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1Searing Core [Mode] Empty Searing Core [Mode] on Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:40 pm




Mode Name: Searing Core
Mode Tier: 3
Skill Set Derived From: Atsu Atsu No Mi

So Searing Once activated, Searing Core allows Siegfried to stay in a constant hot state of 3,000 Degrees. Due to this, all skills used in this mode that inflict wounds/make contact are bumped by one Tier once the attack is successful. Either skills that were usually much cooler become immensely hotter, or skills that are hotter become easier to generate due already having a higher starting heat.

Quick Evaporation: When facing Liquid Based Logia's, whether in their solid or aqueous form, skills while using this mode disrupt these Logia's ability from entering into an intangible state to avoid and defensive skills operate at one tier lower. Meaning instead of being able to guard against a Tier 3 Skill with a Tier 2 Defensive Technique, the defensive technique can only guard against the technique of the same tier. This applies for Fish Man Karate Skills that are based around using Water as Defence as well.

Over Drive: The effects of all skills operate differently under the effects of Searing Core. In respect to the Heat Stroke Passive, the first contact starts the countdown from the 2nd Post conditions, instead of the first.

Mode Description:

Weltering an anger deep within, Siegfried is able to harness his happiness to maintain a steady flow of controlled anger. He's able to tap into his Fruit's Trigger, much more easier than a fleeting application like his skills, where he concentrates different levels of anger to obtain the temperature needed. If his skills are like microwave cycles, this mode allows him to maintain a steady Supernatural Oven Type Heat. In this state, his body glows a bright red-yellow colour, and steam is seen being released from his pours.


Boiled Blood: After using this mode, Siegfried's Atsu Atsu No Mi abilities go on the fritz, and the fruit begins to backlash by evaporating his own blood, which usually would be unaffected. This causes Siegfried to loose feeling in his limbs, (one each post), until being completely burned out. Siegfried is stuck in this state for at least three posts, unless litres of water, sugar and iron nutrient foods are provided. *One Limb is paralysed each post until full paralyses is met. Only providing the cure can reverse these effects.


Searing Core [Mode] JxtgGm0

Name: Heat Frisbee
Tier: 3
Type Normal
Range: 75 Meters
Speed: 4
Siegfried creates a thin layer of heat, similar to his Heat Orbs, but as thin as Frisbee. Fashioning the heat in a small circular object, resembling that of discus, Siegfried tossed the discus with immense force up to Sixty Meter before the heat dissipates. The object is 9 inches in diameter, and Siegfried can create two of these discus at a time. This skill operates at Tier 4 Strength.

Searing Core [Mode] PXKGpkz

Name: Scorching Fire Flies
Tier: 3
Type Normal
Range: 60 Meters
Speed: 4
Siegfried creates dozens of tiny heat orbs, this time, the size of fireflies, around 1,000 in all. Now, alone, the heat produced by one of these fireflies is similar to pan burn. However, if enough of these fireflies manage to cover a limb, the collective heat generated is strong enough to burn though most materials. These fire flies can span for up to Sixty Meter before fading. One fire fly staying in a point long enough summons the other, once at least ten flies have landed on the same limb, full melting is possible.  

Searing Core [Mode] Touma-and-Innocentius-to-aru-majutsu-no-index-fan-club-35259207-480-272

Name: Sweltering Heat Shield
Tier: 3
Type Defensive
Range: Self | One Meter
Speed: 4
Siegfried creates a heat dome to counteract incoming techniques. Since this technique acts at Tier 4 Strength, as by rules of Modes, this skill operates as a Tier 4 Defensive Skill. Meaning, it can block one skill, one tier higher, two skills, two tiers lower, three skills three tiers lower etc. The shield can be skin tight like armour or expanding at least one meter outwards in all directions.

Searing Core [Mode] UIrxeeW
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