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1 Mēness Pirātiņš on Tue Jan 24, 2017 4:44 am



Name: Mēness Pirātiņš
Alias/Epithet: Pirāts
Race: Giant
Tier: 2
Gender: Male
Age: 87
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: -

General Appearance:
Mēness is buffed and has very high muscle mass. His weigh is balanced by very strong legs which is the reason he is wearing high boots - so they are comfortable, have a high grip and never slip on anything. His clothing is usually more single-colored, like grey pants and vest or brown pants and vest, but when Mēness feels joyful enough, he can change the monotone colors to something more mixed - like blue and orange for example. One will also notice that his skin is very smooth - there is no hair on his arms or armpits. That's because royals would hate to have such a dirty boy in their homes and Mēness was forced to shave any non-facial hair he would reveal to others. He balanced it by growing a thick beard and having a lot of hair on his head which is made into a triangle like shape that extends forward.
Height: 29 feet (8,8 meters)
Weight: 1311,8 pounds (595 kg)
Crew Tattoo Placement: A giant version of tatoo all over the chest.

Personality: Mēness is competitive. As he grew up listening to his father's lies, he too took the impression that he must be a winner in every aspect of life. He won't pick up unnecessary battles and he still might just leave when offended, but during a fight he will always do whatever it takes to win. And it's not only for fights -he wants to be the best in every aspect. For sure, he understands that it's quite impossible and he respects those who are better than him, but he never will listen to anyone, who says he isn't capable enough to do something. He will try to prove them wrong.
In spite of his rough childhood, Mēness is a loving and caring fellow. Be it man or woman, Mēness will ask about their day and try to cheer them up if the day wasn't that good. Solving other problems isn't anything new to the guy. He was working for his dad since very young age after all. He doesn't find it shameful to do dirty job for others, he believes that he will be rewarded for it in due time.
Mēness Pirātiņš is a little slow at understanding things. He isn't intelligent since he didn't get much education during his childhood. His dad didn't teach him anything new and Mēness didn't spend much time in school - he rather worked. Thus his IQ is way below average and he isn't welcoming towards new things, even if they were to simplify his life. Even at this age, he doesn't understand the importance of education and doesn't want to learn things. If someone tried hard enough, they could maybe convince (or trick) Mēness into learning a thing or two.
Mēness himself is very tidy and he demands high hygiene from everyone. This also developed during his childhood where he had to spend most of his time in very clean enviroment - royal's villa. Even if he was the one who had to clean them up, he liked those places compared to his own shack where he and his dad lived. His shack didn't smell any nice and it often carried diseases. He automatically felt better upon living in more hygienic enviroment. And royals demanded the boy to take regular baths too, thus he was taught to be clean.
Overall, Mēness is an introvert. He is okay with speaking to people, but he will carefully think before speaking his mind to strangers. This might make him appear a little slow or unfriendly, but that is not the case. Even if quiet and careful around people on the first time, Mēness will grow more accepting if meeting the same person multiple-times and might get silly together when he feels comfortable enough.
Likes: Mēness loves all kinds of food. He wasn't treated to much fancy food as a child, thus he loves tasting all kinds of food around the world. Like a little child, he will never refuse candy or sweet drinks, but also like a man - he will bravely eat spicy meat and strong spirits. He especially loves fish for he sometimes fished and cooked the fish meat on fire. It was never tasty when he was a child, but now that he has tried real fish dishes, he just can't say no to them when offered one.
He also loves games. Be it sports or interesting puzzles, or simply card games. He will want to participate and compete with whomever. However, he only likes the joy of winning, thus if losing, Mēness can get sad or even worse - mad. Explanation for his passion for games is simply that he didn't have anyone to play with him as a kid. Thus now he will play anything with kids or grown ups whenever he sees the chance.
Mēness has a silly love for women. He will often casually express his emotions to the beauties of world, often blushing after that. Other times he will encourage others when he sees clear lovers who procastinate expressing their feelings to each other. This also has a link to his past - he didn't have women affection when he was little. He had no mother or any other female to care about him and offer him a gentle hand. Thus he feels comfortable with telling every girl that they are beautiful and should be enjoying their lives to the fullest!
Dislikes: Ironic, but for a giant like Mēness - darkness is scary. He is scared of dark. He doesn't like dark rooms, hallways or simply being outside during the night. There's this paranoid little feeling sneaking into Mēness's mind everytime he is alone in dark - the feeling that someone might jump out and scare him. Thus he is tense and uncomfortable in darkness. Unless he has some friends with himself - then he feels more protected, but still cautious of being left alone.
He doesn't like singing. Even if its a game - he doesn't like participating in singing. Listening is bearable, but he just thinks that he is terrible at singing and always feels uncomfortable if needed to perfom in front of others. Thus, whenever there's a performance involving singing going on, Mēness will get on a bad mood for he doesn't enjoy others singing. He just bears with it.
During his childhood, Mēness grew to dislike royals who were making fun of him and his dad. Thus now Mēness dislikes all royals, even if they are trying to be nice to him. Mēness doesn't have the courage to take any action against these high-standing people, but he will always murmur something negative about them, even if that's not true. He tries to avoid contact with these people if possible.

