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1[Mode] Liberation {WIP} Empty [Mode] Liberation {WIP} on Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:24 am




[Mode] Liberation {WIP} Tenor
Mode Name: Liberation
Mode Tier: 5
Skill Set Derived From:Oto Oto Skillset

Core: The sounds produced when using this mode are more than enough to deafen and or disrupt regular hearing. Sounds begin to resonate with those within contact with techniques, disrupting functions such as breathing, brain functions and nervous system etc.. Logia Users the same tier or lower than this Mode are unable to transform into their intangible state as long as their facing skills used in this mode. Zoan users suffer a similar inability to transform out of whatever form their currently in, when facing techniques used in this mode.

Source: All techniques that successfully connect while this Mode is active have their Wound Tier boosted by one. For example, minor injuries become major ones etc.

Echo: All techniques have an added + 1 Strength after the Strength calculation occurs. For example, Tier 5 Skill (5) + Tier 4 Str (4) = 9/2 = 4.5. Rounded up would have Tier 5 Str. With this perk, the skill would have Tier 6 Strength when in use.

Mode Description:

Liberation focuses more on the production element of the Logia Fruit type, creating louder high frequency waves which in turn produce stronger shockwaves, peaking into the form of raw energy. Once liberation is active, Junbei begins to appear basically transparent or see through in sense, fluctuating against the very space he's existing in. Liberation allows the user to produce soundwaves peaking at around an unprecedented 400 Decibels as it's upper limit. The amount of energy produced in similar to that of Hurricane Status or even bomb status, and it's noted that techniques used in this state, echo outwards devastated anything it's path from the shear strength of the force generated. More so than vibrations only, the raw energy raises this fruit to it's rawest form, destruction. Those who can manage to stand up to these sound-waves have their regular bodily functions disrupted.  

Drawback: (Similar to how Luffy would shrink after using Third Gear, what drawback does your mode have?)
Skills - Locked:

Name: Hypersonic Boom
Tier: 5
Type Normal
Range: 100M
Speed: V
Expanding his body outwards rapidly, Junbei ripples outward a circular shockwave that moves at hypersonic speeds, creating several sonic-booms which couple together in force.

Name: Island Crusher
Tier: 5
Type Normal
Range: 150M
Speed: V
Sending his soundwaves against a solid medium, Junbei's loud 400+ Decibel waves break against the earth, cracking deep and expanding outwards against the earth's surface. The force is similar to that of a high Richter scale earthquake, creating large chasms for people, building, ships and anything alike to fall into, this effects everything within 150 Meter Radius in all directions.

Name: Raw
Tier: 5
Type Normal
Range: 100M
Speed: V
Instead of aiming for a one time shockwave, Junbei continuously maintains a steady volume of 400 Decibels. The continuous release begins to literally vibrate the afflicted organs, creating enough heat to cause them to burn out, mainly starting with the brain. Exposure to this technique can synapse to malfunction, causing the brain to electrocute itself, leaving those who hear the sound, brain dead, subsequently before their other organs tap out.

[Mode] Liberation {WIP} UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.
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