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1Rebuilding an Empire Empty Rebuilding an Empire on Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:16 pm



Task Name: Arrival
Tier: 1
Location: Abfall – Outskirts
Crew, Team, or Personal: Solo
Description: Arthur and his team arrive on Abfall and begin scouting out the island to see what they’re dealing with. They see a makeshift shantytown in the distance and decide to make their way towards that.
Enemy Details: 0 (plot based)
Boss: No

Explain to me again why we’re going to a virtual wasteland. Even if we do manage to subdue whatever rag tag team of raiders and wanderers who still inhabit that place and claim the island as our turf, then what? Seems to me like we’re putting in a lot of work for just a big rock with some smaller rocks and broken buildings. Claire said as she sat in one of the large, comfortable chairs situated on the upper deck of The Nautilus. Behind her and below a small few steps stood Lucy, minding her own business and steering the sub through the depths of the ocean as only a proper navigator could. Claire herself sat in front of Arthur but to his left, the chair swiveled around to face his direction as they spoke. Arthur looked down at the apple in his hand, inspecting it for a moment before he answered.

Imagine for a moment the first person to ever come across a coconut. Perhaps he was marooned on an island somewhere long ago, starving, dying of dehydration when he notices some large, hard objects hanging from the trees. Now if he just took the objects for what it appeared to be, hard, rough, inedible and useless. The man would have starved, having never known the secrets that lay hidden within, the life saving coconut water and nutrient rich meat of the fruit. He would have died there on that island, wasting away to nothing; a slow, agonizing death. It’s important to always look deeper than the surface; it’s something I’d expect you of all people to know in the back of your mind Claire. Then again as a master thief perhaps you’re only concerned with what your targets wear, not how they think. Arthur concluded before taking a bite from the apple. Claire stared at him, raised an eyebrow, her mouth quirked open to one side as if about to say something but instead she simply swiveled the chair around and away from him. If Arthur listened closely he could just make out something along the lines of, Coconuts aren’t even that good. but said nothing.

Sir, I’m going to begin the surfacing procedure momentarily, shall I call for Benjamin? Lucy broke the silence, turning over her shoulder to look up at her captain. Arthur considered this for a moment but shook his head, No, that won’t be necessary, thank you Lucy. Benji usually makes his way to the upper deck whenever we surface without our prompting. Please continue. Lucy nodded and turned back to the sub controls, flipping switches and pulling on the massive wheel so that it began to tilt upwards. As it did the passengers of The Nautilus would begin to feel the ship itself rise in the water, slowly at first but then picking up speed. Halfway through the process Benji came bounding into the room and went straight for the large glass windshield that encased three-fourths of the upper deck. He didn’t say a word, simply smooshed his face up against the glass as if to get as close to the millions of gallons of water behind it as possible. Arthur watched the boy before turning his attention to the water himself, watching it grow lighter and lighter as they rose up from the depths. What started as nearly black quickly became a midnight blue, then a deep green, turquoise, cyan and finally…light as they broke through the surface of the water and into beaming sunlight. In front of them lay a natural jetty, which jut out from the island about 100 feet and into the ocean tide. Welcome to Abfall. Lucy said, turning to Claire and Arthur who simply surveyed the area in silence.

Roughly half an hour later, Benji, Claire and Arthur were packing their things, enough rations and camping gear to last them a week if necessary though they only planned to be out a night or two. Standard procedure while we’re gone Lucy. Lock down the sub, no one and nothing should come in or go out until we come back. We’ll radio you if we plan to come back early or later than anticipated. Arthur said as the cyborg simply nodded in understanding. Understood Captain Kane, I’ll need some time to clean The Nautilus while you’re away so this is a mutually beneficial endeavor. Mr. Benjamin’s mucus tends to take far longer than expected to scrub off the windshield each time. Lucy said in a tone that suggested she might sigh in disgust, but being unable to experience the sensation of disgust she had no such sigh. Arthur nodded as Claire undid the hatch of The Nautilus and climbed the ladder into the sunlight, Benji close behind her. Arthur followed the pair, closing the hatch behind him and leaving Lucy to her chores across the large submersible. Arthur turned to his two subordinates, staring past them at the terrain that lay ahead. The jetty lead to the mainland that, on this side was a small inlet with a rocky cliff overhang maybe two hundred feet in the air. Shall we? Arthur asked and Claire stepped back, out of the way, her left arm extended in front of her down the jetty, Lead the way Captain oh Captain. But Benji was already bounding down the rocky jetty, eager to explore and find what types of animal and man existed in these lands.

The surf crashed against the jetty, spraying salt water into the air and masking the sound of the submarine slipping silently back underwater. Arthur was a man of secrets, he didn’t need his business observed or interrupted unless he wished it to be. If people knew he was on Abfall, they’d come to Abfall as well. Perhaps they wouldn’t seek to capture him or behead him, but simply because he himself had taken an interest in the storied island. Surely if such a man had taken an interest, there was something interesting waiting there and so he wished to keep the others out. Benji, masks on! Arthur called after the young boy from beneath his own, bird-like mask. Claire also had her jackal-looking mask on, white in majority with deep grey and red trim around the eyes and ears. All three were draped in black cloaks, concealing what they wore and looked like beneath while they each carried the same pack on their backs, indistinguishable from one another. We should catch him before he flies off, he is our ride up the cliff face afterall. Claire suggested before walking after Benji, Arthur following close behind.

They caught up to Benji beneath the rocky overhang, running his hands through the soil littered with pebbles beneath his feet. The ground was an odd mixture of black sand and dirt and Arthur didn’t need to any training in agriculture to know nothing would grow in such soil. They say when Abfall burned during the Great War; the ash from the fires was so thick it covered the island entirely. Mounds of it piled up five, six, even seven feet tall. Apparently it mixed with the soil and sand of the island, turning it black and killing anything that tried to grow here. Arthur said, absentmindedly reciting some lines from a history book he briefly remembered skimming in his past. Ah, no place like home. Claire said sarcastically before grabbing Benji by the collar and hoisting him up to his feet. She tilted his head to look up at the cliff and pointed, Up we go booger boy. Before releasing him and shaking her hand of the mucus that covered it just from briefly touching his body. I swear for as long as I live I’m never going to get used to that. Claire muttered before a thick tendril of mucus twisted around her waist, a twin tendril wrapping around Arthur’s own. Or that. She said with a shudder before Benji chimed in, Up, up, up we go! His wings beat against the air as he hoisted his two comrades high into the sky and up over the lip of the cliff, setting them down gently on the rocky terrain below.

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2Rebuilding an Empire Empty Re: Rebuilding an Empire on Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:08 pm



Task Name: Surrounded
Tier: 2
Location: Abfall - Outskirts
Crew, Team, or Personal: Solo
Description: On the way to the Shantytown they spotted in the distance, Arthur and his crew run into some of the four legged locals that roam the land.
Enemy Details: 20 T1 – T2 Wild Dogs
Boss: Nah

Arriving at the top of the cliff, Arthur thanked Benji for his assistance before reaching behind him to his pack. He rummaged around blindly for a moment before pulling out a looking glass and extending it like only a true pirate could. The surrounding area was much like what had met them down below; dark earth surrounded them with rocky outcroppings and garbage littering the land. In front of them, maybe three miles away, appeared to be what was once a settlement. Perhaps a small village of some kind had once stood on the land but now only the skeletons of houses stood there. From this distance he could see maybe two houses still actually standing properly and even those had large chunks missing from the roofs, windows boarded up or simply left broken. Odds were good that scavengers had stripped any piping or wiring from them long ago. Casting his gaze across the landscape, the island seemed to stretch for miles save for a singular settlement off in the distance, at least a ten-mile walk from where the trio stood. From this distance it was hard to make anything out. The shacks or houses, whatever they were, seemed to blend together, packed tightly against one another to form a small town, perhaps even city. At first Arthur believed it too was abandoned but then saw plumes of smoke rising from the settlement. Clearly someone was home.

