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1World Government Eh? (Task) Empty World Government Eh? (Task) on Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:31 am

Task Name: World government eh?
Location:Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: Reina and bazel exchange information about the island and their motivations regarding it. Bazel reveals his sister's predicament and Reina reveals her own, which is to fight or flee the island. Both of them decide to pool their strength to pursue a common goal.They set out on their mission starting with Reina's only real lead, the World government's office located on the second level of Water 7.
Enemy Details: 20 T0 guards, 10 T2, 5 T3. The Tier 3 have Seastone nets. The guards are armed with pistols and standard sabres.
Boss: No

"Bazzy! Bazzy!" yelled a little girl with green hair. The day was beautiful and Bazel himself was enjoying it as he laid in the grass. His hands were behind his head and his legs were crossed as he looked up towards the clouds. The sound of the little green haired girl stuck out as the young red head had to turn to face his younger sister. "Hm" the boy kept looking at the girl as she tried to balance herself on a ball. She did whatever she could to get Bazel's attention and this was one of her latest attempts. "Don't you ever get bored trying to get my attention Lizzy?" asked Bazel as he turned back towards the skies. The duo were rather young. Bazel himself was 9 and hi younger sister Elizabeth was 6, both were very different children. Bazel being the quiet introvert in a sense while Elizabeth is the open one of the duo, very vocal and loud. "Tired of what big brother? Having fun!? NEVER!" said Lizzy as she fell off the ball and on top of her big brother. Her eyes began to water as she looked at Bazel who burst out laughing. He loved the energy his little sister had. He wouldn't change it for the world. The memory Bazel was having began to fade as he was now in present time.

Bazel now was wondering the outskirts of Water 7. He needed information on anyone who could possibly help him find his little sister. He couldn't give up on her and now that Banshee knew Bazel was here.. He would possibly alert his men to be on lookout for Bazel and even worse.. He could be prepared to move on with Elizabeth and officially put her on the trade market. Continuing his search Bazel would think back to the moment he just shared with Reina and Lana. He understood where they came from but right now he just couldn't agree with them. Usually not seeking out violence Bazel had recently changed his ways after he and Leparo had their little incident. It forced the hand of Bazel and changed the way he handled people in general. "Hopefully, after all of this.. Me and Reina can come to understand one another" said Bazel as he continued his lonely path.

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2World Government Eh? (Task) Empty Re: World Government Eh? (Task) on Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:09 am

Looking under her melted bedframe, Reina reached underneath to find two blade she had acquired a few days prior. In her mind she needed a backup weapon just in case her pride and joy, Reaper's toll, was ever broken. The first being claymore whose sheath had a strap that wrapped around her torso diagonally. The second being a longsword which she sheathed at her hip alongside toll. Gram and ifrit, two supposedly cursed weapons that made their way to water 7.

Shop owner swore up and down they were dangerous,but she didn't buy it. What mattered to her was each weapon despite being in fantastic condition was only 1 beli each. The owner looked rather relieved that she took them, because most of their previous owners either ended up dead. Most say they were sliced by their own blade in a freak accident, like their blade just happen to be sitting upright near their bedside while they slept. Or maybe when they swung, the blade would fall back onto them and rip them to shreds. No matter what the case may be, Reina didn't buy any of it as she geared up for war with banshee. If she had to deal with him tonight, then she could expose whatever was going on underneath the veneer of the lively island. Maybe even working toward exposing the shishibukai for what he really was...

" A--ar-are you going by yourself reina?", the blonde asked with a pensive look. The red head on the other hand was bouncing up and down, testing the straps on her blades. " If I must, then I will. Deliver this message to firebird: His sister is in building to the east, the towering black structure located on the second level of water 7, can't miss it. Once you let him know where it is, go to the sub and wait in the waters under the lighthouse. If I'm not back by sunrise---". Reina was interrupted by Lana who started to shake her shoulders, "if you're not what"? The red head steadied herself and put her hand on Lana's shoulder as well. " Go to alabasta and find Captain William barret. Tell him Reina set you". 

With that she pulled away from the grip of the girl and began making her way to the world government's headquarters. Even in the cloudy overcast night, its seastone exterior shined brightly. By contrast, the frontside cast a looming shadow over its district. A building that dwarfed all else while bearing a flag of the world government which was shown proudly over it. " Just you wait, I'll find out what's going on with the slave trade on this island".


