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1Chapter 1 | "Do Me a Favor" [Task] Empty Chapter 1 | "Do Me a Favor" [Task] on Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:00 pm

Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza
The Beginning:

Task Name: Ring Ring!
Tier: 1

Commander Joseph:

Chapter 1 | "Do Me a Favor" [Task] 4923248-tumblr_mp98rpxw911rkq9cno1_500
Location: East Blue
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Kaiza receives a letter personally at the hotel he is staying in. The letter is Joseph asking him for his help, but it is obvious that the question is rhetorical as Jospeh expects him to agree to doing it. The letter explains that Kaiza will need to go to Orange town in east blue to locate all marine shops as well as the other tasks that need to be done in Little wano. The letter will also ask him to stay low key because Kai has a tendency to be noticeable. After reading the letter, he is told to look on the back for the money (700K Beli) that he will need to give to the spokesman of the Ninja clan after located all Marine shops.
Enemy Details: 0
Boss: 0

The sound of birds. light music playing and even the intense sun rays beaming straight through the window, were all factors in the "Wake Kaiza up" project, starring Kaiza. It was like he could NEVER get enough sleep for some reason. Upon finally making it in the east, Kai didn't hesitate to find the crappiest, cheapest hotel in the area. It happened to be on the outskirts of Orange town. With the fake ID he was given to by Joseph, he was able to crash at hotels whilst using a fake name. Of course this was only because it was better for most revolutionaries to be low-key in Marine territory, but sometimes Kai used it to purchase things that only people of the age twenty-one or higher could purchase. Most times he didn't need it though, a lot of people often tell him that he looks older than what he is.

Yawning, the male slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes. The bright rays of the sun began to annoy him as they peered through the curtains he thought were closed. Kai stood up and brought both of his hands to work in formation, closing the curtain with only using like one percent of his energy, and falling but first on his bed. Just before the young man could begin to do anything else, he heard a knock at the door. The knock was light, yet with an attitude he shouted at the person outside of his room. "God dammit, it's only like two pm!" Odd right? Odd that a man wakes up at two in the afternoon? Well, that was Kaiza's life. He literally had nothing to do so sleeping was all that was left. Besides, too much sleep isn't that bad... Anyway, the white haired male grunted before pushing himself off the bed and walking nakedly towards the door, stopping to pick up his bow and one arrow. You never know who might be out to get ya, and the fact that he was apart of the revolutionary army didn't make things better. Soon- when his name grew, he would become more and more of a threat creating more and more enemies as he progresses. Without a care in the world, he unlocked the door only to see it was a small man that worked downstairs as a bellhop. Quickly after realizing that K was butt ass naked, the man handed the letter to him and scurried away.

What's this? Kaiza looked down at his hand before flipping it over and finding black letters on the envelope saying simple "To Kaiza". Placing his finger between the opening of the envelope, he lifted up and allowed the paper to rip, then proceeded to tear the rest of the envelope open. The paper was folded into four parts so in order to read the envelope he was required to unfold each part. Finally the letter was revealed and in bigger red font the letter was deemed important.


Quickly Kai continued to read on and read that Joseph needed to utilize him while he was in the East Blue. This letter was obviously created not too long ago because Kai just came to this side. The fact that Joseph could even find him was truly a scary thing. Did he really mean it All those times he said he would know Kai's every move? It was sad to say but Joseph acted more like a father to him than his own biological father did. Honestly, knowing that Joseph is looking over him even after he left the army base and despite the fact that the two of them are hundreds of miles away really touched Kai - not that he didn't know Joseph cared about him before. Continuing on, the white haired revolutionary continued to read the letter. He was coming close towards the end after reading that he was required to go to Orange town to find the locations of the Marine shops. He came to a point in the letter where Joseph told him to flip the letter to the it's other side. There, a check for 700,000 Beli was attached to it.

"Shit fuck that's a lot of damn money. Al, to destroy some Marine shops eh? Maybe I should be a ninja."

