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1 Eien Moriyama on Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:43 pm



Name: Eien Moriyama
Race: Human
Tier: 2
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist/Marksman
Affiliation: Marine

General Appearance:

Eien carries himself with a mostly formal appearance, practically always wearing a military uniform of some kind. Whether it be the black, older styled cloth outfit with epaulettes passed down to him by his father, or his altered white marine duds. The differences between his typical white outfit and the standard marine getup are few, but apparent at first glance. Rather than simple buttons, his coat is tied closed using bits of golden rope, signifying his former status as a wealthy noble. He does not wear the cap that most marine ensigns do, and he often wears a cape or cloak at his back overtop his uniform. Preferring to leave his uniform neat, he never leaves his coat untied or hanging open. Although rarely seen, beneath his uniform he tends to simply wear a black or white undershirt, depending on which color his outerwear is at the time. As far as footwear is concerned, he typically wears simple black dress shoes, rather than the combat boots many marines wear.

Physically, his stature is average. While he's in excellent shape, he's not very built or muscular, resulting in a less physically imposing appearance than most other marines. Generally straight-faced or carrying a lax expression, his hazel eyes tend to sit half open, with a thousand yard stare that often signifies carelessness or a lack of focus. His facial features are thin and defined, and he prefers to part his mid length, straight, black hair to his left as to avoid interference with his eyesight. Although at times during combat this cannot be maintained, and the frays of his hair sway with his movement or any wind about the area.

Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 175 Lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: None

Personality: Eien is a well mannered, disciplined young man. Preferring to remain silent unless spoken to or the situation calls for it, he only opens up to those he feels comfortable with, which are few and far between. However when surrounded by those people, he can be playful and light hearted, often joking around. Despite this, he is more often serious and calm than not, thinking even average situations through before committing any actions.

When it comes to combat, he isn't hesitant to kill those who provide even the slightest opposition, or those that he has clearance to do away with on his assigned marine jobs. Being raised in a militant combat family, he feels most at home when carrying out such tasks, and doesn't feel remorse for the dead, be they allies or enemies, or even innocents. Although he holds honor and respect as two of the highest principles in his life, he holds discretion above all else, and is very reserved and secretive, even with those he trusts.

Despite being raised in a wealthy family and with some level of privilege, the harsh training he underwent as a child has left him without much sympathy or many selfish desires. He isn't motivated by monetary gain or the opinions of others, but simply his personal sense of duty and honor. While not an emotional man by any means, he holds sentimental value for the heirlooms passed onto him by his now deceased parents, specifically the ornate katana he was given as his father's firstborn son. The only regret he carries with him daily is the hand he had in alienating his younger half brother. He still searches for him in his daily life, hoping one day his activities as a marine will bring him across his brother in his life of crime.

Likes: Combat, Honor, Silence, Sake, Heirlooms, Respect, Order, Marines, Law Abiding Citizens
Dislikes: Criminals, Paperwork and Desk Jobs, Contempt, Dishonor, Rum

History: Born as the son to a wealthy family of nobles, Eien was raised on an island that no longer exists. The first of two boys seeded by his successful former marine father, Eien's youth was filled with disciplined training and privilege. His father intended to raise his children to become well trained marine soldiers, and as such provided many resources to his firstborn, such as expensive, exclusive personal trainers and dieticians to ensure his eventual success. Such a focus on Eien as his father's firstborn left his younger brother somewhat neglected and in search of attention, causing him to become a troublemaker as his older brother became the golden child and eventual successor to the family's wealth. He was even provided with an expensive devil fruit to further his effectiveness, though knowledge of the Nagi Nagi No Mi's effects were not shared with anyone past Eien himself, including even his younger brother.

When he was ten years old, Eien was signed on as a marine, making his father incredibly proud. Shipping out to Logue Town and leaving home, he was eventually burdened with the news that his younger brother had stowed away on a ship and escaped their former home. Taking to a life of piracy and crime at a young age, his brother had become everything his father could not stand, and was thereafter disowned by the strict man. The news came as no surprise however, as Eien had always known his younger brother to be a troublemaker, most likely as a result of lack of supervision.

Years later, when he was just sixteen, Eien received more unfortunate news. Their island had been razed and burned to the ground by pirates, and his parents had been killed in the process. It seemed that in his old age, his father had become careless, too lax, and had allowed the worst to happen. Taking the news in stride, Eien redoubled his efforts to search for his little brother, believing the boy had something to do with the incident. Since that day, he's served his time as a marine gracefully, upholding his duties with pride. He takes as many tasks as possible, while avoiding the ones that would remove him from the field, hoping to someday stumble across his pirate brother and confront him, be it for the better or worst.

Face Claim: Hetalia Axis Powers|Japan

Bonus: 1,500,000 Reputation
Location: Logue Town

Fate Point Allocation: Devil's Meddle, Born To Brawl, Hawk's Eye, Hard Worker, Diligent Spirit

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3 Re: Eien Moriyama on Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:24 pm



Completely new character.

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