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1 Siege on the Wolf Pack[Arc, Standard] on Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:32 am

Arc+Task Details:
Arc Type: Standard
Arc Name: Extermination
Arc Tier: 2
Sea: East Blue
Island: Logue Town
Arc Description: Lately in Logue Town, three gangs have reigned supreme, causing nothing but trouble for civilians and marines alike. Of course, the government wants these threats eliminated and have assigned Diego for the job of snuffing out the weakest one: The Wolf Pack. Diego, along with a squadron of marines must kill the leader, a fearsome martial artist known as Shu, which would completely dismantle the gang.

Task Name: Infiltration
Tier: 1
Location: Logue Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: The siege on the Wolf Pack commences. At the lowest level of there base lies the weakest of the grunts, and generally, should be no issue for Diego and his squadron of marines.
Enemy Details: 5 T1s
Boss: No

Diego was honored that headquarters bestowed upon him leadership for an important mission. Leading a group of four other marines, they stood at the front entrance, decorated in marine uniform and ready to barge in at Diego's order. He was sure that with the skills all four of them possessed that this wouldn't be as hard as headquarters thought it would be, but still..if any of them got hurt badly, or worse, killed, it'd weigh heavily on his conscience. Even if it got himself hurt in the process, he would do everything he could to keep these marines alive.

Taking a final look at his surroundings, he took in each and every single detail of it before he went in, just in case he died. While the nearest town was indeed Logue Town, they were actually quite far away from it; Over 20 miles, actually. The Wolf Pack had actually managed to hide there base of operations quite well amongst the plethora of tall trees and dense foilage, and it was only through an undercover spy in the Wolf Pack that they learned of thiss place's coordinates.

Taking a deep breathe, he looked over each of the marines and himself, all dressed proudly in standard marine garments.

"Are we all ready here? I know we went over this in the briefing.. but once we head in, we can't turn back. "

They each nodded, and Diego pointed to the door.

"Break it down, Slachovic!"

An eight feet tall, extremely muscular man stepped to the front, smashing the stone door down, and the marine squadron charged in, ready to fight.

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2 Re: Siege on the Wolf Pack[Arc, Standard] on Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:50 am

Almost as soon as they barged into the room, they were ready for combat. Cortez, a skilled Marksman in the marines, managed to pick off three of the grunts before the rest could even gather where the threat was coming from. While he stayed near the door, covering everyone from afar, the rest of the marines, including Diego jumped right into the fray.

From what Marine Headquarters told him, the grunts at the entrance were the weakest of the weak, and from what he was seeing right now, that information was correct. Each attack aimed at Diego was sloppy, as if a pup was trying to fight a lion. Without much issue, he bobbed and weaved his way through the crowd, delivering brutal counterattacks that he was sure broke quite a few bones. He saw no reason to waste further energy trying to kill them though, knocking out a good six thugs before he checked out his allies were doing.

So it's not just me...the higher-ups did say that the people I was leading were around the same power as I was, but I wasn't entirely too sure..

An oncoming sword broke him out of his train of thought as he narrowly dodged it, sending a palm strike to his attacker's skull which knocked him out instantly.

Shit.. I have to be much more careful. I almost died to fodder if I were even a second late dodging that.

"Sound the alarm! THE MARINES ARE HERE!"

Just a few moments later, a shrill alarm rang throughout the room, for what seemed like an eternity before Cortez shot it, disabling it. Still, all the marines knew that they wouldn't be able to take the rest of the base by surprise, making this mission much more difficult.

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3 Re: Siege on the Wolf Pack[Arc, Standard] on Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:07 am

Minutes passed, as the ongoing battle came to a close. Diego noticed that none of his allies seemed hurt, and took out the thugs with zero difficulty.

"That was some good work team. I'm positive that alarm has signaled everyone in this tower of our presence, so we're going to have to take this much more seriously. I'm sure you all know this, but it's just a friendly reminder. I can't have you guys dying on my watch...anyways, scout the area. If we can find anything useful for later, that'd obviously be helpful."

With that out of the way, Diego wandered over to some of the corpses and unconscious bodies. Yes, he considered himself a good person, even as his hands sifted through many pockets, grabbing as much beli as he could. They were criminals! They didn't need the money as much as he did, and dials were pretty expensive. Unfortunately, besides the beli that Diego pocketed, no one else managed to find anything useful, and the group moved on to the next level of the base.

