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1Court is in Session Empty Court is in Session on Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:14 pm




Task Name: Court is in Session
Tier: 3
Location: Enies Lobby
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Picture this: You're a pirate in Enies Lobby, the biggest courthouse in the world. What do you do? Walk in and crash the place! Nicholas has decided to wreck some havoc in the courthouse itself, and launch himself into infamy.
Enemy Details: 11 T2 Jurymen, 1 T2 Judge
Boss: Oh yes.

The Just Eleven:

Boss Name: The Just Eleven Jurymen
Tier: 2
Description: Eleven pirates who had been condemned to death, until their sentence has been carride out, they act as the jury for Enies Lobby. Unbelievably cruel and petty, the declare anyone guilty, determined to bring down as many people as they can. Their brute strength also allows them to act as the courthouse' personal security.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: N/A
Equipment: A massive flail
Melee Weaponry: 5

Judge Moriarity:

Boss Name: Judge Moriarity
Tier: 2
Description: The cold and powerful judge of Enies Lobby. He delivers judgement with brutal efficiency, and has a commanding prescence, enough to even frighten the Just Eleven into being his personal attack force. He will not hesitate to get into the thick of things himself and rain down justice on degenerate pirates.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: N/A
Equipment: N/A
Hand to Hand: 5

The great court room of Enies Lobby. Where many a criminal were dragged here in chains to face judgement. It was considered by some a symbol of the World Government's corruption, while others saw it as a beacon of order.

To Nicholas Edison, it really didn't matter. Because right now, all he cared about was getting in. With a mighty kick (and some assistance from his Jet Dial), Nicholas kicked in the mighty doors of the courtroom, causing them to swing open with a bang. As the sounds echoed into quiet, Nicholas swaggered into the courtroom, hands in his pockets. The massive hall seemed to be empty, with the exception of one man sitting on a high bench. It didn't take a genius to work out just who was sitting there. After all, any court room required a judge.

The Judge:
Court is in Session Latest?cb=20140924100402

"Well well," the judge spoke out, his deep voice echoing throughout the room, "What do we have here? Normally I saw pirates such as yourself being dragged in here. A welcome change to have one simply walk in on their own two feet."

"What makes you think I'm a pirate?" Nicholas chuckled, "For all you know, I could be just a very enthusiastic marine." The grey haired judge shook his head. "Highly doubtful. There have been reports of pirates running around on this island in disguise. And now you, some rambunctious fool, kicks down the door and parades into this courtroom. No, I think it's pretty obvious what you are." Nicholas gave a small shrug. "Heh, worth a shot anyway. Though to be fair, playing pretend was not my intention for coming here." The judge smirked. "And now that you're here, allowing you to leave is not mine. Since you're here, let this court be in session! To save time, why don't we simply skip the theatrics and go straight to the important part. The verdict!"

Nicholas prepared himself, expecting the judge to come down and fight him, or numerous soldiers to suddenly burst out of nowhere to confront him. What he hadn't been expecting however was a giant ball and chain to come flying at him. Nicholas barely had time to dodge as the thing crashed into the ground. "What the!?" The massive flail was brandished by a giant of a man, clad in dark armour plating. More of them seemed to lumber out from around the massive hall, each brandishing a flail and a twisted smile.


"Pirate!" the judge declared, "Meet the jury! Now feel their verdict!"

Nicholas looked up at the massive man as he brought his flail back to strike again. "Yeah? Well here's my objection!" Before the massive man could swing, Nicholas shot towards him, kicking him square in the stomach. The juryman let out a gasp, the air knocked out of his lungs as he stumbled back, letting go of the chain. Quickly, Nicholas grabbed the chain and suddenly rushed backwards. The massive iron ball was yanked forward, striking the juryman in the head, knocking him flat on his face. Releasing the chain, Nicholas turned to the remaining ten jurymen with a smirk.

"I believe it's time for an appeal, don't you think?"

1 of the Just Eleven Jurymen defeated.

T2 Jet Dial used. Cooldown 2 posts.

