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1 Hitsuyona Shizukesa on Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:55 am



Name: Hitsuyona Shizukesa (Requisite Tranquility)
Alias/Epithet: (A title or nickname your character goes by. ex; Fire Fist Ace.)
Tier: T-3
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Mode: Hard

World Position:None

General Appearance:

Ethnicity l Predominantly Japanese '50%+', European 'Less than 15%' Others'??'

Skin l Hitsuyona's skin appears to be white, but a slightly tanner complexion due to repeated sun exposure. His skin is rather rugged around the fingertips, and accompanied by several calices from the use of his katana(s). Another notable feature of his general appearance is his bodily hair, or rather, the lack thereof. This hair is 'white' and minute to the occasional glance, outside of his apparent hairstyle and facial hair.

Eyes l His eyes appear to be an extraordinary hue of teal, which gives a unique feature to an otherwise bland appearance. In most situations his eyes would give off a general feeling of seriousness, meaning that they aren't wide or squinted, but rather simply blatantly present.

Hairstyle l The most distinguishing feature of Hitsuyona's hair would be its turquoise color, followed by its naturally spiked appearance. This hair generally comes to a medium length that falls upon his face, yet seemingly never reaches his notable facial features, such as his eyes or nose.

Facial Features l His nose would appear to be normal at a first glance, but upon further inspection is actually a tab bit large for his face as a whole. Beyond this he dons an extended jaw line that reaches its peak nearing the end of his rounded chin. On the rare occasion that a smile occurs one would notice two small dimples.

Miscellaneous Information  l Other notable features that don't fall under a specific category include his arm length and structure. They appear to be a bit longer than suites his height, and the structure of his bones are to a sense defect. His shoulders can dislocate both willingly and unwillingly to an extent that wouldn't be considered normal. His foot size is 11 in American. He always has white tape on his wrists and fingertips, most specifically for the purpose of gripping his blades.

Outfits l His general clothing includes black dress pants with a near perfect fit for his body, which have been altered to allow flexibility as to not cause issues while performing in combat. The shoes are nothing worth mentioning, beyond the fact they are tennis, and a matte black color. His shirt is a standard white button up that is almost always partially unbuttoned. Depending on the weather his sleeves may be rolled up, but this may also be done if knowledge of a potential fight is known. If the occasion is important he might decide to wear a suite coat to accompany this outfit, but such times are far and few between.

For more casual situations, or ones requiring him to blend in, he will wear something much more normal in terms of the average public. This includes a variety of wife-beater tank tops, which may or may not be underneath an average white-t. In most of these situations he opts for blue jeans and worn out tennis shoes.

Miscellaneous Items l Hitsuyona owns a few particular items that travel by his sides at all times without question. The most important of these items are twin Wakizashi blades. These blades hold sentimental value to the swordsman, as they are his first and only weapons so far in life. There is usually a few nicks apparent on these swords, yet he often avoids this and keeps them maintenanced whenever possible.

Stance(s) l In front of enemies or those who he might consider a superior or respectable he maintains the look of a man who seems stoic in nature. His posture is rather serious and uniform, almost as if he were standing at attention in front of a commanding officer, but not to such an extent that he looks vulnerable to taking orders from another. This appearance is almost stiff, and accompanied by a blank facial expression.

Outside of wandering eyes that bring about a sense of duty or discomfort he is far more lax. When taking on this stance he might seem more casual in nature, and can at times lean on one side of his body, or against a structure. This is how he would go about things during his 'leisure' time, and is likely the most often posture he will have.

Mannerisms l As one might have gathered by this point he predominantly assumes a solemn outlook, but what about responses and gestures in general? As a general rule of thumb he is 'blank', but he most definitely exhibits signs of emotions like any other. When intrigued or insulted a normal response is the raise of a brow, or a smirk given the intensity of the situation. He is also known to speak with his hands when deeply engaged in a comfortable conversation. Hitsuyona also usually looks into the eyes of those he is speaking to, or observing during a conversation he might not be a part of. His 'soft' spot on the other hand causes him to innately look away from someone when feeling a sense of remorse or impartial feelings in response to what might be mentioned to him. In rare situations he can sometimes disassociate however, in which case he'd stare into space as if he'd not given them the light of day.

Voice l His voice is somewhat deep, and when raised, can carry an echo above all others to be heard. When angered though, his pitch can heighten a bit to be mid-range and apparent enough to be noticed.
Weight: 165
Crew Tattoo Placement:If he were to later don a 'mark' it would be placed on his back.


Positive Qualities: Determined | "I welcome death should it befall me, can you say the same?"- Orders are absolute, and judgement is righteous. Hitsuyona shares a mindset similar to this when given a task, a true soldier expendable to the Revolutionary Army. He will get the task done one way or the other, even if his mind is filled with complaints the entire time. There has yet to be a task that he wouldn't commit to, but miracles do happen. He is bound to the cause so long as his eyes see it just, even when the cost may be difficult to grasp.

