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1 Virginia Verdi [Finished] on Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:08 am

Name: Virginia Verdi
Alias/Epithet: Eclipse
Race: Giant
Tier: 2
Gender: Female
Age: 78
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: -

General Appearance:

(Height Comparison to a 7 feet tall person.)

Virginia is, by giant standards, relatively human in terms of proportions. One may argue that some of her physical features are quite absurd, or disproportionate, but at least modern medicine would allow for an effective acquisition of such proportions, regardless of one’s nature as a giant. In regards to that, she may be described as a relatively slender, yet curvy woman, wherein her predominant features are most definitely her legs, as they measure more than eight meters and thus make up the majority of her overall height.

This feature in particular however, allows one to make note of another, very typical aspect about giants. Her legs and, by extension, her upper body are incredibly toned, her muscles moving rather visibly beneath the thin fabric of her tights when she moves, whereas the slender muscle of her upper body is mainly concealed and not too obvious.
Beyond that her hair is a rather peculiar thing that marks her for being a giant not deriving from the isle of Elbaf, being straight, without even the slightest of curls and cascading down her back in a flood of jet black. Being rather proud of these assets of hers, she flaunts her hair by wearing it open most of the times, whilst she emphasizes her legs by wearing short skirts in combination with tights, making them appear even longer than they actually are.
In regards to clothing in general, Virginia prefers to stick with uniforms, wearing either the before-mentioned short skirt, along with tights, moderately high heels, as well as a white shirt and a black doublet, yet may also wear dress-shoes with a full-fledged pant-suit, mostly in colder climates. A black necktie always accompanies either of these sets, for the right level of formality! In this case she’d also don the overcoat so very typical of most members of the marines, whereas her private equivalent blends in rather well with the rest of her garments, what with them being just as monotonously black. Last but not least, she almost always dons sunglasses.

While many think it is a simple fashion statement, or sensitivity against the sun, it is actually just a means of preventing people from seeing her easily agitated, blood-shot eyes, whenever she moves into areas with low moisture. Having her light brown eyes stained by something like a blood-shot eyeballs is something she considers terribly distasteful after all. Alas, this penchant for cladding herself completely in black, paired with her height, earned her the nickname ‘Eclipse’ as her appearance can at times be likened to blotting out the sun.

Height: 49’11’’
Weight: 20000 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: That kind of tattoo would be on her left hip or on the back of the right hand. In either case it would depict a thorny hedge, spreading out in five tendrils.

The most notable thing about Virginia is likely how… boring she is in comparison to many of her peers. One could even say that her eccentricity lies within her absolute lack of clear-cut eccentricities. She is almost exactly what you would expect of a woman in her late twenties, by just looking at one superficially, which does in fact correspond with her relatively advanced age, which none the less puts her in that rough age-group, due to her naturally much longer life-span.

What this means, is that her main interest and driving force is her career. In fact, her entire reason for joining the Marines was that they paid really, really well, for a job that came rather natural to the tall woman. In much the same way her aspirations are focused on getting promotions, for the sake of being able to afford a slightly more luxurious life for herself and her adoptive parents, or perhaps a husband, if she ever manages to get her hands on one, that is. So far her chances are fairly slim, as her growing up among humans left her in a fairly awkward position in regards to near everything.

In a way she is thus relatively self-conscious about her height, or rather the problems arising from it, yet at the same time finds satisfaction in the admiration and looks she gets for it. Calling her narcissistic may not be entirely correct, but she definitely enjoys flaunting herself, bathing and flourishing in praise, whilst at the same time taking reprimands and punishments to heart quite heavily. Add to this her (ancient) parents, constantly pestering her about how she’s 78 and still hasn’t got a husband and you got a woman that combines the stereotypical complexes of a young woman with those of a middle aged woman.

Alas, as mentioned before, career takes priority, for the simple reason that Virginia treasures her family beyond all else. In fact, the majority of her salary goes into supporting their minimalistic life-styles in the windowed shelf inside the living room, where they… integrated their house. While both of them are nearly 100 years old, they are still fairly fit, having little complaints in the sense of diseases, yet Virginia does get worried about how much they sleep, occasionally fearing they may just not wake up one day.