Who the hell was he kidding? Being a Ninja was probably no fun at all. He could only imagine there was some orange haired kid named Naruto running around his village trying to find his Ninja path, sounded like a stupid story if ya ask me. Folding the letter back into four parts, Kaiza placed it in his pocket before getting dressed. Well, seems like I have something to do while in the East. Finally, I was beyond bored. Where the hell is Tee?

First Task: Complete

Word Count: 800+ / 750

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2Chapter 1 | "Do Me a Favor" [Task] Empty Re: Chapter 1 | "Do Me a Favor" [Task] on Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:44 pm

Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza
The Middle:

Task Name: Be Careful, it's Getting Serious.
Tier: 2
Location: East Blue
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Kaiza is now in orange town, he keeps his head low and is trying to remain low-key. As he walks through the town he begins to write down the addressees of the shops he sees but upon reaching the fourth marine shop, a marine becomes suspicious of him. Upon reaching the sixth and last shop, 4 marines stop him and ask him what he has been writing down. Before Kai could even attempt to lie they begin to press on and things begin to get aggressive. If the marines see what he's been writing down they'll be sure to arrest and question him! After Kai defeats all four marines, more marines come and now he has to escape out of the town!
Enemy Details:
4 TI Marines with tazers, and other close combat weapons
Boss: 1 T2 marine with stone stone devil fruit

Boss Name: Stronger Marine Bitch
Tier: 2
Description: This marine is stronger than the others.  He is the one that is in charge over all Marine shops in Orange town.  His hair is long,  red and he wears a silver suit of armor.
Devil Fruit: Stone Stone
Haki Aura: E rank Savage Soul
Equipment: 1 T1 sword | 1 T2 Armor
Specs: Hand to Hand - 2 | Weaponry - 1| Marksmenship - 1 | Devil Fruit - 1

"Aaaaaaaaand, here we are. Finally fucking here." Turning back, Kaiza literally barked at the man for moving slow. It wasn't like it took a whole damn day to get here but still it took longer than it needed to take. With a sigh the young man began to walk. On his back he carried his bow and arrows though they were hidden in a long bag that one would carry golf clubs in. Clipped on to his belt buckle was a carrying pouch filled with things of his creation; one laughing gas capsule, 3 servings of his love potion, and 2 servings of his speed tab. Despite carrying these tools and things, Kai didn't actually see himself needing them, at least not yet. If anything he would simply use his Vibrating Fury techniques and a few arrows. Right now he only had twenty, but that only meant like one to spare considering he was a bit broke at the moment. In the pouch opposite to his tool carrying one, he carried a small notebook. If he wanted to record the location of these "Marine Shops" he would need to write them down or something so he didn't have to rely purely on memory. Before he even began walking deeper into the town, he stopped and fished into his pouch to grab the small book of paper and the pen that also resided in there. "Nowwwwww we can get moving." K looked up, took a deep breath of air, and began to walk into the town.

It was weird, out of ALL people Joseph chose him? He wasn't even at the army base and he still had a task to do. The whole purpose of leaving was to take a BREAK from all that military life! Yet here he was, holding a fucking notebook, and basically SPYING ON MARINES. This had to be a test... It was the only explanation. For so long Joseph attempted to encourage his son to rise within the ranks of the revolutionary army, but while he did pretty much hate the government, he wasn't as passionate about as his adopted father was. Kaiza was only eighteen after all, and it was bad enough he didn't even finish the 6th grade- now he was being urged to graduate revolutionary academy? God dammit all! Only for Joseph he told himself. Deep down inside he liked the fact that he was apart of something great and more importantly...he LOVED the fact that there was actually someone who wanted to see him achieve great things. Now that I'm thinking about it though, Joseph totally wouldn't approve of me hanging with a fucking pirate