Observation |" Your words tell lies, but actions speak truth."- Hitsuyona is a very observant individual, a quality derived from a negative one that actually has useful purpose. Although he doesn't trust most people by nature, he has developed a skill in looking into what others wouldn't , allowing him to verify the truth that can not be hidden by word of mouth or discreet action. This quality of himself, this need to observe, is a diamond beneath the surface of something negative about himself.

Neutral |"I've no reason to argue."- Hitsu is more neutral than anything, though this isn't to say he doesn't care about anything one way or the other. He simply has no argument personally in favor of something that doesn't personally involve himself. He is truly a good 'third opinion' on matters , as his opinion would derive from the actual pros and cons, as opposed to personal attachment to what may be gained for him or those he knows. He can't be 'pressured' into swaying in favor of one particular person ,lest it was his will to do so all along, though how he acts outwardly to the ear may deceive those who try.
Negative Qualities: Unforgiving |"Fool me once? Shame on you. Fool me twice? Our blades do the talking."- Towards individuals, Hitsu has difficulties forgiving actions taken against him, and holds quite the grudge. The only acceptance is the will of the soul society, which can still at times bring him unease. It honestly takes real attempts from the party that loses his trust in order to regain it, assuming he even let's the wrongdoers have the light of day.

Distrust |"If you want it done right, do it yourself"- He doesn't really trust people he doesn't know, and his trust in known people isn't always present. A real first impressions kind of guy for the most part. He does his best to forcefully trust judgement of others when it involves orders, but has his doubts at times.

Arrogance |"Long after the river runs dry, I shall remain, as I have will it to be"- Perhaps on of the largest downfalls he has is arrogance. He feels he has to make even himself believe that if he couldn't do it no one would, like a self esteem boost gone too far. Arrogance to such an extent it drives his determination, such as oil and water do not mix, they are both necessary.

In closing, Hitsuyona is a somewhat awkward individual. He is known to be arrogant in many situations, but this fuels his inner determination to come out on top. His distrust brought about a desire to pay close attention to those around him, and thus made his observation so keen in return.

Mental Disorders and conditions |
Depression | Something that many people exhibit in some form or fashion. Hitsuyona's actions throughout the years can at times take a toll, perhaps nightmares with prolonged effects, and constant weighing thoughts after committing acts he wishes he hadn't needed to .A quality many try to run from and not face head on, and he is no exception.

Disassociation |Although this is obviously something he can't control, he has found ways to help at times. Hitsuyona can at times disassociate from reality of the world around him, most specifically in times of prolonged silence or depressing thoughts, as a instinctive defensive mechanism.
Likes:Peace |" It is our memories of tranquility and longing for peace that drives man to such grim desperation, doing whatever is necessary so that things may return to what they once were."- A man melded into such a warrior that appears emotionless, yet he strives for a true peace for his people. He has gladly welcomed the terrible actions and qualities needed in order to create a better world for his people, driven by thoughts of peace to do the unspeakable.

Spars l Hitsuyona enjoys a friendly spar between friends, colleagues, or acquaintances.

Betting l Perhaps one of the bigger problems of his enjoyments in life. He loves to place a bet on random things from time to time, and this doesn't necessarily end with paying a debt of beli, but can include tasks to be completed by the loser. He likes to add spice to some of the menial things in life, but most specifically avoids things like cards or randomized chances of winning in general.

Making a scene "Give em hell." l When the opportunity arises to send a message or raise some attention he sometimes cant resist. This doesn't mean that he goes out of his way to do so, but in the heat of a growing situation he may just take the chance to have some 'fun'.

Dislikes: Silence l This originates from his depression, and in prolonged silence can leave room for lingering thoughts he's rather avoid.

Spiders l He has a very strong dislike for these insects for some unknown reason, they bring about a discomfort and he would go out of his way to smash one in an instant.

Disrespect- This falls under somewhat of a grey area for Hitsuyona, but when dealing with strangers he almost expects a menial level of respect at the least. Examples of disrespect in his eyes might include generally underestimating his capabilities in a fight, or blatant wrongdoings of his superiors. Some generic insults wouldn't phase him, but the deep core values he holds are to be left alone, or else.

Overconsumption of alcohol l While he enjoys the occasional drink, Hitsuyona will refuse to go beyond a 'buzz'. He has found that going beyond this point can often times bring about those depressing thoughts he has tried so hard to bury deep within the confines of his mind.

Marines l This might come off as a given, but he clearly has some form of disliking to the marines in general. This doesn't mean he has some growing hatred for all marines that walk the earth, but he certainly has problems with anyone who would oppose him and all that he stands for and represents.

