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1 Dog Pound Martial Arts on Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:13 pm



Priority: Primary
Fighting Style: Martial Art
Skill Set Name: - Ryusoken
Skill Set Information: -  The Ryusoken style focuses on holding one's fingers in a claw-fashion, crushing the adversaries with a powerful grip. One compares it to a dragon's claws, rending arrogance and conceit. Users can imbue their "claws" with Busoshoku Haki, increasing the potent deadliness, being able to crush even a giant's steel helmet and causing incredible damage to said giant's head.


  •  Lvl1//Rejack : During the mist of combat , due to the Fur naturally growing on Monroe's body due to his Minkmen traits. Electricity may produce due to friction which allows a recharge effect that reduces 20% stamina cost after launching a skill.
  • None as of Yet
  • None as of Yet)

(Link to purchase of passives)
Skillset Strengths:

  • -Adaptable to Minkmen's Electro Nature
  • Adaptable to common features : Claws
  • Blunt / Crushing / Slash Damage

Skillset Weaknesses:

  • -Greatest Potential only unlocked after learning Busho-Haki
  • Limited to Close to Mid-Range Combat
  • Fighting style only usable with hands / feet clawed

Attribute Priorities:

  • Perception
  • Strength
  • Non-Prioritized Attributes

Speed / Durability

Tier 1 Skills:

Skill Name: - Ground Break
Tier: - 1
Type - Standard
Range: - 10 Meters
Speed: - User's Own
Description: - Using any limb , Monroe breaks the ground beneath him in the radius of 10 meters , preventing the advantage of speed. No sufficient damage.

Skill Name: - Close Combat
Tier: - 1
Type - Standard
Range: - Self
Speed: - User's Own
Description: - Forcing the opponent into a Close Combat situation , the user engages the enemy preventing them from using any Mid to Long Range skills due to excessive aggressive barrages of combos. Up to 12 Hit Count.

Skill Name: - Electric Slide
Tier: - 1
Type - Standard
Range: - 10 Meters (Straight)
Speed: - User Own
Description: - Somewhat like the Marine's default martial art from Rokushiki , Monroe conjures a leg blade blast of electrical energy roughly the length of his own leg. Impact causes first Degree Burns & briefly stuns opponent.  

Tier 2 Skills:

Skill Name: - Discharge
Tier: - 2
Type - Defensive
Range: - 3 Meters
Speed: - User's Own
Description: - Discharge is a simple expulsion of electrical energy that ranges up to 3 meters , knocking out NPC's Tier 2 and Lower , and stunning PC's Tier 2 and Lower.

Skill Name: - Dragon Hammer
Tier: - 2
Type - Standard
Range: - Reach of Arms
Speed: - User's Own
Description: - After gesturing his fingers into those of Dragon Claws , Monroe's "claws" causes blunt / crushing damage. Also infused with Natural Minkmen Electro may cause first degree burns.

Skill Name: - Repulse
Tier: - 2
Type - Speed
Range: - Self
Speed: - User's Own +.5
Description: - Using the internal electricity of his body ,
Monroe repels electricity from under his feet allowing him to glide on top of the ground.  

Tier 3 Skills:

Skill Name: - Thunder Dragon Fist
Tier: - 3
Type - Standard
Range: - 20 Meters
Speed: - User's Own
Description: - Using his electro nature , Monroe conjurors a dragon made of Electro energy with the wide span of 10 Meters , and 20 Meters in length. Impact of said attack would cause 2nd Degree Burns.

Skill Name: -
Tier: -
Type -
Range: -
Speed: -
Description: -

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