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1 Two Arcs, its a g r o u p effort! on Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:37 am

Arc Name ;; Do You Remember When...

Arc Type: Standard flash back arc.
Arc Tier: T3
Sea: North Blue
Island: Flevance
Arc Description: In this arc, the Queen of Flevance, and her right-hand man return to the Kingdom and the White City with 100 grunts, in this process they run into many different individuals, some even agreeing to join with the Queen and becoming apart of the inner circle. Queen Adèlicia; and her now Seven White Knights of Sin, face many challenges in the roads to come, including three different "Boss Fights", as well as the challenge of rebuilding, and ensure there is no more toxins' from the Amber. In this arc you will meet the Knight of Greed, Solas Suoh Adon, The Knight of Lust, Aita Phersu, The Knight of Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth and Envy. The group then faces against a Blue Pirate, an Commander and a Pirate Captain, all three claiming to have stakes on the Island.

Task Name: Clean It Up!
Tier: 1
NPC or PC: PC, and a Boss NPC
Location: White City.
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team Task.
Description: You've been tasked with cleaning up the Kingdom, time to get moving! The Queen hates waiting! But be careful, there has been some news of a nasty Pirate Captain lurking about!
Enemy Details: You'll encounter 3 grizzly bear, t2. After this bear, you will encounter the Pirate Captain, Pink Beard! Hes a T3.
Boss: Yes {Look to boss section}

Task Name: Rebuild that what is broken.
Tier: 2
NPC or PC: NPC Boss and PC
Location: Flevance
Crew, Team, or Personal: This will be a Team effort!
Description: You've been tasked with fixing the broken houses, fountains and other things in the Kingdom of Flevance, this will be a rough time because there was a sighting of a Blue Pirate near by.
Enemy Details: Only boss // T2
Boss: Yes

Task Name: Get em'!
Tier: T3
NPC or PC: NPC and PC
Location: Flevance
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team.
Description: In this task, a revolutionary lieutenant has shown up, claiming he had been using Flevance as a hide out when he was doing his own tasks given to him by his Captain. Of course the Queen can't allow this, asking him to leave didn't work, looks like we'll have to fight him!
Enemy Details: 1, T4
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Pirate Captain, Pink Beard.
Tier: 3
Description: The mean and nasty Captain Pink Beard is a ruthless, six foot eight inches man, with a long hot pink beard reaching down to his chest. He smells like old cheese and booze. But don't be underestimating this guy, because he's gone 14/0 since he came out onto the scene. When he talks, it comes with a deep and scary voice; carrying a broad sword, and a long sword. Pink Beard has a Flint Lock, but not finding it as fun to fight with a weapon such as it; he rather uses his hands, along with his two favorite swords, Darla and Marla, named after his two favorite women; and only uses the Flintlock when it's his last resort.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: Buoshoku
Equipment: Broad Sword ;; made out of iron.
Long Sword;; Made out of steel.
Flint Lock ;; with max. 15 bullets.
Strength: 3
Durability: 3
Speed: 2
Perception: 1

Boss Name: Blue Pirate, One Tooth.
Tier: 2

Description: One Tooth, a small but rather muscular man, standing around a 5'6 stature; long shoulder length black hair with one red eye, and one blue eye. His appearance is different from the start, that is; until he opens his mouth, showing his name to picture, this man has a single front tooth, and that is it. When One Tooth talks, all that comes out are incoherent words, along with slurring and spitting. One Tooth carries around two small daggers and a blundergat.
Devil Fruit: rare, Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit; T-Rex
Haki: Busoshoku
Equipment: Two daggers, the blade being approx. 4 inches long, and two inches wide. And one blundergat; ammunition can be almost anything as long as you can shove it through the front.
Strength: 2
Durability: 1
Speed: 1
Perception: 2

Boss Name: Revolutionary Lieutenant, Štakor
Tier: 4
Description: When you first see this man named Škator; you see a picture of a rat almsot. With a thin long face and a rather pointed nose, beatty little red eyes with almost no pupil; Škator stands at 11 feet tall with long white hair reaching down to his hips. His voice, high pitch and rather annoying, almost like a squeak.
Devil Fruit: Ratto Ratto No Mi ;; Rat-Rat Fruit {Turns into a giant White Red Eye'd Rat}
Haki: Kenbunshoku, Busoshoku and Haoshoku
Equipment: Just his Hands, and Cheese.
Strength: 2
Durability: 3
Speed: 4
Perception: 3

Arc Name ;; Like a honybee beatin

Arc Type: Standard, Time Skip.
Arc Tier: 3.
Sea: North Blue
Island: Flevance
Arc Description: In the beginning of this arc, the White Knights are sitting around waiting for their Queen to give them their tasks... But bad news! Someone has kidnapped her, The Knights must work together to get back their Queen; they meet up with some pretty helpful people and some really nasty men. Will the Knights get their Queen back? Will they be strong enough to beat what's ahead?