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3World Government Eh? (Task) Empty Re: World Government Eh? (Task) on Fri Nov 11, 2016 12:22 am

Baz kept going on to his destination as if nothing was happening. Actually.. He had no destination which was the problem. Bazel was roaming around the town aimlessly and anyone who looked like they might know something ran at the sight of the firebird. That just bothered Bazel more considering he was here in peace to those who could help further his little adventure for Elizabeth. "Stupid brat. Why couldn't you pick a different time to get in trouble." said Bazel as he continued his search for his sister. He was mad at her for being captured because she wasn't a spring chicken in a fight. Her parents and Bazel all made sure she could hold her own in the event something like this happened. That must show the skill of these fools who took her. This Banshee fellow had to be a special kind of talent if he was able to take Elizabeth. "Ughhh why are women so useless when you actually need them to do something!" yelled Bazel as his fire began to spew left and right. He was having a temper tantrum in the streets of Water 7 and right now Bazel didn't even care to stop himself.

Chuckling from a far was Lana who was enjoying Bazel's temper tantrum. She realized Bazel kept walking and began to speak up behind him "Bazel! Bazel!" she yelled which caused the firebird to turn around and look at the woman. He recognized her simply as the woman who helped Reina. "Oh uhh.. Lana right?" said Bazel as he blankly stared at the woman. Her eyes squinted as she began to shed a river of tears "Did you forget my name Bazel?" she would say placing the fear of a million men in Bazel "No, no.. Never Lana" said Bazel as he would wave his hands in front of the woman as a means of calming her down. Once she calmed down she smiled again "Good" this caused Bazel to exhale "That was close" he thought to himself. "So what are you doing here? I'm not going back to Reina if thats what you wanted to know" said Bazel who was about to turn and keep talking before Lana grabbed his right arm. "No, It's about your sister! We know where she is!" said Lana with happiness. Bazel turned to the woman with a glimmer of hope in his eyes "Where?" he would say excited. It was then Lana gave him the information he needed. Bazel would smile gleefully as he pressed his right hand on the woman's shoulder "Thank you" he said before speeding off.

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4World Government Eh? (Task) Empty Re: World Government Eh? (Task) on Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:27 am

Under the dim moonlight Reina approached the world government's base on water 7, but in many ways it felt as if she was marching to her doom. Yet there was a sense of satisfaction flowing through her at the same time. A sense of utter elation as she marched into the jaws of the beast. Yes she knew something was happening on this island and the world government was directly tied to this corruption. The question now, was whether this corruption was whether the marines went along with it or if they were unwilling participants. Her lips curled up ever so slightly as she approached the outer gate of the World government office.

Sitting outside was a couple of men dressed in white hump suits with black ties. Although they vaired in build, they uniformly wore sunglasses even in the dead of night and hats reminiscent to that of a cowboy. The one in the middle, probably was the ring leader. He walked with a certain swagger with his hands in his pockets and a toothy grin much akin to Xing jao's. His eyes despite the smile, were rife with malice. " To what do I owe the pleasure, commodore"? Reina tilted her head slightly, as if she didn't expect him to know of her. " Ahh it's you gin, wearing sun glasses because of my radiant beauty"?

The other two had a good hardy laugh, but gin still held his grin without even the slightly reaction to her joke. He rubbed his scraggily chin and pulled down on his tie as he gathered his thoughts. The man then held out his hands when Reina came within three meters of him, gesturing her to halt her advance. " now now we know you're a regular here,but it's after hours. So I ask again, why are ye here girl"?

Reina paused, closing her eyes for a moment before answering. " Ahh good question. I jus came ta see officer xing jao. He dropped something at the bar this evening and I wanted to return it to him". The man nodded and stepped aside, bowing his head and moving his arms to signal her to pass. The red head nodded and walked beyond the gate while gin turned to the street with a baby den den mushi, " She's here". The den den with eyes that were essentially slits chuckled back at him. " Oh? Give her a warm welcome".


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World Government Eh? (Task) Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra
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5World Government Eh? (Task) Empty Re: World Government Eh? (Task) on Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:06 pm

With the information that Lana gave him Bazel had decided to make a b-line for the headquarters. Traveling from Vulcan took three days and she had been taken weeks ago, factor in the entire day Bazel had wasted here on Water 7 the answer was simple, his sister was imprisoned for too long and the fire bird planned on changing that. Continuing to sprint down the path Lana sent him on Bazel spoke to himself "Just hold on awhile longer little sis" thought the firebird who left a trail of smoke behind him as he ran. Motivated wasn't the best word to describe Bazel but it was close, hopefully those who had taken her would be able to fight Bazel when they crossed paths. The closer Bazel got to the World Government location the hotter he got as he became to fume at the idea of someone going out of their way to get themselves hurt by crossing Bazel himself. With the base in sight Bazel picked things up into high gear. Once near the entrance those who were patrolling made light of Bazel's arrival to one another. "Hey, stop right there!" said one of the men. While the other pointed at Bazel "HEY, IT'S THE FIREBIRD HIMSELF"