Lowering the spyglass and compacting it down to its portable size, Arthur pointed to the shantytown in the distance, now just a speck on the horizon without the magnified spyglass. There’s smoke coming from that settlement. It’s our best chance at contact with anyone who actually still lives here. Claire gazed to where Arthur pointed, attempting to find what he was talking about but quickly gave up. Arthur had nothing to gain by lying to her, so even if she couldn’t see what he was talking about, it was good enough for her. Benj, we’re heading North, try to stick within at least a mile of us. Claire called to the youngest companion who simply waved over his shoulder in acknowledgement before taking off into the sky, his wings beating heavy as he flew low across the ground as Arthur had instructed him to do, keeping as low a profile as possible while still enjoying his youthful interests. Arthur was many things; many people feared him and hated him for those things, but a tyrant he was not. He respected Benji’s youthful curiosity and desire to see as much of the world as possible. Who was he to stop the boy from enjoying some small shred of a normal childhood, when so much of it was spent murdering, maiming and doing only god knows what else to living beings.

With Benji off far in front of them and exploring, Arthur and Claire were left to walk alone. They walked in silence for some time, the first abandoned settlement growing closer and closer before Claire finally broke the silence, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “She probably hates this place, can’t stand this weird black dirt. Hates that it’s basically barren, all the good loot has certainly been picked clean. Honestly there aren’t even any animals in this place, just dirt, rocks and trash. She probably wants to kill me for even taking her here never mind suggesting we actually rebuild this place.” Claire paused, catching her breath during her rant and then continued, And you know, if you thought those things I’d have to say, you’re right. Arthur considered this for a moment before opening his mouth to respond but before he could say anything Claire interrupted, So help me god if you say anything about a coconut I’ll lose it. Arthur closed his mouth, the faintest of smiles on his lips, Have you ever heard of the Germa 66? Or the Germa Kingdom? Arthur asked as they walked. Claire shrugged, deep in thought for a moment, Just rumblings around the black market from time to time.  They’re a family of some kind, one of them died not too long ago, picked a fight with the wrong Revolutionary from what I heard.
Arthur nodded, Indeed, that was Rokuju Vinsmoke, an up and coming Scientist and a Titan at the time as well. She had claimed Abfall as ancestral land and people believed she thought there were hidden secrets her ancestors had left behind. Technology buried deep underground or hidden well enough that it hadn’t been scavenged. Unfortunately she died before she could make any real discoveries or even explore the island. Long ago, long before Rokuju was born or even you or I, the Germa 66 or Germa Kingdom as they were known, was supposedly an undeniable force. Their technology was so advanced some believed it to be akin to magic. They leveled entire countries, declaring victory in days rather than months or years. Abfall, as the history books say, was supposedly their hub for technological advancements and production. A scientist’s Eden if you will. However, their history ends abruptly with the oncoming of the Void Century. When history picks up again Abfall is no longer an Eden for technology, the Germa no longer exist and instead history gives us…this. Arthur said, stretching a hand out across the vast wasteland for emphasis.

Claire frowned in thought as they walked, Okay, so basically we’re here on a treasure hunt. You want to claim Abfall as your turf so that you’re free to explore it, search for this magic technology on your own without anyone interrupting you. Let’s say you find this hidden technology, then what? You’re not a scientist, I’m not a scientist, Benji sure as shit isn’t a scientist. What are you going to do with this advanced tech, what even can you do?
All good questions, but not the right ones. Arthur said simply and Claire groaned.
So help me god it’s the coconut metaphor all over again.
You’re right; we came to Abfall so I might claim this island as my turf and my turf alone to keep unwanted eyes from prying on my business and away from what’s hidden here. However, I have no interest in this supposed lost technology, I highly doubt it even exists. Perhaps at one point, but time is a cruel mistress and destroys everything in her path without a care in the world.  No, what I’m searching for is far more valuable than ancient technology.
The past.
Claire stopped in her tracks and stared at Arthur as he continued walking. Behind him he could hear her call out, This is why I don’t talk to you anymore!

By now they had made it to the outer perimeter of the deserted settlement.  To their right stood the remains of a house, only three concrete walls to mark what had once been a pleasant home. Benji landed gingerly on the wall closest to them, kicking up dirt and scattering broken concrete on the ground around him. For a moment it seemed as if the wall would buckle and collapse beneath the light weight of Benji’s fram, but it held firm without issue. Find anything of interest while you were exploring? Arthur asked his subordinate who only shrugged with a shake of the head, Empty, very empty. Black dirt not very interesting, no people or animals to play with. Arthur frowned, even for Abfall it was odd how little life they had seen so far. Though, it was probably best for those people and animals as Benji’s form of playing tended to be…violent in nature. I’m sorry to hear that my friend, perhaps the next settlement will bring more companions for you. Benji nodded before perking up, his ear to the wind, There’s something here. With that he took off again, his wings beating against the air and spraying Arthur and Claire with debris and sand. Their masks protected them from the majority of it, but still Arthur covered his eyes with his long black sleeve. When the dust settled Arthur and Claire followed Benji deeper into the abandoned settlement. Standing in what Arthur had to assume to be the center, they found Benji spinning in a slow circle and attempting to peer into the abandoned house, the shadows inside darker than night.

Well? Claire asked the young boy but Benji only held a finger to his lips and whispered, Shhhh. Before pointing behind Arthur and Claire. The two turned to see a meager looking dog standing atop a pile of rubble and staring them down about thirty feet away. It looked frail but strong, lean muscle beneath taught skin. Must be a stray, probably not uncommon around here.
Benji shook his head, He’s not a stray. He’s not alone. As if on cue more dogs began to appear out from behind the houses, some emerging from their shadowy depths, creating a ring around the trio. They moved nearly silently, clearly intent and fully aware of what they were doing. This went far beyond pack mentality. These dogs had been trained to hunt and kill as one and Arthur could feel the bloodlust in the air, much like the bloodlust he often experienced himself. He was a killer and he was surrounded by at least a dozen fellow killers. Well, this day just went from bad to worse. Claire mumbled as she reached down and picked up what Arthur assumed to have once been part of a fence post, the top ending in a pointed tip. Benji just clapped with joy and anticipation, eager to play with his new friends. Arthur watched the dogs carefully, he wasn’t nervous, but rather bothered that he wouldn’t be able to dispose of this nuisance quickly due to his comrades being trapped in such tight corners with him. The circle grew smaller with each passing step of the dogs as they ringed in the trio, leaving the only room of escape being through the dogs themselves. This close Arthur would have to deal with the dogs one by one rather than wipe them away with his fruit in one clean swoop.

