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26 Re: Blue skys and blueprints on Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:37 pm



Once again it seemed miss veil would be entwined with completing her task. He knew she would be paying attention to him as he spoke though. She had done so thus far so he doubted she would stop. She really seemed to be a workaholic well maybe in her own way she was. He smirked as he watched her return to working on his precious weapon. Oh how he could hardly wait to use it for the very first time. He could imagine it all now the hum of the air particles gathering inside the barrel. Condensing into a single source a beam like energy would erupt from the barrel of the gun from the mouth of his ships figure head.

He brought his attention back to reality and his smirked wider as she stopped her work after saying his offer was most generous. Oh yes indeed he was a generous man,but above all he was fair. The women would have to be mad to turn down a offer as good as this. After all he doubted she would get a better offer than what he had given. " He nodded his head politely as she said she would have to think it over. " I do beg your forgiveness miss veil but i have been untruthful my name isn't zen it is Zanji D. Ryotoji i can't exactly go around using my real name in public since i have a one point three million berri bounty on my head, you understand the need for secrecy." He chuckled and clapped his hands together happily as she said she was nearly finished with her work. " You are quite the craftsmen miss veil i thought it would take much longer to be built most impressive indeed." He picked up his violin case and shut it closed and held it in his hand as he made his way to the door. he turned his head to the side and and lookeed at miss veil from his shoulder his tone gentle and warm " I shall leave you to make the final preparations miss veil, i shall be in my quarters come and see me when you have finished."

He placed his hand on the door and opened it and walked out into the cool night air and shut it closed behind him. His footsteps would grow fainter and fainter as he walked across the wooden planks heading towards his room. It would not take him that long to get to his room after all it was just across the ship from the foundry. He opened his door and turned on a light and shut it closed behind him as he walked across the white marbled room and took a seat on his white couch and grabbed a newspaper on the coffee stand and began to read through it.

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27 Re: Blue skys and blueprints on Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:20 pm

"Thank you captain, I'll be there soon." She looked up from her work briefly so that she may smile sweetly at Zanji as he left. She had been treated well during this day. It looked like he could prove to be a valuable connection if she decided to go down that avenue. Ro would keep bunching the coils up against themselves, forming a long spring like shape of thick copper wire. These parts of the production were quite easy for Ro's practiced hands and it didn't take much of her attention. So instead, she pondered the quirky pirate's offer further. She had been asked to join a crew.. There was no doubt that this crew had a nice setup here, and if the captain's actions were anything to go on, she would be treated well here. Not to mention that she would get protection and a mobile platform for her business. But. There were so many buts.

She hadn't really ever thought to associate herself so closely to a pirate before. Duke Vinsmoke would be turning in his grave if he ever saw his daughter even entertain the thought. But her family had come so far from then. While her lot were once nobles themselves that looked down their noses at common pirates, they had fallen so far. And when you're at rock bottom, it is impossible to start looking down on others. People's status and position in life didn't have any baring on Rokuju's view of them, the only thing that mattered was how much they would be of worth to her personally.

With the wire coiled, she pulled off the plastic covering and brought the wire over to the table. She took up her electric tool once more, this time switching to the soldering mechanism. Grabbing some goggles from her bag, she began to link the edges of the metal sheets together to make a cylinder. Waiting for it to cool, she would then place the pressurizer mechanism inside the cylinder and hook it up to the copper wiring. One last touch, Ro would fix two large magnets onto the base of the cylinder, inside the coil of wires. There, the contraption that would be placed inside the cannons was finished. She turned back to the blueprints, drawing up a set of instructions for the shipwright that would be fitting them to the boat. This whole process would take an hour and a half.

Leaving her work with a satisfied soul, Ro would find her way over to Zanji's room. She would knock on the door. If she was to hear Zanji ask her to enter, she would.

"I've finished, my work is on the foundry table. I hope you will find it satisfactory."

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28 Re: Blue skys and blueprints on Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:56 pm



As he sat on his couch his mind wandered as he skimmed the paper. His eyes felt heavy as they scanned the print. Yet again there was nothing about the celestial dragons in the paper,. He crumbled up the paper into a ball and set his hand ablaze igniting the paper. For a moment he almost dropped the paper onto the ground in a instinctual reaction upon seeing fire. But now that he became a flame human the flames did not bother him at all. He watched the paper quickly burn up within his hand an dropped the ashes into a nearby trash bin and looked over in his room.

Ah how the white marble reflected magnificently in a serene and peace manner. Inside this room he felt at ease a sense of balance and of home. near the back window lay a large white piano which reflected brightly with the room. That piano was the second item he took from his families home besides the tone dial and locket. Each having there own significance and sentimental value to him beyond price. Nothing in this world world make him give up his precious treasures. He slowly got up from the couch and had begun to move towards the piano when he heard a knock at his door. He sighed and walked across the room and slowly opened the room and saw the good doctor. He stepped aside and offered her to join him inside his room with a gesture. "You work fast my dear doctor i am most impressed you were able to complete this weapon, now comes the final and fun part of our agreement i assume you will be wishing for your payment, now lets be reasonable and put a price on the weapon, what would you ball park the price at my dear doctor?"

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29 Re: Blue skys and blueprints on Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:26 am

It was about that time of the night and Zanji was asking for the bill so that he may pay his dues. Ro bowed a few degrees and handed him a folded note. What was inside the note was the bill for the work. It would be a modest price, as she had taken a fancy to the young man before her, and would not take advantage of his generous nature. Also there was the fact that she had been allowed to use all of his own materials and facilities as well, which limited her costs to the few things that she brought herself and her own time. She had enjoyed herself, you could say that the conversation had been on fire. "In there is my price, as well as an address as to where to send the funds." She would not take his money tonight, it seemed a little crude to worry about beli given the interaction that they had partaken in today.

"I'm sorry, I can't give you an answer to your generous offer of joining you crew.. I fear that I have much too much tying me down here." This is where she would say goodbye to Zanji, she did not want to make commitments that she couldn't honour, that would go against her very grain as a business woman. "If we don't meet again, I would like to say that it was a pleasure to meet you Mr Ryotoji. I am sure that we can work together again sometime in the future." With that last line, she would smile and leave.

Her feet dragged while she left the ship, possibly hinting at a subconscious want to stay. She would have to be careful from now on, she had almost made herself a friend.

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