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1 Heavenly Peak [Primary] [WIP] on Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:48 am




Priority: Primary
Fighting Style: Marksman Base
Skill Set Name: Heavenly Peak
Skill Set Information:
A gunslinging style that incorporates Mid-Range combat, using specialised-custom shells and harnessing Shuu's keen senses. It's a style taught to all members of the White Beret, but Shuu's put his own spin to it. These custom bullets can range from Sea Stone Shells to Pop Greens.
  • Gun Dancer (Level 3) - Increases the speed of all projectiles fired by 0.5 for every gun in play at the time.
  • Instant Reload (Level 2) - Able to flawlessly reload ammunition with no indication of it occurring. Similar to Thief's Skill, it happens with no indication to enemy. [Stamina 5 - Cooldown 2]
  • Heaven's Peak (Level 3) - When using Kenbunshoku Haki, stamina cost is paid every two posts.

(Link to purchase of passives)
Skillset Strengths:
  • -

Skillset Weaknesses:
  • -

Attribute Priorities:
  • Primary Attribute: Perception
  • Secondary Attribute: Speed & Durability
  • Non-Prioritized Attributes: Strength

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