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1Interrogation at its finest.  Empty Interrogation at its finest. on Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:18 pm



431 words
Stamina Used?

Draining Dicks?

"Oh god no, It's her" The male prisoner gulped, They were sat within one of the interrogation rooms, five prisoners. Two human males, one fishman woman, one three eyed and a single winged all sat along a large steel table. Chained to keep any abilities limited. "What do you mean" whispered the female. "Who is it?" she asked. "Queen of the Desert, i heard stories in my cell, that if you get interrogated, you'd want to be interrogated by anyone but her. Apparently, she does....things" the man said. "Things" repeated the woman questioningly. "Will you two shut up. I don't care what she does, bastards better not touch my money" the large winged man uttered. Isabella whom they had seen through the clear window located within the door would nod to the prison guard in front of her before opening the door.

"Well well well, how interesting, Five members of the Phantastic Pirates, Ranta's gambling hasn't been paying off very well now has it" The Desert Queen would say smiling. "Now i take great pride in intelligence. I know that Ranta and her crew focus mainly on money and objects. I know that Ranta wields a unique Mythical Zoan Fruit, the Will o Wisp. We know the entire crew is greedy, so here's what I'm willing to do. One of you lovely souls will get the grand prize of your freedom. In return, all you have to do is tell us where Ranta is and her movements seems fair right"

Isabella would give her winning smile, she would push the orange hair from her face as she moved along the table, perching down beside the large winged warrior whom bore no shirt. Lifting her fingers up to gently step along his chest as she spoke. "Whats it gonna be big boy" she said seductively, moving her fingers down towards the rim of his pants with each word. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, does that ever work. Ugly hags like you acting all seductive. Wouldnt work on a straight man let alone a gay one" the large winged man said, his deep rough laugh echoing through the room.

"Top or bottom" she said without missing a beat, a sly smile upon her face. "Huh" "What kinda question is that" The human guy asked. "Sick bitch" the fishwoman uttered, while the other human and the three eyed remained silent. Looking down at the table without saying anything. "Versatile" the winged man answered. "Consider yourself a bottom from now on" she said looking at the winged man. His eyes widened in shock. What was she about to do.

made by sei

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