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1Esidisi Empty Esidisi on Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:49 am

Name: Esidisi
Epitaph: Confusion will be my epitaph
Race: Real Human Being
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Beast Master {spec} - Navigator {minor}
Affiliation: Free Agent
Tier: 1

General Appearance:
Esidisi Profile%20shit_zpsknq5lann
Equiped with natural light collarbone-length silken hair, the kind that would make certain L'Oréal models turn green with envy. Pushed away from his face, it's usually constrained in such a position by his seemingly always present hat. For all intensive purposes it's completely unremarkable and ordinary, certainly not the sort of thing that would catch anyone's eye as being noteworthy.

Moving downwards, approaching towards his relatively thin face, one will quickly notice how sunken his features appear, looking like a man who is no stranger to skipping meals. Thin features grant Esidisi a very sharp appearance, a tight nose, slim lips and a pronounced brow assist in this. Of note, there's also the golden grill which he always wears, something that is seemingly at odds in comparison to the rest of his drab appearance. Some people have eyes that you can't help but notice, they don't even have to be a spectacular color or oddly shaped, there are just those who seem to have a piercing gaze, a sign that there is something more that they have to accomplish in this world. Esidisi has such eyes, light green in color yet they hold some quality that seems to drill into ones psyche, as if one had mistakenly placed a hawks eyes onto a human.

A scrawny build, the kind you would expect to see from someone who wandered with no purpose. Through his relatively low body fat, one is able to see the tight muscles over his body, as well as see all of his sharper bones jutting from his person. A body relatively unharmed by the harshness of the sun, Esidisi manages this via the wide-brimmed hat, with slits on the the crown and the brim that he wears seemingly at all times. It's apparent from his body that he's either a man who avoids conflict, or is simply extremely skilled at it. Free from the series of nicks and cuts that seem to cover those who have the same ambitions as himself, he would appear as a child among men.

Merely saying that Esidisi had a lean body wouldn't really be covering the situation completely. Sure, this is a part to it, but it doesn't give justice to the situation. Birthed with a natural swimmers body, Esidisi manages to fit in perfectly with the race of super humans that roam around the world. It's only when he's brought into comparison with other more unique races does the injustice of the whole thing really begin to show its ugly head.

Clothing is tight fitting, allowing for enough movement, but little more. Esidisi's basic outfit consists of a short-sleeved studded black leather coat, leather pants, a light colored cape and cowboy boots. He wears a belt, the buckle of which bears a pair of hands pointing to his crotch, and at his hips a pair of special holsters for his balls. While appearing odd in the world of the usual seamen, he would be completely looked over among other jockeys, aside, perhaps for his height. Additionally he sports a pair stilted goggles, similar to his hat, which rest just above its brim.

Height: 198cm6'5
Weight: 67kg145lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Tongue


A number of porcupines huddled together for warmth on a cold day in winter; but, as they began to prick one another with their quills, they were obliged to disperse. However the cold drove them together again, when just the same thing happened. At last, after many turns of huddling and dispersing, they discovered that they would be best off by remaining at a little distance from one another. In the same way the need of society drives the human porcupines together, only to be mutually repelled by the many prickly and disagreeable qualities of their nature. The moderate distance which they at last discover to be the only tolerable condition of intercourse, is the code of politeness and fine manners; and those who transgress it are roughly told—in the English phrase—to keep their distance. By this arrangement the mutual need of warmth is only very moderately satisfied; but then people do not get pricked. A man who has some heat in himself prefers to remain outside, where he will neither prick other people nor get pricked himself. -  Arthur Schopenhauer 1851

While polite, Esidisi is usually distant toward his acquaintances, possibly due to the barriers he puts up within his own persona, which be it intentional or not, make it difficult for anyone to really say that he is a likable person. Esidisi is also blunt with everyone he meets regardless of the circumstances, being straight to the point and he hardly tolerates any circling around the subject, reflecting his own focus on his goal. An exterior that shows politeness for the sake of not causing problem, leaving little leftover while he communicates.

Esidisi is very nervous and paranoid at most times, a constant force constantly running through his brain. The extent of which can be most easily seen when he is upset, over reacting and assuming the worst over even the smallest thing. An easily frightened man, Esidisi is painfully of aware of this fault. Despite his own self-flagellation over the subject, this is a fault that he has yet to conquer. Because of this, it can be said that Esidisi is the kind of man who views the world as being half empty, a pessimist through and through.

