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1 Vengence[TASK] on Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:40 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name:Vengence
Crew, Team, or Personal:Personal
Description:Byron a few days after having defeated his previously assailants happens to be moving among-st Loguetown. When a Suspicious person begins to follow him around. After confronting said "follower". Byron is Informed he was the brother of the person he killed a few days ago. Who now wants Revenge. Being forced to fight, Byron reluctantly does so.
Enemy Details:N/A
Boss:Boss Name:Dirty Dan
Description:A tall 5'12 Man with a well kept long sleeved white shirt with poofs on the sleeves. Possessing well trimmed hair and a pair of black dress pants with black shoes. In contrast to his name as Dirty Dan.He switches how he speaks quickly and extremely. Going from incredibly calm and relaxed to Hostile and back and forth as if he was a puppet on his own strings
Devil Fruit:N/A
Haki Aura:Pugilist
Equipment: Equipment Name:GraveDigger
Equipment Class:Weapon
Equipment Type:Sword
Equipment Tier:2
Spec Req.Melee Weaponry:3
Equipment Description:A Smooth longsword that is about 3 FT In Blade Length. The Hilt only being about 5 Inches, coming with a hilt guard as well.
Equipment Ability:N/A
Units per slot:1
Proof of Purchase:N/A


Melee Weaponry:3

It was a fresh day....

The sun was shining, Byron was walking amongst loguetown. It had been a few days since he had...Had a unfortunate encounter of some kind. Man that incident really did shake him. The Reprecussions of what he had done a few days ago were starting to get to him. For once he actually...Hurt people. Should he really feel guilty about it? They did attack him and try to rob him.... Maybe he was putting too much thought into this....But he remembered everything so lucidly despite how late it got. The hits, what he did.

....How he may have actually killed someone...

" Come on get it Together Byron." He'd tell himself since he woke up. It wasn't anything too big right? The guy did try to hurt him.

....Maybe try to kill him.

He had to stand up for himself, he needed his clothes and his money. Byron was not gonna let some asshole just rob him of everything, even if he was a little timid, a little scared, and maybe still trembled worse than chihuahuas at the idea of fighting. In the day there wasn't any exhaustion to get to him unlike last night. There wasn't anything clouding his senses or thoughts. Byron had actually hurt badly a few people, albeit in self defense...

It was at that moment though. Byron realized he had been standing still the entire time. Not even paying attention to the fact that he "froze" over this. Dammit...I can do this. Those guys probably earned it for attacking me anyway...He'd keep telling himself as he went to spend a little Beli at a Local fruit cart. Surveying the fruits that were available he'd purchase a banana before leaving. Looking around himself slowly, but cautiously as he ate it. His paranoia was starting to get to him again.

Word Count:555

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2 Re: Vengence[TASK] on Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:00 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


Meanwhile....As Byron was eating though. Someone was watching him again,but he couldn't feel their eyes on him this time. A a tall,slender and well built figure of a man was looking in his direction from across the market. Hidden well by the crowd that preoccupied the area. He didn't have to worry about "standing out". As his gaze pierced onto Byron with hatred. He was gonna shiv the hell out of that sunvabitch for what he did.

Oi Boss... That's the guy from a few nights ago.
Yeah yeah!Damn PrettyBoy Killed Smith. A Real damn shame...

Two voices near the man observing Byron would sound out. Revealing themselves to be the two "mooks" that managed to escape from fighting Byron. The two had succeeded in getting the rest of their "boys" off the scene from Byron's "Rampage",but their boss wasn't so lucky. Byron's Tiger Empress Rush had caused the man to bleed out in the middle of the night, reduced to nothing more than a corpse. The man observing byron would grasp his right hand hard in rage, as he'd move his hand over to his blade.Seething with anger as his eyes became nothing more than two dark brown holes of darkness practically, filled with murderous intent. At that moment he could do it, he was ready to put one thousand holes into that guy for what he did! Then there just had to be a damn crowd blocking his way...

His rage though, did not care.

So Boss what are you gonna do to em?