Mēness was born 88 years ago on Elbaf. As a child he went to school, played with other kids, did some mischief once in a while and was a normal developing giant for first 24 years. Except that he didn't knew who his mother was. She passed away giving birth for the labor was unbearable for her. The father went through great grief. Mēness can't remember this and the two never talked about his mother. But the little giant wasn't really affected by his mother's death. His father took the most damage.
Dzelzs (his father) was a guard for one of the royal giants. After birth of his son, he lost his job for he couldn't focus on the job anymore. All these events confused the dad and he couldn't really love his kid - a child who robbed Saule (the mother) from his life and now also had taken his job. However, the dad lacked any problem solving skills and hired a babysitter to nurture Mēness for first 12 years. Meanwhile, the dad drowned his grief with alcohol and bar brawls.
It never stopped - the father was an unsalvagable alcoholic. However the son was brought up poorly and Dzelzs always lied to him. "How was your day, dad?" the boy would often ask, when dad staggered in, stinking of whiskey. And his half consciousness father always could come up with a convincing lie like - "good, defended the royal again," "had a wonderful dinner at the royal's table" "got a promotion!" "had to sail with the royal for the past week, that's why I was missing"
Of course the naive boy trusted his father, whenever he came back with scars or swelling face. Mēness believed that Elbaf's royals were outstanding beings and they must be protected at any price. And his dad was a hero for providing safety for the royals every day.
This kept on for years until Dzelzs run out of savings. Of course this didn't make him think over his life decisions. Instead Dzelzs arranged his son a deal - the son stops school and goes to work for royalities instead. "This way you can grow in such a great man as myself. There you will learn everything you need - respect for gods, manners, politics, strategic combat and maybe even sailing if you do good enough," the giant lied and was just going to send Mēness work as a janitor. But for a royalty, nevertheless.
The naive kid continued to work there for next 40 years, earning his old man money for booze. Mēness was naive and he believed that once he does good enough, he can really become a direct servant to the royalty, instead of being just the broom boy who sweeps the floors. And Mēness never realized the offensive remarks from other giants that also worked in the royal palace. For some reason, that boy didn't realize, his dad was called a drunkard and disgrace. And this bullying became a custom for visitors too. Mēness was made into a clown for his dad's desires, without even realizing it.
At the age of 52 Mēness was already 29 feet tall. He was taller than his peers, however way skinnier. He was made fun because of it, of course. And his size was the limit that he reached. Giants usually don't stop growing until they reach maturity at 80 or 90. But Mēness had already stopped growing. His peers soon outgrow him. It was a shame to be a weakling amongst giants. Mēness wasn't badly influenced by his tiny size, because he still looked upon his dad as a hero. The old man now had started shrinking due to his bad alcohol habits, but he saw the boy as a stable income, thus often cheered him on "there have been multiple heroic giants less than 20 feet in size. You will do just fine! I believe in you!"
And so forth Mēness just kept on going to work for royals everyday to earn his old man money for booze. It continued until one day someone ''bought'' Mēness Pirātiņš. He was casually sweeping the floor in the royal villa, while the owner of the house had a meeting with some important looking men. They were humans and they showed disgust towards how Mēness was treated. "It's no way to treat a kid," they argued and looked for a ways to make Mēness life better. By the end of they day, they didn't reach an agreement with the royals and ended up snatching Mēness away from the palace and onto their ship.
At first Mēness was unsatisfied and missed his dad. But the humans on the ship treated him good - they have him the jobs that were quite hard for humans to handle. This bulky giant even at his young age could easily set sails, repair sails and handle the anchor. The muscle really came to help. Thus Mēness spent more than 30 years on a ship - he learnt everything - sailing, managing a ship, fighting, politics, geography and most things he missed in school. Humans helped him to achieve peak body and develop high muscle mass. They were marines and they became the new family to Mēness. They taught Mēness good manners and the importance of their job.
However, the man who made the decision to take Mēness off Elbaf was getting old and ordered to free Mēness once again - it wasn't their right to rob the boy of his family in the first place. And the captain felt guilty for they never allowed the boy to make his own decisions. It was wrong to force him to become marine himself, if he didn't want it.
In the end, at age 87, Mēness was dropped off in Calm belt and left alone. He felt confused at first and very lonely. His only family was the marines, thus he never fully understood why they did this. But he didn't take it as something bad - he would prove that he can grow even more and repay them for all their assistance throughout there years.

Face Claim: Toriko | Rex
RP Sample: -

Bonus: Start with 1,000,000 Beli
Location: Calm Belt (Rusukaina if needs to be specified)

Fate Point Allocation:
Giant - Allows your character to start as a Giant. ( 4 points)
Born to Brawl - Gives you the capacity to utilize Busoshoku Haki. (1 point)
Also I'm saving 1 point for later (if that's possible).

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2 Re: Mēness Pirātiņš on Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:55 am



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