Claire, grab Benji and take him into the Mir-
You’re joking right? They’re just dogs. We haven’t done anything even remotely interesting besides walk in the past, what, three days? Now when something fun actually comes along you want me to hide while you have all the fun? Fat chance old man, you’re stuck with us.
Arthur sighed but said nothing; he had to respect her grit. Without a bark or even vague communication, the dogs began to charge. The first to jump at Arthur snapped at his jugular, attempting to lay the man out on the ground where he’d be easy prey. Instead, Arthur spun with the dog as it jumped, sending it flying through the air past him and into one of its comrades behind him. The dogs yelped but Arthur didn’t have time to finish them off as another snapped at his ankles. He quickly kicked this one away, feeling ribs snap beneath his impressive strength. To the left of him Claire bat away snapping jaws before driving the fence post through the dog’s neck from above. Benji laughed as he spread his mucus out in front of him, ensnaring two of the beasts and watched helplessly as they tried to free themselves of the sticky substance before Benji simply snapped all eight of their collective legs. The dogs howled in agony but Benji just left them there in the pool of his mucus while he turned his attention to the others, smiling the whole time. Another snapped at Arthur who put his forearm up as a brace, only to feel sharp teeth clamp down on his muscled forearm. Not even strong enough to break the skin, Arthur grabbed the dog by the scruff of its neck, hoisting it into the air before snapping its neck with two hands.

Dogs lay dead or dying around the trio’s feet, but still more remained and their dead comrades only intensified their anger. Instead of staying on the defensive however, Arthur charged at the beasts, hoping to be done with this tedious task as quickly as possible. He caught two mid-leap by their necks, smashing them together as he felt their spines snap against one another with the intense force. Claire continued spinning and twisting her fence post, now splintered and bloody but still deadly all the same. She poked holes in the beasts like swiss cheese, keeping them at bay while Benji force fed other dogs mucus, filling their insides and shutting down organ function. Finally, with only about five dogs left, the pack gave up. They seemed to look over their fallen and dead with sadness and remorse, but turned and left as silently as they had arrived. Those, those were not normal strays. Claire said between breaths. She was fine, but winded like any warrior after a fight. No, they weren’t. Arthur said in thought, They seemed…trained almost. Arthur shook his head, Let’s keep moving, I’d like to make it to that shantytown before those things come back with more friends. Claire simply nodded silently and began walking out of the abandoned area while Benji poked at one of the dead wolves with a stick.

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3Rebuilding an Empire Empty Re: Rebuilding an Empire on Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:10 am



Rebuilding an Empire Rsz_1diamond_city

Task Name: Welcoming
Tier: 3
Location: Abfall – Shantytown
Crew, Team, or Personal: Solo
Description: After dealing with the dogs and making their way into town, Arthur and his crew realize that they were better off with the dogs when Claire is captured by the local populace. Arthur and Benji must fight to get her back but will they be able to in time?
Enemy Details: 50 T1 – T3 Scavengers
Boss: Nosir

By the time they reached the shantytown the sun was already low in the sky, not quite setting, but their shadows danced across the black ground in grotesque form. Benji had descended from the sky a few hours earlier and walked with them now, his curiosity exhausted. In front of them stretched a rather large town made among the ruins of buildings. Shacks of sheet metal and plywood packed closely together, some acting as housing, others as shops, and still others as both. The shantytown was far larger than it had appeared earlier in the day, with the ground sloping slightly down on the hill, allowing the town to sprawl out across a far larger area than Arthur previously thought. As they walked through the trash littered streets, some people stared at the newcomers, others paid them no mind, too busy going about their day to day activities. Arthur noticed that they actually blended in quite well here, their cloaks had grown dusty from the long walk and many people wore some form of face protection against the dust storms that threatened this area. Some had large goggles, others masks of their own, and still others simply bandanas. It seemed that if something could be used for anything, even the most menial of tasks, it was put to work on this island. Clothes were mismatched with pieces of faded and rusted metal used as armor. Bright cloth now dulled by the harsh sun and years of use dotted people's attire as they passed by. Arthur could tell these were a hard people, they did not relish in luxury because they had never known luxury. No, these people fought for survival day in and day out, they weren't pushovers. They were exactly the kind of people Arthur wanted backing him.

Arriving at a shop towards the center of the shanytown (shanty-city really), Arthur read the flickering neon sign. The letters were different colors and even different fonts, showing clearly they had been taken from different fixtures rather than one cohesive sign. Noodles N Thigs Arthur read silently to himself. What's a Thig? Benji asked, following his captain's gaze. It's what you get when you run out of n's. A voice boomed from behind a raggedy curtain. Arthur stepped forward, pulling back the half length cloth to reveal a circular bar with two other patrons slurping noodles from steaming bowls. A tall, wiry man stood behind the counter, cleaning a bowl with a damp cloth. He and Arthur traded looks for a moment before Benji came bounding into the store behind Arthur and took a seat at the table. It smells so goooooood. Benji said, practically panting as the smells of the noodle shop wafted through the air. Welcome to Noodles N Things, will you be having noodles today or try your luck with our batch of things? The man asked, placing the washed bowl in a pile behind him. Three noodles, he's paying. Claire said as she entered behind Arthur and took a seat next to Benji, removing her mask to eat her meal. Arthur looked from her to the man before removing his mask himself and fishing in his pocket for a few Beli notes. He slid them to the man who raised a single eyebrow in mild surprise before Arthur said, Keep whatever change there is. The man nodded quietly but quickly stuffed the bills into his pocket before disappearing through another curtain, most likely the kitchen, to prepare the meal.

Arthur sat on the other side of Benji and looked down the bar to his left to the other two diners. They paid the newcomers no mind, each individuals lost in their own thoughts and worries. Arthur turned back to his comrades, content they would not be bothered. You know, I admire what they did with the place. It's a dump, but this town has a certain homey feel to it. Claire said, staring around the noodle shop. Arthur simply nodded in acknowledgement. I have a feeling we won't find a place to stay for the night, we'll have to camp on the outskirts.
I wouldn't suggest doing that if I were you. The tall man said as he entered the dining area from the kitchen. He looked at Arthur sheepishly, Sorry, small place, noodles should be done in a minute. realizing he had been eavesdropping. The Scavengers, they call themselves Scavs, usually come around in the evening. Anything that isn't bolted down or defended with a man and his shotgun usually gets taken. Even then, things still turn up missing.
How do things 'turn up' missing? If it's missing, it can't turn up and if something turns up, it can't be considered missing, right? Claire said almost to herself, clearly not at all focused on the main concern of the conversation, that being the Scavengers.
These Scavengers are violent I assume? Arthur asked, staring at the man.
Aye, quite. The main band of them are lead by a bastard of a man named Criksix, calls himself the Scavenger King, or just the King for short. No lack of ego in that one. The man said as a small woman walked out from behind him with three steaming bowls of noodles and utensils already in the bowls.
Where do they live? Arthur asked simply while the other two dug into their meal.
Out in the Badlands, have their own little city out there. All the Scavengers go in and out of there but the Bloodskulls, that's the largest band of em, they run the place. Criksix's word is law there, though there aren't any real written laws so to speak.
The Bloodskulls? Claire asked, raising an eyebrow as she slurped down a noodle.
I didn't say they were smart, just mean and there's a lot of em.
Accepting this as an answer Claire shrugged and returned her attention to her meal.

Where are these Badlands? Arthur asked before taking a fork full of his own noodles. They were hot, unseasoned, but food all the same and having gone most of the day without any food his stomach welcomed it warmly. The tall man chuckled, I can understand why, to the outsider, it may look like all this land is badland and you're not wrong. The specific Badlands though, they're farther North from here. The man took a pencil from behind his ear and brushed off the wooden bar in front of him with his hand. He began tracing a rough outline of the island to Arthur's left. Arthur watched him intently as the man sectioned the island into three main areas. This is where we are, we call this place Haven. This, He pointed to a squiggly line off to the left of Haven, this is the basic start of the Waste. No one lives out there save for the animals. Packs of wild dogs no better than the Scavs have claimed this part of the island as their own. Pointing the pencil above Haven now, Arthur saw another squiggle to decide the boundary and then a larger circle within that new territory, These are the area known as the Badlands, it's where the majority of the ruins are from the Germa Kingdom. The man said before circling the circle he had already created, And this, in the heart of all that, in the center of the destruction and rot is Scav Land where the Scavengers reign supreme. Of course the three areas tend to blend together from time to time. Packs of Wild dogs roam into our territory now and again, we send people out into the other two territories to hunt. Hell some Scavengers even live here in Haven, keeping an eye on those who come in and out. Most likely spies for Criksix or any of the other Scav band leaders.