As a group of Marines passed Kai quickly left his thoughts and began to get to work. The first Marine shop was only up ahead by about 10 meters. Why the hell were there marine shops in this town anyway? Were they like...selling the shit to the civilians? If they were then the government is more corrupt than the young revolutionary had though though he doubted it. The shops were most likely there to sell weapons and other objects to marines while they stayed and patrolled the area. Yeah...that made much more sense. The first Marine shop was built with grey stone and was right beside a coffee shop. Without a second thought he opened his notebook and began scribbling those exact details as well as the number of the shop. "700547". On to the next

The white haired spy glanced up and scoped the area swiftly before making a right in order to turn the corner of the end street and begin walking on another. He didn't bother looking back, but he did take note of a Marine in the shops window looking at him quite hard. Relax Kaiza. One down, there's probably about 5-6 more to go. I'm guessing there can't be too many shops in one town- can there? Squinching his eyes he continued to move forward. Down the block seemed to be another Marine shop, but this one happened to be a bit occupied by more marines than the last. Still, he was outside and still a block away, he was sure nobody could see him. Kai wanted to see if there was anyone behind him before he crossed the street and attempted to write the address of this shop down. Good, nobody.

Quickly he opened the notebook in his left hand, and with his right began to write down details such as the distance from the last Marine shop to the Marine shop he was across the street from. He also proceeded to write down the color of the shop as well as the street it was on. Once he was done writing, he glanced around him to make sure he wasn't obvious with anything that he was doing, and closed the book when he felt safe enough. Once more the revolutionary moved. This time he moved a bit faster up the block directly across the street from the Marine shop. Even a hoodie wasn't enough to make him blend in with the crowd, especially since there wasn't that much of a crowd present, and considering it was broad daylight.

Time passed, and Kaiza was successfully able to find the location of four Marine shops, but upon finding the destination of the fourth, he realized that a Marine began to follow him- or at least it seemed. Fuck Luckily, after about 7 minutes of following him the Marine left seemingly leaving Kai alone. Something is definitely not right here. The young man brushed it off and continued to search for Marine shops. Soon he was able to find the fifth one and there happened to be no trouble, but when he finally reached the very last Marine shop in the town, he could see four Marines approaching him at a quick walking pace. Kai honestly hoped they weren't on to him, he was down with this part of the task and if they decided to start right no-

"Excuse me, sir." A marine with dark long red hair and a full suit of silver armor spoke up first.

"Oh why hello there, Mister, is there a problem?"

"Hopefully not. We've been watching you for a while and noticed that you have been going to every Marine shop in the town. On top of that, we also are aware of you writing something down whilst you stop. Hand me the notebook, I would like to see-"

"Whoah whoah whoah, this notebook contains some personal shit, I don't really feel comfortable showing you anything, sir." With a frown, the marine sighed before speaking.

"You asked for it. Gentlemen."

"Gentlemen." With that one word his marine henchmen began to inch forward, placing their hands on their waists as if they were preparing to attack Kai, despite he hadn't moved. Upon seeing them move forward though, Kaiza immediately, grabbed his bow with one hand, while grabbing two arrows with the other. Quickly he placed one arrow in the space between his hand and the bow allowing the skin between his thumb and index finger to act as a holding pouch, then putting an arrow in the bow, waiting for any one of these marines to get closer. The marines didn't dare move though. It was as if they didn't realize that a weapon is what remained inside the golf-club carrying bag. With a smirk, Kai's confidence grew.

"Seriously bro, I don't wanna have to use this, especially since I've been practicing a lot with this baby."

Ever since he bough the bow and encased it with strong metals he's been waiting to use it. If the Marines would just mind their business, everything would just be better for everyone...but they couldn't let it go. As the leader of the marines pointed towards Kaiza, the lower ranked marines charged forward. Immediately Kai used a move that he learned from Joseph. It was made from studying the Geppo move of another skill type, but serves the same purpose. This skill allowed Kai to move while in the air. The marines stopped before realizing that their opponent had been too high for the weapons they had. Swiftly while in the air, only 10 feet high, K proceeded to release one arrow- killing one marine due to a newly given neck piercing. Still using his Geppo-like skill, he continued to shoot the rest of the weaker marines, since logically they didn't have any special abilities, barely any armor (like policemen) and close combat weapons they didn't have a chance from the beginning.

