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1 Emil Hyune on Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:31 am

Name: Emil Hyune
Alias/Epithet:  The Imperial Tempest
Race: Human
Tier: 2
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: N/A

General Appearance: Emil stands at 5'8 feet tall and weighs 195 pounds of pure muscle lean muscle. His skin is a on the peach side nearing pale in color. Emil's overall physique is built yet slim due to his muscular build yet small fram not giving him a bulky look. He has a 6 pack with a matching chest. His arms and legs are equally as muscular as the rest of his body due to years of martial arts training. He has a acorn shaped head with a set of medium length wild dark green hair. He has large round childish light green eyes and a small rounded nose followed by a set of thin rose colored lips. A bundle of freckles sit under both his eyes on the top of his cheeks.Emil's outfit consist of a skintight dark green leotard with a red utility belt wrapped around his waist.On his hands he wears thick finger less white gloves that have black line going around the bottom. For shoes he wears metallic light green boots that stop at his lower calf. A metal vambrace is attached to the neck hole of the leotard along with a hoodie with a pointed hood that he normally let's hang down.
Height: 5'8 feet
Weight: 195 pounds
Crew Tattoo Placement: Back
Personality: At heart Emil is a kind and soft hearted person who deeply cares for those around him. This internal love for everyone and everything also spurs him being a vegan. Emil feels that everything in life should have a fair chance to live and that is what drives him as a Marine. He wants to end the people and beings that get out of hand and endanger not only people but even ecosystems or innocent creatures. Despite his wishes as killing is something that pains him. Emil does not take likely nor relies on doing so. Each kill weighs down his heart as the amount adds up be he pulls through as his actions are potentially for the greater good. A conflict with a enemy that he was forced to kill Emil is one to pray over his fallen enemy with a gesture of his own.

When interacting with others Emil tries to be as warm hearted as can be. With strangers as well as those close to him. He is your typical friendly character who tries to never leave anyone out of the picture.However due to still being a  reserved person he is not one to speak out first but will gradually open up to someone the more they talk. It's not unusual for him to go out of his way to help others willingly to try and create a peaceful world around him. When interacting with people who are rude he tends to shy away and defensively calm them down and is more to cower and run away then to actually fight them unless they are bothering a innocent person. Despite seeming like a sensitive and weak individual Emil is a strong and aggressive fighter when the situation calls forth. He is a proud warrior and arises to the task at hand.

When in combat or a dangerous situation Emil takes on a more domineering personality that demands control of the situation at hand to ensure all lives will be saved. He tends to take some time on how  to asses the situation and opponent before going in to handle things. He likes to plan out his moves before execution and can lack at being forced in to a unexpected fast pace fight due to not being able to think and plan out his method of attack.Emil pulls no punches and prefers to end things quickly to make the death as painless as possible if things come to it. Breaking a opponent's limb and disabling is something he would not put past himself.  Despite the emotional pain it causes him he will get the job done.

Likes: Saving Others: Ever since losing his home and being lost in to despair Emil has bounced back as a person and

Training: Emil truly believes that the stronger he becomes the less lives he will be forced to take because it will cause him to need less power to overcome his foes and subdue them. Not to mention he likes to be prepared and stay diligent.

Fried Onions: Any dish that contains fried onions are something Emil loves. It reminds him of his lost mother and fills warmth in to his heart whenever he consumes them.

Dislikes: Killing: Taking the life of anything is a excruciating process for Emil. But as a Marine he is sometimes forced to do things for the better good and will bring himself to take a life. But while it may seem like nothing it is a literal hell that drives him that more in to despair.

Meat:Emil was born with a fondness for life and as such never eaten meat out of respect for nature. He is not one to be a prude about others eating meat but will does his best for people to eat more veggies.

Pirates: Nearly all pirates are unruly and savage monsters who focus on their own selfish needs. Ever since his mother died Emil made it his purpose to put any pirates in to jail that cause harm.