Arthur nodded and ate as he studied the map, And what's here? Beyond the Badlands? Arthur asked, pointing to the area north of the squiggle marking the northern boundary of the Badlands. The man raised an eyebrow before scratching at his chin in thought, Truthfully no one around here is quite sure. Most call it the Pit as it's just a massive, overgrown crater.
Overgrown? As in plant life? Arthur asked in surprise. Throughout their entire walk across the island today not once had he seen anything that he'd deem 'overgrown'. Some dry weeds here and there for sure, but nothing of any real sustenance.
Aye, I've never seen it myself but stories float around that it's the only place that can actually grow anything green other than the meager farms we have here to sustain us.
If this exists, why aren't people flocking to it? It sounds like an oasis in the middle of a vast nothingness. Claire asked, piping up, her bowl empty.
Because girl, those who go to the pit don't come back. There's something...alive in there, some think the pit itself is alive. Swallows people whole they claim. The man shook his head absently. His response had been quick, biting as if he had been offended by Claire's question. Arthur finished his meal before placing more beli on the counter, We should be moving on, the sun is setting by now. Arthur said to his companions as he rose from the bar stool.
You already paid when you got here. The man said about the money.
That was for the food, this is for the information. Arthur said before placing his mask over his face once more and turning, walking out from the curtain. The man only frowned but pocketed the money as Benji and Claire joined their captain.

Arthur had been right, the sun was already setting in the distance, casting pink and orange hues in the sky over the wasteland of an island. We should probably head out of town and find a place to set up camp before it gets d- Arthur held up a hand to silence Claire as he gazed around the area. Something People still busied about the streets, but less so and they moved far quicker than before. Perhaps it was just the setting sun, driving people to whatever shack they called home for the night. After a moment, Arthur realized what it was he was looking at, various off-road vehicles had been added to the mixture of scrap and trash that dotted the streets. They were parked strategically among the rubble, some even with cloth draped over them to not draw attention, but they were there. Arthur was surprised with how close some of them were to the noodle shop, surely he would have been able to hear them approach even over the din of the outside area. Unless of course the drivers had cut the motors and allowed the vehicles to roll to their resting positions so as not to alert anyone, particularly the trio in the shop. Kane... Claire began but Arthur just nodded, I know, stay behind me so you don't get in the way. He could feel both Benji and Claire move ever so slightly back.

Arthur waited, surveying the area. He was suddenly aware of how painfully quiet it had gotten before he noticed someone to his right begin to reach beneath his tattered cloak. Instinctually Arthur raised his foot, a quake bubble already generated around it and brought it down hard on the ground. Spreading out like a cone the ground in front of Arthur literally lifted into the air as large chunks of metal and rock were thrown skyward, erupting violently from the ground. The man reaching beneath his cloak was thrown as well, along with maybe half a dozen others who had been hiding amongst the shacks and rubble. A horn sounded as some of the vehicles came to life and drove out from their hiding spots, packed to the brim with Scavengers all armed to the teeth. Behind him two tentacles of mucus shot into the air, grabbing two massive chunks of stone and rubble. Benji brought one down hard on the front of one of the larger vehicles, causing the engine to explode and sending Scavengers flying through the air, fully alight from the explosion. The other chunk of rubble was brought down on two of the Scavengers who had been thrown into the air by Arthur's attack, ending their meager existence. A vehicle peeled out from a side street, a massive machine gun turret strapped to the back. As it turned the corner the gun barrel began to spin. The ground to the right of Arthur began to shred beneath the onslaught of bullets when Claire suddenly stepped in front of him, a mirror generated large enough to cover the whole trio. The bullets hit the mirror and instantly rebounded back, shredding the car, its driver and most importantly its gunner. When the bullets stopped, Arthur took off towards the charging Scavengers, willing to meet them head on.

He threw a punch to his left, quake bubble encasing his fist and for a split moment nothing happened until suddenly the air shattered in front of a group of Scavengers and they were all thrown hundreds of feet away, bones breaking from the impact of the vibrations. Arthur jumped high into the air to meet a charging vehicle head on, bringing his Haki covered fist down into the front of it. The vehicle flipped, sending half a dozen more scavengers sky ward and into the waiting mucus net of Benji's. They screamed as Benji did what Benji did best, a mixture of sexual and torture techniques one shouldn't get to much detail of. Arthur ducked as the vehicle spun over head before laughing out loud as electricity coursed through his shoulder and painfully constricted his muscles. However, for Arthur it wasn't painful but instead pure pleasure thanks to his birth defect. The scavenger who had struck him with the stun baton was clearly confused but didn't have time to think about it before Arthur swung his fist around, concaving the man's skull near his right temple. In his peripherals a four wheeler appeared behind Claire and Benji, Arthur turned to warn them but was distracted when a blade sliced through his upper bicep. Warm blood dripped down his arm as dopamine flooded his brain causing him to produce a wide, toothy grin as he stared at his assailant. Arthur could see behind the man's goggles, he was clearly scared.
What, what are you? The man stammered, his curved sword raised to attack again but clearly too stunned to actually use it properly. Arthur reached forward and with his bare hands bent the sword to the left, making it completely useless, I'm your reckoning. Arthur said before grabbing the man's head and producing a quake bubble. The man's head exploded from the vibrations, his corpse dropping at Arthur's feet.

Shit! Claire screamed as Arthur turned his attention back to his comrades, but Claire was nowhere to be found. The fourwheeler was driving past him now, a net of some kind being dragged behind with Claire inside. Seastone! She yelled to Arthur as the four wheeler sped past, its driver tossing something in the sand at Arthur's feet. Arthur looked down in time to notice a small hand grenade at his feet, his eyes grew wide before the explosion knocked him off his feet. His natural durability kept him alive and only moderately damaged, but the blast was enough to knock him unconscious. He lay in the black sand, giggling as darkness encroached his vision and he fell into a deep sleep.

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Task Name: The Hunt
Tier: 3
Location: Abfall – Outskirts
Crew, Team, or Personal: Solo
Description: Realizing he’ll need an army of his own if he’s going to go up against an army of scavengers, Arthur wanders out into the waste to find some four-legged friends.
Enemy Details: Hundreds of T1 – T2 Wild Dogs
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Alpha
Tier: 4
Description: A massive wild dog who’s shoulders reach to at least six feet and measures around 10 feet from snout to tail. He has black shaggy fur, a scar running down his right eye, which has become grey and cloudy. Massive canines make this dog more hellhound than wild dog.
Devil Fruit: No
Haki: None
Equipment: No
Strength: 6
Durability: 5
Speed: 3
Perception: 3

Light streamed through from behind Arthur’s eyelids, it was faint at first, a soft glow before it grew brighter and brighter. He opened his eyes to find himself staring at an oil lantern some three inches from his face. Upon realizing the man was awake, whoever was holding the lantern quickly pulled it away, letting Arthur’s vision adjust to the darkness around him. The shantytown, Haven as the locals called it, had an odd assortment of light sources once the sun had set. Strings of bulbs lined some of the shacks, half broken lampposts, some on others not, dotted the streets. Others hung burning torches, lanterns; one house simply had a burning pile of trash out in front of it Arthur noticed as he scanned the area from his position on the ground. His body tickled slightly throughout the majority of it, but specifically in his abdomen where pockets of pleasure wracked his nerves. He gently grazed his hands along his abdomen, feeling for any serious damage. His hands came back bloody, but not much and most of it was already dried. He could feel shards of shrapnel in his abdomen and legs but they were tiny and the natural durability of his skin had done quite a bit to keep them shallow. Certain he’d walk away with only a few nicks and bruises, Arthur began picking out the shards of shrapnel he could feel in his stomach and upper thighs.