Origins l Hitsuyona was born on a small island somewhere left forgotten to most anyone who hadn't been born on its soil. His family was not rich, nor were they poor by any means. They merely got by with enough to keep them comfortable. His early childhood wasn't grim, even though his present day mentality would have suggested otherwise. The worst that his specific town experienced was an occasional visit from not so friendly marines and pirates. They weren't particularly hostile or friendly, but caused enough problems nonetheless. Hitsuyona's father, who was well versed in swordsmanship, had grown to be fairly paranoid that this wouldn't always be the case. His father was almost certain that the random visitors would one day want more than to claim some unheard taxes or cause a general ruckus in their hometown. When his son was of a proper age it would come time to teach the boy how to defend himself. The child was given a bokken, and with a respectable amount of time, a sense of self-discipline and strength.

Luckily for themselves and the civilians as a whole, there never did come a time that any unwelcome visitors brought about a deranged terror. His fathers teachings had not been in vain though, as time did show that self-defense did become necessary. One subtle event after another led Hitsuyona to attempt to become a vigilante of sorts, and caused a bit of trouble in the town. He'd try to chase off pirates who caused problems, but this sometimes made matters worse. The town as a whole decided over time that the now adolescent needed to be handled, due to a fear that these savages would harm the teen, or worse, retaliate against them all as a whole. He was eventually made to leave and fend for himself, and his family could do nothing to stop this without putting them all at risk. His father of all people said he'd brought this upon himself. Hitsuyona knew he'd been too ambitious, and asking his family to uproot everything to risk his siblings was far too much to ask, still, he'd wished for them to attempt to defend him more so than they had.

After a form of casual 'banishment' or 'reinforced request to leave' , he was shown to a nearby town without a port to continue his life. Hitsuyona felt alone in this new home, and began to feel regret for his actions, even though he'd seen them as justified.

As hitsuyona grew lonelier and older, he sought to continue his previous endeavors, yet knew a singular person could do no such thing on a larger scale. He'd no trust in the marines though, as years shown in his little town that even the lowest of ranks were corrupt to some extent.  This lead him to seek out an organization that wanted to truly help the people, and not just those they saw as significant. Little did he know that he'd eventually be led to join the ranks of the revolutionaries.

To date he has been within their ranks for one year, and during that time, he has yet to make any notable achievements. He is seen to have potential from the amount of tasks he has completed, and the level of proficiency he has shown in going about them. Hitsuyona knew though, that to truly take a personal part in effecting the lives of those most don't notice he would have to rise through the ranks. This would take time, but he knew that all too well. As his father used to say, even a wave must first start as a ripple.

Face Claim: (Soul Eater| Black Star)
RP Sample: A billowing fog does fill the night sky, which masks the moon overhead. The full moon above gave just enough light so that one could see a relatively short distance in front of themselves, whilst a singular individual slowly pressed onward within a pleasant meadow. This reduced field of vision gave little to no discomfort to the swordsman, who had now found himself within the center of this domain; although, his reduced vision had not given him any real insight to his exact location.

It hadn't been the most ideal night for a simple stroll given the circumstantial weather at hand, yet the man felt some inner desire to think over recent occurrences. This certain level of silence brought about the feeling necessary to contemplate his recent actions, albeit accompanied with the sounds that nature accompanied. He hadn't normally been one to embrace his deepest thoughts most frequently, as this brought about great fear of uncertainty, but it'd been placed on the back burner far too long.

He felt as though a lack of self awareness had somehow brought about poor decision making on his part, rather, he sought for truth in his reasons for blaming himself. Why did it have to be them on this day, and for what reason could he not prevent them from dying. Hitsuyona wasn't within some position to be held specifically responsible, yet a profound guilt was present within the confines of his mind. Loss was never easy after all, especially when those close to you died in front of your very eyes. He had seen many a comrade fall in battle, but this was different. He'd always went out of his way to avoid growing close to those he worked with. This was that very reason for doing so, although he had no way to take back feelings previously forged.

"If I can't protect those who I have grown to care for, then perhaps I should strengthen my body as well as the mind." His thoughts were fragmented, but he knew the gist of his own intentions. He couldn't allow himself to care for someone he was incapable of protecting, and he couldn't feasible avoid growing attachments to anyone ever. AS such he had but one choice, to grow stronger so that those around him may never perish.

Bonus:T3+ -5,000,000 Bounty
Location:Revolutionary HQ Paradise

Fate Point Allocation:(2)Kami Haki I- Grants you access to Kami Haki for Busoshoku Haki.
Predator- Strength

Remaining 2 spendable Fate Points shall be 'banked' for later usage, once I have been able to properly establish my character.

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2 Re: Hitsuyona Shizukesa on Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:29 am



Indicate which bonus you want (you don't get all of them)

Indicate your starting location (Paradise or Blues)

Indicate which attribute will be affected by Predator. If you want to wait this can be done in your first skillset but know that once picked it cannot be changed.

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3 Re: Hitsuyona Shizukesa on Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:31 am



Edited, ready.

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