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1 Reina lynhart[Done] on Thu Oct 13, 2016 6:30 pm

Name: Reina Lynhart
Alias/Epithet: Scarlet Ruin
Race: Human
Tier: 2
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weapons specialist

Affiliation: Marine

General Appearance: Reina's body is lean, almost as if it was crafted carefully due to her meticulous training regimes. Her arms are slender and her stomach as flat and pristine as a baby's bottom. Her hair is long, wavy, and rich as freshly spilled blood. It's rebellious, but not wild as it flies in against a strong ocean breeze. Her body's curves are modest with her bust being a C cup at most and long slender legs. Her eyes a peculiar deep shade blue, which almost flirts with idea of actually being purple.

Generally speaking you'll find her in uniform all year around, with her jacket draped over her shoulders. Her cloths tend to fit her well, as she has made a point to keep them that way.
Although they may not be pristine and white, often being muddled with dirty and soaked with sweat since she rarely changes her clothes.

Height: 5 foot 6

Weight: 140 pounds

Crew Tattoo Placement: A wilted rose on her right forearm

Personality: Reina is a very steady and obstinate woman. She's very prideful and carries herself as if her fellow marines and superiors owe her a favor. She tends to fall in line with the orders of the organization which gave her the life she's had thus far,but she will act independently more often than not even if her personal values clash with the world government.Her sense of duty is unwavering and her sense of justice sometimes put her at odds with her comrades and superiors. She will cut down a fellow marine who took another person's life if she felt the execution was unjust. When it comes to her superiors, she'll act out of line and jump into the fray at her own risk or her battalion's if they sit back and bad things happen before her eyes. She's often been quoted to say that she will fight the world to uphold the justice for a single child.

She's typically more interested in what she can cultivate within, rather than what she can derive from objects or status.
Although she is a weapon specialist, she has no particular attachment to her blades since she will sooner loot a blade off of a dead pirate or marine, than give any value to personal objects. As a marine she learned early on to only value the clothes on her back and even years later when she can finally invest in prestigious katanas or sabers, she refuses them without an ounce of hesitation.

While she doesn't value personal belongings, she despises status. Her time as a poor girl in the lowest stratum of society made her detest what it does to people. She views actual officers as pompous buffoons without even so much as a hello. Even the man, Iceheart, does not hold favor with her because he was an officer. She does not trust the heart of a person who accepts a position which steps on other people to get there.

A minimalist at heart, her only pursuit is internally strengthen her mind and will. Her goal is to one day fully free herself from her own personal greed. Her own desires make her weary and that small part of her which wants to climb the ladder is always eating away at her. Which is why she values meditation with such high regard. She strives to one day free her mind to save herself and to strengthen her will in order to break the cage which is her will. The very same will which leads her to believe there's an ounce of merit to being promoted higher than a foot soldier. The idea that she thinks she can do good as an officer bothers her so.

She's also an optimist at heart, preferring to see the good in people, rather than the choices they've made. In her eyes there is merit to wanting freedom as a pirate, but she can not condone the bad people who overwhelmingly step on others as her own superiors do. Thus she does not pass judgement on these people, but neither does she show pirates mercy once they fulfill the stereotype they're known for. Although unlike her fellow marines who condemn pirates for being demons, she still gives every one a chance to actually be bad. Afterall, they are still humans and she can not condone everything her side does. Regardless of affiliation.

Because of these traits, some might call her self centered. She often has a tendency to condemn the world for not seeing the world from her lenses. In her mind the vast majority of people were blinded by their own despicable hatred to see eachother as human beings. Due to this egocentric view of the world, she
has an ironwill often leads her to being inflexible, aggressive, and burning down bridges a more well adjusted person would have avoided destroying.

Likes: Reina has an unnatural love for dogs and all things pertaining to them, such as mugs and erasers. She likes competition, part of the reason she's even in the Navy. Learning new things is always a joy to her. She may not go out of her way to find out what a poneglyph is,but she will surely listen for hours.

Dislikes: Reina dislikes taking orders and reluctantly takes them simply out of necessity. She has an aversion to scales, anything with them creeps her out. She hates to admit she needs help and will often make an easy solution harder due to her tendency to not budge on things she's against.

