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1 Vayu Minitru W.I.P on Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:27 pm

Name: Vayu Minitru
Alias/Epithet: The Hunter
Race: Human
Tier: 2
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Marine
General Appearance:

A lender, clean-shaven, clear-eyed young man, Vayu is a mysterious figure. Relatively tall in height to the average human he has long flowing white hair that is always pulled back tightly a common characteristic for males in his family. With a face pale like the moon, he is lean, yet muscular with faint dark shadows below fierce clear eyes that seemed to flash and glitter when hit by light. His back is covered in tribal style tattoos that he keeps covered that serve as a reminder of the family he once lost. The tattoo list the names of each person that died the day his home was attacked as well as structures that were destroyed for example in the center of his back there is a circular drawing of the market place his village was known for. He is can always be found crisply ironed, loosely fitted clothes that hang over his deceptively small fram. His clothes is always of the highest quality and vary in style and color usually blue or red which are his favorite colors unless on a snowy island where he he where a heavy brown furry coat that he holds on too as he hate the cold. He always can be found with a katakana either strapped to his back or at the side of his hip.

Weight: 180

Personality:Vayu has a very stern, serious, and distanced personality. To strangers Vayu appears very nonchalant and laid back however. If seen alone in public for example at a bar it is likely that he  is propped up in a corner with his back to the wall his eyes constantly scanning the crowd. He is very soft spoken and doesn't rarely speaks unless spoken too or when necessary. When people try to engage him in conversation he often just yawns, staring off into space seemingly disengaged by uninterested by most casual conversation. However if the conversation of a pirate comes up his jaw bulges and teeth began to clench as his face would grow increasingly red and instantly becomes anxious and begins to fiddle with the handle of his sword a trait of his that he does whenever he is nervous or in deep thought much to the dismay of those around him.

He is always seen in expensive clothes and visits clothing stores every time visits a new island a habit he picked up from his father and was a passion he had from young age and it reminds him of his home and his parents store. He also seems to attract alot of woman despite seeing them as a mere distractions and tries to avoid them and there approaches.As years of being so soft spoken has made him somewhat socially awkward when it come to women however this soft spoken, mysterious nature as well as his love for stylish clothes have made him very appealing to women and is often approached by them which responded to by turning red and running away.He manages to keep his cool when it comes to female marines but even them make him feel uncomfortable but he manages to keep it to himself. When it comes to males however he speaks with the utmost confidence not backing down from any threat or challenge is posed with.

Those that know him know that he is a fierce warrior with a short temper. When it comes to combat or training Vayu's true personality bubbles to the surface and his reserved nature bursts out in relentless vigor. He becomes far more talkative often taunting his opponents and showing off by slicing objects and balancing them on his swords blade. He is proud of his swordsmanship and is arrogant in combat.

His number one concern is becoming stronger and is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to achieve it as he despises weakness. As a result he is extremely stubborn and would give his life before he bows his head or shows his opponent weakness. Despite all of this he deeply cares for those that cant defend themselves and wishes to protect them, even though he would prefer to fight without a motivation that could potentially hold him back he finds himself unable to turn his back on citizens in need. He fights on the side of justice and seeking to shift the balance of power back the side of good believing that pirates are the scum of the earth of have brought nothing but pain and sorrow to the world.
Despite this strong sense of justice he has no regards for rules or following orders and in often ignore them in pursuit of his own ideals believing as long as his action don’t negatively affect an innocent human being it is fine. He however still shows his Superior officers and fellow soldiers the utmost respect when addressing them even though he may not listen to what they have to say. Always remembering to address them by rank even in informal conversations.

Initially he sees the Marines as the corner stone of justice in the world and believe them to be purely good as all he knows of them is what he has heard from sailors and from other marines on the based that he spent 3 years on this view however begin to change as he sees more of the world and more of the marines actions.He also displays a dislike for marksmen,range weapons user and devil fruit user. Seeing any form of combat that isn't face to face as cowardly. When training he would skip any form of training that wasn't physical in nature. He sees the marine as the best tool to meet is ultimate goal of becoming the most greatest and most terrifying pirate hunter the world has ever seen and ensuring that no pirate ever finds Raftel. A goal that ultimately in the future change when he discovers the marines true nature and of other factions in the world.

Likes: Fighting,Hunting,Expensive Clothes
Dislikes: Pirates, Following Orders,Marksmen

History: Born on a small island in the North Blue, Vayu was born the sun tailor in a merchant village off the coast of Spider Miles. The village was a robust trading hub and one of the main areas for commerce in the North Blue as ships would constantly pass by buy and selling goods on their way the larger islands. The island was filled with lush vegetation and farms with a few small homes surrounding the market place. Growing up life was easy for Vayu, as he was surrounded by a community that loved and care for each other each doing their best to contribute to the village’s success. As Vayu got older he found his calling in transporting goods. Vayu would help the vendors load and offload there products off ships spending most of his days running up and down from the market to the port. He became known for his speed and efficiency but for Vayu this never felt fulfilling. If he wasn't working he would often be found staring off into the ocean. His father would often joke that one day he will become sailor and use his talents there but Vayu could imagine leaving the family he cherish so much for a life of uncertainty. Vayu loved how peaceful the island was and was more than willing to spend the rest of his life there. This was until his life would be changed forever. On Vayu's 18th birthday his father demanded that he take the day off much to Vayu's discontent but not wanting to disobey his father Vayu decided to do his favorite thing. He walked across the island to the most secluded part of the island and sat on a ridge that stretched over the sea and stared off for what seemed like hours till he eventually fell asleep.

