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1 Loki Ginger [Npc Registration] on Mon Feb 06, 2017 4:47 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Name: Loki Ginger
Alias/Epithet: Hunters Navigator
Race: Human
Gender: (Male)
Age: (22)

Occupation: (Navigation)
Affiliation: (Free Agent/Undeclared)
Use: Non-Combat
Tier: (2)
Equipment: (N/a
Haki: (Kenbunshoku)
Attribute Priority: (Perception)
World Position: (N/a)

General Appearance:
Height: (6ft)
Weight: 100pounds

Loki Ginger has one of the most boring personalities you could meet as he is extremely anti-social and unless giving orders when navigating a vessel there is no forum of confidence in a word he says; Rarely makes eye contact as not to offend anyone as he likes to keep to himself as much as he can though while he has somewhat isolated himself from the world he wasn’t always like this as this happened after he suffered a great lose. He is a good friend of Sugar and is able to relax and communicate with her in a more relaxed manner as he trust her with everything he has which isn’t much but enough.

Though while navigating he is somewhat a different person a computer giving orders on the flow as if playing at a masters strategist in fact he is a master and some of the moves he processes in his mind would make pirate captains look like idiots in paddle boats. Though if someone was to question anything he would say regarding the orders he gives he is ill equipped to combat them words and can cause his energy in the moment to fade away. With Trust being a strong rope in the crew of Elisa, Sugar, Syndra and the Butler he is destined to not just thrive but to grow as a person to once more connect with the world.

Loves : The Ocean tide, Good food and the wonders of architecture

Likes : Performing acts of good deeds from the shadows

Dislikes : People expecting too much from him on a social level.

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