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1 Trial and Error on Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:13 pm

Arc Name: Trial and Error
Arc Tier: 2
Sea: North Blue
Island: Minon Island
Arc Description: Vayu Minitaru is trying to prove himself to his commander so he can get off the island he is being kept on. He has been kept there for the past 3 years despite being more than capable and it his hindering him from completing his ultimate goal and getting stronger.

Task Name: I Want Out
Tier: 2
Location: Minon Island
Description: The marine in charge of the base Commodore Dendora sees him Vayu as a son and thinks his hot headed temper and hatred for pirate make him reckless and this he might get him killed despite him being stronger than almost everyone on the base. Vayu gets angry and attacks the marines and Dendora.

On the marine base located on Minon Island Vayu was engaged in a regular 5 on 1 training against 5 recently graduated grunts. Captain Dendora would break up them in to b
Groups of 5 to do training exercises and drills and a apart of that training was to take on Vaya as a group using strategies and formations they learned to try and take him down. It how ever has been months since any group has even came close to harming Vayu as he would hold little back often fighting in an enraged state as he is angry that they get to graduate and eventually leave the island while he was stuck there this would often lead to injuries and concussions.

The training are was a large open area in the middle of the base with targets for target practice, an obstacle course and gym equipment surrounding on the Edges the circler courtyard. In between middle was a clear space for combat training where the trainees would face off. It was here that Vayu stood in the middle of a circle of about 40 men comprised of mines, trainees and recent graduates waiting for deployment.

He looks at Dendora saying "Who's next Cap" as the last group was hauled off the medical bay. Graduation was only the day before and once again he had to sit there as his name wasn't called and he couldn't understand why as there nothing was left for him to learn. So today he was extra fired up and was taking his frustrations out on anyone that would cross him. All the marines stood quietly and already looked mentally defeated after watching Vayu take down the previous group in less than 2 minutes as Dendora called up the next group. A 10'5 muscular man standing in the crowd walked forward in protest. Pleading with the captain. Say "This is pointless. We could get deployed at any time and we have already graduated. Why are risking injuries taking him on? We already know that it not going to work. It not like we learnt any new strategies in the past 24 hours and none have them we have tried have come closed in years. Can’t we just train among ourselves? He stared at the Captain slightly teary eyed with a look of terror in his eyes.

Before Captain Dendora could even respond Vayu with a murderous look in his eye drew his sword and charged at him. The marine stood in terror unable to move as Vayu charged toward him. Vayu disgusted by this display of weakness struck him in the face with his sword hilt. The blow cracked his skull and knocked him unconscious bleeding on the floor. The crowd stood in aye shocked by the action. One of the marines in the other groups standing 5 feet away from the unconscious body diced to the floor to tend to the victim. He looked saying “What is wrong with you, he is only concerned of our safety “staring at Vayu. He began tearing of his sleeve to tend to the wound but before he could even fully tear off the sleeve Vayu kicked him below his chin. He kicked him so hard his body raise off the ground flying several feet into the air back into the crowd. Vayu stood there breathing excessively his skin Turing red and and enraged look in his eye. It was as if he was a caged animal and some was rattling his cage.
All the marines back aways from the two unconscious bodies fearing that they would be the next victim of Vayu's rage. He looked at them gripping his sword and began to yell "Cowards all of you. Do you think you can ask the pirates to take it easy on you for a day? Do you think weakling like you even have what it takes to beat them." He tossed his sword to the ground and dived into the crowd hitting who ever came in range of his fist. Dendora stand standing on a low hanging balcony overlooking the court yard let out a sigh. Saying to a nearby officer "He always gets like this after exams."
Dendora drew his sword jumped off the balcony onto the arena. Dendora now in his mid-50's standing at 12 feet wild dark skin and spiked white hair. He carries a long imperial styled sword that he carries strapped to his back. The arena shook as he leaned in the battle area. He ran through the crowd of fleeing men trying his best not to step on any of the now many unconscious marines that lay on the floor. He grabbed Vayu by the shoulder and pulled him off a marine he had just caught. He flung Vayu back towards his sword that layer on the ground. It usually at this point Vayu would calm down and stop fighting as he had tremendous respect for Dendora and is grateful to him for rescuing him and would only spare with him if ordered when ordered too. However this time something was different Vayu got up grabbing his sword. He took his fighting stance seemingly annoyed that Dendora stopped him. He charged at Dendora unleashing a scream of rage. He swung his blade at him aiming at his neck. Dendora a veteran in the marine core was no stranger to combat and quickly reacting to the blocking it.

