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1 Premiere Updates on Thu 16 Jun 2016 - 14:58

General Info

Character Name: Officer, Finale
Link to Approved Character
Affiliation: Free Agent
Crew: No
Occupation: Primary Martial Artist, and Secondary Doctor.
Tier: 2
Bounty/Reputation: No
World Position: No


Hand to Hand: 5 * Speed
Devil Fruit: 0
Marksmanship: 0
Melee Weaponry: 0

Haki: E

Stamina: 250


Link to Primary Skill Set: No
Link to Secondary Skill Set:
Link to Tertiary Skill Set: No
Haki Aura: No
Devil Fruit: No


Weapons: N/A
4 Trip Genius and 3 Expire Desire.
Armor: No
Ships: Row boat
Pets: No


Completed Topics

Completed Topics This Tier

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2 Re: Premiere Updates on Thu 16 Jun 2016 - 15:20



I say Approved.

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3 Re: Premiere Updates on Tue 28 Jun 2016 - 10:32

Hand to Hand * Speed from silly classes added.


Come one, come all.
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4 Re: Premiere Updates on Tue 28 Jun 2016 - 11:31


Free Agents
Free Agents

o k

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5 Re: Premiere Updates on Sun 3 Jul 2016 - 22:13

Current Tier 1
Oceans RP'd In: South Blue, East Blue
# of Task Completed: 4
# of Other Topics Completed: 2
What has your character done since they've been the tier they are now?: Been to multiple islands, learned about 1's society, learned about devil fruits, killed a perceived strong marine to establish sense of morality, got a devil fruit, killed a potential patient and want it to mean something, and traveled to another ocean with purpose to feel safer.
What has changed in your character since the last time they tiered up and what brought on these changes?: N/A
Why does your character deserve to tier up?: Some people don't read tier up stuff and got tier ups without going to another ocean. Finale is a cool guy and went to another ocean for good reason. In addition, Finale didn't camp one island. He started on one custom island and interacted with the locals to learn about it. He incorporated the island information into his task so the character would best develop. On Briss, Finale began to establish himself as a guy who likes to use his doctor skills to his advantage and to establish his usefulness as a character. He learned that he should be more careful when operating solo, and decided that it'd be best if he joined the marines to make the most use of the knowledge he possesses. At Briss, Finale also learned about devil fruits and the threat they may pose. After leaving Briss, he utilized this newfound knowledge to develop his understanding of a devil fruit by getting one himself. By weighing whether he should join the marines immediately or put it off to gain personal power, Finale has begun to build his code of morality. Naturally, Finale also will begin to understand the consequences and circumstances that come from having a devil fruit. Therefore, it can be said that Finale has developed a lot. He even killed a Malik guy with a lot of development because he wanted to weigh the importance of healing versus realizing his inability to help others in his current weak state.

Overall, Finale has developed supa much and he now is in another ocean looking to join the marines safely. Even his reasons for joining the marines that he's built up to is so developmental as he wants a bigger backing and bigger market to tap into because he realized his inefficiency.

Going to want a 5 in Hand to Hand and +100 stamina. Feel perty developed compared to the dozen other T2 tier up updates I looked at.


Come one, come all.
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6 Re: Premiere Updates on Mon 4 Jul 2016 - 0:03


Free Agents
Free Agents

jordan3 i'll allow it

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