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1Cedric Branson Empty Cedric Branson on Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:24 pm

Caxton T


Caxton T
Name: Cedric Branson
Alias/Epithet: N/A
Race: Fishman: Lionfish
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Tier: 1

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Revolutionary

General Appearance: Cedric is a lionfish fishman. He is tall with a kind of wide muscular build ( the way lots of fishmen are). He has a light red-based skin with white wavy stripes about him going across his body.He has black shoulder length hair, most of it is tied back, with some in the front sticking out from the bandana he usually wears. Another feature of his appearance is the presence of spines located about his body.  Along with the webbed hands, he has a set of spines coming from his wrist going off towards his forearm. He has another set of spines sprouting from his forearm up towards his elbow. He has a small spine coming off of each side of his jaw. Then he has a couple pairs of spines coming of his back. Cedric has burn scars covering a portion of his body. He has burns on mostly the left side of his body with a few burns on his face reaching just above his jaw-line to around his cheek.

Clothes-wise Cedric wears a bandana upon his head; the color varies from day to day. He wears an open vest, also varying color or design. Sometimes he’ll just wear a t-shirt with a random word on it. Leg-wise he usually wears khaki colored pants that go down to about his shins. On his feet he wears a pair of sandals.  

Height: 6'7"
Weight: 220 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Brand on his upper right pectoral (to cover up the one from his time as a slave)

Personality: Cedric is generally a pretty calm and collected individual. Despite his large imposing build, he's actually a kind gentle giant. He's overall friendly to those willing to interact with him, which is rare due to his appearance. His years of training have molded him into being a fairly patient and level headed individual. Often spending time quietly lounging or meditating, or training to clear his mind. Cedric prefers to drink tea over other beverages. Cedric is actually quite good at reading emotions, this is also useful when trying to read a situation. Though he may not look it, he's generally got his guard up. He knows very well what can happen to his kind if they are not aware of their surroundings.

Cedric harbors an absolute hatred for the world government and their "untouchable" celestial dragons. Due to the part of his younger life where he was forced into slavery, Cedric is a very strong advocate in the Revolution for the ending of the slave trade and harboring. He believes that no being should be treated like that.

He enjoys getting to go out and travel the world as part of his job. He likes to see the many wonders of the surface world that are different from what he vaguely remembers of Fishman Island.

Since he doesn't hear complements that often as a fishman, Cedric often get's really embarrassed and flustered when someone complements him. Thankfully his face is already mostly red, which helps to hide the fact, but not completely since he gets a really dumb smile on his face as he attempts to wave off the comment like it's no big deal.

Cedric is kind of a more defensive fighter. He generally tries to find a diplomatic way about things, using combat when it becomes necessary. Unless directly ordered or absolutely necessary, Cedric prefers not to take lives. He prefers to capture targets or enemies, giving them a chance to be useful sources of information before the higher ups determine the captive's fate.

Tea : it is a very relaxing and warm drink, good for the soul and recovery.
Traveling: Cedric likes to see the world and all the cool places located on the surface.
Diplomacy: Cedric thinks that most solutions can be found through peaceful means of communication rather than violent conflict. He will try and go for a peaceful solution first, however the discussions generally shift to combat.
Compliments: As a fishman, Cedric doesn't hear all that many compliments, so when he does hear them he gets really happy
Training: Cedric likes to practice with his fishman martial arts. In a way it's kind of relaxing and therapeutic to him. It's also a good way to improve himself as he runs through techniques and forms and such.

Slavery and Slavers: Cedric spent five years of his life as a slave, he firmly believes that no living being should have to live through that kind of cruelty. He often prefers to take missions related to intercepting slaver ships.
The World Government/ Celestial Dragons: Cedric's hatred for the Celestial Dragons runs deep. He was imprisoned and forced into labor for these lazy, bigoted monsters. That hatred carries over to the World Government for allowing such actions to continue under the radar.
Alcohol: Cedric is not very fond of alcohol. He feels that the consumption of alcohol takes away from ones's perception and alertness, which he needs.
Confined spaces: Cedric is pretty large as is, and hates being in a cramped and uncomfortable space.
Racism: As a fishman, Cedric doesn't always get the best treatment. The people of the surface worlds have all these perceived connotations and ideas about his people, that are completely wrong. He does his best to keep his composure in the face of it.  