The blast sent a shockwave a blast through the now empty training area which was now cleared as the marines all fled in the buildings. Vayu continues to swing his sword clashing with Dendora. Dendora could tell this wasn't like any sparing match they have had in the pass. The speed and power in each swing was like nothing he had seen. He did is best to block each attack while back peddling and create distance between the two. Vayu however was relentless constantly swinging sticking on to Dendora no matter where he tried to flee too. The onslaught was so fast there was no room for Dendora to even try to mount an offense. Dendora called out "Vayu calmed down!" But he was in a crazed state and wouldn't listen.

Vayu kept swinging till he backed Dendora all the way back to wall. He jumps into the air swiping his blade in direction of Dendora. The swipe so strong it sent a blade of air straight forward. Dendora froze in shock not realizing that Vayu even knew such ability. Stuck in awe he took the brunt of the hit knocking him into the wall. Creating a large dust cloud. Vayu backs off trying to regain vision. As soon he lands back on the ground he spots a Shådøw in escape a dust cloud. Dendora burst out punching Vayu right in the face send him to the floor. The blow seriously shakes up Vayu however the blow only made him angrier. And he launches his assault again however this time standing from a far sending out the air blades. Dendora strikes his best to block them with his sword however his older body can't keep up he finally lets up taking another directly but still manage to stay in his feet but before he can catch his breath he sees I figure Launched directly at him from the air. Vayu land right on top of him clashing with his sword so hard he feels it starting to crack. Realising that the sword was his last line of defense and he might soon lose it Dendora uses his remaining strength to coat it in Haki. This leaves Vayu in shock as he has never seen such an ability.

His anger began to fade turn to curiosity. He slowly comes back to his senses realizing the damage he has cause. "Captain!" He yelled. "What was that, are you ok?" Dendora however had already taken too much of a beat. Coughing out blood he whispers to Vayu "if I were 20 years younger this would have been a lot more interest." Before falling to the ground.

Word count 1419

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2 Re: Trial and Error on Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:18 pm

Task Name: First Job
Tier: 1
Location: Minon Island
Description: Commodore Dendora realizes he is to blame for Vayu’s tantrum and decided to finally send him on a mission. The mission is to scout out 2 pirates that a posing as marines on the island to trick requires in to giving them money and report back. Vayu however sees items that looked very familiar on the pirate and takes it upon himself to put an end to it and engages them on his own. He realizes that they belonged to his father.

Later in the day After Vayu's violent outburst he was in his room pacing back and forth feeling horrible for what he had did to Dendora however he couldn't get the techniques he use at the end of the fight out of his head. Finally a young boy enter the room. He came to bring word that Dendora has finally woken up and wishes to see him. He rushes to the infirmary along the marines cleared out the way as he walked up the hall way terrified of him. He smirked as he liked the respect and fear that he had instilled in them. He walks into the infirmary to find Dendora laying on bed with his shoulder bandaged up. Vayu rushes to him and bows his head in shame- "I'm sorry Cap,I don't know...."
Before he could finish Dendora push him behind the sending him to the floor. The blow was so hard reopened Dendora wound much to the medic’s dismay.
"This is the worst if seen you" Dendora said taking a pack of cigarettes out his pocket.
"It's not your fault boy" he lamented "I'v seen this day coming for a while now"
"I' v kept you in a cage and it clearly out grown it. It's time for you to spread your wings."
Vayu jumping up of the ground almost teary eyed. “Does this mean I can graduate??"
Dendora punched him again to the floor. "No!" He yelled." After the stun you pulled today you are lucky to still be a marine. However you have my blessings to go one missions and leave the base but as your punishment you won't get any celebration.
"Yahoo!!!" Vayu jumped up and hugs Dendora accidentally hurting his his now bleeding wound. "If I knew that's what it took I would have kicked your ass months ago" he say with a grind on his face.
Dendora punch him again to the ground." I was going easy on you boy.if this was 20 year ago in my prime you would be lucky if you even made it to the medic." He he says not looking at Vayu as he knows it currently far stronger than he is. "It's because you were the son I never got to have boy. This is a lonely job and I wanted to deter you from it by working you harder than everyone but you have only seem to relish it now there is nothing left for you here,"
Vayu sits up rubbing his now swollen head."So Cap what was that technique you used at the end of our fight." The room goes silent. That is a technique used by all of the best fighters in the world but it's not just something you practice but we will talk about that later, first iv got a mission for you, you start work today."