In general her race’s extended life-span has caused Virginia her fair share of woes, as she, at this point, has already outlived most of her childhood friends or relatives. So, while she does wish to lead a fairly normal life, working with the Marines, she is quite aware that such a thing may simply be impossible to her, without a partner who is also a giant. BUT DAMMIT, they are so icky!

Virginia is not actually too fond of her own species’ males, finding them to be more like apes, or hairy oafs in appearance, rather than like proper people. This may be due to her upbringing amongst humans, but even so she considers most other giants, especially from the island of Elbaf, to be fairly distasteful. Whether or not that is a snobbish streak of hers, or just a sort of denial is not particularly clear, but she still does prefer the company of smaller species, although she holds some prejudice against fishmen after accidently sitting on a poor soul that had major sea urchin traits. Needless to say, the memory engraved itself quite deeply into her. Oh, and… he lived, by the way, if just barely.

Lastly, her general demeanour can be described as casual, friendly and soft-spoken but dutiful. She takes her job seriously, but is mostly concerned about the well-being of the people she is meant to protect. So even if there were to be a dangerous pirate crew nearby, she would only take action against them, if these pirates did truly endanger the people under her protection.

Alas, in this particular case she would likely weigh her options, to see whether or not she would stand a chance at defeating these pirates to begin with. If she sees her chances as being good, she will move out to subdue them, if not, she won’t risk leaving the people without protection after having potentially angered the crew of pirates with her attack. Yet, if in doubt, she’s not beyond calling in help should somebody particularly dangerous be coming her way.

When it comes to actual fighting she is actually quite zealous and aggressive, making full use of her naturally high resilience and physical strength, as well as her sheer size, to overwhelm foes with brute, concentrated force. This does not mean that there is no technique, or grace to her maneuvers, but ultimately they are focused more so on effectively subduing the target, rather than being particularly flashy. So in a way, despite her size, she can still be rather subtle, just like an eclipse until it already dipped the world into darkness half-way.

Likes: The colour black (well technically it’s a mix of all colours, or the absence of all colours, depending on whether you go by light or pastel colour), rambling on and on about trivia, usually veiled in complaints, going out, having a drink once in a while, dressing up nicely, being able to actually find clothes her size, not having to custom tailor her own clothes, sleeping, sun-bathing, swimming, smoking.

Dislikes: She greatly dislikes irresponsible people, or those that would betray their own friends and family. Furthermore she is quite offended by indecisive men that do not know what they want or follow some lofty dreams of grandeur, whilst completely losing their sense of reality. Pointless destructiveness is also something she abhors and finds to be the most reprehensible trait in any sentient being. Lastly, she hates when people mess up her clothes, or when she has to take care of making them herself, because there are none in giant-size available. Lastly, she really hates it when people tell her not to smoke outside.


Virginia is a child of misfortune, albeit she herself only rarely noticed the effects of the unlucky star under which she was born. Her earliest days were already marked by disaster, as even as soon as two weeks after her birth, her home island was attacked by pirates. How many, unclear. What happened to the population, just as ambiguous, only rumors ever leading to any implications about the fate of the population. What was for sure however was that at least part of the population, including Virginia herself, as well as her mother, were sold into slavery.

What slavers, or any clients intended to do with a newborn giant and its mother was rather open, as only the latter would bring anything resembling a large amount of money, what with the huge value of giants on the slave market. Regardless, it was this apparent uselessness that would ultimately help her escape from this place, albeit separated from her mother. She was purchased by the retired Marine Vice-Admiral Vega Verdi, the man who would become her grandfather. How he had found his way to the auction she never found out, but once again rumors did tell her so much as to indicate that he was not the most lawful individual within the ranks of the marines.