Leave em to me...He's gonna be 100 times worse than Smith after I'm through with him.

Watch out though Darian...That one ain't some weak pretty boy. He messed up a few of our men when we tried to get some quick beli off him.

I can do this Alone. Disperse off me now. I'll have his head on our wall by the end of today!

With that. The two from Byron's previous encounter would head off. As the man began to approach Byron. Shifting past people that were walking by. People could be one hell of a annoyance when you had to get rid of someone in the middle of the day. Midway through his walk, he'd start directly pushing them. Aggravated, as people now started to directly clear out of his way. It was almost as if he was radiating his murderous intent outward at whoever he looked at...With how quickly they fled at a gaze from him.


Byron had finished his banana. Calmly walking over to a garbage bin to throw it out. Ha, yeah, he really was getting worked up over nothing. Though...As he looked up after disposing of what he ate. He would notice someone walking among st the crowd, having gotten closer to him. Really close. They were looking in his general direction right now... Almost as if they were looking at him.

Word Count:560

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3 Re: Vengence[TASK] on Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:01 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

...It was at that moment, Byron realized the stranger WAS looking at him. Oh shit. He'd tense up right now. This guy was definitely coming towards him. He'd begin to move back slowly. To test the waters, as the man hardened his gaze at Byron and continued to walk towards him. His grip on something directly at his side. Upon looking there, Byron realized....

The guy was maybe...Sorta....Going to attack him. Heh..... On that note. Byron would proceed to back up even faster now. He had to flee. Quickly, last thing he wanted to do was fight again. Wincing internally at the very thought of it....but. This guy wasn't gonna turn away or just "leave him alone" now was he?


....Shit. He used the same Nickname the guys from a few nights ago gave him.


Byron looked at him. The man was furthering his pace. He was only Four Meters away from him now. He had to act fast, or he'd lose any chance he had to react to what was coming. The sound of a Sword unsheathing was heard, and the Okama leap backwards. Almost crashing into someone as his "assailant" slashed in a horizontal sweep. Missing Byron only slightly.

W-W-Who are you!?

You just had to get in our way didn't you? You stupid "PrettyBoy". You couldn't just give up and give Smith the fucking Beli. Now could you!?

That last part of the unknown strangers words seemed to be emphasized with malice in them. As the man didn't hesitate to deliver a overhead vertical slash at Byron. His lack of reacting this time though cost him. As it would chip down at his left shoulder. The Okama winced out in pain as his shoulder began to bleed. His shirt and jacket were cut through like butter! Quickly leaping to the right. Byron would attempt to find something out from the man, come on...He had to have a way of not fighting him.

H-Hey!What are you attacking me for!

Kid you can't be that stupid. You made the wrong call a few nights ago....AND NOW!YOUR GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!

With that yell. Byron was taken off guard again, intimidated by the sudden action as a quick slash was aimed at his chest. Delivering a Medium sized X Slash across his right Pectoral. Byron would use the momentum of his even louder wince in pain to roll backward.

...Dammit he had to fight now didn't he?He'd die if he didn't! Taking his stance. Byron prepared himself as the man would deliver another overhead slash, which the okama would try to sidestep him with. Doing a quick weave to the left to get closer. Pulling out a quick  minor technique of his. Byron was within arm's reach thanks to his maneuver and would deal a quick, hard palm strike to the man's right shoulder with his left arm.

Skill Used:
Tier 1 Skill Name:Go Down Already!
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range:Arm's Reach
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:2 Post Cooldown,Instant Duration
Tier 1 Skill Description:Byron suddenly delivers a fast and rapid Three hit Palm Strike Combination on one Individual Target. Causing Large bruising wherever he succeeds in hitting.

Stamina: 135/150

Word count:609

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4 Re: Vengence[TASK] on Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:01 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

The man would grunt in slight pain at Byron's blow. As the okama chained another palm strike to the guy's upper abdomen.  Which would knock him slightly back, but his opponent was  around even footing with Byron though. Maybe even better, more trained, as his sword would slash at Byron's now exposed forearm. Interrupting his combination and dealing a good cleaves worth of damage,leaving a heavy cut, Causing Byron to back down in pain. His arm trickling with blood. He was now crouched down, clutching his arm. Contributed too worse  by his other wounds from his other areas.


