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Free Agents
Free Agents



A New Beginning [Completed] App_pi10

Name: Aaric [Meaning Rule with Mercy]
Alias | Epithet: The Anima | The Beast Shaman | The Black Stag of Paradise | The Unknown Prince of The Spring Isles (Details to be Released)
Race: Human [Giant Ancestry]
Tier: 3
Gender: Male
Age: 26 Years Old
Mode: Hard


  • Beast Master [Primary Occupation] {Ring Leader}
  • Thief [Secondary Occupation] {Pickpocket}

Affiliation: Pirate
World Position: Paradise Pirate

General Appearance: The first thing you would notice about Aaric isn’t his uniquely colored eyes, tattoos, small soul patch on his chin, or his shaggy and spikey black hair, but it is his unusual size in comparison to normal human being. Aaric stands at an enormous ten feet tall and weighs a striking four hundred and sixty-five pounds. He has a very athletic build to his body type, which makes him seem like an immovable mountain when he approaches people and beasts. On top of his immense size, Aaric has tattoos on a large portion of his body along with a very unique gold eye color that seems to stem from his unique heritage. More about the Paradise Pirate’s tattoos will be discussed later, but he has the majority of his upper body decorated with tattoos with various meanings, purposes, and symbolism. Aside from his tattoos, Aaric doesn’t have much for scars or anything like that, but he does have very unique black lining around his eyes that seem to bring his dark hair and lightly tanned skinned together very nicely!

The pirate’s life consists of a lot of time spent on the seas and even less time on any land that he could consider home. This makes Aaric’s attires and clothing options rather limited to things of comfort or functionally. He does stick to a certain theme of attire for different parts of the world, but Aaric doesn’t really like colder islands because of the attire he likes. Aside from the usual pair of pants or cargo shorts, Aaric will don a large variety of shirt styles to make up for the lack of variety for his lower body wear. The variety seem to go between dual shirts with a short sleeve layered underneath a long sleeve button up, which usually remains open until he gets to a colder climate. He will take to wearing a loose V-necked shirt while they are out at sea to show off his tattoos and catch the brilliant ocean breezes to help keep him comfortable. Aside from his back that holds his bestiary and notebook, Aaric doesn’t really take to carrying too many things on his person at all. He doesn’t really take too carrying weapons or any armor at the time being, but he is always open to wearing some form of gauntlets for his hand-to-hand combat prowess.
Height: 10 ft.
Weight: 465 lbs.
Crew Tattoo & Normal Tattoo Placements:

  • Arms: Aaric’s arm tattoos consist of various land bound beasts and creatures in tribal design running up and down his arms creating some pretty amazing tribal artwork on his arms. On both hands, Aaric does have DEATH tattoos across both hands on each finger, which would make reading death across both his fists.

  • Chest: Tattooed to cover his whole chest area down to his navel, Aaric has a huge tribal heart itched in chest area. The tattoo is easily noticeable when he wears those V-necked shirts with ease. This is one of Aaric’s most basic tattoos, but it symbolizes his great love for beasts and creatures of the world.

  • Back: Aaric’s back is largely untouched, but it is the placement for Aaric’s largest project idea. Aaric has the idea that his final goal organization that he creates after he gains enough infamy and fame across the oceans will be tattooed largely on his back for everyone to see when he is fighting or when he is just sailing the open sea shirtless!


  • Charismatic: Aaric is a very likable and charismatic individual. He takes great pride in being able to connect with individuals on more than just a superficial level. The way the man can speak is something that most wonder about. This is just one aspect of his personality that makes him a rather great pirate captain. He can ultimately sway people to join him and also motivate them to do more than what they are doing currently with their lives. Due to this particular aspect of his personality, Aaric is a rather likable individual which usually makes people fucking him over difficult and honestly makes making allies easier than ever!

  • Intelligent & Strategic: Aaric is a rather intelligent individual. Growing up on the streets of Pirate’s den didn’t just make him smart smart, but those years made him street smart as well. He can speak with intelligence and grace as well as throw out slang terms and street speech at a moment’s notice as well. He is slow to anger, which makes his strategic mindset work to his advantage. The greatest strength of Aaric’s mind is his intelligence and strategic way of thinking!

