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1Maidens Strength  Empty Maidens Strength on Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:16 am




Maidens Strength  Tumblr_ml3m5gKGq41qf2huro6_500

Priority: Secondary
Fighting Style: Hand to Hand Combat [occupation not required]
Skill Set Name: Maidens Strength.
Skill Set Information:  Possibly known by many names, The original wielder of this style was Melissa Devaroux,  it has been studied all of these years and those with incredible physical strength are able to wield such a style. the maidens Strength, it is put simply a fighting style that requires superiority in terms of strength, much like the Black Leg Style which allows the user superhuman leg power, this form of fighting style grants the same level of strength to the arms and hands of the user. Those gifted this fighting style have strength unparalleled and are said to even be able to stand up to giants. Though a fighting style that focuses on the hands, the entire body requires training to survive the onslaught of attacks and destruction this style can create.

  • Level 3: User's physical strength when dealing with skills is increased by 1 tier.
  • Level 3: Increases Material Destruction damage when dealing with skills by 1

Not Purchase:
Skillset Strengths:

  • Enhanced Strength in fists/arms [able to throw cannonballs, natural arm strength exceeds even that of the natural fishmen strength.etc]
  • Fluidity - Though this fighting style revolves heavily around the arms/fists of the user, the user is capable of elegant and fluid movement much like that of a gymnast.
  • Short to Mid ranged attacks with long ranged throwing options.

Skillset Weaknesses:

  • Enhanced Strength is only located in their arms and hands, their legs do not contain enhanced strength.
  • Long ranged opponents have an advantage due to the small amount of long ranged abilities.
    Though her legs work in the same way as others, the physical strength within them is weaker than that of an average humans, this means she is incapable of causing any physical pain with her legs.



  • Tier 1:
    Completely Destroyed - Wood, Stone, and similar materials.
    Partially Destroyed - Iron
    Lightly Damaged -  Steel
  • Tier 2:
    Completely Destroyed - Wood, Stone, Iron and similar materials.
    Partially Destroyed - Steel
    Lightly Damaged - Titanium
  • Tier 3:
    Completely Destroyed - Iron, Wood, Stone, Steel and similar materials
    Partially Destroyed - Titanium
    Lightly Damaged - Treasure Tree Adam
  • Tier 4:
    Completely Destroyed - Steel, Iron, Wood, Stone, Titanium and similar materials.
    Partially Destroyed - Treasure Tree Adam
    Lightly Damaged -  Seastone and Diamond
  • Tier 5:
    Completely Destroyed - Titanium, Steel, Iron, Wood, Stone, Treasure Tree Adam and similar materials.
    Partially Destroyed - Seastone and Diamond
    Lightly Damaged -
  • Tier 6:
    Completely Destroyed - Treasure Tree Adam, Titanium, Steel, Iron, Wood, Stone, Diamond, Seastone and similar materials.
    Partially Destroyed - N/A
    Lightly Damaged - N/A

Attribute Priorities:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Perception
  • Defense

Tier 1 Skills:
Skill Name: -
Tier: Titania's Curse
Type Martial Artist
Range: Contact
Speed: Own
Description: The user strikes with their palm, due to the ferocious strength of the user, the target is pushed from their feet and thrown through the air, they are pushed back five meters and take damage from the strike. It can be used to break bones in the struck area.

Skill Name: Titania's Descent
Tier: 1
Type Self
Range: Contact/3 meters
Speed: Own [Shockwave Speed is 2]
Description: he user strikes with a closed fist either upon a body or surface. This skill enhances the users strength to the point were a small shockwave passes through what is struck, this creates either minor internal damage and external damage on the target aswell as a three meter shockwave that creates a three meter circular creator from the point of impact. If used on wood the wood is seemingly vaporized in this area. The shockwave is able to knock targets back a single meter. The strongest tier 1 technique she has, this can caus medium level of internal damage if connected and can break bones somewhat easily.  

Skill Name: Titania's Taunt
Tier: 1
Type Offence
Range: Contact
Speed: Own
Description: Though its name is that of a taunt, this is actually a fearsome technique, the user simply flicks a target in the desired area, due to the vast strength of the user, this simple flick can knock someone from their feet as well as dislocate and badly bruise bones. Can knockback people and objects up to one meter.

Tier 2 Skills:

Skill Name: Titania's Gut to Dirt
Tier: 2
Type Offence
Range: Contact
Speed: Own
Description: The user lands a single blow to the gut of the opponent, this strike is at a low strength so that no vitals or major organs are incredibly damaged, instead the strike is strong enough to wind an opponent for a single post, this is then followed up by a double axel strike to the back of the bent down opponents head striking them in to the ground. This technique is strong enough to knock an opponent out for at least one full post if struck properly, the strength is shown that if they are on a ship the wooden floor will give in upon point of impact while on stone/earth a small creator will appear around the initial area. [creator size 1 meter in diameter]

Skill Name:  Titania's Grasp
Tier: 2
Type Offence
Range: Contact
Speed: Self
Description:A simple move, the user simply grasps a targets limb/face etc, and squeezes, during this squeeze, the user focuses a vast amount of strength in to their hands, this squeeze that looks so gentle can literally break bone.

Skill Name: Titania's Iron Slap
Tier: 2
Type Offence
Range: Contact
Speed: Self
Description: The user can either utilize a palm strike or a proper slap, either way the mechanics are the same, the enhancement just like Titanias grasp is activated allowing a stronger strike, when the affected area is struck a small shockwave vibrates within the opponent damaging blood vessels and doing minor damage to internal organs while the initial strike is strong enough to cause dislocation to the torso/arms/legs, while able to break the pelvic bone as well as the nose, fingers or toes.

Tier 3 Skills:

Skill Name: Titania's Fissure
Tier: 3
Type Offence
Range: 12 meters
Speed: 4
Description:  A simple power house technique, the user simply strikes the ground, this creates a massive fissure, that people fall in to. If this punch is used on a body, it can literally split the body in half. It can split anything that can be struck from the material list. [Can split npc's up to tier 1 and do moderate internal damage to tier 3 npc's]. Even pc's.

Skill Name: Titania's Flick
Tier: 3
Type Offence
Range: Contact
Speed: Self
Description:An even stronger version of Titanias Taunt, this is actually a fearsome technique, the user simply flicks a target in the desired area, due to the vast strength of the user, this simple flick can knock someone from their feet as well as shatter materials based on the MDL. Can knockback people and objects up to a whopping fifteen meters.

Tier 4 Skills:

Skill Name: -Titanias Echo
Tier: 4
Type Offence
Range: Eight meters
Speed: 5
Description: Through use of utter force, the user punches the air, this releases a vast and compressed burst of air almost like a beam, the beam has enough force that steel can easily be obliterated, this technique can break through most ships with ease accelerating the sinking process due to the vast hole [most ships will sink in two posts]] while also knocking them back up to 5 meters if hit properly,buildings can be devastated via this technique with utter ease. it can knock a target back 15 meters while completely crushing the body of those caught in it with blunt force damage. The "beam" is 4 meters in diameter and can travel up to 8 meters. Completely compresses and destroys all that the MDL deems destroyable, increases the MDL destruction by one tier.

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2Maidens Strength  Empty Re: Maidens Strength on Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:40 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


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3Maidens Strength  Empty Re: Maidens Strength on Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:26 pm

Adri Sakna


Adri Sakna
2/2, Have fun with it.

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