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1 Heavenly Touch on Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:48 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Priority: Primary
Fighting Style: Martial Art
Skill Set Name: - Heavenly Touch (Hasshoken)
Skill Set Information: - Hasshoken is a fighting style allows the user to control vibrations around their limbs to generate shock. This shock is powerful enough to destroy a metal shield or defeat a strong man easily. It is also claimed that these attacks are unblockable and reverberating, causing defenses to shatter. This fighting style can be utilized on any limb of the user's body, whether it be the head, fists, legs, or elbows

  • L3 Hasshoken attacks deal damage as if durability is -1
  • L2 Bishop’s vibrations give his attacks 5 meters more range
  • L3 Hasshoken do +1 Damage on The material destruction chart

(Link to purchase of passives)
All Passives are locked until Purchased
Skillset Strengths:

  • - The vibrations can destroy equipment of the same tier
  • - The vibrations can destroy defenses of the same tier

Skillset Weaknesses:

  • - The vibrations of hasshoken can affect friends as well as foes
  • -


   Tier 1:
   Completely Destroyed - Wood, Stone
   Partially Destroyed - Iron
   Lightly Damaged - Steel
   Tier 2:
   Completely Destroyed - Wood, Stone, Iron
   Partially Destroyed - Steel
   Lightly Damaged -
   Tier 3:
   Completely Destroyed - Wood, Stone, Iron, steel
   Partially Destroyed -
   Lightly Damaged - Titanium
   Tier 4:
   Completely Destroyed - Wood, Stone, Iron, Steel
   Partially Destroyed - Titanium
   Lightly Damaged - Treasure Tree Adam
   Tier 5:
   Completely Destroyed - Wood, Stone, Iron, Steel, Titanium, Treasure Tree Adam
   Partially Destroyed -
   Lightly Damaged - Diamond, Seastone
   Tier 6:
   Completely Destroyed- Wood, Stone, Iron, Steel, Titanium Treasure Tree Adam
   Partially Destroyed - Diamond, Seastone
   Lightly Damaged - N/A
Attribute Priorities:

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Durability, Perception

Tier 1 Skills:

Skill Name: - Hasshoken Deflect 1
Tier: - 1
Type - Defense
Range: - 10m
Speed: - 3
Description: - Bishop sends vibrations 10m from all of his limbs that will deflect t1 attacks, sending them back a maximum of 10 meters.

Skill Name: - Hasshoken FingerJab
Tier: - 1
Type - Normal
Range: - Contact
Speed: - Own
Description: - Bishop uses his fingers to jab at the opponent, sending vibrations through his finger. The attack does stabbing damage and he can use between 1-5 fingers for the attack.

Skill Name: - Hasshoken Punch
Tier: - 1
Type - Normal
Range: - Contact
Speed: - own
Description: - Bishop causes vibrations to come out from his fist in order to deliver a punch that does external as well as internal damage.

Tier 2 Skills:

Skill Name: - Hasshoken Flying Attack
Tier: - 2
Type - Normal
Range: - Contact
Speed: - Own
Description: - Bishop uses the vibrations to propel himself upwards, and then he attacks his target as he falls towards the ground.

Skill Name: - Hasshoken Burst
Tier: - 2
Type - Speed
Range: - Self
Speed: - Own
Description: - Bishop’s feet produce vibrations that make him move off of the ground much faster, he then jumps forward towards the opponent. He can then use other attacks after his speed is boosted. Increases speed by 1 Tier.

Skill Name: - Shaky Wobble
Tier: - 2
Type - Normal
Range: - Contact
Speed: - Own
Description: -Bishop’s hand vibrates so intensely that he is able to move his hand through solid matter and destroy it from the inside. Does damage based on internal durability obviously

Tier 3 Skills:

Skill Name: - Hasshoken
Tier: - 3
Type - Normal
Range: - Contact
Speed: - Own
Description: - Bishop delivers a kick or punch imbued with the power of vibrations to greatly increase Bishop’s striking power.

Skill Name: - Field Day
Tier: - 3
Type - Normal
Range: - 20
Speed: - 5
Description: - Bishop releases vibrations from every part of his body enabling him to destroy all matter within 20 meters.

Tier 4 Skills:

Skill Name: - CHARGE!
Tier: - 4
Type - Normal
Range: - Contact + 20 meters
Speed: - 6
Description: - Bishop’s entire body starts to vibrate heavily before he charges towards his target destroying everything around him within the attacks range.

Skill Name: - Smash
Tier: - 4
Type - Normal
Range: - 35 meters
Speed: - 6
Description: -Bishop’s hand vibrates before he smacks the ground completely destroying the ground around him causing a crater 10 meters deep to be created. When Bishop delivers the smack he is launched upwards and out of the attacks range.

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2 Re: Heavenly Touch on Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:54 pm

Adri Sakna


denied, to have Hassoken, you must either have a lineage with the chinjao family (which you didn’t specifically say in your history) or do a 1000 word count training thread to learn the technique which I couldn’t find you doing.

If it have proof of either post them here and the grading will begin after.

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