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2 Re: Color Trap on Sat May 20, 2017 5:25 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Elpheba wrote:

Priority: Secondary
Fighting Style:Hypnosis Based
Skill Set Name: Colour Trap
Skill Set Information: The user makes up for an absence of combat ability by using her unique skills as a realist painter, collectively known as Colors Trap (カラーズ・トラップ, Karāzu Torappu). In this way, she can hypnotize a person through the use of certain colors, changing their behavior as she sees fit.

It works through the use of a symbol, which she paints either directly onto a person or near them. Once the person is under the spell of Colors Trap, they are unable to break out of it unless the symbol is removed or smeared. The trap overwrites all other actions attempted by the person under its influence, forcing them to do whatever the trap suggests no matter what.

Someone who possesses a simple mind, like Monkey D. Luffy, is said to be more vulnerable to this kind of psychological attack. This implies that someone very strong-willed would be able to resist the influence of Colors Trap. Now colour traps effectiveness depends on one attribute

Perception VS Perception: It is as simple as that, perception vs perception, if ones Natural perception is weaker than the perception of the user whom created the trap. Then they are able to be effected via colour traps abilities.


  • Being a Painter, the users perception is increased due to the reequirement for attention to detail. Perception increased +1. [Tier 3 passive]

Passives still to be purchased
Skillset Strengths:

  • Once somoene has been effected via colour trap, there is no way for them to break themselves free. Requiring an extra person to smear or break the mark from their bodies. This is only relivant to those marks that are directly upon the body of a target of course.
  • Has an array of effects which can be used for enhancement of allies/debuffs of enemies and just plain hilarity involving capabilities.

Skillset Weaknesses:

  • Marks can be easily smeared off without the use of a skill/tiered ability when used on other peoples bodies. [to remove them from the ground a tier skill would be used].
  • Most of the skills require seperate colours and or a mixture of some to get the desired colour, meaning the user requires multiple different paints/paintable items to be used. The user can use anything that can be smeared/painted including blood, mud and so forth though being a stoic colour only abilities that use the colour of the items could be used. [could not use yellow laughter with blood for instance]

Attribute Priorities:

  • Speed
  • Perception and Durability [Kuja Perk]
  • Strength

Tier 1 Skills:
Skill Name: Laughter Yellow
Tier: 1
Type Supplementary
Range: Contact
Speed: Self
Description: By quickly painting a small symbol in a yellow colour on the body of a person or animal, those whom are painted upon break out in to uncontrollable laughter.

Skill Name: Bullfight Red
Tier: 1
Type Supplementary
Range: Contact-
Speed: Self
Description: The user paints a red symbol upon a person, or animal, or object. This symbol directs the attacks of all those who have seen it towards the symbol regardless of tier as it effects those who have seen it. This continues until the mark is destroyed, as it is a tier 1 mark, a tier 1 technique can destroy the mark.

Skill Name: Brown Mark of Plopping
Tier: 1
Type Supp
Range: -Contact
Speed: -Self
Description: The user paints a symbol on to someone or an animal, for a single post whomever has the mark upon them soils themselves from both ends. [pee and poo]


I really can't see anything wrong with this. But I do have a question. If it is raining, and you are doing this outside, will you still be able to paint on someone? I mean probably yes I just want to know. And if yes just add it so you don't get people trying to make it rain every time they get marked.

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4 Re: Color Trap on Wed May 24, 2017 12:21 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

only question i have is what is natural perception? growth from the attribute chart or does it include perception from passives. I understand it cuts out haki and equipment, but not sure what else.

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

6 Re: Color Trap on Wed May 24, 2017 1:20 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


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