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4 Re: Siege on the Wolf Pack[Arc, Standard] on Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:36 pm

Task Info:
Task Name: Depths
Tier: 1
Location: Logue Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After overcoming the myriad of grunts on the first floor, Diego and his squad advance to the next. Spirits are quite high in the group, as all the marines feel as if this is nothing more than a joke. However, when the next wave of enemies outnumber the marine squadron by twice the amount, Diego knows that the Wolf Pack is just getting started.
Enemy Details: 10 T1
Boss: No

The group of marines stuck closely together like a baby attached to its mother's bosom, watching each others blindspots. As the leader, Diego felt it was his responsibility to take the lead. Just in case he succumbed to a trap, or something similar, at least the others would know to avoid it. As this was his first time leading, he didn't really have much experienced and only really based his actions on how he thought a leader should act.

The construction of the Wolf Pack's headquarters was quite simple. Five flights of stone stairs led to a door which would lead them to the next section of the base, where the next challenge awaited. Thankfully, Diego already knew how most of this place's layout was like due to the previously mentioned spy, and wasn't likely to be caught by surprise. As far as the Marines knew, the Wolf Pack didn't use guns either, as its leader thought them to be weapons that didn't require much skill.

Perhaps that's why so few of us were sent.. while of course, this gang is a threat to the peace, headquarters wouldn't have sent a bunch of low ranking marines to go handle this if they didn't think we could do it. We just have to play this I getting nervous? That's a first for me.

As they reached the door, Cortez walked in front of the group, taking out tools to pick the lock. But, Diego stopped him.

"I don't think we need you to do that. The alarm already alerted them to our presence, so we might as well barge in loud and proud, right?"

"Heh. Guess you're right, I'll take my previous position and cover you guys. Still, we have to see how well they're positioned too. I can hack into this places camera feeds and tell you where all these criminals are standing.."

Cortez was definitely the smartest person here, and was quite the good shot with that pistol and rifle of his. Diego nodded, pleased by the suggestion, and Cortez got to work, taking out a small electronical pad and doing whatever wizardry scientists like him did.

"Won't take much longer guys.. the security here isn't all that strong.. and... ta-da! I'm in! Okay, so this is what we're dealing with. Ten people, seven of them are ten meters away from the door, the other three are guarding the next flight of stairs which is around twenty meters away. None of them have any guns, but they're all using a myriad of weapons, ranging from swords to metal bats..we should all be pretty careful!"

Diego couldn't say he wasn't impressed with how much information Cortex gathered. This was a much better situation than the team just blindly charging in like idiots.

"Your efforts are appreciated, Cortez. Let's do this!"

With his fists of justice, Diego punched the door down with ease, shattering it into pieces.


While the other's moved into position, leading the grunts away from each other, Diego was cut off by five, each wielding a sword.

"Heh.. if we kill all you Marines, the government will realize we're far more stronger than they though, and they'll definitely let us do whatever the hell we want with that shitty town! Die, you government dog!"

While Diego could tell just how sloppy they were by how they carried their weapons, he still didn't take them lightly. After all, those weapons were made out of a pretty decent material that could definitely do some damage to him if he allowed it to connect.

First rule of a fight..always make the first move!

In a burst of speed, imperceptible to the eyes of these grunts, Diego directed a palm strike right to the base of the nose of one sword user, knocking him out cold on his feet. The intended effect was to inspire fear throughout there ranks, and Diego could see that it worked with how nervous they were.

And now to finish them off while they're off guard!

Like a flash of lightning, several well placed blows were more than enough to knock out the fear stricken grunts. Sure, all this mental stress was fatiguing him a little, but he was still confident that they'd be able to defeat anyone that opposed them. Looking to his teammates, he was glad that overall, they didn't seem hurt at all, defeating the other grunts just as easily as Diego did.

"Looks like we're finished here.. great work team."