Task Name: Let's Go!
Tier: 1
NPC or PC: PC and NPC
Location: Lvneel
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team Task for the Knights.
Description: |Your Queen is in another castle!| One of the Knights went to check on the Queen, only to find she was nowhere to be found. Oh no! It's now up to the seven Knights of Sin to find and return her. Their first task brings them Lvneel, a rather medieval place in the North Blue; there were rumors of a haki master lurking about, you must find, convince him to help you to be ready for the fights to come. In this task, you'll be faced with several bumps in the road.
Enemy Details: 3 regular pirates, in the tiers of 1, 3, 2. {that order} Four trainees of the Haki Master, you must defeat these tier two's in order to impress him. Then after training, you will need to face the Haki Master to prove your skill!
Boss: Yes

Task Name: The Battle To Come
Tier: 2
Location: Minion Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team!
Description: At the beginning of this task, a flashback is shown of a Marine Captain handing off the Queen to another, more bigger and scarier man. The Knights fall upon this man trying to get out of the North Blue seas but is unlucky too as they got to him first. From the way he seemed to already want to fight, the Knights figure that he has something to do with the kidnapping of their beloved Queen. They decided if he won't talk, they'll make him talk.
Enemy Details: Marine Captain, T4
Boss: Yes

Task Name: Your Queens in my castle now.
Tier: 3
NPC or PC: PC, and NPC
Location: Swallow Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team.
Description: "Your Queen's in my castle now!" is the after math of the task before, after beating the bloody pulp out off the Captain, the Knights got their information, they've headed to Swallow Island, a place infested by carnivoric birds; but this is where their Queen is. Along with a Rear Admiral and his 100 grunts. Be careful for those birds!
Enemy Details: 100 Grunts, T2, Rear Admiral, T5.
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Haki Master, Shouden
Tier: 3
Description: A wise man, appearing to be in his mid to late 50's, with a long white beard, and shoulder length hair; Shouden seems to be a very wise man. A man who is kind and very generous. Hes a teacher, a friend, and a lover. Some would say this wise old man is also some what of a pervert.
Devil Fruit: None.
Haki: All, master.
Equipment: Light armor.
Strength: 5
Durability: 4
Speed: 3
Perception: 6

Boss Name: Marine Captain, Okubyōmono
Tier: 4
Description: Okubyōmono stands at 7 feet 5 inches, with a large muscular build, and a "mean face"; although, hes new to his position as Captain, hes out to prove himself to his higher ups. His personality is snarky, self centered and self interested. He cares for no one but himself.
Devil Fruit: None.
Haki: Ken and Buo.
Equipment: Log Pose to Swallow Island and one for Marine Headquarters, Marine Uniform{Spare}, Flint Lock, Long Sword.
Strength: 5
Durability: 3
Speed: 5
Perception: 3

Boss Name: Rear Admiral, Kakshi
Tier: 5
Description: Kaksbi stands at 9 feet, three inches. His musclar body and larger then life apperance would give anyone the chills, usually seen with a ciggeratte in his mouth, his voice has a muffed deep sound. With the occasional coughing fit; Kakshi is not a man to be messed with. A master of the sword; he carries with him his broad sword, T-San.
Devil Fruit: Memo Memo no Mi
Haki: Ken and Buo.
Equipment: Log Pose for Flevance, Marine Headquarters, and Skypiea. Broad Sword, Flint Lock, and three daggers.
Strength: 5
Durability: 5
Speed: 4
Perception: 4

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2 Re: Two Arcs, its a g r o u p effort! on Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:31 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

You are only tier 2.

Task are ranked by Tier, obviously as the Tier increases respectively the difficulty should as well. Task may be a single Tier higher than your own unless you are in the company of someone ranked higher than you.

This applies for tasks and arcs.

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3 Re: Two Arcs, its a g r o u p effort! on Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:36 am

Sorry, fixed it.

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5 Re: Two Arcs, its a g r o u p effort! on Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:26 am

I fixed it accordingly, changing the arcs to a t4 instead of a t3, the tasks go from t2 to t4. In order. :}

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