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1 The World as of Now on Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:55 pm

Two years have passed and Wallace D. Rose the previous self proclaimed Pirate King has been executed. News of this spread across the whole world, within days. There hasn't been any information stating that those attempting to free him were there or not, but pictures of Wallace has plastered the News Coo for weeks. But this was the start of new Era! Shorty after the execution of Wallace the World Government had begun to crack down on Piracy more, and even captured one of the Yonko. Piracy hasn't been the only thing to be cracked down on as the fight against the Revolutionaries has begun to come to a end. Many believe that at the end of the Year the World Government will get control of whole world. Where piracy or those that want to rebel will exist. Two years will pass after the death of Wallace and the World Government are a force no one is able to stand up against. But, sadly they had missed over a certain person. Someone that within in a blink of a eye snatched the mantle of Pirate King and took the world by storm in the same instant. The Fishman and former Yonko known as Oceanus, thus dethroning previous Pirate King Fiona Daffodil who has since disappeared without a trace.

Utilizing the Ancient Weapon Poseidon Oceanus was able to take the place known as "The Holy Land" hostage. The status of many of those located there unknown. Few Celestial Dragons, and the remaining Gorosei, where able to escape but were forces into hiding. What this single person did was cripple the World Government severely and caused what could've been a peaceful era into one of turmoil. He wasn't the only one plotting either as Chie Mayumi, the Commander of the revolutionaries, within two years has been secretly bolstering her forces. She hasn't allied herself with Oceanus though as that creature has decided to wage war on all of those not of his kind. Though her action are noble and she does this to gain true peace among everyone, how this was done was sloppy. The World Government have not given up hope as they still have some of the strongest marines they've every recruited.

Do you wanna be Pirate King?:
Piracy has returned, stronger than every, but their ideals differ greatly. Many see this chaos as a chance to get whatever they ever dream of. Whilst other wish to seek adventure, for whatever the reason. Saying all pirates are bad also can not be said. As there has been instances where Pirates have been reported to protect everyday people who are just in the middle of everything. But there is something that draws all of them to this, and that is the title of Pirate King. Oceanus has shown that he is someone untouchable, and can have whatever he wants within this world. And a rumor has spread that there is a way for anyone to achieve that title, without even fighting Oceanus. There being a place where if you go you will be untouchable. Only thing you must do is find that place. How you may ask? Well, these strange blocks scattered across the world will reveal the way. But gaining them or finding them isn't someone just one person is able to do. So amass yourself a crew and set sail. You will find that you will need more than just your ego to get places.
The future we seek:
Long live the Revolution! Chie Mayumi has changed, and will no longer sit back in the shadows. Many may think that the peace the World Government had for those two years was just because of the death of Wallace, but that isn't the case. She knows the true darkness within the World Government, and aims to stop it. Along with those Pirates that want nothing but chaos. To bring the world to a state of true peace and stability, is her goal no matter what. She wants you! YES YOU! To dig deep and see the future that can be given to the next generation.  
Under one banner:

Many do not known this but at the execution of Wallace a enemy force did arrive to free him, and the battle was something unmatched by any. Even an Admiral made the greatest sacrifice to make sure Wallace would not escape, giving his life to end his. Many of the Marines that where in attendance now have been promoted for their service. Becoming heroes some maybe even Legends. Within those two years some Marines have shown their type of Justice in the fight against piracy. Some Marines though have retired from duty and live peaceful lives. But, due to the world changing for the worse many have come out to help in the hope of getting things back to normal.
We have briefly touched up on what certain factions have in the works. But, you are another deciding factor. You can be another monster that emerges out of the blue just like Oceanus and put the world on it's face; or you may even be the beckon of hope that the world needs. Or simply you are someone along for the ride. It all is up to you. As each and everyone one has the potential impact the world in your own way. Since we here are putting the world in your hands a few World Position spots are up and available and are able to be started with.

With this, everyone is given one free Revamp ticket for one of their accounts. Ticket must be used by May 1st.

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