Regardless, with this purchase Virginia’s life only really started. Adopted by the son of the former vice Admiral and his wife, she came to grow up as Virginia Verdi, daughter of Vincent and Rosaria Verdi. It was, by all means, not a terrible life. Her father worked for the World Government, largely just as an official, whilst her grandfather’s pension allowed for a number of respectable luxuries. Needless to say, it was a bare necessity to even be capable of providing housing for Virginia, as she was considerably larger than her adoptive parents within a single month.

Life wasn’t easy for the young couple, as the child their father had saved proved to be quite a hassle. Taking care of a giant baby was truly not something humans were meant to do. Even so, the two, unable to have children of their own, loved Virginia dearly and showered her in affection. Of course, there weren’t only good times, in fact often enough the bad times outweighed the good ones, by sheer virtue of Virginia breaking things or getting into conflict with institutions, due to being too ill-suited to them. She would destroy buildings, scare her peers and worse, simply because she could not fit with them, and could not understand that she was that much stronger than most of the other children.

As a result, at some point her parents decided that they would move to a more remote island, with a smaller population, living nearby Vega so he could help the young giant cope with her awkward strength in a world so much smaller than would be suitable for her. He taught her patience, breathing patterns and a policy of passiveness to direct aggression towards the inside, work it off… and release it as power, resolution and breath. Not only that, but he also attempted to teach her the basics of Haki, finding the girl to be a hopeless case in regards to most of its forms.

It was only when it came to the subject of the Busoshoku Haki that he noticed the strangest compatibility with it in her. Alas, at this point nobody could yet predict that she would indeed carry the potential of achieving a Kami Haki of the Busoshoku Haki class. Yet, at the very least, her life became considerably easier as she learnt to control her body even in crammed and smaller environments. It became a rarity that she would accidentally shove against or step onto a person, or that she would demolish part of her environment simply by moving about.

Regardless, their moving to this more remote island would once again make the unlucky star shine upon their fate, as pirates once again attacked the island, when Virginia was twenty years old. Alas, this time she was vividly aware of the fact, especially when people around her started dying. It was also the first time that Virginia would use her power to actively harm others, even going so far as killing numerous pirates that were after her family. Similarly to the earlier case however, this time as well, the assaulters came in unprecedented numbers.

Yet with the killing also came loss. Virginia saw friends die that day, friends she had known for years, that she had spent so much time of her peaceful life with that the very thought of their loss was hard to grasp for her at the time. Instead rage blinded her actions, rage and an obsession with protecting those dearest to her. Even so Virginia was sure that, had her grandfather not been with them this day, she would have likely died then and there, with the rest of her family. Yet, as luck had it, she was not the one to suffer worst from the bad luck she brought.

After sending Vincent, Rosaria and Virginia off, to flee the island by riding their daughter as an improvised ship, Vega set out to save as many of the island’s people as possible. He didn’t return after they’d been waiting thirty minutes. He also did not return after two hours. Nor did he return when the flames and screams came so close that they could no longer remain there. And so they fled, leaving behind a ravaged island and the man that had once saved her from a life without a future.

Virginia remembers that they wandered about for weeks, having to rely on what provisions she had been able to carry on her back, as well as the occasional dolphin or shark she snatched from the waters. Regardless, the travel between islands was, especially due to their former home’s remote location a much longer voyage than they had anticipated. Regardless, after they had almost run out of food rations for her parents, she finally made it to Alabasta. That she had accidentally taken a much longer route, due to now really knowing the way was by and large ignored by both her and her parents, although her father’s quips in that regard would come to haunt her years later. Perpetually.

Yet, to remain on point, the family settled down in Alabasta for the next few years, her father resuming his duties as a government official, whilst Virgina herself started working in building, whilst also studying world government law and modelling on the sidelines occasionally. Especially the latter proved to be more lucrative than suspected, as apparently she had fit right into a niche market in the modelling industry, albeit not one she appreciated much once she looked a little more into it. That was by and large also the reason she stopped short of continuing this kind of career, once their financial standing wasn’t so bad anymore that it was necessary.

