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1 Did you get a boo boo? (shicha) on Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:33 am



It was slightly dark in the hideout, Yomi had to set up the lamps again with proper oil, but at the same time she enjoyed working in the dark, she found it quite relaxing and even though seeing was harder it gave her a focus that a bright setting just couldn't. It was the same for a rainy day as opposed to a sunny day, it just felt right compared to the alternative. Stretching after a long night's work, Yomi still felt her body reel a bit from her modifications that had taken up much of her time recently. Still, it was necessary in order to keep her other problem at bay for the time being. How she wished she could just focus on her experiments and her potential cures over these others, afflictions that were plaguing her right now, the most annoying one at the moment being her spying procedures going on within the town. Thankfully she believed the assignment in this area would be done soon as Vicktor had seemed restless with the idea of leaving, though with his new little fish love was he really willing to depart that easily? He had quite the nice life going right now, he could just settle down and leave his anger behind, it wouldn't be a bad life and the marines kept the place safe enough to live in relative safety, and no one would blame him for leaving as he was so young.

Yomi knew the boy wouldn't do that, but she kind of wished that he would, not because she wanted him out of her hair, but because she wished for him to learn the lessons of a happy life, something she had to sadly leave behind long ago. Still, she knew, just like how science called to her, the sea and fighting called to him, she just hoped whoever he got together with would understand the life upon the sea and the life of the sword, otherwise, heartbreak would be all that was left. Too many good men died at sea while off on an adventure for her to really count, on all sides of the spectrum, not just the revolution. Getting up from drawing one of her latest schematics Yomi started to light the lanterns around the basement so as to at least keep it lit if anyone came back, be it a new recruit of Vicktor himself. Hopefully he would come back with news of a new assignment, and not some form of complication.

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2 Re: Did you get a boo boo? (shicha) on Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:19 am

Vicktur had spent the last few hours ducking out the Marines of Loguetown. Landru promised him twenty fout hours before he couldnt keep them off his ass, but Vicktur didnt intend on being gone within that limited time fram. Not only was it impossible since he had no fucking ship but his crew simply wasnt ready to go yet. This must've been what it felt like to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. He stumbled into the hideout where he was sure to find Yomi doing all kinds of experiments or research. It was moments lime this that made him happy to have an experienced medical professional as a partner. Especially one who seemed to actually care about his well-being. At first the darkness of the room hid his visage from being properly seen, only his silhouette was distinguishable. But there would be no doubt it was him due to his defining characteristics. But as he approached the blazing candles their lights illuminated him more and more. By the time he got close enough to Yomi his injury was all too apparent. On his forehead was a large welt left by Landru's fist. The skin had been split open as well, permitting a frightening amount of blood to drain down his face. By this point quite a bit of it had already dried up, leaving not an inch of skin clean. From his forehead to his eyes dried blood gad caked on to his skin. At this point it was event difficult to see. He had to squint his eyes to stop from getting his blood in them. Honestly, it was somewhat of a miracle that he even made it here. No doubt due to Landru keeping his cohorts from looking properly. My head kinda hurts, doc. You mind? he motioned towards his forehead while trying to act aloof. Truth was that he was in a lot of pain. Not only physically but emotionally. He wasnt sure what to believe anymore.


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3 Re: Did you get a boo boo? (shicha) on Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:51 am



Yomi had heard Vicktor come in, there wasn't anyone quite as loud as he was due to his height, but what shocked her was the fact that he looked really banged up. Not only was he wounded, this meant that someone might have discovered what exactly they were doing here, or at least had a hint about their potential plans or actions. With a rear admiral on this island, Yomi didn't wish to take any chances yet here Vicktor was all beat up and possibly exposed.

"What did do to get hurt so badly Vicktor, take a seat up in the back and get to you in a second."

She was spinning a million different ideas in her head about what he had possibly done, and the one she hoped he wouldn't say was that he got into a fight with the marines. She knew that was an impossibility as the young boy loved to beat the crap out of them for no reason other than he had some swords but seriously did he have to just pick fights? Hopefully, he was the one who picked the fight and wasn't the one who got attacked because then the situation would be worse as they would know what he is, and that's just no good. All of the outcomes in her head were terrible, however, because it meant that they would need to leave the island sooner rather than later. Hopefully their ship was here by the time they needed to bolt, otherwise, then they would have one hell of a short trip off the island.

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4 Re: Did you get a boo boo? (shicha) on Fri Oct 28, 2016 12:26 pm

Uuuh... he made his way to the back of the room. He was somewhat hesitant to tell Yomi about his little fiasco with Landru. She often asked him not to engage any Marines in areas where there presence was dominant. As that could draw uneeded and unwanted attention to them. But in this case he really had no choice. It was either fight or get captured. Got into a fight with a Marine. I had met him before on the day of our arrival. He was a mink then, though. Vicktur sat down at Yomi's work station Or atleast he looked like one. Then I met him trying to get back into the city. He recognized me and said he was taking me in for treason. Vicktur shook his head like he was trying to clear his thought It was the wierdest shit ever. Last time I saw him he looked like a cat. Then he was a giant and now he's some asian guy. due to the pain he didnt realize how nuts he sounded.

Anyways, he got a lucky hit in. But not before I cut him good. but not good enough, because he was still alive. Vicktur gently touched his head injury and recoiled at the pain. His head legitimately hurt like a bitch. l, once again, affirmed that he was lucky to have a doctor as his partner. Now all he had to do was wait for her to patch him up, as well as answer her avalanche of questions that were soon to follow.


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