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1 Attack of the 80th [Arc Registration] on Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:58 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Arc Type: Standard
Arc Name: Attack of the 80th.
Arc Tier: 3
Sea: West Blue)
Island: 80TH branch
Arc Description: Due to information gathered regarding Syndras history and the connection to not just Lauthric, but the book of evolution and desires might be here on the base. 

Additionally ontop of helping Syndra recover the important artefact Elisa had her own reason for such an Assault. This Location was somewhat a supplier of weapons to that of the Marines forces, and possible the Assassins they recently battled.

The crew of Elisa and Syndra would have no choice but to attack the 80th Branch. 

Task Name: The Outter Rim 
Tier: 3
NPC or PC: Pc
Location: 80th Branch 
Crew, Team, or Personal: [Crew]
Description: Attack on the otterrim with the goals of surviving the counter attacks of the artialliy as attempts are made to not only remove the placements, but break through and Dystroy the gate in order to create a beachhead without the threat of gunplacements wiping out the crew.
Enemy Details: 10 Teir 1 Artialiy Placements & A tier 3 gate with a high durablity
Boss: No

Task Name:Beach Head
Tier: 3
NPC or PC: Pc
Location: 80th Branch
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
Description: Having succeed in securing a beachhead within the 80th branch, they much fight off 250 armed marines as they progress through the courtyard, inner halls and into the storage falsities.
Enemy Details: 300 T0 Marines,  7 T2 Marine captains all with their own unique way of fighting. 
Boss: No.

Task Name: Escaping 
NPC or PC: Pc 
Location: 80th Branch 
Crew, Team, or Personal:Crew
Description: Having reached their goal the crew much capture the artefact "Book of Evolution and Desire", destroy as many weapons as possible including the storage area completely and it off the base.  
Enemy Details:120 remaining tier 0 marines, and 2 T3 Marine bosses.
Boss: (Yes)


Boss Name: Siroop and MiMight.
Tier: 3
Siroop is a gold plated woman with long dark flowing hair, with a ring of fire flowing around her- on the left : Wields a unique version of the power of destruction, wielding Fire..

Mimight- A silvery/blue plated woman short white hair with an ice ring surrounding herself - on the right. : Weilds a unique version of the power of destruction, weilding ice.
Devil Fruit: (none
Haki: None
Equipment: Both in full plated armour, with unique weapons . [Chained Sword, and Burning Shield]
[2 Curved scimitar with unique raked spikes]
Strength: 3 : 3
Durability: 5 : 5
Speed: 2:2   / 3:3 when together. 
Perception: 1 : 1 

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