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1 Epee Chanson Late Game Skills WIP on Tue May 16, 2017 1:03 pm


Revolutionary Leader
Revolutionary Leader

Goes with this skill set:

Skill slots purchased here:

Tier 4 Skills:

Skill Name: Fantomupiasu "Phantom Pierce"
Tier: 4
Type Offensive
Range: Sword
Speed: Own
Description: The user uses Gōsutosuteppu to charge at the enemy, but instead of going directly towards the enemy, will come in from the side at first and stab towards the enemy. The user never stops moving as he continuously circles the enemy, stabbing at various locations on the body up to 10. This move is nearly impossible to predict as the user himself doesn't know where he is going to attack next, simply noticing openings and stabbing when he can. To add to the unpredictability the user generates up to 3 afterimages of himself thanks to Gōsutosuteppu, meaning if the user tries to retaliate, he/she will most likely strike an afterimage rather than the actual user.
Required Skills: Gōsutosuteppu, Shuffle, Step, Lunge

Tier 5 Skills:

Skill Name:
Tier: 5
Type Offensive

Tier 6 Skills:

Skill Name:
Tier: 6
Type Offensive

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