The men had no time to react as Bazel took them both and rammed them through the entrance causing a large amount of impact on the outer walls breaking that section down. Those in the courtyard had stopped what they were doing as they saw a giant pile of dust from the debris of the wall. "What the hell is going on they thought" When the dust began to settle it was clear who was here.. It was Bazel standing firmly as he stared down those who opposed him. "Now, does anyone wanna help me out? Or do I gotta do that myself?" said Bazel before he took off in a frenzy engaging each person that came in his direction. The first who attacked Bazel was a sword wielder and he came forward stabbing directly to Bazel which caused the fire bird to jump before launching a upwards kick mid air which sent the man in a suit backwards. It was clear Bazel was ticked off about everything that was happening. These men would be lucky if they had just waken up with bruises from what Bazel was prepared to do. His onslaught on the guards would commence until Bazel could clear a path to the entrance.. Or make his own.

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6World Government Eh? (Task) Empty Re: World Government Eh? (Task) on Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:16 pm

As reina strolled casually into the entrance, she did so with an air of trepidation. In many ways you could feel the tension in the air, the two fellas next to her as stiff as boards. Yet they seemed figgity when she passed them. Entering the actual grounds she was greeted by a dark lobby with thick shadows sprawling all over the place.The ciphers soon followed suit, the sound of a coarse click resounded in the dead quiet lobby, alerting reina and making her turn about with her hand drawn to her sword. Only to find the lights blare momentarily, buzzing for a moment before illuminating everything. " now now, no need to get jumpy", gin said with his toothy smile. " I'll just go over 'ere and page him alright"? Reina nodded, her eyes began to glow as the sound of a click behind the desk let her know everything. The other two began to make a move for their guns,but reina quickly darted to the side and lunged behind a few desks. The goons laughed, taking a few potshots at her direction. " Hahaha girlie, where'----", was all the time he had to say before a loud thunderous crash came from the courtyard. The windows rattled as fire, dust and debris pelted the main entrance into the building. The ciphers were alright due to their tekkai as the heat streamed into the building, but now the alarm was sounded whether she wanted it to be or not. A loud blaring den den screeched and marine grunts came from all around charged onto the scene. They tried to attack bazel by piling onto him, but it was no good as he tore through regular through the ensign marines like they were nothing.

Reina on the other hand ignored the commotion and made her way toward xing jao's office when the ciphers cocked their weapons for reals this time. " Where ya going lil girl? There's an intruder on the premises". The red head concentrated her senses for a mere moment before the world started to flood her senses. Her eyes glow like a weak ember as she turned back to the ciphers. Her hand on her blade she rushed them as their bullets flew toward her. Utilizing her enhanced senses from kenbushou haki, she knew they were coming before they pulled the trigger and could see them coming from a mile a away as she drew reaper's toll to deflect the shots premptively. The first person she swung attack bent like paper, but was struck by her blackened arm and sent into the ground, creating a large crash in the room, cracking the tile floor and throwing up debris as well. Using the cover she approached the closest one who was too baffled to reacted. She sliced him in half with a single stroke after focusing everything into her arm. The blade itself rending him in half effortlessly.

Last was gin who was speeding away using soru. He immediately ran up the stairs leading to jing jao's office, leaving his wounded friend behind. As the man coughed up blood she trust her blade into his shoulder while pinning his other down with her foot using the sheer force of her strength. Blood rushed from his shoulder and the sound of his shoulder blade cracking filled the air. He groaned and cried as she stood over him with a dead pan stare. " Where's your boss peon"?

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7World Government Eh? (Task) Empty Re: World Government Eh? (Task) on Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:18 pm

It was clear these men weren't a match for Bazel. Besides a few scratches and bruises he himself had remained whole through the majority of this brawl. He had no clue exactly where Elizabeth was in this stronghold but he had a good idea to just bust things up until she turns up. Usually she responded to Bazel's anger and destruction better than anyone. Continuing on his onslaught against the people of the World Government Bazel was making short work of all those who opposed him. Whether it was knocking them out on the ground or sending them flying, Bazel was definitely a man to be feared tonight. "Eh.. I wonder" said Bazel as he looked up at the highest point of the building. Bazel didn't want to use his fruit and waste all his energy before he got his hands on that Banshee fellow, especially now that Bazel knew he was actually a decent fighter. "Oi! stop the fire bird at all cost. I don't care if you have to take his head off!" yelled one of the higher positioned men. Bazel was completely oblivious to the commanders plea to kill him, he continued to fight those that came forward against him.