Finally, Kai could allow himself to fall to the ground- or at least he thought so before the red haired marine hit him directly in his back with what seemed to be A fuckin' rock golem?! Quickly after he fell he rolled over on the ground and picked himself back up. His bag of arrows and Bow remained on the floor. At this point, Kaiza only had twenty-one arrows left, and even his arrows weren't going to be enough to win this fight. This young Revolutionary conjured a plan though. He wasn't planning on losing, or not completing this task. Without a second thought, he began to sprint towards the giant rock golem and could see his opponent standing on top of it, that was when he realized.. Stone, stone fruit. I don't know anything about it, but as long as my opponent is revealed I ca-

The red haired marine swept the rock golems hand towards K, but this white haired male wasn't going to let that happen. Kai swung his left hand the opposite direction, allowing the rock golems hand and his own hand to clash. It would seem like the rock golem would be stronger, but in actuality, Kaiza was just a warrior at heart. Immediately after he stopped the Golems hand with great power and the use of his vibration slap skill, Kai jumped on the arm and began to sprint towards the head of the Golem, only to reach his opponent. The red haired marine bitch attempted to shake his enemy off of his stone golem, but it was already too late. Kaiza was now on the shoulder. Just when the revolutionary was about to end it all, his opponent released control over the golem forcing both of the fighters to fall.

Both men were about fifty feet in the air, so the drop was quite long. The younger man was able to see the marine land atop a roof, so he used his "Vibe-running" skill once more to dismiss the idea of falling onto the ground, and landing on the roof as well. At this point there were a couple of trees, homes, and stores destroyed but nothing destroyed was a marine shop. How could a marine even allow this much property get destroyed? Now both fighters were on the roof, Kai's bow and arrows directly beneath him. In his pouch he had a speed tab and some laughing gas, but he didn't think he'd need to use any of those things today. The wind blew dramatically as the birds ceased to sing. The sun was gone at this point- or at least gone where they were standing and people watched the battle in awe.

Without words the two clashed again, this time no tricks were being used. Straight hand to hand in order to prove who was the better fighter. Admittedly Kai took a significant amount of hits, but so did his enemy. Each punch that connected with him also connected with the marine bitch. After a while of fighting, the white haired male didn't want to continue this any more. With a kick he released a whirlwind that knocked his opponent back before using his surface disruption skill pop him up in the air. For a breif second his enemy was fucked. No stone for him to touch in the air. As the red haired marine fell back down, he realized this was probably the end for him as Kai came dashing with a vibrating hand so fast it looked like a blur.


The vibrating punch put a clean whole right through the armor and nearly put a clean hole right through the marine. The enemy flew back into the chimney before dropping and giving up. Luckily for him he wasn't dead, but if he had to wait long enough he would be. The young warrior jumped off of the roof and once he landed he hurried to picked up his bow and arrow. From around him he could hear marines yelling at him to stop, and they came in bulk this time. It must have been more than twenty of them but Kai didn't have time to check, he had to scram! Swiftly he was off, and although they chased him he was safe and out of orange town in ten minutes tops!

"Now I have to walk to - what's the name of the village? Shirotsume or something..."

Second Task Complete

WordCount: 1,800+/1,250 (5 Posts = 1 Post)
Weapons/Ammo: 21 / 25 Arrows left

Tier 1 Skill Name:  Vibrating Punch
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to hand
Tier 1 Skill Range: -
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: Cooldown - 3 | Duration - Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: The user vibrates their fist at extremely high speeds to temporarily strengthen their attacks. In terms of quality, this skill can allow the user to punch a whole through thick walls. Upon hitting people, this skill can send opponents and objects flying up to 5 meters away.