Later that night he was awakened by a scream. Thinking it was impossible for a sound from the village to make it that far he casually began to stroll back to the village. However half way there he smoke and loud bangs in the air. The only time he had ever heard sounds like that was for the harvest festival but he could tell something was different. He sprints towards the village and when he gets there all he sees a blaze of fire engulfing what was once his home and the screams of those he once thought of as his family. The screams pierced like a bullet through his brain and traumatized from the sight he passed out. When he awoke the next all he could were scatted limbs and ashy corpses. Distraught from the sight he broke down in tears till he heard a faint voice cry out to him. A mist the ruble he found his fatefully wounded father as the last remaining survivor. In a faint breath he slowly explains to them that they were attacked by pirates that showed up and demanded that they show them everything they had for trade. When asked what they had to trade in return the answer the pirate gave was death before unleashing the barrage on the village.

His father explained to him that this is a part of life and he should use this as an opportunity to free himself and find his place in this word and expressed how guilty he felt for holding back Vayu there. Vayu this in shock couldn’t say a word and watched as his father faded in and out of consciousness till he slowly passed away. Vayu just stood there with his father his arms unable to move though it didn’t matter as he was alone the island. For the next 24 hours and as the hours passed his saddens filled with rage. It was here his burning hatred for pirates was born. The next day a naval ship that was tracking the pirate’s rampage docked on the island to access the damage. Not expecting any survivors the first wave of marines that enter the islands walked straight pass Vayu. It wasn’t until the Captain Dendora sensed that there was someone still alive among the dead.

He took the now unconscious Vayu aboard his ship and back to their base on Spider Miles. When Vayu awoke Dendora could feel the darkness resonating off him. He said nothing but it was clear that there would be no more tears. Dendora offered Vayu something to eat but he just slapped it a way and turned to Dendora saying "Make me stronger."Dendora vowed to help him and fortune for VaYu they were stationed there to train new recruits. There Vayu stayed for the next 3 years training. He was said to be a prodigy with a sword and was faster than any recruit the base has ever seen. He trained relentlessly however with each passing month he grew more and more frustrated as he would see recruits half as good as him graduate while he was forced to stay on the bases as a grunt no matter how much he pleaded with Dendora. His sparing grew increasingly violent as he took his frustrations out on his opponents injuring scores of cadets and trainers alike who would fight him even with number advantage of 3 to 4 taking him on at a time, Dendora was the only one on the base that could calm him down. He knew he was more than capable of being a marine and he thought it was his time to take is vengeance out on the pirating world. He seemed a wild animal held in a cage too small for it. As time went on he grew a reputation in bases across the north blue for breaking the bones of cadets to appoint where is became almost a right of passage for graduating cadets to have a bone or two broken by him. But Dendora could see his darkness and believed his stubbornness would get him killed. Even though he excelled in combat Dendora believe his disregard of the rules would get him and his crew mates killed. But after three year Dendora (now a commodore) was beginning to notice not even he could contain him as he was surpassing even him and growing even more impatient. Dendora worried that Vayu wouldn't stop till someone was killed he would have to send him to the only teacher  that could calm him down but also keep him safe from his own hot headed temper, for now not even a marine commodore could contain him.

Bonus:Teir 2, 1,500,000 Reputation,
Location: Base #99 North Blue

Fate Point Allocation:

Born to Brawl - Gives you the capacity to utilise Busoshoku Haki. (1PT)
Hawk's Eye - Gives you the capacity to utilise Kenbunshoku Haki. (1PT)
Quick Learner - You receive 2x Experience from any Experience rewarding (3PT)

Last edited by Crow on Sun Dec 18, 2016 9:09 am; edited 10 times in total (Reason for editing : Made change to be listed as a Tier 2)

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2 Re: Vayu Minitru W.I.P on Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:29 pm

New to the site no clue if I this right. Should I have separated them in to 2 separate post?

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3 Re: Vayu Minitru W.I.P on Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:39 pm



Okay let's start:

First of all I've moved this from the Rules section (never put a character app there, ever) to the character app section. You're new so it's fine, albeit a first, so just don't do it again. Thank you.

Secondly the app itself is fine, just not as a Tier 2. If you want tier 2 beef up...everything. Specifically personality and general appearance. Tier 2 apps are given out based on the quality of the application. I'm happy to accept this as a Tier 1 app though.

Third, just throw some spaces into that History, it's a wall of text.

Fourth, your fate points add up to 5, but you get 6 to start. You don't have to use them all and you can same some, I just wasn't sure if that was your intent or not

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4 Re: Vayu Minitru W.I.P on Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:10 pm

Made some significant changes. Would these be enough to register as teir 2? Also should I make a post for the Captian Dendora in the charaters back story?

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5 Re: Vayu Minitru W.I.P on Mon Dec 19, 2016 7:35 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Approved. If you want Captain Dendora to be a NPC you can make him one, that is fine. He will need to be purchased first though.

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