Whoa there, probably shouldn’t just be picking at that stuff all willy-nilly. We called a doctor, she should be here shortly. The man from the Noodles N Thigs said, he had been the one holding the lantern in Arthur’s face. Arthur noticed now that a small cluster of people had formed around him. To his right Benji sat huddled with his knees up against his chest, staring intently at Arthur. Picking most of the pieces out, Arthur dropped them to the ground before forcing himself to sit up. He chuckled from the pain and said to the man, I am a doctor, tell her to stay home. He then looked at Benji, It’s fine, I’m okay. Where’s Claire?
Benji shook his head and grabbed his hair, letting his mucus covered fingers comb through it in anger, Gone, gone, gone. Bad men, Claire is gone. Benji bubbled, his words hardly coherent. Arthur simply nodded, his fears confirmed. He looked down at his torn pants and shirt. His cloak had tears and burn marks in it as well but for the most part was salvageable. He picked his mask up from the sand, scraping out the dirt and grime as best he could before placing it over his face once more. That’s what I feared. Arthur said as he rose to his feet. Fresh blood dribbled out of the small wounds where he had pulled the shrapnel from but he paid them no mind. He knew his body would clog the wounds with platelets and before long the wounds would scab over.
I watched you stand on a grenade from one of those bastards. What…boy, what are you? The Scavs….they didn’t stand a chance. The noodle man asked in disbelief. Arthur ignored him, instead scanning the area. The ground was littered with dead Scavengers and people were already picking the corpses clean for anything even remotely of value. Finally, in the dim light his gaze fell on one of the four wheelers the Scavs had driven into Haven. That vehicle, does it run? The townspeople were busy looking over the corpse of the vehicle’s driver, who sat slumped across the steering column, a large iron rod sticking out of his back. The townspeople apparently hadn’t yet gotten to strip the vehicle for parts yet. The noodle man frowned but turned towards Arthur’s pointing and said, Not sure, might as well have a look before they start taking it apart though.

Arthur walked over to the four wheeler with purpose and the townspeople, seeing the man they believed had risen from the dead, obliged to quickly get out of his way. He picked the corpse up by the scruff of its neck and tossed it at the feet of the townspeople so that they might continue their looting unperturbed. He looked over the four-wheeler, running his hand against areas he thought might be damaged. It was hard to tell what was new and what was old. This thing had clearly seen some serious use in its day and really, if not for the intense jerry rigging, it should’ve been scrapped years earlier. Still, it didn’t hurt to try as Arthur twisted the key, still left in the ignition. The engine sputtered and then died. Arthur frowned and tried again.
Sputtering, then coughing, then nothing.
Once more.
More sputtering, this time a grinding sound, then nothing.
Arthur frowned but took his hand off the key and popped the hood of the engine. The engine was a mess, but that had nothing to do with the scuffle he had just been apart of. Arthur studied the engine intently. He had never been one to work on vehicles and had only read the passing book or article about it but never really studied them per say. Placing his hand on what he thought to be the main part of the engine, Arthur sent very faint tremors through the rigging, careful not to produce too much in case the engine simply fell apart.
You there, He said to one of the townspeople watching him, turn the key in the ignition. The young man approached, his face stained with dirt and grime. He seemed confused, but did as he was told and this time when he turned the key, the engine hummed to life. The young man pulled his hand away from the key quickly as if it would bite and took a step away from the four-wheeler.
How’d you do that?
Magic. Arthur said, closing the hood of the four-wheeler. In truth he wasn’t sure himself the exact science behind why that had worked, but it wasn’t worth investigating at the moment. All that mattered was the thing was running. Benji, we’re leaving, let’s go get Claire. Arthur called to his companion who jumped up with excitement and glide over to him. The noodle man came running after the young boy.
Whoa, wait just a minute. You’re going after those Scavengers? They were Bloodskulls, one of their spies probably reported back to Criksix when you entered. Probably liked the way the girl looked and flagged down a band of them nearby, that’s how they set up their ambush so quickly. You might be something special, but not even you could walk into Scav Land and walk out alive. They have a small army within their walls. Besides, your friend is either dead or one of Criksix personal slaves, which is arguably worse.
Arthur stared at the man, his face hard as stone as he thought. He had no doubt he could destroy this Scav Land, he could sink the whole island if he wanted to. The problem was he didn’t know where to find Claire in all the mess and if he started just murdering the Scavs she may very well be held as a hostage before Arthur could get to her. He’d certainly need more than just himself and Benji to get Claire, even if these others only acted as a diversion while he infiltrated the city. Arthur thought of Lucy in The Nautilus but just one person wouldn’t be enough and he didn’t want to leave the ship unattended. He scanned the area, these people fought to survive but they weren’t warriors, they’d be torn to pieces and besides, Arthur had no way to convince them to rally behind him, they only saw him as a stranger. Spotting one of their packs lying on the ground, already picked clean by those who had assumed the trio were dead in the fight, Arthur recognized it as Claire’s and a plan began forming in his mind. It was a long shot, but it was better than nothing. He walked over to the pack and picked it up, empty from the looting. The front of the pack, where it rested on the wearer’s back was still damp with sweat. Arthur pulled on the pack with two hands, easily ripping the front from the back before folding it and placing it in a pocket in his cloak. The townspeople just stared at him as if he were a mad man, which in many ways he was. If they have an army, then I’ll get my own. Arthur said to the noodle man before stepping onto the four-wheeler, Benji, take to the sky and look for dogs, we’re hunting. With that, Arthur twisted the throttle and took off down the unpaved streets of Haven, out of the town and into the abyss of night.

About an hour Arthur was still driving through the night, the headlights of the four-wheeler his only light in the darkness. The terrain had been hard and rocky, bouncing Arthur as he drove but he hardly paid the uncomfortable conditions any mind. His mind was set, a goal in view and he planned to see it through. Doggies to the right. Benji said, having descended to Arthur’s left side to give his captain the information. Well maybe doggies, I can’t see. Something is moving though. Benji said with a shrug before ascending and turning right to chase after them. Arthur turned the four-wheeler after him and within minutes his headlights bathed a small band of dogs in light. They stared at him, ears back and teeth showing to scare him off. Arthur calmly walked up to the nearest one and kicked it in the ribs, hard enough to at least fracture a few but not too hard that the dog would be incapacitated. In fact it’d probably still be able to run, just not necessarily at top speed, which was exactly Arthur’s goal. The dog let out a yelp of pain and limped a few feet away from its attacker. The two dogs closes to it, seeing this, leapt at Arthur who simply grabbed them by the necks and broke them, letting their bodies drop to the ground. The two others were encased in tendrils of mucus before they could strike Arthur, silenced before they could let out a yelp of pain. Benji descended to the ground and looked at his and Arthur’s handy work. He looked at the dog Arthur had injured who stared back in confusion, as if waiting to be finished off, before Benji turned to Arthur. He cocked his head to the right, a silent Why?