He had to let go....There was one last trick Byron had up his sleeve...But he had to make it Count. As He'd slip both his hands into his pockets to put on his gloves. Carefully getting his claws setup. He was gonna need them like hell...

In the meantime. The "swordsman" who had assaulted him had recovered from his stupor. He had to admit the guy that killed Smith wasn't exactly a weakling, but this was it for him. He was too reckless and too  much of a cowardly child. Reality was cruel, and someone like him wasn't meant to survive in his view.

You see Kid?You should a just given up that night. Now your gonna die worse than Smith for how you killed him..... He was my freaking brother!


Byron was confused,the then Swordsman raised his blade. About to execute Byron, but he had a trick up his sleeve. As he'd loosen his gloves slightly out of his hand,but kept his hands slightly attached onto them. He needed a miracle, and maybe this was gonna be his ticket right outta the park...

Word Count:322

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5 Re: Vengence[TASK] on Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:02 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

The crowd at this point had only watched. A Majority of the initial onlookers had fled. Before the swordsman could release his blade down on Byron however. The Okama would shoot his right arm forward with a special technique. However with the careful way he had arranged his gloves on his hands. The attack in actuality would send his glove on his right hand forward with sudden speed. In a sense, he was using his pincer shot technique and loosened glove to propel his glove forward as if it were a "missle'. Launched by the momentum of the attack. Due to how close Byron was to the man, it was not like he was capable of missing. Aimed directly at the man's face. The Swordsman due to being distracted by his preparation of Byron's "Execution". Would be brought back to reality with a sudden claw being launched forward into his eyes. As it would sink into that area, his vision going to pitch white.


Tier 1 Skill Name:Pincer Shot
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range:Arm's Reach
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:2 Post Cooldown, Instant Duration
Tier 1 Skill Description: Byron dashes into an enemy and delivers a quick Pincer shot with one hand pointed straight forward. The Pincer shot delivers a hand width sized cut upon wherever the opponent is hit with this technique.



...By now Byron was beginning to bleed out to a near serious level. He had to finish him now so he could treat his wounds. Without hesitating, but wincing with pain. Byron would Lash out his left arm. His glove was slightly attached to it still, reaching out to the middle of the man's chest just below his throat. He'd rake down hard. Leaving a large and severe claw drag from just below the mans chest to his midsection. It was over for him now. he was most likely blinded, and bleeding out hard.

....Just like his "brother" had. He didn't care about his gloves anymore. His clothes were ripped and Byron was continuously bleeding out. He'd take some makeshift dressings he kept on his very person, and begin to apply them on his bleeding wounds.

Relevant Ability:


Occupying one post worth of time you can treat one moderate and unlimited lesser wounds without registered medicines or drugs.

They stung like hell,but he had to do it. Last thing he wanted to do was go unconscious... Applying the dressing first on his right forearm stung like hell, but it kept the bleeding down. The doctor would move onto his pectoral slash. Which did not require as much dressing. Keeping the dressings on those two wounds down with a tight tie. He'd struggle to get up. Tired,mentally weary and weakened.

I just can't catch a break now can I...?

Finally standing up.. He'd move over to the man. Still lashing out in pain. Byron wasn't trembling any more at the idea of fighting...Dealing with things like this. It was either life or death for the okama, and he chose life at that moment when he decided to fight instead of cowering, instead of running away like he had his entire life before. Picking his claws off of him, Byron wouldn't bother to look at his wounds or what damage had been dealt to him. He was done for. Blinded, probably hitting things all around him. As the okama walked away, people stared, making him uncomfortable. It didn't matter though, none of that mattered to him as he continued to walk out. He had to fix himself up, and recover from the ordeal that had gone down before anyone else decided to show up. Today....

Today...He believed in himself a little more.

[Byron Exit]


Word Count:678


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