  • Compassionate: The Paradise Pirate Rookie is unbelievably compassionate. This goes all the way through his being to his core and even his dietary habits as well. Aaric is what is known as a vegan, which simply means he doesn’t consume any animal byproduct only live vegetables. He loves and cares for animals, beasts, and creatures of all forms, shapes, and sizes without any trouble what-so-ever. This compassion even comes down to the people he fights against, which will normally put the death option all the way to the last spot on his list. He would prefer to take people alive and sell them off to the Marines for bounties, which will give those individuals a chance to escape as well. All is fair when it comes to money.

  • Understanding & Free Minded: On top of his compassionate attitude and charismatic personality, Aaric is what is known as a free thinker. He fully believes that everyone in the world is entitled to their own opinions, and it doesn’t matter what that opinion is as long as it doesn’t directly affect his well-being, which is why he dislikes Celestial Dragons and the World Government so much. This belief is part of the reason why he has become a bounty hunter for the time being. He wants to make some money on helping out all factions with various bounties that they place on traitors, enemy combatants, and the like. Now Aaric does believe in fully understanding individuals and why they do the things they do. If he genuinely feels any sort of connection between the person and the hunt; Aaric will willingly prolong the bounty or simply give it up all together to try to keep people he can actually vibe with in the world.

  • Honorable (Fighting): Aaric isn’t a very honorable person when it comes to normal acts of honorability. He does take his kills and everything dealing with fighting with great honor. Aaric will refuse to finish off anyone that has been taken down by one of his beasts unless otherwise provoked with an act of aggression after the enemy is subdued. Even if the bounty holds a kill on sight tag, Aaric will still try to subdue the wanted criminal before he will take the killing blow.

  • Ambitious: Ambitious personalities can sometimes get the individual into deep trouble with his constant seeking to take the titles, ranks, and positions of others. Yet Aaric simply wishes to be known throughout the world by every faction for his strength and fighting prowess. He wants people to think twice about trying to take him out or any of his allies. He wants to become The Beast King of The New World on top of finding his lost birthplace, discovering some form of mythical creature, and claiming three wonderful lands to be his turfs to rule over!


  • Spring Islands | Summer Islands
  • Smoking | Tripping | Drinking (Some)
  • Animals | Creatures | Beasts | Aquatic Beasts | Magizoologist
  • Listening to Others Stories | Learning About the World | Finding New Ways to Thrive in the World Created
  • Sparring | Making Friends | Training | Hunting Creatures to Tame


  • Bad Spirits | Negative Energies | Evil Auras
  • Animal Killers | Beast Abusers | Horrible Tamers
  • Meat Eaters | Dead Energies | Unwoke Individuals
  • Celestial Dragons | Nobles | Royals | Gorosei | Organized World Government
  • Winter Islands | Autumn Islands


  • Born in an unknown spring island in the New World
  • First real appearance into the world was on Zou in the New World
  • Joined a pirate crew at the age of 8; they sailed into paradise to go to Pirate's Den to begin their lives there
  • By age 9; Aaric was living in the streets of Pirate's den without a family or a crew to call on at all.
  • After leaving Pirate's Den; the true journey of Aaric began without much excitement aside from him developing a certain connection with beasts
  • Years pass while Aaric was out at sea, he was virtually invisible to his crew, captain, and first mate.
  • Fast forward to last year, Aaric has developed into a decent pirate and beast tamer with various beasts coming and going from his line ups.
  • Decides to set out towards Little Garden for self-revelations; Aaric arrives at the legendary island to find the truly wild and animalistic society of dinosaurs and pre-historic beasts that live on the island.

Face Claim: One Piece | Trafalgar Law
RP Sample: NONE; Magnus Dayne

Bonus:- 1 Log Pose
Location: Paradise: Little Garden

Fate Point Allocation:
Fate Points: 6/6 Fate Points Used

  • Devil's Meddle (2 FP) - Allows you to ingest a Devil Fruit. [Custom Hiso Hiso no Mi]
  • Hard Worker (1 FP) - You can possess a Secondary Occupation. [Thief]
  • Diligent Spirit (1 FP) - You can choose a Specialization in your Secondary Occupation. [Pickpocket Spec]
  • Predator (2 FP) - Can bump one Non-Prioritized Attribute to Secondary. [Speed]

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Free Agents
Free Agents

Don’t need your DF listed on the app but approved


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