Tier 1 Skill Name: Surface Disruption
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range: 5 meters
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: Cooldown - 3 | Duration - Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: By vibrating their leg or hand at extremely high speeds and then touching a surface, the user can send their vibrations through it up to 5 meters way. At any time within that range the user can cause the surface to erupt with their intense vibrations, causing the surface to shoot out a 5 meter piece of the surface outward before it falls back down. This can send the opponent up to 5 meters away upon contact but only deals heavy bruises.

Tier 1 Skill Name: Vibrating Slap
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range: -
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: Cooldown - 3 | Duration - Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: The user first forms their hand as if they were going to slap something. The user then vibrates their hand at extremely high speeds. With the use of this skill, the user is able to slap anything away that is Tier 1 or below without damaging their hand. This does not allow this user to reflect an attack, it only allows the user to deflect.

Tier 1 Skill Name: Vibe Running
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range: -
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: Cooldown - 3 | Duration - Upkeep
Tier 1 Skill Description: From studying the Rokushiki skill "Geppo", Kai was able to make his own version that allowed him to do basically the same thing. With the use of his legs and intense vibrations, the user can conjure wind around their feet in order to propel them in different directions. Since its usage depends heavily on the user's legs, restraining, damaging, or pinning down any major parts of their lower body can significantly disrupt Geppo. The amount of distance it can cover is reliant on your speed stat.

Tier 1 Skill Name: Whirlwind Hit
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range: 5 meters
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: Cooldown - 3 | Duration - Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: By vibrating their hand or feet at intense speeds, the user can conjure a small whirlwind and release it. The whirlwind can only reach up to 5 meters away before disappearing.

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3Chapter 1 | "Do Me a Favor" [Task] Empty Re: Chapter 1 | "Do Me a Favor" [Task] on Wed Jun 08, 2016 4:33 pm

Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza
The End:

Task Name: The Transfer
Tier: 2

Chapter 1 | "Do Me a Favor" [Task] Latest?cb=20110827023712
Location: Shimotsuki Village
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After Kaiza has successfully locating all six of the marine shops in Orange town and defeating the four marines, he was chased off by a handful of other marines. Luckily he wore a hoodie and sunglasses to keep his identity concealed. After running out of the town he would need to make his way over to Little Wano (Shimotsuki Village) and go straight to the Hubasaya clan house. After being greeted by one of the clans spokesmen, Kaiza introduces himself as Commander Joseph's son. The money and the information on the marine shops in orange town will then be transferred to the clans spokesman Mikuro and then Kaiza has completed the task.
Enemy Details: 0
Boss: 0

Was he safe? Because at this moment he felt like he was safe and sound though he could be entirely wrong. Sometimes Kaiza didn't see things through. As the young man knelt on the branch of a Tree leaning into the town of Shirotsume he smirked. It was really a beautiful site, especially at this time of the evening. The sun had been setting and the town became alluring in front of the orange-pink glowing background. For a second he was stuck, then he remembered what had happened only moments before he arrived here and what would happen if he remained. It was about time for the young revolutionary to become serious. This was a task that could have been done by any higher ranked revolutionary, but his father Commander Joseph chose him. "Alright, time to finish this all. I am tired, and I definitely am not in the mood for any more bullshit. I just murdered 4 people, something that I told myself I would never do again. On top of that, I ra-." Shaking his head, K remembered that he had a task to finish. Sulking and reflecting on himself was something that he could do later. Kai stood on the branch before leaping off, landing onto the ground lightly and making his way into the town. Once he stepped in he was blinded by all the beautiful women wearing their silky clothes- the ones that easily revealed their busty chests.

Too much women, not nearly enough fucking time. After I'm done though, Imma fuck all these sexeh ladehs."

Kaiza didn't even take off his sweatshirt or his sunshades. Despite all of the classy people in this town, he just couldn't bring himself to risk that. At least not until he knew he was safe or something. Maybe wait until he was back aboard Tee's ship. Speaking of Tee, where the hell was that bastard? Knowing him he was probably eating a damn baby seal. What was up with that anyway? Like was he half shark or something? How could his body even digest the meat of a baby seal? It wasn't even like it was cooked- he literally ate them raw. Nevertheless, Kaiza actually like him and didn't have a problem with him eating the seals. They weren't even that bad tasting...just pretty gross to look at and smell.