History: Emil was born in the poverty stricken cispool of Briss kingdom. He lived alone with his mother never having known much about his father as he died from disease. Emil's early childhood life was simple despite his struggles. Most of his time would be spent with his mother rather then go play outside being the area they lived in was far too dangerous. Emil would listen to his mother sing almost everyday other times he would spend his time reading the books she could scrounge up. This simple and plain everyday life would soon come to a end when a lone pirate known as Doragon a notorious pirate who had recently surfaced in South Blue ravaged through his home and the surrounding area. He was the only survivor of the small ghetto found weeping next to his mother's mutilated carcass to their burning house. A marine captain by the name of  Tomory Kilan or Iron Fist was among the group of marines who had found him and had personally taken him in. For a solid month of living in the marine base Emil was quiet, he kept to himself and read and thought of his mother's songs which kept him sane for the meanwhile. After a long month of silence and thought the young 10 year old Emil asked the Iron Fist to teach him how to fight so he could become a marine and seek vengeance on his mother's killer. He accepted the offer thinking that this hatred  could be a drive used for good.

The training was rough at first as Tomory made Emil run around the entire kingdom with weights. Emil asked no questions and simply did as he was told everyday for a entire 2 years. Over time the weights increased and the time it took him to run decreased with the passing days as his body slowly began to pack on more muscle building his strength and stamina. Now at 12 years old and having a steady foundation in his training Emil was now ready to begin his Rokushiku training. His 2 years spent carrying weights around the kingdom had given the strength needed for the unnatural martial art for the first techniques he was taught was geppo, soru, and rankyaku. The reason these techniques were prioritized was because Tomory wanted Emil to eventually find his own style and not follow the same path of fighting with his fist. The method had worked Emil having become more accustomed to his legs in combat rather then his fist as over the next 4 years he continued his training in the martial art of Rokushiki and even creating his own variation to fit his style. During this time his hatred for Doragon who he monitored through the news had kept him going through the harsh training and even pushing him further on his own means. It wasn't until he turned 16 that Emil had officially joined the marines and the ever growing Doragon was now within his reach. With access to the Marine's knowledge and connections it wasn't difficult to locate the potential location of Doragon and his crew. Unfortunately for Emil that was towards the grandline. Emil was forced to say his goodbyes to Tomory as he left on his own towards the reverse mountain with another battalion. It was quite the rough experience and upon making it past the reverse mountain Emil simply waited near the Twin Peak Lighthouse waiting day and night for his target to come. When not out watching for Doragon to come he had helped the Marines within the city to capture and all pirates within the city to help keep order as best as possible but life was hectic. It had been  weeks and not a sign of the cursed flag that represented him until at least a month later. After so long the average sized ship had pulled in to his sights and Emil went off in a fit of rage. Using his geppo to traverse the air he charged straight at the ship. There were only 10 in his sights while he was in the air. It wasn't difficult with his superior speed and strength as took the crew out one by one brutally killing each one with his martial arts as only the captain was left. However as soon as he was going to end him with the finishing blow he had seen his mother holding him and telling him not to be swallowed up by revenge. With his overwhelming feelings Emil was brought to tears as he realized what he had done became a monster no better than the one he was going to kill.  

Emil later brought in the captain in cuffs and turned him in to the marines along with the ship and the dead crew members. He denied any reward for his efforts and instead donated the money to the people of the island gaining a hefty reputation for defeating the crew single handily. The 16 year old now left in the grandline had spent the next 2 years on the same island continuing his training and even discovered the ability known as Haki from a passing Marine soldier by the name of Riko Amano only a few years older than him. She was a ferocious and vibrant person yet kind who Emil had grown to admire and respect. This time he had spent with Riko allowed him to change his life style  having once been a angry soul to a now shy reserved kindred spirit. Having grown a new found respect for life in a new  As the times passed Emil had decided on a new purpose in life to apprehend as many criminals as possible to keep peace in the world. Traveling to  Alabasta Emil had promised to meet Riko  potentially  in soon time after he had made a name for himself and proven ready to become in charge of his own battalion a huge step for his future.

Face Claim: (Boku no Hero Academia|Izuku Midoriya)
RP Sample: N/A
Bonus:  1,500,000 Reputation
Location: Alabasta
Fate Point Allocation: Born to Brawl - Gives you the capacity to utilize Busoshoku Haki.
Never Dormant - You begin with your Haki at D-Rank and ready to train or be used.
Predator - Grants you an additional Attribute Point.
Hawk's Eye - Gives you the capacity to utilize Kenbunshoku Haki.

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2 Re: Emil Hyune on Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:16 am

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
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