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The Director

Lets Turn This World Upside Down

Hiroko Tashi Image:

Name:Hiroko Tashi
Alias/Epithet: The Mask Pharaoh, The Director, and Mr. Tashi
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 35

Occupation:Historian/Martial Artist
Affiliation:Ciphol 5 {Marines}
Devil Fruit:Mira Mira No Mi
Equipment: N/A

Haki:Busoshoku, and Kenbunshoku
Attribute Priority: Perception
Secondary: Speed
Non-Prioritized Strength, Durability

World Position: Ciphol Pol 5 Director

General Appearance:Hiroko Tashi has brown eyes, and jaw-length blonde hair with a straight cut, and many of his facial expressions reveal his upper teeth. While doing some assignment he tend to wear school like uniform or business suits, though he usually wears trousers, shirt and tie, often supplemented by a newsboy cap and long-coat. Hiroko Tashi appears to have a round ring pierced in the middle of his tongue.

Height: ("6'9½")
Weight: 250 Pounds
 Mr.Tashi is somewhat comical adding a bit of levity  to most situation that are consider serious in nature. He also have a flippant attitude which in some cases annoy majority of his subordinates. Unlike some of his subordinates Director Tashi find it highly entertaining to insulting his foes before they meet they untimely demise or defeat. He have aaknit in finding what they love the most, and using it to his advantage in battle or everyday life.
The Director is pretty calm minded in all situation whether they be in or out of combat he tend to keep a relax state of mind. The Director have no issue with using his devil fruit abilities to located the most wanted criminals in the world, and he use his Rokushiki to help him eliminate the most dangerous threats known to man. It doesn't bother the Director on how he eliminate his targets whether it be in direct confrontation or using the very same method he or she use on the World Government. But like majority of the man the Director is lover boy for any woman with big tits, and a phat ass in most cases he find them very attractive but his love for woman never seem to effect his mission as his mission is above all over personally lust .Unfortunately Director Tashi is naturally suspicious about anyone outside of his organization as well as his surrounding . As anyone would if they was working for the same agency as him as this kind of paranoid can have that effect on anyone who kill for a living no questions ask. Mr. Tashi tend to enjoy what he does as a Director of the agency, and he is willing to trust his subordinates with his life. Acting as the head of the operations Mr. Tashi is quite a genius when it come to complex riddles, puzzles, and unique battle strategy to place him one step closer to his objective. Mr.Tashi is a natural born leader as he willing to carried out the World Government orders to the letter in the most comical way that wouldn't cause the lost of his subordinates. It was times the Director pretend to be friends with an target for a period only to back stabbed them in the ended. The Director isn't above tricking his targets into trusting him as a friend. Then striking them down when they least expect it he is somewhat a master of this snake tactic. Finally Mr.Tashi is a man of absolute justice he willing to do anything to get the job done even if it mean the death of one or two of his direct subordinate. He don't consider himself above the law he some what by the book but for criminal of high priority then the book is forgotten and the sleeves roll up.

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Flesh out the personality, I want this to come off as a fully fleshed out character, not small snippets of a personality. some of these are also conflicting.

~Mr.Tashi is a natural born leader as he willing to carried out the World Government orders to the letter in the most comical way that wouldn't cause the lost of his subordinates.

~Mr.Tashi isn't above tricking his allies into trusting him as a friend. Then striking them down when they least expect it he is somewhat a master of this scorpion tactic.

These 2 are contradictive - Subordinates are allies. Here you say he would follow orders in a comical way that wouldnt cause loss of his surbordinates and then you go on and say that he happily strikes down his allies by making them trust him ? Kind of contradictive.

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Done with the director!

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Still so many contradictive traits.

You say he carries out the orders of the WG in a comical way that would not have him lose his subordinates. You then say he gains trsusts/befriends people only to back stab them, you then also say he's a fan of absoloute justice willing to do anything to get the job done even if it means the life of his subordanates which contradicts the other statement. You then say he's somewhat by the book [how can he be absoloute justice ifhe then doesnt follow the laws of justice?] because you then say for high profile criminals thos elaws don't matter.

Flesh it out more, realiize whats contradictive to the other parts of his personality and whats not.

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First I like to say I think I done a very good job with Hiroko Tashi as one of the directors of Ciphol Pol Agency. First I don't see no issue with his personality as there are many characters in this world with contradictive traits.

First his absolute justices trait would only allow him to sacrifice one or two subordinates no more then that .As any police official in the world some don't follow the laws by the letter due to criminals using harsh tactic to come up in the world. We people literally c4 bombs nobles and we talking about contradictive

Befriending his enemies isn't a contradictive because his job as a agent is to be under cover. His relationship with his subordinates is comical as well as him carrying out the orders of his superior hint the reason they dislike his jokes, and puns.

If you can provide a example of a perfect example of a personality then maybe I can understand. But as of now I think it's good as it took me a while to write that -.-.

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What you think is good and what we think are two different things, as staff grading those personality contradictives don't go. Its like saying someone is the loveliest person in the world and then saying they are a the meanest, it doesnt go.

Yes you can be a sweet old lady and still deliver an ass whooping, but being directly contradictive within a personality doesnt work. Regardless of if it took you a while or not doesnt matter its still contradictive. Thus fix it

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