Task Complete

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5 Re: Siege on the Wolf Pack[Arc, Standard] on Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:04 pm

Task Info:
Task Name: The Crisis
Tier: 2
Location: Logue Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: As Diego and the group rest up from there previous fights to try and get some backup and medical supplies, they stumble across a room that contains a plethora of slaves. This act cementing the Pack of Wolves as a depraved gang in his mind, Diego and the squad are then ambushed by even more grunts. They must keep the slaves safe and free them while also defeating the enemies, while also facing the Wolf Boss' greatest henchman: Amada the Sniper.
Enemy Details: 15 T1, 1 T2
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Amada
Tier: 2
Description: Amada the Sniper is extremely loyal to Shu and takes major pride in eliminating any threats to him. Amada would rather die than betray Shu's trust, and this is why Shu regards him as his greatest ally. His facial features are often obscured, as he wears a full body jumpsuit along with a mask.
Devil Fruit: None
Haki: None
Equipment: T2 Pistol, T2 Rifle
Strength: 1
Durability: 1
Speed: 3
Perception: 3

Cloaked in the shadows of darkness, Amada layed with his custom made sniper rifle in wait of his opponents. From what he was told, they weren't your average marines, yet, despite the threat that they posed, he was confident that his top of the line sniping skills would be more than sufficient to defeat them. After all, for countless years, he'd served Shu faithfully and eliminated every single threat without fail. He had no reason to stop now.

Amada had taken extra precautuons to make sure that this final defense wouldn't be breached. For instance, with all his meticulous planning and smarts, he'd made sure that the camera feeds were disabled after learning of the breach in the firewall. Each and every available soldier was placed strategically, at least to the best of Amada's ability, and he equipped them with tbe best weapons the gang had. Still, he wished Shu was far more accepting of guns; The only reason he was allowed in this gang was because they were childhood friends.

I won't let them get them closer to Shu.. I'll put my life on the line to protect him!

Cleaning his personal rifle, he waited in the darkness in silence, ready to defeat the threat to his friend's life, or go down knowing that at least he gave it his all.
While wandering around, the marines found a room containing a plethora of slaves to the Wolf Pack.

"Damn.. they must have caught on to the breach! I can't view the surveillance feed to the next room, so we might have to wing it."

No matter how hard Cortez tried to fiddle with his gadgets, it was to no avail. In a act of frustration, he threw his gadget to the floor, nearly shattering it completely.

"I've been at this damn thing for half a hour and I haven't made any progress! Guys, I'm sorry, but this is beyond my ability.. we really might have to do this the hard way.."

Although the news from Cortez was a bit disheartening, Diego believed that another way to take a bit more strategical route. Looking at the ceiling, he spotted the key to his problem.

"The vents. None of us are small enough to fit throigh them except Cortez and I, and Cortez should be protecting your blindspots. Therefore, I'll make the trek into the vents and reactivate the camera feed. Once that's done, we'll charge in and dispath the rest of the grunts. Got it?"

They nodded as Diego hosted itself up into the vent, pulling the cover off and crawling inside.

God... this place smells so rancid..
Seconds turbed into minutes, and minutes turned into hours as Amada waited for even the slightest sign that the marines were going to bust through that door.. but it never came.

Do.. do they have some sort of invisibility power I'm not entirely aware of? No, that can't be it.. I would have seen the door move and shot immediately! What the hell is taking them so long? Don't tell me they're calling for support...we're screwed if that happens!

In a panic, he dropped his gun, feeling how sweaty and disgusting his palms were. If they were actually rallying more troops, than he'd wasted so much time waiting for them when they all could have been scouting the perimeter to kill them.

"Shu.. I'm so sorry..because of me, your dreams of ruling the world won't become a reality! I'll kill as many marines as I can, I promise!"


Alarmed, Amada withdrew his pistol, firing a barrage of rounds in the vent.
"Dear god.. we really have to get rid of the rats in this place. Those little fuckers nearly scared the shit outta me.."

Sighing, he placed his gun back into his holster and picked up his rifle, closely watching the door.
In quick succession, five bullets flew past Diego, each one nearly hitting him. For the slightest of moments, he froze up, wondering if he'd been caught. But when the shooting died down, he continued his trek, much more careful not to make any noises.

That damn rat that crawled up my leg scared me shitless...for how much money Shu reportedly has, you'd think the guy could get an exterminator to keep these vermin out. God, I hate rodents. But more importantly... when did the Wolf Pack ever get access to guns? The briefing said that Shu disliked them.. is it just a single person, or is the final level of this place filled with gun users? This is bad..

From what Diego can tell, the shots sounded like they came from the very same camera room that he was entering. If possible, he'd try to interrogate the guy and find out more, but with the gun he had, Diego knew he couldn't take him too lightly.