Vayu jumps again "let me have it Cap"
"I want you to go and arrest 2 pirates that are currently posing as Marines in the city they stole 2 uniforms and are currently parading the city demanding that people pay them for a new marine protection tax.They are small fries should be no trouble for you." Dendora says to Vayu is just about ready to run out the room to start. " Since you injuries most of the available marines we have on had and can't have too many leave the base you will have to handle them by yourself. Just please. Please. Try not to kill them."
Vayu nods his head and runs out the door in to the hallway and jumps through the nearest window and starts running straight toward the town.

Word Count 706

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3 Re: Trial and Error on Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:25 pm

Task Name: Investigation
Tier: 1
Location: Minon Island
Description: Vayu  takes the pirates back to the base and learning the items he found were bought on the island from a group of pirates that recently return there .Vayu after brief discussion with Dendora goes out looking for them despite Dendora’s refusal.

Vayu jogs to town in haste and begins to scope out the city out. It then dawns on him that he left in such a hurry he did not realize that he failed to get the rest of the mission details like where to start or what they look like.  Realizing he had no clue where to go. He headed stair for the nearest bar. He burst through the French styled doors outfitted in his navy uniform.  He can instantly feel the atmosphere in the room change.  It was as if he was back on the base all over again the level of disdain that everyone in the room had toward him. He place his hand on the hilt of his sword preparing for any potential threats. He walks up to the bartender who was visibly upset at him. The bartender looks to him and says "No service for dogs in here." in a very angry tone of voice."What" Vayu looked puzzled. " Haven't you taken enough" the bartender shouted. The entire bar was starting at them at this point all the men looking ready to fight. Vayu shouts at the bartender realizing that he could only be talking about the 2 pirates he was looking for " Where were they! Those aren't  marines!" . "What!" The entire room yelled. " They are imposters posing as marines. I'm here to put an end to there crimes." "But they told us about the new tax you guys imposed . The took half my pay check!"  A guy next to him yelled. Vayu looked at him " No two low level marines can be solely responsible for collecting taxes, there is no such tax." Vayu bows his head " On behalf of all the marines stationed on this island I apologize that it took so long and thank you for respecting the uniform and not retaliating. I can't promise you will get back you money but if you point me in there direction I can guarantee they will be tried at the greatest extent of the law." Vayu lamented. "Hell no" someone at the back shouted. " I want to kill those cowards myself." The entire bar jumped up in agreement. Vayu realized he  was exciting a riot and needed to handle the situation. Dendora wouldn't forgive him if the targets were caught by the mob as it would turn into a much bigger incident.

Realizing he needed to calm them down he pulled out his sword and yelled "none of you will harm them. For your own safety let the marines handle them." "Shut the hell up, you dogs let them run a muck for weeks!" Vayu realizes that threaten them would only make it worst. He lays his sword on the bar counter. "Please this is apart of something much bigger the have a lot of spy's and agents everywhere think of your families!" The bar went Silent. He realized his lie was working." If you're attack them there spies may go after those you care for, this is why the military was so slow to act cause we need to know where all of them are and hit the, with one strike. Vayu had impressed himself with his quick thinking accustomed to solving most problems with brute force. The bar reminds silent until the bar tender spoke up. “The warehouse district. They have gotten so cocky that they bought a unit there and are storing valuables of those who can't pay the tax." Vayu bows his head picks up his sword and walks out.

Vayu begin head toward the port area one one side was a line of docked ships and on the other side was a long building dived into several section. Each section was used for storage and could be purchased for use.As Vayu approach the bustling area he sees at the end of the pier an argument is breaking out. He rushes toward it. He sees that an elderly man is on his knee pleading with too young men in dirty naval uniform. The uniforms appeared as they haven't been washed in weeks and shirts were untucked. One of the hound men kicks the old man in the face saying "taxes went up so I'm going to need that wedding ring of yours" the old man pleads on the ground crying "Please don't do this."

Vayu runs up to confront them. However they see him coming in a distance and begin to make a run for it. Vayu jump into the air sending out an air blade that passes right between them knocking both to the ground. "Hhheello there my fellow marine" one of them shouted out stumbling.Vayu silently walks forward sheaving his sword. He started at them as they sat there on the ground. They looked at each other " there is no way we can take him" as Vayu gets closer. One of them jumps up and grabs the old man and puts a pistol to his head. "Don't another step" Vayu stops " So what is the plan then? Do you think I'm just going to let you walk away now?" At this point a crowd had gathered wondering why the marines were fighting. " You see these cowards. These are no marines. These are crocks stealing your money." The crowd start's to grumble. "What.what are you doing?" The fake marine yells. " There is no where for you to go know. You might as well come to me cause who knows what they will do to you. " The fake marine realize the danger he is in toss the old man away and they run in the nearby storage unit.