History: Reina was always a rambunctious child with a knack for partaking in rougher activities. In the early years of her life while other girls sat around talking and playing house, she was out scraping her knees and playing tag with the boys. Her initial instinct was to always go for the person, guy or girl who was the fastest or strongest, and challenge them directly as much as possible. This tended to leave her tripping up and struggling to stay with the main pack,but she always perserved even when her lungs were on fire and heart was pounding wildly. Which lead to certain friends ditching her and hardening her heart,but also form deeper bonds with the kids who watched over her as she collapsed due to exhaustion. From an early age she learned to form bonds based on trust and be selective with who she played with.

These lessons were mostly learned when she was still around 7 years old. From that point onward she became privvy to what bullying was and social order. In her small nation in the harsh north blue, of florence, it was wealth which afforded people social mobility. Reina often wondered why her parents were taking things they shouldn't have, especially when it came to others being more wealthy. Her competitive nature made her immediately question why her father postured himself to others and why he didn't step out of line to gain more if that was what was keeping him down. She had a sense of the inequality in the world,but couldn't see between the lines and understand why some were more powerful than others, especially in this society where it was emphasized greatly. As a result she became more a friend to the poorer children and spent a great deal of time getting into scraps with other kids.

These scraps were sometimes her standing up to bullies who were older, a particularly bad incident involved her resistance to letting 10 year olds have the field all to themselves. Other ways she competed to prove that they weren't better than her was to compete for grades, test scores, and merit based competitions such as talent shows. She often as any child, succeeded and failed a varying amount of times. The academic side of things often afforded her a better school environment, but social environments tended to lead to her downfall more often than not. She would break boards using the little martial arts she learned starting from 5 at the time,but it tended to lead most parents to scoff at her rough attitude and choice of performance. Still it rather established her as a scrapper throughout school years up until she met the marines for the first time.

It was around the age of 8 when a marine captain at the time, dubbed Iceheart, was taking a stroll through Florence. He was there mainly due Florence's wealth and their emphasis on education, so he often recruited officers from the north blue in Florence simply because of this fact. As for that specific day, Reina was egged on by the school bullies to fight him. If she followed through with what they said, they claimed to not pick on her and the younger kids when they played ball.

With the reckless abandon she was known for, she ran out in front of the marine outfit, unsteadily pointing at iceheart. " Hey you, the big guy in the front, Fight meh!". Her voice was crackled, but her eyes deadset upon him as the leader of the group; something she understood instantly just by his stride in relation to the men who followed in his wake.

The man stopped in his tracks, never encountering someone who would stand up to him. Marines were also tougher in the North blue, especially when they came from foreign lands due to assignments. Most marines did not want to stay in the North blue, nor did they want to go there due to the harsh environment. But this day Iceheart felt rather intrigued by the girl and stepped forth, immediately telling his men to stand down with a sweeping gesture of his arm, sent in direction away from the girl. " Oi kid, why do you want to fight? Didn't your parents teach you manner little one?", he said taking off his jacket and putting up his arms, aka his dukes. " Alright I'll give you one shot, but you better be willing to pay the price if you lose this fight".

Reina nodded looked back at her friends, who were half on board and half afraid for their friend. But she charged out on her own and often did not stand down. However, this time they knew it was not good. They trembled on the sidelines as the boys who egged her on laughed at the show, like it was hilarious. Other citizens lined up to watch the spectacle, whispering among themselves and giving Reina bad looks. Her brows furrowed and she assumed her own fighting stance, her arms began heating up in the winter air. She called it her tickle feeling which she only pulled out for practicing breaking boards, but today she steeled herself to use it in a fight. To most it looked like a shit show, one which would end up with the little girl ending up getting hurt. To those who were informed, they knew she was attacking a man with the ability to control ice.

As expected the moment she ran at him, she cocked her fist and fired the first shot which braced himself for, but only as much as you'd expect from a little girl. He didn't want her body to get hurt, so he tried to hold back. However upon contact he felt actual pain and the girl was not affected by his devil fruit. The audience looked in awe as this girl managed to actually hit a marine captain normally would not have been affected by anything others did to him. They may not have known he was a logia or what haki was, but this certainly was known to the men who served under him.

