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1 Dojima Kagerou on Fri Jan 01, 2016 2:06 pm

Name: Dojima Kagerou
Alias/Epithet: White Panther
Race: Minkman (Panther)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Mode: Hard

Hard Mode: This is for people willing to take more of a risk for more of a reward. In this mode you can reach up to T6, and there are other things available to you, like world positions. However, your character is always death enabled. A hard mode person is not allowed to make a "No Kill" thread or a Private thread. Their whole existence is open. Hard Mode is to promote a more realistic One Piece Roleplay-verse and while people are eligible to die while on Hard Mode, our aim here is not to make this a place where people meaninglessly kill. Hard Mode is introduced to promote interactive RP where people value there allies and teammates. Hard Mode is for an experience closer to Canon.

Occupation: Martial artist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Dojima is a young minkman who has messy, straight, blue hair and grey eyes and long green ears. He wears an old officer-like uniform with white gloves, black heavy trench coat, black baggy trousers, and black leather boots. He also has a tail that he hides in his clothing. He has a relatively solid build and tends to carry himself like he is an officer of the marines.

He stands at the height of 6'1" and weighs 202lbs  His skin is a milky white color and tends to glow slightly in the dark. That coupled with his weight causes most to believe he is sickly or has health issues. This isn't the case. He simply just has a hard time putting on the weight.

His gloves as well as the rest of his clothes are specifically tailored and adjusted for him. This is mainly due to the fact that he makes and maintains his own wardrobe. So in each and every piece of his clothing one can find either his name or the symbol of a symbol of panther fangs on his clothing.

His shoes are genuine standard issue marine boots. Made to withstand even the toughest situations a marine can be put in. Like the rest of his clothes Dojima has monogrammed them with his name, making it hard to steal.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 202lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Personality:  Dojima is what you would call an uptight prick. Around Pirates and Marines alike he is a stickler for the rules. He will even go as far as attacking his own comrades should they do something outside of his liking. Not only that but he is noticeably cold to everyone. Which makes him very unpopular with his comrades.

Among his comrades he is very obstinate when it comes to regulations. This becomes a problem when one has to bend the rules to capture a criminal. Many times he had to be reprimanded due to lack of cooperation during said violation unless a superior  takes responsibility for it. Not only that due to him being such a goody-goody in that way he finds himself prey to the chain of command. Dojima is willing to go all sorts of lengths if a command is given by a superior officer.

Dojima is also a believer of Absolute Justice. Pirate or Marine matters little to him. Crime is Evil. Anyone can do it, and anyone who does it shall be punished to the fullest extent of Dojima's abilities. Yet he is also aware of the terrible things a marine must do to battle evil. So as to not be engulfed in it, he adopted the rules, regulations, and creed of the marines as his basis.

When he isn't being cold many think of him as arrogant, overbearing, and selfish. He strives to be the strongest and looked down on those he considered beneath, heavily reprimanding their weakness and even resolving to hurt them whenever they stepped in his path. Due to his outlook on his weak comrades he tends to care very reluctant in helping them he usually suggests that they had to give him something in order to acquire his help.  The only things he appeared to truly care about and the strength and reputation of his group/team/crew, and he became enraged every time someone insults it. When enrage his actions become brutal, and his sense of humor becomes far more twisted than before.

Though if one can ignore his cold exterior one would find him quite enjoyable. He lets off a few jokes and even shows a slight lecherous side to him. He can be a pretty uptight person and he is a bit OCD when it comes to the appearance things around him. He is very perceptive when it comes to things being out of place. He hates dirty and unkempt things which makes it hard for him to get along with others especially if they have a naturally unappealing appearance. He has habit of pointing out even the smallest flaw in one's appearance. Though once you get past that, he is kind and considerate person who is always willing to give his opinion on a subject.

Dojima has quite a few hobbies, he likes to play the violin, read novels, and drink wine/coffee/tea in the dawn or dusk. He also has quite a few unexpected and could be considered womanly hobbies such as cooking, housekeeping, sewing, and even knitting. Yet he still has otherwise manly interests, though they mostly relate with guns and swords fortunately. Fun fact: he is also a habitual smoker.

Likes: Cleanliness , Cigars, Coffee
Dislikes: Dirt, Incompetence, Idiots

History: Dojima was a quiet child. Growing up in the slums after an incident that gave the government control of half of his town, his home was now in shambles, Dojima's family was under the protection of a organization called Pit Bull. Pit Bull was like many organizations, they were a 'protection' group that kept people safe from the government and trained underprivileged people in defending themselves from the threat. They were actually just a gang. That was at least their cover anyway, what they actually were doing was dividing up the city and holding pit fights and making drug which they used the poor as mules in order to make money. The protection they offered were mainly just keeping the government dogs away from their places of business which happened to be in the middle of the slums.

Dojima's father was one of the members of the Pit Bulls, Albeit being one of their fighters in the ring. As a child Dojima spent a lot of his time watching his father fight and attempted to copy his savage style. His mother was however a nurse was always patching up his father while preaching non-violence, to which Dojima ignored. Dojima's education growing up was a short one, after learning how to count and read he was essentially thrown into a ring with a grown man twice his size as an opponent so that he could make money. With a lot of clawing, biting, and stabbing Dojima came out on top. Years went by and Dojima gained the title of The Passionate Tiger for his style of fighting in the ring. His mother would later give birth to a pair of twins.

Then the pirates decided to invade the slums in one big takeover. During the time Dojima and his siblings were sleeping, the pirates attacked. Dojima's parents woke Dojima and had him evacuate with his siblings to his uncle as they equipped their weapons and went to defend their home. Suffice to say that was the last time Dojima saw his parents alive. Dojima's uncle was under the protection of a revolutionary organization that wanted to destroy the government. During his travels Dojima found himself in many different situations bringing him closer and closer to depression. It wasn't until he and was his party was assaulted by pirates did Dojima fall into true despair. One morning he awoke to the sound of screaming. Looking up he saw pirates attacking his siblings.

Lifting a random pipe he engaged the pirates. Dojima attempted to beat the pirates back but to no avail. His siblings were already gone, taken by the pirates. Dojima on the other hand barely escaped with his life. After escaping he locked himself into a ship and fell into a deep depression. He remained within that room for 2 weeks coming out only to hunt for food. It wasn't until his uncle found him on the ship at near death did Dojima come into human contact. After an initial conflict, Dojima decided to join the The Marines under the premise of getting the chance to having an actual chance to ending both the pirates that took his sister and the pirates that forced him from his home.

During his time in the Marines, Dojima had to learn a lot. He had to learn the rules. His superior drilled the laws of the marine deep into his being, going as far to say that if he couldn't repeat a chapter by the end of the night Dojima would go without food for the night. His superior reasoned that if his gun was to protect him from pirates the book would protect him from the people and other marines. Remembering the slums he camee from dojima agreed to study. So Dojima did this during his time as a deck hand. Each and every word of the Marine Handbook was ingrained within Dojima's very being. In a month's time Dojima felt he knew all about being a marine. Yet only time would tell.

Face Claim: Bleach | Grimmjow

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2 Re: Dojima Kagerou on Fri Jan 01, 2016 2:57 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

ur height and weight in ur general appearance don't match the height and weight u put in numbers

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3 Re: Dojima Kagerou on Fri Jan 01, 2016 3:28 pm

fixed like

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