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1 Natalya's Black Book on Thu May 26, 2016 7:13 am

General Info

Character Name:Natalya Dragonov
Link to Approved Character
World Position:Random Chick


Hand to Hand:3

Completed Arcs:

Completed Tasks:

Completed Socials/Non Tasks:

Completed Tasks this tier:

Completed Others this Tier:

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2 Re: Natalya's Black Book on Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:37 pm

Current Tier1
Oceans RP'd In:North Blue
# of Task Completed:6
# of Other Topics Completed:1
Character Development Notes:Natalya started out as a girl who was a small time criminal who became a marine and was a small time serial killer. Who had moved to the North Blue in order to get a new start in her life and in truth spread her criminal enterprise. Cocky as hell and immediatly jumping on an opprotunity to do so.

She met up with her old partner Asher who  had become a Commadore in his spare time and actually had become legit instead of who he was before. Though he still did some shit behind the scenes, Natalya while inside of North Blue encountered slavers who wanted to capture her because she was a Long-Leg. After brutally destroying a man's muchachos she tracked down the slavers and coldly pushed through life and limb to arrest them. Despite actually killing a few of them she succeeded in getting her job done.

At some point, she tracked down 1 of the leaders who was trying to flee, known as Fuckboy Mcgee. After defeating him and getting horrendously injured, Natalya was taken to the local marine base and treated for her wounds. Only to have Fuckboys Brother, Bad Luck Brian the very man behind this entire situation show up and start slaughtering the marines in the area. Killing several of them in front of one of the marine bases stationed on the island. With little option left, Natalya demonstrated "bravery" with a stick up her ass and valiantly held off the man in order to give time for a marine captain to load incendiary ammunition to burn his ass to death. As the assailant was a smooth smooth user, and was immune to most forms of attack.

After this very ordeal however. When Natalya went over to rendevous with Asher Kringle. She only found a note, detailing for her to "expand herself" across the four blues while he himself went to the GrandLine. Heh, so this son of a bitch was going places huh? From that moment on she resolved to expand her criminal business and really throw herself out there while maintaining her marine coverup.

I think my character should tier up because in the process of her fighting, she was forced to learn twice that teamwork was very vital. Once when she nearly got killed by FuckBoy Mcgee because she had her wounds only treated because other marines came to assist her, and secondly when she fought Bad Luck Brian and would have been killed had she not came up with an intelligent strategy that required the other marines to set it up and defeat the notorious criminal. She has also realized through the several wounds she has taken throughout this entire ordeal that the woman has to shut the hell up a bit. Her cocky mouth has landed her in more trouble than she thought she could get into. Especially when Natalya was fired at and unnecessarily injured several times in incidents that could have been avoided with more thought.

The Long-Leg has a new goal in mind now, and a new motivation to get stronger and wiser. Right now IC wise, she is attempting to take over the area known as Spider Miles to expand her criminal influence, and at the same time make a larger step to establishing her "empire"

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3 Re: Natalya's Black Book on Sun Jun 05, 2016 7:55 am



Tier up Approved

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4 Re: Natalya's Black Book on Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:54 am

+1 to DF and +1 to H2H

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5 Re: Natalya's Black Book on Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:33 pm

Current Tier:2
Oceans RP'd In:North Blue,East Blue, A tiny bit of South Blue
# of Task Completed:15
# of Other Topics Completed:2
Character Development Notes:Natalya was originally still an asshole. Succeeding in her goal of looking good on her rep sheet for the marines. As the woman was capable of going as far as to achieve the commadore rank and recieve higher authority due to this. She progressed through her journey to clear out Spider Miles, with slight difficulty the woman managed to defeat several pirates. Exuding her own personal sadism and really letting out that quote on quote "Killer" in her.

However, she started to feel slightly unsure on things midway, I mean she was still hell bent on taking over the place. Then...She suffered a loss, at one of the most unexpected things possible. The woman was defeated by none other than two women with candy/confectionary based devil fruits, a chocolate one and a Cinnamon one. Despite the fight the long-leg put up, she was restrained easily by then and utterly defeated. Buried alive in a Chocolate coffin that was hardened with Cinnamon all over the insides.

When Natalya had recovered from the ordeal...She didn't know how to feel. She felt nothing. Just hollow on the inside at the fact that the woman had really lost. She was so used to defeating her enemies with relative ease and making them squirm, but for her to lose so easily?The Redheads ego took a massive hit off of that. Just really unsure of what she should do, the woman left North Blue in order to "catch" a break. Travelling across the blues and stopping at East Blue for a second.

There the long-leg took an interest in an unusual young criminal named Hakai, who she drew the ire of but didn't really give a shit. Obtaining a potential "source" of supply or whatever the fuck he sold to her memory. However the real relevant part of her journey to East Blue was when she encountered a boy named Naro after Natalya had a scuffle with her brother over preventing him from getting some  fine ass.

She had simply conversed with the boy, who admitted he was a pirate. Going so far as to boldly admit she herself was a marine commadore with her brother. The woman originally, a long time ago she would have just knocked him out and sold him off to the rest of the marines and easily gotten a reward, not caring if she had killed him even. However what Natalya did was ask him why he became a pirate. Naroshi looked so young and too young to even be doing this, plus he didn't even seem "bad". The boy was so young and not really like all the other fuckboys and just general idiots she fought in Spider Miles. What the Long-Leg received in the 2 seconds Nattie decided to listen to someone's story was a rather..."Touching" thing. Of how the boy simply desired peace and though he appeared blind, the woman could tell he had some kind of "heart" listening to him. It was like her mind shit all over her thought process at that moment, like everything got messy and it just clicked all of a sudden like bam. The entire story just "hit" her, whether she was getting soft, or becoming a different person the woman couldn't really tell. Though...She was able to admit for some reason she didn't care about being a marine before. Now...She had a slight change in ideals, and is unsure of her previous plans of simply being a criminal in marine guise. Opting to take a trip to the West to open up more and encounter more of the world herself.

I think Natalya should tier up because instead of being the usual dickhead she always was. Kicking guys muchachos to death and simply killing people because she felt like it and bsed "marine justice" for it. Nattie was instead touched by the two seconds she dedicated to hearing someone out. Someone she'd rather have just thrown in a cell and simply gotten her paycheck off of immediately. Nat's encountered a struggle of ideals on the inside, of does she really wanting to continue in the illegal business now and is instead opting to "explore" more and even go so far as to say she will do things differently. Instead of the constant asshole demeanor where the woman rejects most people and simply threatens and does how she please to get paid at the end of the day.

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6 Re: Natalya's Black Book on Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:21 pm

You've only had 2 general interaction topics with others. Beef dat up

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