Esidisi is quite ruthless in his methods, not allowing social norms or taboo's to get in the way of his desires. What appears to be a complete lack of empathy is more easily described as an inability to care. He's not oblivious to the opinions, thoughts and desires of others, he just holds his own desires to be of a higher importance. Despite this kindness is one of Esidisi's apparent strengths. Agreeable by nature, Esidisi isn't as prone to violence as his pairs and can even calmly tolerate bullying by others, their complete selfishness. Upon meeting someone in not particularly antagonistic circumstances, Esidisi will generally be polite and friendly. Because of this, it would be incorrect to say that he has a hate for humanity, he simply despises their vices, getting caught in the tangle of their messy lives and brought into somebody else's life. A love for nature, Esidisi holds the opinion that the world would be a lot easier if we could simply act as the animals do, not hiding behind alter motives or acting with slight of hand tactics. Ironically, if he met himself, Esidisi would almost certainly hate his own person.

Esidisi possesses a code of honor, first putting his comradery above his own interests, and is a man of his words, never crossing the authority of his own oath. Valuing the strength of his adversaries, he is not one to look down on others for their abilities, instead acting as someone who believes that everyone has some form of extra potential that is yet to be achieved. Nonetheless, Esidisi will twist this code whenever convenient, and isn't above lying to get an advantage.

A deep childish streak runs through his person. When getting past his brash exterior, it's entirely possible to find the Esidisi that lies within, the version that he himself doesn't spend an overly extended period of time with. His passion for quoting poetry and sailing are the kind of thing that he's only likely to indulge in with someone who he is comfortable with, the kind of person that he feels like he can truly be himself around. Alternatively, it also a factor when he's isolated.

Possessing a deep regret over the actions of his past, Esidisi seemingly doesn't care about repenting for his sins, instead seemingly having a desire to constantly travel, filling his brain with constant experiences and new ideas to keep it from dwelling on the past. Because of this idea, he's also open to the idea of engaging with people that others would otherwise call undesirables, willing to fill his life with the goal of another simply to keep himself busy. Because of this, it's relatively easy to rope him into doing odd tasks and jobs for others. That said, it's not as if he acts with purely compassionate intentions would be incorrect, it's simply saying that he's more willing to get roped into others desires than your average person.


  • The Ocean - Harboring a deep passion for the sea, Esidisi would consider himself to be an ocean man, something that he things all people should decide. Against the idea of people not having a select identity with this, he considers this to be one of his defining traits. His obsession with the sea has bleed into his other hobby naval engineering. Through these two passions, Esidisi desires to see the entirety of the known world. Never wanting to remain in one place for any extended period of time, it would seem that travel and experiencing other cultures is all he seems to care for.

    Companionship - Despite how obviously awful he is in social situations and how much he would want to desire it, Esidisi is a social animal. Be it from a stranger or a long time comrade, he finds the presence of another to be wholly comforting. Because of this he may find himself surrounding himself with people who possess less than desirable personalities, simply because they're the only kind of people that are willing to put up with the way that he is.

    Puzzles - A broad statement that could mean a lot of things. "I like puzzles." Is one referring simply to a simple jigsaw puzzle, putting enough time into something that is possible for everyone. To be more truthful, Esidisi would have to say "I enjoy figuring things out." An extremely inquisitive mind, he finds himself at his best when it's not his body that is being tested, but the limitations of his own intelligence. Across all subject matters, Esidisi simply enjoys exercising his academic prowess, be it figuring out the quickest route between two island or trying to understand the motives of another. For him this is a joy which is capable of taking up a near limitless amount of time.

    Exercising - In contrast to his relatively minor physical prowess when placed in a direct comparison to some of the other worldly people that roam the seas, Esidisi does enjoy stretching his muscles and keeping himself at his peak. Considering those who squander their gifts to be a waste, he holds this same level of judgement to himself, forcing himself to make the most out of the body and life that he was given. Alternatively, exercising is also a great way of keeping his mind off of other more serious or sour topics.

    Fashion - Esidisi likes to look his best. He wants to wear the best clothing he can, he doesn't want anything below that because anything below that isn't good enough. This even borders on a narcissistic personality disorder. Through this, Esidisi has an appearance that others most likely won't find agreeable. Seeing people as little more than a flock of seagulls, he doesn't allow their opinion to get to him, instead being ultimately satisfied in his own judgement on the subject.