Descending from the ventilation system quietly, he realized that with the vantage point this sniper had, if the teamed followed through with the plan of charging on headfirst, they'd be quickly picked off.

He probably doesn't have much experience with hand to hand.. so if I take him off guard and knock that gun away from him right now, I'm free to do whatever the hell I want with him.

Like a tiger after its prey, he pounched, knocking the rifle aside and binding his hands together with some rope.

"You're under arrest! Now tell me where the hell you got that gun from!"

Despite his struggling, the gun was more than five feet away from him. No matter how hard he tried, Diego was confident that he couldn't escape. Triumphantly, he firmply placed his foot on the sniper's head, applying pressure ever so slightly.

"Talk. Hurry."

"I'll never betray Shu! He's the one that gave me purpose when no other person could!"

Diego couldn't really gather the power to have any sympathy for this person, when just a few minutes ago he nearly tried to kill him, even if it was an accident. Thus, with a powerful stomp to his skull, Diego rendered Amada unconscious, and made his way to the console.

"I may not be gifted with the technological knowledge Cortez posseses, but I know how to work these camera feeds...let's do this!"

With the click of a few buttons, the cameras were back online, giving the marine team the signal that everything was good to go. From the Camera Center, he watched as his squad move in and dispatched the grunts with ease.

"'s good to know that they won't fall apart without me. Maybe I shouldn't be worrying so much about them. After all, they're all powerful marines just like me."

Heading down to meet his team, he gave them yet another look over, and was pleased to see that they didn't sustain much injury. Still, they did look like the fatigue was starting to set in on them.

"Good work team.. and now we head to the final level. I'm gonna warn you, I've just fought someone who used a gun, so stay as careful as possible."

While showing some surprise, the group kept there composure and gave him a few nods. Leading them to the next door, Diego mentally prepared himself for what would be his hardest fight yet. After all, Shu wasn't the leader of his gang for no reason.

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6 Re: Siege on the Wolf Pack[Arc, Standard] on Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:46 am

Task Name: Ultimate Climax
Tier: 2
Location: Logue Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: The marines have successfully vanquished every foe they've come across, with the assistance of some backup from HQ. As they reach the final room, Shu, along with his minions make the final stand.
Enemy Details: 2 T2s, 10 T1
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Shu Midori
Tier: 2
Description: A martial artist with goals of conquering the world, Shu has formed the Wolf Pack in order to usurp the government. He has no remorse for disposing of people that get in his way, and he is quite short and chubby. Despite this, his blows pack quite the punch.
Devil Fruit: None
Haki: None
Equipment: T2 Gauntlets
Strength: 3
Durability: 3
Speed: 3
Perception: 3

The two fighters gazed at each other, ready to kill with the first move made. Amidst the chaos of the Marines versus the Wolf Pack's thugs, in the center was the battle that would likely set the tone for the rest of the war: Shu, leader of the Wolf pack and expert martial artist stood ten meters away from Diego, leader of this operation. Both of the men knew not to take the other lightly, their experience in martial arts allowing them to properly assess the others skill level.

Yet, despite how likely this fight could turn if Diego was off guard for even a second, an excitement brewed in his stomach, almost to the point where he could feel himself trembling. If any battle so far in his life determined whether or not he was worthy to follow in his late father's footsteps, it would be this one. At the very least, Diego had the advantage knowing a little how Shu fought from previous briefings.

He fighting style was primal and animalistic, almost as if he weren't human. But by no means one should assume that he was unskilled. Each strike he launched wasted no energy, all aimed to kill his opponent as quickly and painfully as possible. Quite often, Shu left his opponents as twisted mangled corpses of themselves in such a way that a deranged madman might recognize them as art.

In contrast, Diego's fighting style was much more subdued, focusing on getting as many hits as possible before the opponent could. Plus, as an upholder of justice, it wasn't his focus to kill people, preferring to to capture when possible. But, Diego realizing that this was practically impossible, he focused on altering his style as much as possible in order to get the killing blow.

Seconds turned into minutes, which felt like hours as Diego concentrated solely on the opponent in front of him, the battle raging on without any signs of stopping. Then, Shu broke the silence between the two men.

"What, are we just gonna stand here? I want the fight of my life. You defeated Amada, so you must be smart at the very least."