By injuring that one, it’ll eventually seek home to recuperate and nurse its wounds. Home is exactly what I want to find. Arthur said, pointing to the wound one before stepping back to his four-wheeler and leaning against it, waiting for the dog to realize Arthur wasn’t going to kill it and move on its way. Benji joined him, sitting gently on the hood of the four-wheeler, Hmmm. Benji said, considering Arthur’s words. It’s basic instinct. When you’re hurt, you want somewhere safe to go and heal until you feel better; for most creatures, that’s home. These things move in packs, they might be wanderers but I have no doubt they have certain caves or dens they favor when the weather gets tough. Somewhere to keep their young until they’re old enough to hunt on their own. Arthur said, staring at the dog as it began to lose interest in Arthur and Benji and wander off. Benji simply nodded, but said nothing. Already Arthur was missing Claire’s company. Benji was good for many things, but analytical conversation was not one of them. We should follow, try to keep a good distance away or above it, I don’t want to spook it.
Up, up, up. Benji said before his wings lofted him into the air while Arthur climbed into the seat of his four-wheeler. He twisted the throttle slightly, giving the dog plenty of room to limp along back home.

Another hour passed before the dog eventually made its way into a large den. The ground sloped downwards into a small cave, big enough for maybe two men to walk into side by side. Arthur killed the engine as Benji descended to the ground beside him. Stay here, I don’t need to track down both of you. Arthur said before stepping into the den. He walked for several minutes, feeling eyes peering at him from the shadows, but no dogs in real sight in this darkness. Finally he entered a large subterranean room where hundreds of wild dogs, more wolf than dog, lay about with their young and relatives. Immediately he felt all of their eyes on him, teeth showing in aggressive snarls. Again, he wasn’t scared of dying here. They were only dogs and at the end of the day he could bring this entire cave down on them if necessary, but that wasn’t his goal here. If he had to do that, he’d lose the very thing he came for. The dogs did nothing more than stare and snarl as Arthur walked farther into the room. At the center lay a large black dog, surrounded by other, smaller dogs, mainly female from what Arthur could tell. The wild dog rose to all fours and Arthur suddenly understood just how massive this thing was. Had it stood on two legs it’d be several feet taller than even him. One of the smaller, younger dogs approached Arthur from the back but the large alpha snapped at it and it quickly scampered back. Arthur and the alpha stared at one another for a long moment and Arthur noticed a scar running across one of its eyes, causing a milky white color where the iris should have been. Finally, after a long moment, Arthur simply asked, Shall we? and the alpha pounced. Arthur leaned back, letting the dog jump into him and rolling with the beast. The dog was stronger than Arthur had been expecting and faster too; this wasn’t going to be as easy as he had initially thought. Not only that, but he wasn’t going to use his Devil Fruit unless absolutely necessary. A fight like this wasn’t about killing the alpha; it was about demonstrating his dominance over the most dominant dog in the pack. This would have to be fought with pure strength alone if he wished to gain the respect of the pack.

On his back now, Arthur held the Alpha’s snapping jaws just an inch from his face, holding it back by the throat as it attempted to take off his head. Its sharp claws dug into the wounds from his fight with the Scavengers, drawing fresh blood. Realizing he was in no position to win, Arthur raised his left hand to the Alpha’s side and punched it hard in the ribs. The dog pulled back its head for a moment in pain, which Arthur took as an opportunity to throw the dog off him as he scrambled to his feet. Arthur had to admit, he was impressed by how quickly the Alpha was back on its feet, ready for another go. The massive dog walked slowly around Arthur as if planning its next attack. Arthur let a fistful of black fur float gently to the ground from his hand. Around him the dogs had begun to bark and howl as if cheering on the fight. He pulled at his cloak and let it drop to the ground behind him, not wanting it to get caught up in the fight. Finally, the beast pounced again but this time Arthur caught it before it could knock him to the ground. One hand grabbed the creature by the throat, keeping its snapping jaws from his own throat, while the other clamped around one of the dog’s large paws. With only two hands though, that left one of the dog’s paws free as it wracked at the flesh on his left shoulder. Arthur began bubbling with laughter, as his skin was ripped open, the dog’s claws sharper than many weapons. Laughing like a madman, Arthur brought his right foot up and kicked the dog away. The dog fell to the floor and, taking the offensive now, Arthur jumped towards it, delivering a hard kick to the side of the head as the dog rolled across the ground. He walked over to the down beast, ready to put it out of its misery, blood saturating his torn suit now from the reopened wounds on his abdomen and fresh one on his shoulder. The dog however had played him and when he approached, it leapt and clamped its jaws around his abdomen with unprecedented speed. Arthur’s laughter reverberated across the walls of the den, drowning out some of the barking as he brought two fists down on the back of the Alpha. He struck it three times before the beast finally loosened its grip. More blood soaked his shirt now, oozing out from fresh and old wounds alike, but he did not waver as he grabbed the dog’s jaws, one hand on the bottom and one on the top. The dog tried to jump towards him, rake him with claws again, before realizing just how much trouble it was in. Arthur could feel it pull away as he stared into its one good eye. He looked around at the baying hounds, before staring back at the Alpha. Finally, he pulled in two directions, ripping the Alpha’s jaws clean off its face and watching the bloodied corpse sink to the floor.

Breathing heavily through laughs, Arthur dropped the two pieces of jaw to the ground on either side of him. He looked around as the dogs fell silent, the only sound coming from his laughter as his wounds ached and bled. Finally, one of the dogs that had been sitting with the Alpha when Arthur entered approached and Arthur prepared to bring this entire room crashing down if necessary. Instead however, the dog simply sniffed him before licking at some of the wounds on Arthur’s abdomen and arms. Others joined in and Arthur realized he had just been accepted into the pack as the new alpha.
He had found his army.

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Task Name: Breaching the Castle
Tier: 2
Location: Abfall – Scavenger Land
Crew, Team, or Personal: Solo
Description: Having bested Alpha and becoming the pack’s new alpha, Arthur and Benji ride forth with their new companions to save Claire and put an end to the Scavenger’s lawless rein over this island.
Enemy Details: Hundreds of T1-T3 Scavengers
Boss: No

The fingers of dawn crept up over the horizon as Arthur emerged from the den of dogs. Benji sat on the four-wheeler staring out at the sky, as it grew lighter before turning as Arthur approached. He looked his captain up and down, Hurt? Benji asked but Arthur only shook his head as dogs walked up behind him, I was, but I took care of it. The sun is rising, I want to reach this city of theirs before it’s in the sky. Benji nodded but then looked around Arthur at the dogs huddled behind him and cocked his head to the side in confusion. They’re here to help, they listen to me now. Arthur said as he retrieved the scrap of sweat coated backpack from his cloak pocket and held it out for the five dogs to sniff at. Once they pick up her scent, they’ll lead us straight to her. We’ll use the attack as a diversion while I go retrieve her from wherever she is in that city. We’ll be in and out as quickly as possible. Arthur said as the dogs began moving away from the scrap of backpack and sniffing the air. One barked and the others joined it, all barking together excitedly. It seems they’ve found what they were looking for. Let’s get going. Arthur said as he climbed onto the four-wheeler and Benji took flight. He turned back to the den and whistled high and loud. For a moment there was nothing as Arthur started the engine and revved the four-wheeler to life, then came the pounding of hundreds of footsteps as hundreds upon hundreds of wild dogs burst forth from the mouth of the den. Arthur took off behind the five trackers, his army of canines behind him and surrounding him on all sides. Together they ran as one to Claire.