    Poetry - Finding beauty in the words of others. Esidisi enjoys the idea of using others words and ideas to help get his own message across. Because of this, it can seem that he is somewhat stuck up, seemingly going above others heads during average conversation. His writers of choice being Anne Sexton, Matsuo Bashō and Mitsuo Aida.

    Olives - His food of choice. Despite their oily nature, they would be all that he ate if he could get away with it. Despite this, he finds their use in cooking to be completely disgusting. A unique flavor that is strongest when taken raw by themselves.


  • Woman - For whatever the reason, Esidisi can never find himself at comfort when in the presence of a member of the fairer sex. They seem needy and confusing, inviting one in before sending them you out lower than when you first came. To say that Esidisi is uninterested in woman would be incorrect, it would be more correct to say that he finds them as a whole to be a wholly terrifying breed.

    Creating a Scene - The attention of others in a negative light is never something that he enjoys. Coupled with his already present paranoia, the man is prone to going as far to have a panic attack. To recover from this, Esidisi can act rash and completely ruthless to end the situation as soon as possible, not being afraid to go to blows if the situation calls for it.

    Sleep - Being in a state so close to death, where your body is no longer in control of itself, where someone could be doing whatever they want mere inches from you and you would never know. It's not something that Esidisi exactly relishes, instead finding the whole concept to be completely annoying and in a perfect world, unnecessary.

    Arrogance - There's one type of person that just drives Esidisi the wrong way completely. The overly aggressive eccentrics that have no standards for proper maintaining a proper conversation in anyway. The kind of people who think of themselves so highly as to always expect to be the best, to never fail, who treat themselves without flaw. Nothing gives him more pleasure then finding these people and telling them "no."

    Criticism - He doesn't take well to criticism and has a deep-seated need to consistently improve himself over the person he was yesterday. While he doesn't have a problem with asking for assistance to improve himself, being grilled over his own failings is something that he absolutely despises, no matter the intent behind it.

    Meat - Well not completely in your face about it, Esidisi refrains from eating meat. Believing that the human race has evolved to the point where we no longer need to kill others to survive, instead thinking that it's time for us to move past the barbaric nature that held us back in our past.

History: Some people are born directly into a story, the son of a great royal bloodline, the girl who's family was murdered the night of her birth. Esidisi was not one of these people, born into a perfectly nuclear family, his life was just about what would expect the norm to be. Raised with his two older sisters, he was the typical child, perhaps a little shy around the edges, but he fit in perfectly well.

A history so bland, that for one reason or another, Esidisi struggles to recall the vast majority of it. Instead people and events are seemingly brought up that included him, little to his knowledge. Writing it off as simply having a poor memory, Esidisi would say that he first came in control of his own life at the age of twenty-one. Signing up for the defense force for his island, he was stationed at a watch tower, concealed among the trees. His job was to light the torch if they were getting attacked, signaling to the rest of the island. A relatively dull and simple job, Esidisi quickly took to drinking to help pass the time, allowing hours to shift into minutes. On a regular day, as much like one as another he awoke to find a platoon of pirates marching below him, heading directly for his town. Hidden in his spot above in the trees, his job was simple. Light the torch and warn the town and certainly be captured and killed by those below.

All his life he had wondered, like every boy, like every man, maybe girls too, he didn't know. But there has never been a male born who did not wonder, whether he were brave. You hear stories, you read books about men who are brave when they had to be, men who had stood up against unbelievable odds. He had been tested and he had failed. He wasn't ready, he hadn't known it was going to happen. This wasn't what he pictured, a war maybe, yeah, he could be brave in a war. But this? His test had come and he wasn't ready, coward. He sat up in his tree and drunk the day away, drowning out the cries from his village. He would have begged if he had to, all the while wondering how it was that he could be a coward. Now they would kill him, now it would be a relief. How could he ever face his family again.

Slinking off in the dead of night, Esidisi abandoned the perfect life he had built up and destroyed so fantastically. He became a drifter, taking odd jobs where he could. Filling his mind with the problems and issues of others, allowing their world to consume his own as if they would mean that he didn't have to think or face his past. It wasn't a luxurious life by any means, but it was the only life that he felt he deserved to live.

Face Claim: Gyro Zeppeli/Steel Ball Run

Bonus: N/A
Location: Loguetown

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2Esidisi Empty Re: Esidisi on Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:48 pm



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