As Bazel began to look around he realized he wasn't making a dent in the men who opposed him. "This is taking forever. I guess I have to take it a step further after all" said Bazel after he took a deep sigh. Bazel would heat up for a second as his legs began to smoke. He was about to activate "Heat Step" from the look of it. Once Bazel did that he vanished from sight. All the World Government Agents looked around for him and couldn't find him. One agent was greeted by a gust of wind before Bazel was caving the mans stomach in with a punch to his mid-section. That sent him flying backwards through the building causing a whole to open up. A net would be shot off towards Bazel but to no avail as he side stepped it and proceeded with his various hits on the men in the courtyard. It was then Bazel noticed Reina in the building itself. Bazel calmly walked over to her as the men in the courtyard just watched Bazel. They were stunned "H-h-h-he is the devil." said one of the men. Bazel got two feet from Reina before he started to speak to her "What the hell are you doing here" said calmly towards the red headed woman.

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8World Government Eh? (Task) Empty Re: World Government Eh? (Task) on Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:56 pm

Reina looked up after hearing all of those crashes to find an ornery firebird entering the building like a big shot. " hold up hotshot, I got a few things to find out first". She knelt beside the man and grabbed his cheeks with her free hand without letting go of the weapon in her hand. She squeezed hard and thrust his head into the ground to keep him from squirming. Her eyes locked onto his own and her brows furrowed. Her sword began to twist ever so slightly, with each inch the man's eyes widened and his muffled screams intensified. " Now then, where's jing"? Her captive stopped squirming without much warning and blood started to seep through her fingers.

The red head whited her blood stained hand on his shirt and rose to greet the firebird using her weapon as a crutch. " Common interest I guess? Whether or not we actually work together, we've a vested interest in taking banshee down", she said, whipping her sword to the side in order to clear it of the dead man's blood. She could hear em, several more people were coming from within, setting off danger signals every which way. From the shadows emerged 5 masked men with another entourage of low tier suits like the ones she just took care of. They lined up forming a firing line with their pistols.

" Oi you idiots, form up"! one roared toward the marines fumbling around outside. In that instant they followed like good little puppies with their shakey guns and weak stances. She took a deep breath, covering his torso with a jetblack layer which started to show barely at the base of her neck. Without any hesitation she launched herself forth toward the ciphers with her blade being dragged along the floor, causing sparks to fly. Two of them immediately opened fire before being dealt with accordingly. As she swung fire errupted from her blade as she parried the shots. With a second fluid motion she stepped forth slash through the ciphers. They had thought their tekkai would hold,but ended up being chopped up in their defensive stances. Two of the leaders escaped as they fired their seastone nets.

But unlucky for them she already saw em coming with her haki and lunged forward and beneath nets as they whirred off into the distance. Reina gripped her blade and continued her onslaught on the now defensive ciphers. The were unfortunately faster than her when using soru, so she had a tough time making decisive blows.


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9World Government Eh? (Task) Empty Re: World Government Eh? (Task) on Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:57 am

Bazel had found Reina but wasn't greeted the way he wanted to be. "Did she just call me hotshot?" said Bazel to himself as he sulked in the corner momentarily thinking about the list of nicknames he had gotten since he arrived to this island. "The people on this island just get wonkier by the minute I swear" said a depressed Bazel just not understanding anything that was going on lately. She was questioning this guy on the floor and her methods were rather ruthless. She said the name Jing and remembered what Kash said. It was the real name of Banshee which means Reina was assisting Bazel? That was left to be determined but when the man gave her what she wanted to know or didn't for that matter she made short work of him. Bazel was in awe at the woman and her cold blooded mentality. "She'd make a good pirate" thought Bazel to himself as he chuckled a bit before watching her stand up using her sword as a crutch almost. "Oi! Me and you vs Banshee? That will be a good one to watch.. But aren't you kinda marine?" Bazel actually liked the idea of teaming up with Reina. Even though the two had some weird disdain for one another, they were both warriors.

It was then more of these guards came and were prepared to fight. One of them actually made a battle cry to those in the yard. Bazel smirked because he wasn't against sending all these men back from where they came. However Reina was already ahead of Bazel as she coated her body in a layer of haki. Bazel was shocked to see the woman use haki to the degree at which she did. He didn't know she was that skilled with her abilities. "For someone so skilled she definitely comes off as timid with her abilities" thought Bazel who watched the woman go to work against those World Government employees. Bazel was definitely impressed at the ease she dispatched of the men with. He didn't even do it that fast or effectively. He was definitely going to make his pitch for this woman to join his crew when the time came for it. "Oi, I'm going to the second floor. I have to start looking for Liz! Catch up" said Bazel before he took off to the staircase. The spiraled staircase was setting the stage for Bazel's next battle...