Iceheart staggered and pretended to fall to one knee, causing the crowd and Reina to gasp. She looked to his underlings who had stern expressions on their faces and the adults around her who were terrified. The kids who she was fighting for and the boys who egged her on nowhere to be seen. She alone stood in the market square, before a man who should have not felt anything from this lone girl. She stood there confused, eyes watering but resisting the urge to apologize. Her trust was shattered and confidence wavering, but she stood her ground despite her unsteadying posture.

"little one, watch closely", is all the man said upon pulling a gun from his jacket's holster. It was a semi automatic pistol, one only afforded to officers and the wealthy. The gun's barrel planted on his temple, fired a deafening shot for the little girl, as she winced at the display. Her composure at its limits as the man not only seemingly committed suicide,but also shot himself without much regard for the gun. " You did what this gun could not. You have a gift, one I would like to help you with. Join me", he said without any hesitation. Reina stood shocked not only at the display,but at the invitation as well. " W-w-w-why would you want me to play with you? I hurt you", she stammered.

He shook his head and knelt down next to her, placing his large hand at the time on her shoulder. " This is a chance for you to make your gift and yourself stronger. Isn't there someone you want to protect"? She hesitated to answer. Fists clenched and mind blank, she stared him in the eyes and pronounced that she wanted to protect her family. He smiled and stood before her once more, this time his shadow engulfing her. " Then we'll be in touch, little one".

It was only a few days afterward that her parents, who in a moment of uncertainty and fear, reluctantly let their daughter and her guardianship go to the marines. In return their lives would indeed improve financially,but they would not see their daughter for long periods of time. As a man of his word, he did promise them they could see her on holidays. However the rest of the year was dedicated to her cultivation as a fighter and marine.

Face Claim: Jingai Makyō; Ignis

Bonus: -3000 bonus exp and a log pose
Location:- Alabasta

Fate Point Allocation: 1: point Born to Brawl - Gives you the capacity to utilize Busoshoku Haki.
2 points:Never Dormant - You begin with your Haki at D-Rank and ready to train or be used.
1 point:Cursed Hands - Grants passage to wield pieces of Cursed Equipment or Devil Fruit Equipment
1 point: Hawk's Eye - Gives you the capacity to utilize Kenbunshoku Haki.
1 point:Hard Worker - You can possess a Secondary Occupation.
6/6 points spent

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2 Re: Reina lynhart[Done] on Fri Oct 14, 2016 2:00 pm



If you bring your Personality and Appearance up to the same standard (not same length, just beef it up a little) as your history you could probably get T2. If you're good with T1 though I can approve it.

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4 Re: Reina lynhart[Done] on Fri Oct 14, 2016 2:21 pm

If my character's personality needs to be bumped up a bit more, I will work on that and the physical appearance before finalizing my application, to at least try for tier 2.

And thanks Cerulean Very Happy

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
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5 Re: Reina lynhart[Done] on Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:55 pm

@Kincaid wrote:If you bring your Personality and Appearance up to the same standard (not same length, just beef it up a little) as your history you could probably get T2. If you're good with T1 though I can approve it.
I have tried to work on the personality,but nothing is really coming to me. It's a personal weakness that even when I don't have a picture, I draw a blank. I tried to add a few more features,but it just felt awkward. So if it has to remain a tier 1, I am fine with that.
Cerulean Faith wrote:Could you flesh out the personality some more. Whats she like with higher up people? how does she act with pirates and scoundrals? whats she like in battle, does she swoon when she sees a man or girl? is she a good friend? a loner? does she hate being around people? is there anything that could sway her for justice? if her best friend became a pirate could she kill them? would she let them go?

just flesh out the personality to round of the character a bit. Loved the history ^.^
I tried to flesh out the personality a bit more since both of you asked me to. Hopefully it's sufficient.

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6 Re: Reina lynhart[Done] on Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:35 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

good enuf for me, tier 2 wiff a bonus 3,000 spendable ep and then u can fill out the bonus section of the app. or u can stick with t1 and i'll give u a bonus of 8k Spendable EP. ur choice

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7 Re: Reina lynhart[Done] on Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:43 am

Weird won't let me edit on my iPhone. I'll go with tier 2 :3

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
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8 Re: Reina lynhart[Done] on Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:46 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

bonus and location?

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9 Re: Reina lynhart[Done] on Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:24 am

Birdie wrote:bonus and location?
Location, tier, and bonus completed. I was at Panera earlier and couldn't edit on my iphone while waiting for my food lol.

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