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1 Hoshikita Cross's Update Sheet on Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:13 am

General Info

Character Name: Hoshikita Cross
Link to Approved Character Application
Affiliation: Marine
Crew: 42nd Branch
Occupation: Martial Artist
Tier: 2
Bounty/Reputation: 985,000
World Position: Marine Lieutenant


Hand to Hand: 4
Devil Fruit: 1
Marksmanship: -
Melee Weaponry: -

Haki: -

Stamina: 350


Link to Primary Skill Set: Long Legged Rokushiki
Link to Secondary Skill Set: -
Link to Tertiary Skill Set: -
Haki Aura: Savage Soul
Devil Fruit: -


Weapons: -
Armor: -Hoshikita's Trusty Bulwark
Ships: -
Pets: -


Completed Topics

Completed Topics This Tier

Last edited by Hoshikita Cross on Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:58 am; edited 10 times in total

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2 Re: Hoshikita Cross's Update Sheet on Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:00 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

co ol

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3 Re: Hoshikita Cross's Update Sheet on Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:43 pm

Current Tier 1
Oceans RP'd In: South Blue
# of Task Completed: 5
# of Other Topics Completed: 4
Character Progression Notes: After starting out his IC career as an ensign assigned to Base Seventeen, Hoshikita was quickly thrust into the extremely dangerous situation of the base being invaded. During the battle that ensued, Hoshikita utilized the skills he had developed over years of training with his long legged father, and his tentative knowledge of the Marines' Rokushiki techniques to take down two pirates who had been dominating his fellow ensigns. After the battle, he was rewarded for his exemplary service with an unexpected promotion to Marine Lieutenant.

Now a Lieutenant, Hoshikita had accumulated a slew of new duties to go along with his title. One of which included receiving a prisoner transport while his commanding officers attended to other matters. What should have been a simple and peaceful assignment soon turned chaotic and violent when the prisoner's former crew mates staged an attempt to rescue him from imprisonment. Hoshikita was forced, for the first time as a Marine, to craft his own plan of action rather than being ordered what to do by a superior. In his first moment of being burdened with command, Hoshikita excelled along with the ensigns under his command; together they were able to not only recapture the transported prisoner but also the band of pirates who had attempted to free him. Through that misadventure, Hoshikita was able to gain a new found respect for his fellow Marines and the ensigns he worked with, and a bit of confidence in his ability to command.

That confidence was soon exercised when Hoshikita was tasked with leading a group to prepare for an upcoming inspection of the base. It was a rather mundane duty compared to some of his others, but a facet of Marine life just the same. Hoshikita was able to learn what it was like to be responsible for the actions of others, and what it was like for his commanding officers when he slacked off or hid away from work when he was forced to reprimand two ensigns for doing just that. In an odd moment of reflection, Hoshikita was able to realize a few inadequacies in himself and that command was not always as glamorous as it had seemed as an ensign.

After working hard for several weeks, and being heavily injured in a few battles, Hoshikita was granted some time of leave which he used to visit the Briss Kingdom. There, he met a fellow marine, Kouhei, who demonstrated that Hoshikita was not the only oddball among the Marines who thought a bit differently from the doctrine and wore unique clothing. It was a short and relaxing meeting, but it allowed the young lieutenant to rest and catch his breath a bit.

When Hoshikita returned from leave, he was sent out on his first patrol through the waters of a Blue. It was quite exciting at the beginning, but some hours into their expedition the group of Marines was attacked by fish men. During the initial assault, Hoshikita tangled with an eel fishman, that, while defeated, was able to leave a sizable scar on the lieutenant's left shoulder with a powerful bite. This scar is usually covered by clothing, but is quite gruesome when revealed. Hoshikita's commanding officer was incapacitated early in the fight, and the lieutenant was once again burdened with the weight of command. During the ensuing combat, Hoshikita demonstrated that his style of command often involved him fighting alongside or in front of his subordinates by sending them all to safety while he took on a camouflaged opponent alone.

After his first patrol, Hoshikita took another break of leave to work on his physical strength and vitality at Karate Island where he met another couple of odd fellows that he learned little of other than their names. On his way back, he met a man in a rowboat who he learned even less of, and eventually reached Base Seventeen once again. During a night on patrol there, Hoshikita was given a taste of the unknown when he was attacked by the undead after falling into an underground armory. His reaction to such an experience was to try and shut it away in his mind where it could never be found again.

Then, when faced with issues much more grounded in reality, Hoshikita took on a fishman invasion with the help of many of his fellow marines and his commanding officer, Captain Maria. Through his work, it seemed that the lieutenant had become one that others looked to for instruction, and while his exercise in giving such instruction was limited, he was able to take command for at least a short time. During the invasion, Hoshikita took on an opponent who was likely too much for him, and it might have spelled his doom if not for the benevolence of his captain, and her subsequent assistance. His need of her help, while to be expected for such a new recruit, was something that made Hoshikita feel he must become stronger though.

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4 Re: Hoshikita Cross's Update Sheet on Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:23 am



Approved 1/2


All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.
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5 Re: Hoshikita Cross's Update Sheet on Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:27 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


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6 Re: Hoshikita Cross's Update Sheet on Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:11 pm

Tier 2 updates finished, added tier up stamina as well as one point to hand to hand and one point to devil fruit.

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7 Re: Hoshikita Cross's Update Sheet on Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:07 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

go od

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