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2Court is in Session Empty Re: Court is in Session on Mon Mar 28, 2016 3:33 pm



The courtroom seemed to devolve into what could only be described as a whirlwind of big, buff armoured men, swinging iron balls on chains, and the ever continuous chanting of "Guilty". Nicholas honestly thought that that was the only word these guys knew. "I think you might need a new jury," Nicholas called out to the judge, who was sitting back and watching the fighting, "They're one word vocabulary might make court proceedings a bit difficult." "Not at all," the judge replied with a smirk, "In fact, it makes things all the more easier. After all, only the worst criminals are brought here, so we already know they're guilty, don't you agree?" Well, Nicholas couldn't really deny that logic.

He ducked as an iron ball swung over his head, before another crashed down into the floor next to him. Spinning around, Nicholas saw the grinning face of the juryman, leaning in nice and close to leer at him. The pirate glanced at the iron ball next to him, then back at the large man and grinned. The juryman blinked in confusion as Nicholas pulled something from his coat. "Here's some surprise evidence folks!" he laughed, before slapping the Thunder Dial down onto the iron ball. Electricity shot up the chain and went right through the juryman, his eyes bulging as his body spasmed. Nicholas smirked as he stepped back before leaping up and delivering a sharp backflip kick to the man's chin, sending him sprawling back onto the floor with a crash.

Nicholas didn't get much time to admire his handiwork before hearing the clatter of a chain behind him. Nicholas spun around in time to see a juryman preparing for an overhead slam. Nicholas dove towards him just as the ball came down with a slam, cracking the floor. The massive man blinked, trying to find his target. Nicholas seemed to have disappeared.

Then he felt something leap onto his back, and a pair of hands covered his eyes. "Guess who?" "Hey!" the juryman yelled out, trying to reach up and grab the smaller pirate. However, his bulky arms proved difficult to reach up to behind his head, as he struggled to dislodge him. After a brief moment, it seemed to work, as he felt Nicholas leap off his back and his hands moved away from his eyes. The juryman smirked, ready to pound the anoying pirate.

Only to see two of his fellow jurymen swinging their flails towards him. A look of panic flashed on his face before the iron balls connected, knocking the big man down. Clearly these guys didn't care about taking eachother out to get at their target. Nicholas meanwhile was laughing. "You're honour, I call for a mistrial!" he laughed, "This jury is clearly divided against itself!"

2 of the Just Eleven Jurymen defeated.

T3 Thunder Dial used. Cooldown 2 posts.

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3Court is in Session Empty Re: Court is in Session on Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:51 pm



The courthouse was in complete insanity. The jurymen were attacking with little to no regard for the place, or eachother for that matter. Swinging their massive flails around, smashing down pillars and sending debris flying everywhere. And all the while, the damn judge sat back and watched this all happen. Didn't he even care about his own courtroom? At this rate, they were going to bring the whole damn building down around their heads. "You're honour, this jury of yours is making a mockery of this court!" Nicholas yelled out with a laugh. Despite all the insanity, he was having some fun with this. "I call they be held in contempt of court!" "Overruled," the judge retorted, "These men are already on death row. There's no point in tacking pointless charges." Death row huh? That explained why they continuously voted guilty. Nicholas had to admit, that was incredibly petty.

Getting an idea, Nicholas ran towards one of the few non-destroyed pillars, leaping up and holding on as one of the jurymen approached. With a gigantic grin, the juryman swung his flail, Nicholas dropping down just in time for him to take a massive chunk out of the pillar. Unstable, the stone column began to crumble, falling down towards the massive man. "TIMBEEEEEEER!" Nicholas cheered out as the column collapsed down ontop of the juryman, even managing to bring down one of the others nearby in the process. Two in one shot! Nicholas would have cheered if he didn't have to dodge another flail. Seriously, who thought giving these guys flails was a good idea? He felt kind of bad for the guy who had to clean this place up. Except he didn't really.

