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1 Travel something Fierce on Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:09 am

It seems the crew's time on Skypia would come to an end as thy had found another stream which could take them back down to the free seas. Bazel was getting ready loading up the ship with supplies for their long trip ahead of them meanwhile Faust was checking to see where the crew was to go next. Kash on the other hand was sleeping her life away in her room as she had been done with the crew's antics for some time now. Bazel would load a crate onto the ship before sitting on it and watched as his men all did the same. Their travels had been long and extensive and no one would be reading to dismount from their adventure just yet. Through all he had been through on Skypiea Bazel had found solace in the information he had discovered while here. He wanted to ascend higher in the world of the pirates and the only way to do that is if he began to take it serious. "Oi Baz, where do you think we're going next? Hopefully somewhere with women and bikinis" one of his men joked. Bazel smiled at him before laughing himself "Hopefully they have good food wherever we land" joked Bazel before the ship started moving and headed for the stream.


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2 Re: Travel something Fierce on Tue Jan 17, 2017 4:58 pm



Zanji smirked and sat before hismast staring out at the cloud sea. His time may have been short on skypeia but he was definitely going to return here one day. Oh yes he liked it up here he was going to return and explore it much more thoroughly. he looked out on the horizon and spotted bazels ship and glared at it angrily. "Bastards trying to ditch us again it seems." he chuckled and looked towards his trusty navigator. "Hisashi follow that boat full speed ahead." Hisashi nodded his head and said in a gruff voice " Aye aye captain." He crossed his arms and felt the wind brush up against his face. He would take in the sweet pure air of skypeia one last time before returning to the salty smell of the ocean below. 

He smirked happily as he sat back and enjoyed the white view of the ocean. He wished he could swim once gain but it was impossible for him to now. He had no regrets about taking on the curse of the devil fruit. He knew full well the repercussions of his choice, but he did not care vengeance and ambition drove him forward. He let out a sigh and watched as his ship sailed down the stream watching skypeia fade farther and farther away from his visage. He outstretched his arms and rnd yelled at the top of his lungs "so long skypeia i will return one dayso please be a little patient till i return!"


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