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15]Revolusion arts Task t2 Syn+ELi - Page 2 Empty Re: ]Revolusion arts Task t2 Syn+ELi on Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:38 pm

Syndra just listens until the High Officer Londo is shot. The man falls dead on the table. Syndra just smirks. We are no real marines but you are not a real high ranking officer eather if you die that easily. THen a huge number of assassins appears behind the murdered officer. Elisa opens the door. Syndra follows her without losing the assassins out of her sight. I run behind Elisa as bullets ly through the air. I make sure I cover Elisa so she can not be shot. The assassins are fast and able to keep up. We were lucky none of them were able to hit us yet. The marines that try to fight the assassins do all die inan instant. Syndra looks around for a way out. Running would not help. THe assassins were just too fast to lose them.

The ladies and the assassins run through the headquarters for a while. While we are running I hand Yury over to ELisa. Please hold him for me sis. I have a idea. Their are windows on one side of us. Syndra doesnt warn ELisa but wraps my normal arm around her. Then I run towards a window and jump through it, We fall down. Syndra lifts her robotic arm and shoots the chain. The chain connects to a beneath us. It seems we would not land on it if we do not change our course. The chain connects to the wall and Syndra uses the momentum to swing the three of us on the balcony. We land softly. I break the window and look at ELisa. Lets go!

The two woman and the bear escape while the assassins think they fell to their death. Syndra returns with ELisa to thetavern where they decide to hide for a while,

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