Continuing on, Kai casually walked through little Welo. While he was here, he decided that he might as well enjoy everything here. The amount of clothing shops that he had already passed were too much for him to remember. The stories that he had heard about this place, versus what he had been seeing now just didn't add up all the way. He remembered hearing about how this town was known for their consistent fights between rival families, but all he had received from this village was positive vibes.

He remembered that the letter told him he was supposed to meet with a representative of the Ninja clan but he didn't quite remember where he had to go. Digging in his holding pouch, he fished out the letter that contained the info he would need to find his destination. According to Joseph, they would be waiting for him but wouldn't be waiting for him for long which mean that he needed to hurry. With that in mind he increased the pace in which he walked and read the letter at the same time. At this moment, he was just walking forward, he didn't have time to look where he was going because then it would be harder for him to read. The citizens of this town didn't mind though, they simply walked around him. That or he was already dead. The letter read:

Commander Joseph wrote:
...Once you reach entrance of the town, you will need to walk straight down until you see a gigantic mansion. It cannot be that hard to see, Kaiza. Don't disappoint me.

Just that last sentence annoyed him. Anyway, after reading that part of the letter he placed it back in his pocket before patting his other holding pouch to make sure the money was safe and sound. seven-hundred thousand Beli was way too much for him to just lose. If he was to lose that much money he'd be better off vanishing because Joseph would murder him. Upon putting the piece of information away he realized that he had actually already met his destination. He stopped shortly after realizing though, there were two guards in front of the mansion and they didn't look like they were here to play games. The revolutionary took off his glasses and hooded sweater before just throwing them both. In truth, that was a reckless thing to do but he didn't care. Right now he was worried about not coming off the wrong way.

"Oh, sup yo? I'm Commander Joseph's son. I'm here to seal a deal with a representative of the Ninja clan?" Only a few words were needed for both ninjas to open the door to the giant mansion and gesture for him to enter the home. Immediately after entering a breeze knocked some wind out of him. The air conditioning in this place was too good to be true. Relieved, Kaiza exhaled and continued walking forward. A Ninja had been walking with him towards the room at the end of the hallway acting as both a guard and a tour guide. Ninjas... being a pirate sounded way more fun than being a ninja, only because there probably were less rules to go by. From what I heard these ninjas barely had lives." Finally both Kaiza and his ninja guard tour guide reached the door before the ninja unlocked and opened it.

Right before his very eyes, sitting on the floor with his legs folded in front of two candles with closed eyes he greeted Kaiza.

"Greetings, young man. My name is Mikuro and I will be the representative that M'lord spoke to Commander Joseph about." His voice was soothing and soft as he spoke. Kai could feel the sheer kindness of his heart with every word, almost putting him at ease. He couldn't ease up yet though, not until the deal was officially made at least.

"Greetings, Sir. My name is Kaiza, nice to meet you. My father gave me seven-hundred thousand Beli to give you in return for your clansmen to destroy all the marine shops in this notebook." Kai quickly brought out the book with all of his writings in it. He placed his hand out in hopes that Mikuro would grab it but soon realized that he probably wouldn't be touching anything at this moment since his assistant stretched out his arm for it. With a nod, Kaiza allowed him to take it. Kai also dug out the mass amount of Beli before personally placing it in the lap of Mikuro. The representative opened his eyes with an eyebrow raised before realizing Kai's reason for being so close.

"Thank you, Kaiza. The deal is sealed and we will report back to Commander Joseph in 2-3 days when the deed is done. You may now take your leave." Happily Kaiza nodded and got the fuck out of that place. Free at last.

~ EXIT ~
Task 3 Complete

WordCount: 1,250+/1,250

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