Honestly, Diego wasn't expecting him to speak during this whole fight, surprising him. It was enough for him to lower his guard for just a second.

That second was all Shu needed.

In a surprising show of agility for someone so old looking, Shu popped up in front of Diego in a burst of speed, aiming his fist straight for his temple. Diego moved his head to the left in order to avoid the attack, but only managed to evade part of it, a rather large side cut on the side of his head as proof. Still, although it stung, it at least gave Diego the chance to retaliate.

And now, feel the power of my justice ripple through you!

Sending a powerful palm strike right at Shu's stomach, Diego watched in satisfaction as it sent him hurling five meters, but as expected, he made a quick recovery, landing on his feet and getting back into his stance.

"Heh.. for a kid, you hit pretty hard. You're crazy if you think that's gonna be enough to defeat me though.. you'll have to do better than that!"

Perhaps in some crazy alternate universe where Shu was a good man, they could have been energetic sparring partners. Was he always as evil and rotten as he was now? What had made him this way.

" don't have to do this. I like fightin' as much as the next warrior, but in the end, is this whatcha really want? Look around ya. Yer whole organization is fallin' to pieces, patna."

The country in him was finally starting to seep out. He didn't have to put up a facade, or anything else disingenuous: It was Diego at his purest.

"And then what? Rot in a prison for the rest of my life whike you corrupt marines continue to trick the rest of the world into thinking you're the good guys? I'd rather die in the greatest fight of my life! Wolf Fang Fist!"

He charged Diego at full speed, unleash a barrage of claw-like swipes. From what he heard from headquarter's, this was his signature move, and making full contact with even one meant death. Despite this, Diego managed to keep his school, skillfully weaving his way through what seemed like an endless barrage.

However, as quickly as he started the move, it seemed like he transitioned into another, a fast claw strike aimed at Diego's heart. With all of his might and wuick thinking behing him, he managed to hold back the attack with both hands, grabbing the center of Shu's arm.

Shit! That was really close!

Feeling his grip quickly loosening by he second, Diego headbutted Shu in the nose, sending him backwards and in the direction of the floor. But, to Diego's surprise, he made a astoundingly quick recovery, doing a backflip off the floor and rebounding with a flying kick directly in Diego's jaw, sending him to the floor face first.

"Ah..I admire your tenacity, kid, but you have to realize that I'm eons ahead of you in experience. You're a thousand years too early when it comes to fighting me! I've been in wars, kiddo!"

Without even the slightest of moments to regain his composure, Diego was left defenseless as Shu kicked him in his ribs, sending him soaring through the air and landing face first in the dirt. Without a doubt, that one kick alone had been enough to shatter some of his ribs.

"This was a fun match.. I'm surprised you even survived the Wolf Fang Fist. Not many peoplehave the honor of that, so you can brag about it when you enter the afterlife!"

Father.. what would you do in this situation?

As Shu approached, each step seeming like it'd take agonizing hours to finish, Diego began to flashback to one of his earlier childhood memories.

What did Father always used to say..?

Diego.. while of course, I wouldn't like it if you randomly killed people for the slightest crimes like littering, the fact remains that some people on this planet are just rotten to the core. When it comes time for you to face someone like that, it's up to you to be the judge, the juror, and the executioner. Someone who's responsible for the deaths of many doesn't deserve life's precious gift! Do whatever it takes to take them down!

Despite the immense pain he was in, the will to survive burned brightly in his spirit. Grabbing a handful of dirt, Diego threw it in Shu's face, watching in satisfaction as it managed to blind him.


Like a sword, he shoved his hand in Shu's chest, piercing it like a knife going through butter. It was over. No matter how powerful someone was, if they had something as deadly as this happen to them, the fight was finished.

"Don't underestimate justice...I didn't want it to come to this, but you left me no choice. God may forgive you in the afterlife, but it is my duty to send someone as evil as you to him!"

Crushing his heart, Shu would have died instantly, and Diego withdrew his hand from his chest, watching as the corpse fell to the ground with a thud.

"...It's funny.. it's as if he has a look of regret in his eyes.."

Sighing, wondering if killing Shu was truly the correct path, Diego looked around, glad to see that the Marines overcame Shu's bandits.

It was official. The Wolf Pack had been taken down.
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