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1Arrival at skypeia Knock up stream separation! Empty Arrival at skypeia Knock up stream separation! on Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:33 pm



Task Name:Arrival at skypeia Knock up stream separation!
NPC or PC:npc
Crew, Team, or Personal: personal
Description: After being blasted up by the knock up stream while following Bazel to vulcan, Zanji and his ship were separated from bazels ship. Zanji begins his search for bazel having no idea where to begin his search.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: No

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Dizziness and confusion rolled about inside his head, as the once proud leader of the tekken pirates was on the floor of his ship. He rubbed the back of his head slowly and opened his eyes. he was unsure of what exactly had happened. one moment he was talking with his navigator following behind bazel wiggins. Then the next thing he knew he was on the floor of his ship. He slowly and shakily Began to pull himself up from the floor. Suddenly he felt something grab him and he saw it was his navigator. His navigator nodded hsi head and helped his friend to his feet.

Hisashi let out a small chuckle as he helped the captain onto his feet letting his rest on his shoulder. The two had not known each other very long but to him zanji was a friend and someone he respected. He truly believed he could see his captian one day becoming the pirate king. Zanji let out a small groan and looked about to the left and right. All he could see was the blue sky and clouds yet they seemed much much closer than they should be. He was thoroughly confused right at this moment where the hell were they and where is bazel?

He could see no hide nor hair of his alley yet. Zanji looked over at hisashi and quirked a eyebrow questioningly. "So where the hell are we hisashi no way were on vulcan." Hisashi chuckled and nodded his head "well I'm not quite sure myself Zanji, while you were passed out from the g force from the knock up stream halfway up here I had to man the helm." Zanji scratched the back of his head and realization came upon him as his memory from what happened earlier began to surface. "Ah yes I remember the ship getting blasted up and the feeling like we were flying then nothing."

Hishashi smirked beneath his mask and gave a gentle pat on zanjis shoulder. " Don't worry about it captain i'll be happy to fill in the details after you had your little beauty nap." Hishashi let out a mocking laugh and zanji just couldn't help himself. He to joined in laughing along and after a minute he wiped away a tear and caught his breath. Zanji slowly pulled himself off of hisashi and made his way to the guard rail and rested his shoulders upon it. he looked over at hisashi and cocked his head "So what the hell happened after I passed out?"

Hisashi grabbed the helm and continued the course up along the path heading up the sky road. The ship was calm and the water was as smooth as glass as the dawnbringer sailed through the clouds. " Well after you passed out it seemed we lagged behind bazel greatly." Zanji nodded his head hanging onto every word his navigator spoke. Then we arrived at the heavenly gate and my oh my was it a wonderful sight." Zanji frowned at having of missed the gate perhaps on there way back he would get to have a chance to see the gate. Hishashi cleared his throat to get his captains attention. Zanji feeling slightly embarrassed having spaced out trying to imagine the gate and from having of passed out turned his neck to the side and looked back at his friend. " Hisashi spoke rather happily now "Well apparently Bazel payed the way for us such a nice thing to do for us and save you and I some money." There was also a winged old women who called herself the gatekeeper her name was amazon, I know strange name but who am i to judge."

Zanjis eyes almost popped out of his head as he heard the story of a women with wings on her back. Oh this trip was getting more and more interesting all the time. He smirked and bounced on his heels excitedly waiting for hisashi to tell more of the story. Hishashi could see the excitement radiating off from the captain and smiled wider beneath his mask. "Well then something below us grabbed the ship and began to take us up on a long journey up what appeared to be a road made of clouds and that's when you woke up lazy bones." Zanji stuck out his tongue playfully at hisashi and shook his head. "Well I'm glad I didn't miss much would be a damn shame if i couldn't get to enjoy the sights of this mysterious sky island." He cracked his knuckles as he stretched upwards and looked at his navigator. "Well my friend i guess there's nothing to do put to sit back relax and let whatever is taking the ship below us up this road."

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Hishashi smiled and nodded his head the bone masks jaw rattling slightly. Zanji for all intensive purposes could not feel any change in the weather because due to his ingestion of the mera mera fruit he could really no longer feel it his body was always at perfect state. Hishashi however was not so lucky but luckily the skyiland was a summer island. Zanji smiled happily and began to whistle his favorite tune as the ship coasted along the skyroad. His tune of choice was always binks sakehe just could never get tired of that song. He smiled and looked down at his chest and saw that his shirt was pretty dirty not to mention wet from the seawater.

He felt rather drained from it he needed to get this stuff off as soon as possible. He looked over at hisashi "I am going to go and get cleaned up let me know if you see anything weird." Hisashi nodded his head and remained at the helm his hands on the helm being ever vigilant. Zanji slowly walked down the stairs heading towards his room. He needed to look proper now he was going to be meeting a entirely foreign people to him. So he needed to look his very best or thats what his father had always taught him.

He made it to his room rather quickly and quickly got out of his wet clothing hanging up his coat to dry. He needed to get a shower and wash off this awful seawater. He ran to his bathroom and quickly undressed and hopped into the shower. he could feel his strength returning bit by bit as he washed the sea water off from his body. He reached out to the side and grabbed a rubber duck that had a pirate hat atop its head and gave it a squeeze and chuckled. Oh sometimes he was a kid at heart. After a thorough cleansing he emerged from the bathroom steam flooding out of the bathroom and into the room. His body was exposed slightly save for the towel wrapped around his waist. His tattoo of his previous crew inscribed over his heart. Water dripped down from his conclave chest and he began to cross the room slowly heading towards the dresser.

He pulled out a pair of boxers and placed them on underneath the towel and began to dry himself off with the towel from his waist ripping it off from his body. Memories flooded his mind as he looked up in the mirror and stared at his crew tattoo he ran his hand over it and smiled yet it was a sad smile. He never really got to do much with his old crew and there mysterious disappearance still bothered him. He felt somewhat abandoned and shook his head. Speaking to himself quietly" don't dwell on the past zanji, you will find a better and more loyal crew this time around." as he began to put on his spare set of black vest with gold buttons along with a white dress shirt as well as a red string tie with a pair of black pants and black leather dress shoes.

He sighed and tied up his shoes as he heard hishashi yell " Captain get up here!" Zanji grabbed his white leather coat and put it on as he pushed open his door and ran up the stairs back towards the helm of the ship and hisashi. His eyes widened in shock as he saw a island yet he could see smoke rising and what appeared to be wreckage from a ship scattered about. His eyes widened in shock and horror. He prayed it wasn't bazels ship and he looked at his companion "What the hell happened here?" The ship was brought into port and he quickly disembarked and tied the ship off anchoring it as well. He ran and ran heading towards the smoke and wreckage of the ship. Fires still burned and what he saw saddened him. Buildings were destroyed many people were dead but a relief swept over him as he saw that it was a navy ship that had been destroyed not bazels. Things were going to get a lot more interesting now oh yes indeed. he didn't expect the navy to be up in the sky area he needed to find bazel and quickly.


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