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1 So this was the story [ Stamina training] on Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:27 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"Well, I guess I should take my leave, I've had my fill."

A few days ago he, Derous, would be assigned to his top secret mission. Oh, but not alone. Going alone was something he only wanted to do when it was his own personal task, or agenda. No, this was a mission give to him by the head of Cipher Pol one. Assist a group of Marines in neutralizing a group of pirates that had taken refugee on Centauruea, that was the mission. That was the only task Derous was given. It seemed though that his presence wasn't wanted, and that was off putting. Derous was only here to serve and do his job in protecting and assisting them. But, when you help isn't wanted.. should you try?

"Tch! I shouldn't be doing this, I finally got my hand on one of those damn log Poses. I should be allowed to head to the Grand Line, and do more important things!" A Woman that stood proud would declare, passing back and forth. Just from the way she spoke you could tell she was very proud in her ability as an marine, to a fault. Derous just watched her as he didn't like how she acted, it was unbecoming of a Woman. Or for anyone for that matter. When the weak are too proud it is annoying to the strong.

Derous would shack his head in disappointment, as he tried to keep in his urges. But, doing this act was enough to have the Marine's frustration and anger be put on Derous. "Fuck are you shacking your head at? You got a problem with me?"

"Not at all, Beautiful. I mean Ma'am! " Derous would respond as he frantically waved his hands in front of him, to show he didn't want an altercation. Oh, but he had already messed up by calling her "Beautiful".

"You little, bitch." She would utter as she quickly mad her way toward Derous. He knew what was coming, as she had cocked back her fist. But, what was he to do? Stop her and embarrass her in front of her whole crew? Also, could Derous really hurt a Woman? Well, that answer will be answered right now. Derous would brace himself and take the full force of her punch, which he thought would be a slap, and fall to the ground. Oh, but it didn't end there. Derous would then get stumped, sadly, in front of everyone. The whole crew on this ship watched as Derous was beaten without cause. Is this how a gentleman should be treated?

Finally, the onslaught would end. Whether it have been due to her no longer feeling up to beating Derous or some other reason. Derous would be helped up by a few members of the crew and have his injuries tended to. Time would fly and Derous' injuries would be healed, and the exact location of the targeted Pirate crew would be found.  It was time to mobilize and swiftly taken care of them, well that is what the Female Captain would announce to everyone.

The large battalion would disembark the ship and make their way toward the town, the ferocious female Captain leading the way, taking down all that got in her way. This town was infested with pirates, and it was a problem. The World Government couldn't do anything about that though, as this wasn't their Island any longer, nor did they care. This pirate group though was who they needed to dealt with, as they had done something to cause the Marines to have to case after them. Many Pirates didn't come out of the buildings as they actually knew who the Marines were after, as that pirate group let it known something bad was going to happen soon on this place.

"She shouldn't lead in this way, it is too dangerous and careless." Derous would mutter as he and another group picked up the rear of the group, but as things continued they would have to stop and take shelter within a near by building. Just marching up through the town was bad they should've at least taken it a portion at a time, or did something even more simple. Send a small group in to take care of the pirate crew instead of having everyone go out, as their numbers weren't that overwhelming. And if every pirate within this town would join together they would indeed be able to fend off this Marine force.

Wc- 750
20 points earned

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Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"Man.. Man... man....things are really getting bad out there. Don't you all here that? So many people are dying, so many of our men. "


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