Cedric was born on Fishman Island. He lived there for he first several years of his life, until one day when he was eight he was knocked out and kidnapped by a group of human men. Cedric woke up amongst a mass of other fishmen and merfolk children and adults alike. His leg had been chained to the  chained to the floor. Scared and alone he curled up best he could while being chained up, and slept. For days he and the other captives remained held under the deck of the ship. Some of them had started talking to one another, others remained quiet. Cedric was a kind boy and did his best to calm down the mermaid girl - about his age- chained up next to him, who kept crying. Despite the darkness of their situation they grew to appreciate each others company. The girls name was Heeni, they would often fall asleep on each other during the nights, and talk during the day.

After days on end they arrived at their destination and the people on the boat were lead off in chains to the surface world. They were then brought to a building where they had collars placed around their necks before being sent to a dark room to wait. The merfolk, including Heeni were placed in cramped orbs filled with water. The orbs didn't allow sound in or out, so Cedric couldn't even talk to his friend.  One guy tried to make a run for it and remove his collar. The collar started to make noises and before any of them knew it, the man's head was blown off. Everyone had a horrified look on their face as the man's headless corpse fell to the floor. Cedric looked towards Keeni only to see a screaming face, but heard no scream. After that it got really quiet, and one by one they were led out of the dark room. Upon Cedric's turn, he was brought out to a stage, blinded by lights, he could only hear screams and hisses around him as a human on the other side of the stage spoke really quickly and pointed out towards the bright lights periodically. With the crack of a gavel on wood, Cedrec became a slave.

The only silver lining to this situation was that by some sheer dumb luck, he and Keeni were bought by the same person. They were bought by one of the Celestial Dragons, so as is the process they along with the rest of the newly acquired slaves were branded with the "Hoof of the Soaring Dragon."Cedric's first year as a slave was very rough. Through examples of of brutal beatings and sometimes even executions of disobedient slaves, Cedric adopted a very quick learning curve. He wasn't exempt from the general beatings doled out by his masters. Cedric carried out his tasks and took his beatings with a permanent mask of a smile. Keeni on the other hand ended up as a trophy on display in a small tank.

Five years went past, the life of a slave was all Cedric knew. He was a cog in the wheel of slavery. Everyday was basically the same, Tasks, Beatings, more tasks, and more beatings; all with a smile on his face. As he naturally grew stronger and stronger, the gave him heavier and harder tasks to do. Every now and then his tasks would take him past Keeni's tank. They never spoke, only exchanged looks and Cedric constantly felt anger but could never express it. One night however, when Cedric was thirteen, there was a ruckus as a bunch of men ran through the estate and fires burned in the distance. Revolutionaries had planned and staged an bold attack to release the slaves. They were released from their chains and their collars were removed and they all fled with the revolutionaries on their ships.

Once the ships were far enough out, the Revolutionaries stopped for a bit and sorted out what the slaves wanted to do. Many requested to go home, but Cedric wanted to stay with the revolutionaries. He had pent up aggression towards the Celestial dragons and wanted to make them pay. He wanted to stop this from happening to others. He pledged himself to the Revolutionaries.

When they arrived at a base. Cedric's chest was rebranded to cover the one he had displayed as a slave. With part of his past covered up, he felt a little better, He was no longer owned by anyone. Cedric was then introduced to an older fishman named Mairo, who would act as his mentor for entering the Revolutionaries at such a young age. Cedric was asked if he knew how to fight, Cedric shook his head. The older fishman sighed, " We've got a lot of work, then." he said. Along with some general education, the young Cedric was also taught the ropes of the Revolutionaries. Mairo begun to teach Cedric in the ways of the Fishman Martial Arts and ways to strengthen his body.

Cedric trained in the ways of Fishman karate and Fishman Jujitsu for 11 years under Mairo's guidance. He had quickly moved up through the ranks and could do almost all that his teacher could do. At the same time he had been learning how to operate as a Revolutionary. Mairo had become almost like a father to the boy. At 24, he set out on some of his first missions. Many involved intercepting slaver ships and liberating the captives.

He continued with missions doing his part within the Revolutionaries. Carrying out missions to stick it to the world government.
Face Claim: Tokyo Ghoul | Renji Yomo

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2Cedric Branson Empty Re: Cedric Branson on Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:23 pm

Caxton T


Caxton T
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Character: Cedric
Techs and Skills:
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3Cedric Branson Empty Re: Cedric Branson on Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:44 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

You good

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