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Tenpenchii Xu


There were some rumors regarding an attack on the island, but reputed rumors were regarded as reputed rumors, and nothing more. It would have to take a well-organized and methodical mind to coordinate such an attack on the well-fortified small port town on Centauruea, and the leading Revolutionary leaders and pirate captains that worked together were so sure of themselves. Who on earth would try and attack a town that was only rumored to have pirates running amok and Revolutionaries scheming in the shadows? All of those ideas seemed at the best mediocre and very irrelevant after further discussion in small circles of peers and spectators. However, many of the more experiences pirates and Revolutionaries were not so haughty and confident that the idea of an attack was out of the question an unreasonable and ridiculous idea.

When the scouts came back giving word of a small brigade of Marines headed by none other than the infamous Marine Sailor Moon was making its way over to shore, all laughs and merriment ceased to be. In their places fear and anguish arose, and people scrambled to head to battle. Many of the pirate crews had already sailed off to the other side of the island, others had made their way inland for the time being, but most had left sailing away without a trace. Sailor Moon was not supposed to appear on the horizon for another day or so, but everyone was mostly hesitant on how the strike would be carried out. It all came down, after several hours of arguing, on the night before Sailor Moon's landing. Since the only major enemy was Sailor Moon out of her brigade, the remaining Revolutionary leaders and only remaining Pirate captain would go out and confront her.

As most of the pirates had left and most of the able-bodied Revolutionaries were helping to escort citizens further away from the potential areas of combat, the task of handling the oncoming Marines would be left to Tenpenchii. He showed some potential in carrying out the task ahead of him, but he was a quiet man nonetheless. There was risk seen in letting a sole man take care of probably a score of Marines on his own, but a few persons vouched for his combat prowess; some even showed scars from sparring sessions with the giant of a man. It was settled that Tenpenchii would take on this brigade of Marines on his own at five in the morning.

Sailor Moon and her ship docked at port two hours later.

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