Within an hour they had crossed into the Badlands and were in populated Scavenger country. Arthur kept the dogs at a good pace, not too fast to tire them out, but fast enough to reach the city before the sun truly rose. As it was the sun was just cresting over the horizon, bathing the sky in an orange morning glow. As they mounted an incline in the terrain, the lead dogs paused at the crest and Arthur killed the engine, the rest of his pack stopping behind to catch their breath and wait for further instruction. Benji stood at the top of the hill simply pointing and the lead tracker dogs sat staring at him, two of them turned back to look at Arthur, awaiting his response. Arthur came up behind Benji, leaving the four-wheeler to sit for a moment and looked at what he was pointing at. In the distance, perhaps a mile away stood the beginning of the old city ruins. It was here where the Scavengers lived and here where Arthur would find Claire. Arthur frowned in thought as he considered what lay before them and the best way to approach this situation. If he let the dogs loose and they all charged as one, there was no doubt in his mind the scavengers would easily hear them with enough time to prepare. The dogs were ferocious, no doubt about that, but they were hardly a match for fully automatic machine guns. The Scavengers would be picking them apart by the end of the day, long before they reached the city walls. The walls themselves didn’t look terribly well fortified, made of sheet metal and plywood, but sturdy enough for a century to break through with ease. Arthur had no doubt he could take the wall down without even needing his fruit. The problem was range and defense. Without Claire’s fruit here to act as a reflective shield or teleport them into the city, Arthur and his dogs would be out in the open. Arthur could protect himself well enough, but the dogs would have nothing. He looked at Benji who stared at the wall in silence.

We need to get in there Ben, and we’re going to need cover if we don’t want to get blown to pieces by their artillery. Do you think you can handle that? Arthur asked, Benji said nothing, only nodded and continued staring at the city wall. Arthur nodded in acknowledgement and turned back to his amassed army. He whistled twice, pointing to the left and right sides before indicating they should move in as a singular column rather than a wide wave. The dogs, confused at first, began to slowly make their way towards the center. As they did, Arthur focused a quake bubble onto his fist and said, I’ll make you a shield to carry, get ready. With that he punched the ground beneath him and generated a massive fissure in the small hill. A large piece, the area Benji was standing on began to slide off from the rest of the hill but before it could fall to the ground below, Benji rose into the air and covered it in mucus, stopping it in its tracks. Arthur could seen genuine strain on the Winged boy’s face as he lifted the large chunk of earth from the ground, We’ll make this quick Benji, just long enough to break through the wall and then you can put it down.
Claire.  Benji said with a nod.
Yes, let’s go get her. Arthur said as he remounted the four-wheeler, let out a low whistle and gunned the engine down the remaining hill. Benji flew low, with the large chunk of earth out in front of him and covering Arthur and the dogs as they ran. As they neared, Arthur couldn’t see with his eyes, but instead felt the vibrations of people moving along the wall. A gun began to spin to life and he heard bullets pinging off the earth block one after another in rapid succession, so quickly it’d be impossible to actually count. Scavengers began yelling, but the charge kept on. Arthur was worried about how long the earth block would actually hold against the onslaught of bullets but his worry was quickly put to rest as Benji screamed out, CLAIREEE!! and thrust the massive boulder through the makeshift wall.

Sounds of gunfire died down as Arthur drove the four-wheeler through the carnage. The boulder rolled and tumbled through the streets, crushing anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way. Shanty shacks and other establishments were crushed beneath the rolling boulder, sending shock and confusion through the city. Wild dogs ran through the breach in the wall, snapping at the firs scavengers they laid eyes on. They fanned out, with no rhyme or reason, their only intent to kill and keep their Alpha safe. For Arthur’s part, he drove through the streets behind the boulder, using its momentum and size to protect him from any scavengers attempting to take a pot shot at him. Suddenly, to his right a larger vehicle appeared most likely on its way to aid those who had been lost at the wall. The vehicle was going at full speeds and didn’t have time or even bother trying to stop. At the last moment Arthur jumped from his four-wheeler to the windshield of the truck, holding on tightly to the doors with their windows rolled down. The scavengers in the truck were caught off guard momentarily as metal ground against metal with the two vehicles colliding. The military-like Scavenger vehicle more or less ate the smaller one, pushing it to the side while the Scavenger behind the wheel kept driving even without being able to see. Arthur pulled himself up and onto the cab of the truck, looking at the gathered scavengers in the back staring at him when one decided to raise their weapon. Reacting quickly, Arthur jumped towards the bed of the truck and brought his quake bubble covered fist (say that five-times fast) down on the scavengers there. The back half of the truck buckled as Arthur had used enough force to actually send the front half high into the air. He jumped free of the wreckage as it spun into the air and crashed on the remaining scavengers. Standing now, he looked back at the carnage he had wrought. Benji had already plastered several Scavengers to the walls of the ruined buildings, their mouths and noses covered with mucus so as give them a slow, terrifying death. Dogs and Scavengers fought in the streets as Arthur watched a scavenger slice a dog in two, its companion leapt through the air and bit down hard on the warrior woman’s neck. Still, the dogs kept coming through the breach, so much so that they now ran past Arthur and further into the city. Ahead, Scavengers were beginning to rally their own troops and meet the charging dogs head on to prevent them from entering the city any further than they already had. Gunshots rang out in a chorus of snarls and claws on metal. The entire street was a bloodbath and Arthur’s tracking dogs were nowhere to be found.

Abandoning that plan until one of them could be located, Arthur ran past the boulder, which had finally come to a stop, a pair of bloody legs sticking out beneath it like the wicked witch of the west. He charged into the fray, pushing a Scavenger’s rifle away before it could put down one of his dogs and punching a literal hole in the man’s chest with his pure strength. Adrenaline coursed through Arthur’s veins as he dodged a curved sword of the Scavengers, side stepping it before striking the assailant several times across his body. The man shuttered and fell, paralyzed completely. A volley of shots rang out through the battlefield and Arthur turned to see a wall of scavengers together, firing single shot rifles into the crowd. They seemed to hit friend and foe alike, unworried if they struck down a fellow Scavenger along with the dogs. Arthur wondered if they were even aiming or simply confident in the thick enough cluster that they’d hit something, anything, every time. Channeling his vibrations into his legs, Arthur jumped from the ground, high into the air and over the thickest part of the fighting, leaving behind a small crater where he had once stood. As he came down, Arthur generated a quake bubble around his fist and punched into the wall of Scavengers firing wildly. A large shockwave ripped the air and earth around him as the Scavengers were thrown away from one another like rag dolls, bones breaking audibly. Arthur walked over to one of the few still breathing and picked him up, Where is Criksix? He demanded of the dying man, who simply raised a shaking finger in the direction of one of the tallest buildings in the entire city. This one seemed to still be standing from time long ago, simply taken over and modified by the Scavengers. Arthur threw the man to the side, leaving him to die in what little peace he could find in all this madness.