What happened that day in their old home remained mysterious however, as even after they informed the Marines about what had come to pass on the isle, her grandfather, as well as most of the people on the island remained missing, until her grandfather was declared dead after roughly a year past the incident. What he had done left its marks on Virginia, both in regards to her aspirations, as well as emotionally. The woman tried to honour her gran’s values and sacrifice as best as she could, making sure that she’d be able to enter into the Marines at some point.
Alas, largely due to what happened to Vega, her parents were strongly opposed to her joining the Marines as well, as their little baby girl shouldn’t be exposing her frail body to such hazards as what awaited one with the Marines. Virginia even followed their wish, still being closer to a teen physically, due to her race’s slow aging until she said ‘Screw this noise’ when she became forty years old. One may should add that she was drunk beyond recognition at this point, having consumed a donation in alcohol from a noble fan from her modelling days, after getting ditched by one of her attempts at a boyfriend.

Needless to say, the plan was not too well thought out and Virginia promptly failed at joining due to being way too late for the entrance exams, causing her to have to wait for at least another year before she ultimately managed to actually get into training. Once actually with the Marines, Virginia soon found out that the life-style she had been exposed to so far, had been anything but truly bad, at least for a giant. In the marine barracks she was usually forced to function as a sort of mass-scale improvised bed, by sheer virtue of them not having the kind of living space required for a member of her species.

What has to be mentioned however is that overall; the life amongst the marines was one she thoroughly enjoyed. She finally managed to get back into training, focusing on the martial arts and the haki use she had been taught by her grandfather, whilst undergoing the typical marine training… with unsurprising ease, considering she covered a distance ten times that of any normal human in a single step and was naturally stronger than even some higher ranking officers in terms of raw physical might.

Lastly this was also what caused the Marines to overlook the logistic hazard that was her presence. Virginia simply counted as too much of a potential, future, military asset to the Marines, as was rather natural for most members of her species. So, after spending a few years in training, somewhere in between a recruit and a fully-fledged Marine member, Virginia Verdi officially became a member of the Marines and the World Government, to not only help her parents get back into the life-style they used to have, but also to live up to her grandfather’s reputation… or perhaps even surpass it if that paid better.

Life thereafter became both more complex and simpler. At the one hand she had her parents living on Alabasta, on the other hand she had her job that frequently demanded her travelling from one place to another, be it via one of the really large ships, or on foot often enough dragging a few ships, as if she was a freaking tractor. Yet even then she did not complain. Instead her parents sent her letters of complaint once so often, sometimes about how sandstorms were really obnoxious, sometimes about how one of them had looked like they were going to get a heart attack any time soon, only to spit a bean into the other’s eye, and sometimes about how they missed her and hoped she’d get back home soon, save and sound. Well, and also the occasional marriage proposal from men she’d never met in her entire life, which she tended to burn on accident, usually.

The job itself however was… almost exactly what she had imagined. She came to chase pirates, punch ships, and hug whales and even to save an island or city once so often. Life started to treat her really nicely and her slow but steady rise in reputation showed it. The Marines started to recognize her as what she was; a giant trained in combat by one of their former best and she’d make sure that they would never forget her, no matter how much of her past she would have to leave behind and no matter how many of her old peers died before they even hit eighty. She would not give in to the anxiety of being that big bitch among the tiny people that never died, no… she’d ascend the ranks, make her parents proud and become an Admiral! Maybe! Someday!

Face Claim: Daily Life with a Monster Girl |Koroku Smith
RP Sample: Since I am not sure I can even do that from the get-go, I’ll provide one if I need it for getting some rank within the marines (the positions seem to be tied to Tier and reputation, so it’s probably not a given).
Bonus: Start with 1,000,000 Beli please!
Location: Alabasta or Water 7.

Fate Point Allocation:
4 Giant - Allows your character to start as a Giant.
2 Kami Haki I- Grants you access to Kami Haki Busoshoku Haki.

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I'm good with awarding this Tier 2 if you want it.

Just say what bonus you want and update your tier to 2

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Edited it! The 1.000.000 Beli please. :3

Thank you!

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