Vayu yells to the unsteady crowd “Justice will be swift. Just stay out the navy's way"
And walks in to the storage unit. As soon as he walks in a shot his fired at his direction but misses. Vayu jumps and rolls in to the shadows behind stack of large chests. The lockers was full of stuff too much for the even those two pirates to steal in such a small space of time. Vayu notice large shells filled with chest all-round the room. Another shot is fire at his direction. And he ran further in stay behind the shelves. A voice in the distance yells out. "You can join us! We can talk to the boss. He would love a marine on his side." “what are you doing" another voice at the same distance yelled. “Your boss?" Vayu replied. "See now he knows." The second voice whispered.  "Do you see another out of this we were only supposed to watch the locker? The boss will kill us if he find out. “The voice sounded terrified. " join us think about all the money we have made and we aren't even real marines." The voice repeated. Vayu responds "come out and let's talk about it" as he runs further in and another shot is fired. “We can't! Just leave us." The voice sound closer and closer. Vayu looks around him and sees a lot of expensive items and sees an opportunity and yells "Come back with me and tell me everything about your boss and we will protect you" . "You don't know who you are messing with.Not even the marine could keep us safe from them." The voice replied. " But who will protect you from me" Vayu yelled as he jumps into the air sending an air blade in the direction of the voice knocking down a shelf revealing the fakes. "Okay,okay" they yelled "we will talk." Throwing there now empty pistols aside.

Vayu sneaks them out of the warehouse to avoid the mob in front and sneak them of to the Marine base and deliver them to Dendora. " Well done" Dendora yelled upon  seeing Vayu almost sure he would have killed them. Vayu forged to him about the agreement tell him that they were just grunt let to watch over a warehouse but took advantage when they found the uniforms in the unit.Dendora takes them into a room to find out what they know while Vayu stands outside ease dropping. The two fakes explain that they work for for the hive gang a group of well-known pirates all with bounties around 80,000,00 as they were all pirates that were defeated by the new world but came together to form a fearsome gang twitch the intention of dominating the weaker North blue.

He stated that they gang consists of 5 generals all with their own underlings and answer to an unknown boss that overseas everything. The boss divided them round in territories around the north blue and they only came together maybe once a year to perform bigger jobs. Dendora lifts a chest onto the table and opens it." And where did you get this.we found it in the warehouse."  Dendora said. “That’s an old one we got that shipment about 3 years back was one of the Biggs loads we've gotten. Think they recked some small island to get it." Vayu burst into the room and sees clothes and jewelry native to island where he grew up. His eyes begin to water and he grabs the man up by the collar “who! " he yelled "who did this." Dendora tries to restrain him. Tell me where to find them. The man fearing for his life yells out "wait,wait they are actually all here in the island now. The all came in quietly for their first meeting in over a year but I don't know how long they will be here. We were trying to impress them to maybe gets promotion but if they find out we got caught no doubt they will kill us.

Word count 1684

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4 Re: Trial and Error on Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:30 pm

Task Name: Vengeance?
Tier: 3
Location: Minon Island
Description: Vayu finds the pirate group and rushes in head first against of group of 5 pirates all known throughout the North Blue. It isn’t long before he realizes this isn’t just some training excises and he is greatly out matched. Each pirate roughly the same strength of Dendora. He is beating him badly and left him there to bleed out once they hear reinforcements are on there way.

Vayu turns to Dendora. We need to go after them now. Dendora looking disheartened. " I don't know how to tell you this but we are only a training base we would need to wait for reinforcements to come to handle them. No we can take all of them." " so we are just going to let them go" Vayu yelled. " we have no choice for now." Dendora responds disheartened.

Vayu pulls out his sword and puts it to the pirates Neck "where are they?" He asked. The pirates gives out the location and Vayu burst through the door seeking vengeance on those who destroyed his home. Dendora races behind him but it's too late Vayu was long gone.

After about an hour of walking Vayu approached a heavy guarded plantation. Surrounded by both ground troops and snipers on the roof. Despite Vayu's boiling anger he wasn't prepared to take on a mini army by himself. So he decides to seeks over the roofs surprising the snipers and taking them out when necessary without triggering any alarms. He sneaks his way in to the main building here he can hear an argument going on. Hidden in a canvas in the ceiling he see 5 rugged figures at a table eating and talking loudly.

