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1 Scorpion on Thu Feb 18, 2016 9:59 am



Name: Hanzo Hasashi
Alias/Epithet: Scorpion
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Mode: Hard

Description of Modes:

Easy Mode: Easy Mode is for people who have no major interest in their characters dying. You have access to private topics, maims turn into severe bruising that inhibit the use of the damaged body part for the rest of the thread, what would normally cause deaths turn into your character simply being knocked out. However, everything isn't good for you, this also means that your character will never be able to pass Tier 3.

  • Exceptions to these Rules: Should you attack someone on Hard Mode with killing, crippling, injuring, or maiming intent OOC or IC, you lose your Easy Mode protection and may have the same done to you. May it be killed, maimed, injured, etc as long it is the same intention.

  • You cannot make private travel threads, but they can still be No Kill due to your Easy Mode Protection.

  • Also, there are also events which your character will be at risk if you choose to enter them.

  • Lastly your character can be vulnerable to death if you will it.

Hard Mode: This is for people willing to take more of a risk for more of a reward. In this mode you can reach up to T6, and there are other things available to you, like world positions. However, your character is always death enabled. A hard mode person is not allowed to make a "No Kill" thread or a Private thread. Their whole existence is open. Hard Mode is to promote a more realistic One Piece Roleplay-verse and while people are eligible to die while on Hard Mode, our aim here is not to make this a place where people meaninglessly kill. Hard Mode is introduced to promote interactive RP where people value there allies and teammates. Hard Mode is for an experience closer to Canon.

  • Exceptions to these Rules: If you are situated on your island, or your ship, you are permitted to make a private thread between you and crew members. HOWEVER, you cannot make a private travel thread on your ship, you are still at risk of invasion in those threads.

  • Protection for Private Topics on your Ship can last for a duration of 15 IC Post, afterwards the topic is Open whether you are on the ship, setting sail, etc.

Changing Modes: Changing modes is also possible if you start out a character, and realize the mode you chose does not really suit you. Unfortunately, to prevent people making the first choice without thought, or using easy mode to their advantage getting as high as they can with Easy Mode, and jumping to Hard Mode, there are penalties to both sides changing modes.

  • Easy Mode Penalties: If you're on Easy Mode, and you change to hard mode, you are bumped down an entire tier, and will have to build your way back up. Anything spent on something you cannot have anymore because of tier problems, (You were T3 with a T3 only sword, and you've been knocked down to T2), will be refunded.
  • Hard Mode Penalties: If you choose to jump to Easy Mode, you get everything taken from you that is Hard Mode only, and a tier down.

Finally, there is only one difficulty change someone can go through ever. There will be no chance to buy/trade/sell/casino a difficulty change if you decide you want to change back, ever. So make all of your choices carefully.

Occupation: Martial Artist | Doctor
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Scorpion is a human male of average height and weight, with a moderate build. Scorpion dresses pseudo marine uniform that is derived from that of ninjas of ancient times. The uniform consists of leather bracers, chest guard, boots and knee guards, all of the pieces of equipment are strapped to Scorpion by leather buckles under the pieces of armor. Over top of his armor he wears a piece of yellow combat armor. Over his face, he wears a black hood and a yellow face mask that covers half of his face, leaving his pale white eyes exposed.
Height: Six Feet One Inch
Weight: Two-Hundred and Fourty Pounds

Personality: Scorpion is a hell-spawned specter, inexorably seeking vengeance against those responsible for the destruction of his clan and the death of his own family. Despite his malevolent appearance, he is not inherently evil. He joined the forces of the Marines when promised a chance to revenge his clan and the chance to inflict his wrath against those who butchered them. Scorpion will go against his superiors if given the means to do so.

He undertakes actions that benefit the forces of good, albeit in his own gruesome and vigilante manner. His attitude, appearance and self-reliance have all contributed to his popularity. Compared to the purely virtuous "good marines", and the diabolically evil "bad pirates", Scorpion's moral neutrality is unique. Although Scorpion is often strict and wrathful, at times he shows a caring side and is very honorable. He will lay his life down if he must for the betterment of the world.

Scorpion despises social meetings and isn't one for talking. He takes in orders and performs, nothing more, nothing less, he deems everything else tedious and unnecessary. He even declined becoming a master ninja only because he would have to go through hours of social training. Scorpion would much prefer if no words are exchanged in a fight, though people can definitely make Scorpion mad to the point of barking threats and remarks about how weak his opponent is. He doesn't like when people act cocky, he thinks it's a means of hiding your weaknesses.

Scorpion enjoys meditation, he likes being alone and therefore doesn't have a crew of fodder marines alongside him, he much prefers to handle his situations on his lonesome. Although he loves fighting more than anything else in this world, he tries his hardest to avoid conflict with non-criminals, it would be a shame if he accidentally killed someone and was stripped of his title of a marine, it is all he has left in this world.
Likes: Fighting | Meditating | Absolute Justice
Dislikes: Fish | Sake | Weaklings

History: It is known that his father, a former member of the Shirai Ryu, forbade his son from joining the clan, as he did not wish for his son to live the life of an assassin. However, Hanzo joined in spite of his father's wishes in order to provide his wife and son with a comfortable life. He quickly proved himself among his clan to be one of the best of the best. He was sent on countless missions and always returned home successful. His son was so proud of him, but his wife always pestered him about whether or not he would return home.

Scorpion was sent on a mission deemed impossible one day, he was sent to assassinate the emperor of his island. Scorpion accepted this task and waited for nightfall before making his way to the palace. He sneaked through the palace grounds and got into the palace basement. He crept through the palace halls, taking out guards on the way to the emperors room, when he arrived, the task master of his clan was waiting in the room with a group of over fifty men. Scorpion was astonished, a man he trusted betrayed his clan. Scorpion barely made it out with his life, but when he returned home, he discovered everything he knew and loved had been destroyed by the empire, and his once beloved task master. Scorpion vowed to avenge his clan and take down the empire in the new world when he returns.

Scorpion fled the Grand Line and made his way to South Blue on Karate Island, once there he joined the Marines and began practicing medicine. Now he is a certified doctor and marine, protecting the island from crime. He plans to head off into the blues and begin his career as a standalone vigilante marine.

Face Claim: Mortal Kombat | Scorpion

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