Reacting quickly, Nicholas lept up onto the iron ball, quickly pulling out his flame dial and taking aim. A stream of flame blasted the juryman right in the face. The large man screamed out, stumbling back and holding onto his burning face. Acting fast, Nicholas kicked off of the ball, delivering a kick square to the man's stomach, before finishing him off with a sharp blow to the face as he doubled over.

It seemed there was no end to these guys. Just after bringing one down, another swung his flail, intent on crushing the flashy pirate. "Oh to hell with this!" Nicholas growled, pulling out his impact dial. As the juryman swung, Nicholas swung back, his dial making contact with the incoming ball. The result was both Nicholas and the iron ball being thrown back, Nicholas being thrown back against the fallen juryman, the iron ball slamming into the attacker's face at high speed. The monster of a man fell to the ground with a thundering crash as Nicholas slowly pulled himself to his feet, his arm aching. "Ok, so how many is that now? Seven?"

Four of the Just Eleven Jurymen defeated.

T2 Flame Dial used. Cooldown two posts.
T2 Flame Dial used. Cooldown two posts.

T2 Jet Dial active!

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4Court is in Session Empty Re: Court is in Session on Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:20 am



So far, Nicholas had to admit he was pretty proud of himself. Seven out of the Just Eleven Jurymen had been defeated, and all by himself as well. Of course, he couldn't simply stop here. There were still four more of the giant lugs to take care of, and from where he was, Nicholas could see that the judge was starting to get irritated. Odd. One would think he would be madder at the fact that he was wiping the floor with some of Enies Lobby's top security (at least, he figured they were security, judging by the armour and the flails). Of course, things weren't all looking up for Nicholas. For one, the room was starting to pile up with debris and the fallen jurymen. And two, he was running low on dials.

"Ok, let's see," he muttered to himself, diving out of the way to avoid a flying flail while at the same time trying to rummage through his pockets (one couldn't not help but feel like he wasn't taking this seriously), "Jet Dial, Axe Dial and...this thing." it was a new dial he had acquired, one he had never seen before. And he had no idea what exactly it did. He really should have tried it out before he got here. He pulled out the mystery dial, looking at it curiously before his attention was drawn to one of th jurymen, who was winding up a swing. "Shit!" he yelled out. He really should be paying more attention! In desperation, he pointed the dial at the mammoth man and triggered it. Suddenly, a burst of fridges air shot out of the dial, straight into the jurymen. His eyes widened as Nicholas could see ice forming on the man's body, his body slowly down.

"Ice!?" Nicholas laughed out, "It shoots ice!. That's awesome!" He then looked at the chattering juryman. Apparently he wasn't used to the cold, especially in that metal armour. Nicholas, with a smirk, swaggered over to the man, brought his arm back and with a might punch struck the man hard in the side of the face. The juryman groaned as he collapsed, his chilled body seemingly lacking the strength to recover.

Nicholas let out a whistle as he put the Frost Dal away, before noticing something on the floor. Then he glanced over at one of the remaining jurymen with a smirk. "Hey, big guy!" he called out, pointing at him, "I'm guessing you're the 'special' member of the group. I can tell by that dopey look on your face!" The juryman paused before realizing just what Nicholas was implying, a hideous snarl crossed his face as he lumbered towards him. "Come on, who's my favorite little moron?" Nicholas taunted, like a pet owner calling over their dog, "Who's my little moron?" The juryman broke into a full charge, letting out a bellow of fury as he brought his weapon up to strike.

And slipped on a patch of ice that had coated the floor. The big man let out a cry as he fell to the ground with a crash, banging his head on the floor. His flail followed shortly after, landing smack on his face. Nicholas was laughing. "I think I see how all these guys got onto death row. They're all a bunch of idiots!"

Two of the Just Eleven Jurymen defeated.

T2 Frost Dial used. Cooldown two posts.

T3 Thunder Dial active.

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5Court is in Session Empty Re: Court is in Session on Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:44 am



Things were not looking good for the Just Eleven. Nine of their number had been brought down, and now there were only two left. Two jurymen who were starting to become very nervous. Not that the defeat of their comrades bothered them, but because now there were fewer bodies between them and the one smaller man who seemed to be taking them all down. Seriously, how was this possible?