One of them a 7 foot tall mask man was say " the storage unit has been compromised and is crawling with dogs (marines) those two morons we left in charge drew too much attention to themselves."
"Those fools" a girl in her late 20's sitting next to a large sword yelled while biting in to a piece of meat. “the boss won't be happy about that"
A girl with an eye patch much more mild mannered than the others stood up she had 3 swords strapped to her back and a ferret wrapped around her neck. “We shouldn't have put all our eggs in one basket. That's years’ worth of stuff we collected but we will have to worry about that later after we tell the boss. For right now we have another extinction mission." Two young teens wielding axes in both hands jumped up simultaneously shouting “My favorite!! We get to blow everything up!! Hopefully they put up a fight this time these merchants all so squishy"
Vayu rage boiled over he couldn't listen to them anymore. He pulled out his sword and jumped from the ceiling onto the table they were eating destroying it. He screamed " your all under arrest!" The girl with the eye patch got up brushing food off of her. " And just who mite you be? i'm afraid it will take more than on of you does to take us down or do you not no who we are?"
" I don't care all I know is you will see justice" Vayu screamed
The girl with the large sword responded " Ooou he is kinda cute. I haven't seen white hair quite like that in a while. Kinda familiar now that I think about it.... hey Kïd where you from?"
" killed my parents Vayu yelled" taking his fighting stance and rushing at the girl. She picks up her sword and flips away casually responding " to be fair if killed a lot of people parents.Could you be a little more specific?" The two kids laughed at her remark. This only further angered he swiped at the air twice send two blades of air in her direction.she dodges the first one and deflects the second one with her sword." Hey you not half bad" she states unfazed by the attack. Vayu rushes in again quickly rushing in front of her catching her off guard but before he can land a blow the large man appears above him so fast the Vayu barely even notices it. He knocks Vayu in to the ground break the wood flooring on him pack. The girl shouts angrily " hey I'm trying to talk to you! How rude! She yells as she kicks him across the room.
Vayu gets up he is now bleeding from the top of his head and coughing out blood.he grips his sword and charges back in screaming but before he can even get half way there the two kids threw axes in his direction but he quickly stops dodging them as they land next to the wall next to him. " I'm going to" but before he can finish the wall next to detonates sending him flying across the room his body covered in wooden shrapnel.

He is now bleeding all over but uses his sword to prop himself off the ground. But before he can stand  the girl with the eye patch and 3 swords steps in front c. She pulls out one of the swords says " well as entertaining as this is we need to put an end to this. " and stabs him in the side.As soon as she does this alarms around the whole base begin to go off. A large force marines are coming a voice from outside the room yelled. “seems like reinforcements are here let move out this isn't the time or place to be taking them on. Fall back to the emergency exist" the girl with the eyes patch ordered as the 5 left the room. Vayu laid in the ground unable to move and bleeding profusely and staring to lose consciousness just as he is about to fade out Dendora burst through the door back by several of the trainers at the base. The last thing he hears before he passes is out is Dendora yelling "you fool"

Word Count 1057

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5 Re: Trial and Error on Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:40 pm

Task Name: Pick up the pieces
Tier: 1
Location: Minon Island
Description: Vayu now unconscious is taken back to the base for treatment. Dendora feeling guilty for it struggles to decide what to do with him. He realizes there is only one way he could protect Vayu would be to send him to the only teach that could both contain him but also train him and teach him patients.

Dendora takes Vayu back to the base to treat his wounds. He realizes that his greatest fear had come to pass as Vayu's anger got the best of him and now he is fighting for his life. He realizes that still need to learn to control if he wants to get.
After about two days Vayu stabilizes but is still unconscious Dendora takes Vayu from the medical ward and takes him to a nearby island and leaves Vayu a note that reads
"I know when you wake up you'll be angry but anger is what got you hear in the first place. You need to stay here for a while use this time to learn control your anger, I trained here myself when I was younger and it really helped me find myself  I've made arrangements with the man that taught me. He will make himself known to you when you are ready and teach you a technique that will help you get stronger. And don't worry I will send for you when I think you’re ready"
He leaves him there with a, mysterious figure lurking in the shadows watching over him and head back to the base.
Word Count 275

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6 Re: Trial and Error on Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:52 pm

One day jordan3

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