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10World Government Eh? (Task) Empty Re: World Government Eh? (Task) on Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:31 am

As Reina whipped around the battlefield parrying bullets left and right, the firebird left her hanging in the lobby of the government building. She tried to call out to him, saying there was a great concentration of movement under ground, but he left willy nilly as she was busy dodging wind blades and gunfire. " hey wait---a--se--", was about all she could get in before having to dive between the office desks. An area that's reserved for the office's tellers to handle the steam of incoming guests much like a dmv. The grunts who were closing in on her tried to pelt the area with as much rifle fire as they could get in,but with a combination of her kami haki and cover, she was able to avoid much of it without a scratch, even as the area was being torn up and wood splinters were flying everywhere.

The bulk of the remaining soldiers ceased fire when one of the remaining commanders held his palm up. In a dignified manner he began to inspect the area torn apart by bullets and cipher rankyus, certain the red head was dead. 10 grunts and 4 ciphers in total, crept up to the area and started to search for any signs of Reina. But with one wrong misstep, one was dragged down out of nowhere within the array of battered desks. He slipped out of sight rather quickly, quick enough to not warrant immediate attention. Then another fell and the rest of the pack took note at his grunt and rushed to his aid. But before they could do anything Reina came charging out with him in tow, using him as a human shield she charged forth into the column of peons. He was skewered at the shoulder using her blackened katana to hold him up in front of her own vitals. The peons hesitated to make a move, lest they hit a cipher pol meat shield.

It was in that instant that she tore through him and slashed through the column with one swift swing, tearing them in half. The few who were left standing either froze or ran away, leaving a blood covered Reina alone with 2 ciphers. One charged forth,but with her haki she anticipated his next move and leapt onto his shoulder exactly where he'd stop. While in mid air she flipped and cut his head in half on the way down. As she hit the floor she charged at the remaining cipher who kicked the air at her sloppily, making it easy to shield her torso and arms with busho haki. The blade broke upon her like water on a dam and dissipated as she threw a punch to his stomach which sent him crashing into the wall behind him.

With one swift movement she pinned him against the wall. He gasped in pained and started to breath heavily. "hehehe, whatever you want I'll just---". Before he could finish his sentence, she smirked and ripped his own long sleeve, stuffing his mouth with a wad of cloth. " Now then, let's have some fun".

She let reaper go and slowly pulled out ifrit. A surge of heat started to resonate form ifrit,but at the same time she started to form icicles on her own body. With a sadistic grin she slowly edged the blade toward him with one arm, while she pinned the other to the wall. His muffled screams started to get worse as it neared, his clothing started to singe and eyes widened as it started to kiss his leg. " Now then, are you going to tell me where you people took those distraught families I saw the other day"?

In defiance the man shook his head with a furrowed brow, but it only made her happier as she began to tease him more. Running the blade slowly up his leg with the body of the blade. Burning everything in its wake. Slowly handling it to burn various parts of his body. When he wouldn't talk she began to also grab reaper as well, running an electric current through it occasionally. Each time he flailed and thrashed about, but the torture seemed to only make him more defiant. " Then I guess I have no choice..."

Her hostage watched as she took gram from its sheath on her back while putting ifrit back effortlessly as well. Gram's form ebbed and flowed like water, waving in the light as she brought it closer to him. The blade pierced his body and the wall itself. " If you don't spill the beans now...then your tekkai won't save you". Her hostage chuckled, but only slightly before she demonstrated its power. By maneuvering it to the side, she made it become tangible once more, causing the wall to crack. " Ready now"? She asked with a deadpan tone,but still the man shook his head.

Reina growing tired of him, started to pull the blade toward him even when it was corporeal now. The sound of grinding stone filled the room, as the man watched it approach his gut. He started to grow restless and tried to trash about, but it was all in vain. Slowly the blade made it way to him, flirting with his stomach now. He tried to move away from it,but it just kept ripping through the stone wall until it was finally reached him. This time Reina didn't ask him for information. She kepted pulling it toward him until it started to cut into his belly. With all his might he was yelling at her to stop, tears streaming down his face. With a smirk Reina shoved his head into the wall by grasping his forehead. After pulling the gag out of his dirty mouth, she ordered him to talk.


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