"Oh looks! My Thunder Dial's back on!"

One very crushing blast of electricity later, and two had become one. Just one large juryman who was now feeling like less of a bruiser and more of a big target, up against the grinning monster who had just taken down ten men like himself in short order. Worst off, the pirate seemed to know it, as he looked over at the last juryman with a smile. "Looks like it's just you and me big man," he chuckled. The condemned man took a step back, before dropping his flail and turning to run. Behind him, he could hear the pirate laugh. "Aw, running away? That's no fun!" While the juryman was large, he wasn't fast. The pirate caught up to him very quickly, cutting him off as he held one of those frightening shells in his hand. "Come on, don't you want to 'convict me' like the others?" The juryman actually whimpered. WHIMPERED!


Suddenly, a blue blur struck the pirate head on, knocking him away. The Judge had finally had enough and had decided to step in. The juryman took the opportunity to flee the courtroom. Nicholas rubbed his jaw where he had been struck, seeing his target get away. "You dick!" Nicholas spat out, "I almost had the whole set!" The judge growled as he sent him a death glare. "I will not allow you to make a travesty of this court any longer!" he boomed, bringing his fists up, "I am Judge Moriarity of Enies Lobby, and I will bring you to justice myself!"

Nicholas blinked, looking at the judge before smirking. He put away the dial and brought his own fists up. He'd do this the old fashioned way. "Looks like we've got a substitution," he chuckled, "No complaints here. Let's dance old man!"

One of the Just Eleven Jurymen defeated. The last has fled.

T3 Thunder Dial used.

T2 Impact Dial ready!
T2 Flame Dal ready!

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6Court is in Session Empty Re: Court is in Session on Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:31 am



After the seemingly one sides beat down Nicholas had given the jury, it was surprising to see him evenly matched against the judge. Well, this was his courtroom after all. Nicholas had to admit the man had the means to defend it. Neither man was giving an inch, throwing blow after blow and blocking or dodging the other. It was a real battle of the martial artists.

Nicholas delivered a sharp jab to the midsection. But before he could follow up with a kick to the head, Moriarity caught his leg, gripping it tightly before swinging the pirate over his shoulder and slamming him to the ground. Nicholas grunted in pain, only coming to his senses just in time for him to roll out of the way as the judge attempted to punch him, his fist causing the stone floor to crack. Springing to his feet, Nicholas lept back to put some distance between them.

With a face of stone, Moriarity grabbed one of the fallen flails. "I will not let some criminal scum like you walk free!" he yelled out, throwing the flail with all his might, sending the ball flying towards him. Nicholas dodged to the side, the massive projectile crashing into the wall behind him. He rolled over towards one of the wrecked chairs. "Sorry your honor, but I'm going to have to say no. A man like me can't shine in a cage!" He lashed a leg out, triggering the Jet Dial on his foot, sending the chair rocketing towards Moriarity. The judge swung a fist, smashing the chair in mid air. However, Nicholas had used the distraction to get in close. Before Moriarity could defend himself, Nicholas delivered a hard haymaker to the face. "And a man like me," Nicholas grabbed his coat, driving his knee into his sternum, "Will shine all over this world!" He delivered a sharp kick to the judge's head, causing the man to flip over backwards before crashing to the ground.

Moriarity groaned, disoriented as he tried to climb to his feet. Suddenly, Nicholas grabbed his coat, drawing a hand back, gripping his Impact Dial. "I am Flashdance Nicky, and you will remember my name!" Then, with one solid blow, amplified by the impact dial, Moriarty was sent flying back, crashing into the judge's bench, which doubled over. And with that, everything fell to silence. Nicholas quietly looked around the ruined courtroom. With a small smirk, the pirate adjusted his coat and turned to leave.

He had done what he wanted, now to meet up with the others.

Judge Moriarity defeated!

T2 Jet Dial used.
T2 Impact Dial used.

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