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1 Clarissa Syfer on Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:47 pm

Name: Clarissa Syfer
Alias/Epithet: The Torturess
Race: Fishwoman [Cecaelia]
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Mode: Hard Mode

Occupation: Martial artist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 4

General Appearance:

Go big or go home right? Clarissa is the embodiment of that statement, her large plump figure is purple in colour, standing at a height of seven foot  while weighing a rather large sixteen stone with six yes only six tentacles each roughly 54 inches long. Her tentacles are black and purple in colour, and seem to make up an attire for her, as the black like skin seems to come up to cover her rather large breasts, her appearance looks rather, transvestiteish with her loud make up and red lips, her pure white short hair. She knows she is not beautiful, yet this does not halt her.

Height: 7 foot
Weight: 16 stone
Crew Tattoo Placement: Arc of back


Clarissa can be cruel, malicious and aggressive, but can also be kind, caring and adoring. Clarissa hates being criticized, especially by those whom are weaker, or less respected than she is. She will chew someone out if they ever EVER mention her sisters crew or accomplishments in front of her. That is one subject that she despises and refuses to talk about. Unlike her sister whom is less decietful, whom is completely law abiding, Clarissa will use any scheme, any way to get the result that she wants. Now this doesn't mean she's "corrupt" or "evil". She just likes results. She does not stand for slavery, nor does she stand for prisoners being tortured just for the fun of it. Tortured for information and interrogation, now thats a different matter. She knows how to act, how to be when around other marines.

Clarissa likes to make deals, bargains that generally end in her favour, she is a sweet talker, gentle toned, subtle and can speak in a rather grandmotherly tone, she does not actually like slavery, nor would she stand for it, but a contract and a payment does not count, if one is contracted to her service due to a deal and they are still recieving the minimum wage required then that to her is fine, they become hers to do with as she wishes making sure the documents are binding and legal so that if anything were to be brought up, she would have the official documentations to prove they had been signed.

She is manipulative and cunning, she also has a strange type of humour which revolves around contact, utilizing her appearance to her advantage. Vengence takes on a new shape when it is ireference to Clarissa, you piss her off, she will shit so hard in your toilet, she will leave nails on your seat and horseheads in your bed or maggots and well yeah shes pretty petty.

Yet unlike her sister, she actually appreciates life in all forms in some way shape or form, she does not view humans as worthless or as pets, indeed those friends whom she actually deems close to her will never feel her wrath unless her sister is brought in to the mix or her mother. She is protective over those whom she calls her babies.

Flamboyant yet classy, used to a high paid lifestyle, she adores her curves and is incredibly sultry, flaunting them whenever she can, many are unsure on how to take the plus sized temptress but what they don't see is the years of discipline, the practive she has occured, many would never grasp her ability to fight, to move fluintly and quickly with her large body.

Spiteful, her own body became a tool, her mother always prided herself, even in Clarissa's case that she had two beautiful daughters, her beauty was the only thing that Clarissa beat her sister in, but she hated it, she hated how it was the only thing her mother noticed, so in her usual manner she destroyed it.


Making Deals: A sure way to catch her attention at the right moment.
Singing: she does adore a good song/
Being away from her sister: Can you tell she hates her


Tyra Syfer Clarissa's sister, she despises her.
There mother Yup, mother wasn't really a fan of Clarissa, but Clarissa does not care.
Scum who breaks deals That my dear is a killable offence.


Clarissa Syfer was born to the noble Syfer family, a noble family made up of fishmen and women, they were somewhat related to the king and queen of fishman island. There mother was a woman who loved beauty and power, she would do anythign to get it, even use her own daughters. At the age of five there mother continued to try to marry them off, nobody took to it due to the age witch was apparently Clarissa's fault, her sister on the other hand was doted upon, though Clarissa had no idea why, it was not until she realized her mother found her unique, her sister was born with ten tentacles each fully functional combined with her power made her unique, thus Clarissa was pushed to the back of her mothers mind.

Growing up Tyra was always the apple of everyones eye, perfect in every way and naturally gifted, Clarissa whom had always wanted to join the marines would find out that her sister also wanted to join, it would turn out that in everything they did Tyra was superior, apart from beauty, how her mother tried to marry her off so many times, to enhance the family power, to become so much more than what they were. But she always refused, Clarissa did not wish to marry.

Instead she had met a man whom she had fallen for, a beautiful human whom loved her just like she loved him, this man was somewhat outside of the law, one whom enjoyed deals with pain, he showed her the excitement of contracts of deals and soon it became her thing, realizing that marriage was a means to and end. She eventually married though brokered her own deal at the age of 16. She would allow herself to be wed as long as she could become a marine.

Her husband agreed. Her mother did not, Tyra and her would spar and Clarissa would always lose to her younger sister, the two swordswomen would compete over and over again, but it became evedent in swordsmanship Clarissa would always lack, yet her superiority in fishman style techniques would be her secret weapon. Tyra seemed unable to harness that power.

So Clarissa left to become a marine, leaving her family behind, happy to do so she begun to make a name for herself as a marine, building up crews. Many whispered of contracts and requirements, many whispered of her temper and power. But soon it would not last for the whispers soon told her that a new fishwoman arrived, Clarissa whom had been a marine for over four years a commodre of her own ship would find that her sister had joined and within weeks risen to the rear admiral position. She became a laughing stock.

It changed her, she become more volatile, still law abiding in many senses of the world but she tortured prisones to get what she wanted, her deals become worse, longer in contract and she hunted those whom broke them.

Though her methods are unorthodox Clarissa achieved greatness in many aspects especially in the grandline were she captured many pirates. She became known as the Torturess, not a nickname she truly card for but one that she fully embraced. She had been a part of the marines, or well apart of the law enforcement prior to the creation of the "soon to be" marines. Her aim, to show them that they are wrong that like her sister, like her brother, she was worth something. She would hunt her brother, she would take him in. The brother whom had been once so sweet to her, she heard rumours of course, mention that he still held true to his beliefs in, the fishman race.  Due to her talents and love of a certain subject Clarissa is currently working towards the position of the vice warden of Impel Down

Face Claim: The Little Mermaid|Ursula)

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2 Re: Clarissa Syfer on Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:29 am


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3 Re: Clarissa Syfer on Fri Jul 01, 2016 8:39 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

revoked so u can omit being related to a world position u urself created study

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4 Re: Clarissa Syfer on Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:54 pm

I was given permission to make this char related to her with the people knowing full well i created her. But iv edited. If its just the case that she can't be related to Gyselle because i made her then there hsould be no objections to me editing to make her related to the only other fishman npc made in return.

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5 Re: Clarissa Syfer on Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:59 am

So you thought, you was finna be related to Oceanus he didn't become a pirate when you were 14 either since Oceanus has 36 years on you in age. No world positions for PC relationssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss revoked until edited.

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6 Re: Clarissa Syfer on Mon Jul 04, 2016 3:25 am

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7 Re: Clarissa Syfer on Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:48 pm


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Free Agents

o k

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