify someone, the method of doing so mattered little. Except for spectacle...

Having a barely audible conversation with himself, arguing with himself over whether or not explosions were the best way to kill a person unexpectedly, Solas was quite surprised when he was interrupted by the door opening. Well, interrupted only in that he stopped talking, but kept thinking about it. It was quite an interesting topic, since he was debating between explosions and Moon Javelins... Wait a moment! Why not both?! Ah, it seemed she wanted them to kneel. That was fine, he had no reason not to at this point, although kneeling with a robot body was... difficult at best. Walking so that he was next to Karou, Solas knelt. For about two seconds. Then he fell over, towards the opposite side of Karou, making a soft 'clang' when his body connected with the floor. He merely acted as if he did not fall, which was what he was pretending had happened. He did not fall, the world simply turned sideways. Like usual.

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