The sound of motors filled the air as more trucks drove through the streets towards Arthur and his four-legged army. The dogs were putting up a good fight, but it was apparent it was only a matter of time before the Scavengers gained the upper hand. The element of surprise had acted favorably for them, but that time was quickly drawing to a close as the Scavengers had prepared and responded to their frenzied attack. Ahead of him Arthur could see a massive collection of Scavenger vehicles driving towards the fight. Many were armed with the large machine gun turrets Arthur had seen in action both here and back in Haven. He looked back to where Benji was and decided he was out of the way, or at least close enough out of the way that Arthur felt the young boy would be fine. Running towards the cars, Arthur sent a single shockwave towards the lead vehicles, enough to knock them into the air and back at the other vehicles. A massive fireball erupted in the back of the charging squadron, enough to cause the other vehicles to swerve as the drivers attempted to gain control. Unable to fire accurately, Arthur took this opportunity to charge directly into the center of them and unleash a shockwave all around him, shouting, Mittelpunkt!

All around him vehicles, humans, and dogs alike shattered from the sheer force of this shockwave. Entire limbs were ripped clean off bodies closest to him, along with sections of vehicles. The world seemed to shatter and shake with this simple skill, showcasing the true power of such a devastating fruit. One man, standing closest to him, Arthur nodded as he watched the destruction he had caused as if in slow motion, simply no longer had an upper body. The shockwave had been strong enough, and the Scavenger close enough, to shred the man’s upper body to pieces and scatter them to the wind like paper. The ruins in the area shook and crumbled, half a building toppling down on warring dogs and Scavengers. More vehicles exploded as they tumbled through the streets, erupting in fires throughout the city. Arthur breathed evenly, watching the carnage unfold around him, when he felt a small pin prick on the back of his neck. He reached back, finding something there and pulled out a dart. Inspecting it, he frowned realizing he hadn’t bothered to activate his Haki during the fight. He had been overconfident in his attack, solely focused on the matter at hand and now it had cost him. He turned back in the direction the dart had come from to see, through the dust cloud, a lone Scavenger with a modified sniper rifle standing some seventy or so meters back atop one of the tin shacks. The Scavenger put up a single hand as if to wave to Arthur as Arthur’s vision became blurry and his entire world seemed to tilt to the left violently. The large man collapsed as his assault on Scav Land came to an end.

Words: 2367/2000

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Task Name: Two Walk In…
Tier: 4
Location: Abfall – Scavenger Land Arena
Crew, Team, or Personal: Solo
Description: Having been overwhelmed by the sheer number of Scavengers and their unexpected advanced technology, Arthur awakens in makeshift dungeons beneath the Scavenger Land Arena. Quickly he finds himself thrust in front of hundreds of gathered Scavengers who have come to watch him fight to the death. If he wins, he’s promised Claire.
Enemy Details: Various Bosses
Contender 1:

Boss Name: Siegfried
Tier: 4
Rebuilding an Empire Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRW6cysclxNzaO7XYoUUl1uzIHPeEOA_vBrh3mJttfBl3A60UQ-cA
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: K&B
1x Electricity Trident (Titanium)
1x Electricity Net
Strength: 5
Durability: 4
Speed: 6
Perception: 4

Contender 2:

Boss Name: EX – 0192 “Nova”
Tier: 4
Rebuilding an Empire 83fc474116a1ac3bdcfbe7048e3ebc33--character-concept-concept-art
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: N/A (Robot)
2x Titanium Shield-Swords
2x Wrist Mounted Plasma Cannon
2x Anti-Grav Boots
Full Titanium Body Armor (actually his body)
Strength: 6
Durability: 4
Speed: 5
Perception: 4

Arthur came in and out of consciousness several times over the course of the next…honestly there was no way for him to know just how long it was. He’d begin to rouse from the drugs, his eyes fluttering open and while they adjusted to whatever light he was in, blurred shapes and oblong images would come into focus right before he felt another pin prick in his neck and it’d be lights out once more. When he finally did wake up, this time for real, Arthur found himself curled up in the fetal position of, what he assumed to be, was a subterranean jail cell. As his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, cast only by the burning torches lining the walls just outside reach of the jail cells, he found he wasn’t alone. Granted he was in his own 10x10 cell, alone but the other cells made of only metal bars contained other prisoners as well. Sitting up now, he studied the various prison mates. All different races seemed represented here and rather than looking starved and skinny like many of the people of Haven or even the Scavengers, the other prisoners appeared fit and well fed. Each looked like a hardened warrior and someone who their jailers would not want out loose. At first Arthur assumed he was still groggy from the drugs when the feeling persisted after he had already woken up, but he then looked down at his right wrist to find a band of stone around it. Seastone, the metal clasp that actually lets them put it on you retracts only with a specialized magnet key. It’s pretty impressive for a bunch of unintelligent raiders. I assume it’s some old tech they found lying around the ruins. They put one of those little bracelets on all of the Devil Fruit users, although when you came in they seemed especially chatty. I assume you’re the one responsible for all that noise a few hours ago. A voice spoke about three cages down. Arthur looked up from his bracelet to see a large wolf-like creature leaning against the bars and staring at him. At first Arthur thought of the Alpha dog he had killed, this very much reminded him of it but more humanoid in appearance. You’re a…Minkman if I’m not mistaken.

The wolf man nodded, Aye, though most of us just refer to our race as simply Mink. Around here they call me Silver. The mink said, I’d shake your hand but, you know. He said with a shrug, indicating the bars that separated them. Arthur nodded and reached up to his face, realizing his mask was gone, he felt somehow naked. Standing up, he reached towards the bars that bound him. They looked easy enough to bend even without the use of his Devil Fruit. Whoa whoa, I wouldn’t- The Mink tried to warn but it was too late as Arthur’s hands clasped around one of the bars and a violent jolt of electricity shot up Arthur’s arm and through his body. He burst out laughing, pulling his hand away violently as the skin smoked and sizzled. That’s gotta sting. The Mink whistled lowly, though Arthur could tell he was a bit thrown off by the large man’s laugh at the pain, Yeah if you listen closely you can hear the bars humming with that electricity. As a mink I don’t much mind it, kind of charges you up like fifty shots of espresso at once. Others…it’s less kind to. Arthur stared at the mink for a moment before turning and looking around. A winged sat several cells down, on the ground, knees to its chest and at first Arthur wondered if it might be Benji but before he could call out, the winged creature shifted and Arthur could see it was very clearly a female. Others were in the cages as well, but none really took his interest. Turning back to the mink, Arthur asked, When they brought me here, was anyone with me? Did they have a younger human boy with them?
The Mink shook his head, Nope, it was just you all drugged up and groaning about something. Arthur nodded, that was good, it meant Benji had either gotten away or he was dead…which was less good but Arthur was betting that the young man had gotten away. Right now he needed to focus on getting out and finding Claire, after that he’d worry about Benji. One step at a time.

You seem confused, what’s wrong friend? By the way, I’m Silver, thought I should remind you. The mink said and Arthur finally took the hint, Arthur, Arthur Kane. He said, looking for any hint of recognition on the Mink’s face. Satisfied the Mink didn’t seem to recognize the name, Arthur felt more comfortable talking to him. Well Arthur, what can I help you with? If you’re wondering where you are, you’re in the Coliseum holding cells beneath the Coliseum itself.
The Coliseum?
The Scavs call it the Thunderdome but yeah, it’s basically a large coliseum they use for entertainment – gladiator style. We here, and that includes you, are the enslaved entertainment. Welcome to the party. Silver said with a toothy grin.
Fight to the death I assume?
You betcha.
I mean…sure I guess. Anywho, if you beat Criksix’s Champion you supposedly get set free.
Never seen anyone do it myself.
That figures.

At that moment one of the large metal doors farther down groaned open and a hulking mass of a man lumbered down the rows of cells, Scav guards following closely behind. The man was at least a head taller than Arthur’s already impressive height. Broad in shoulder he had long pale yellow, nearly white, hair that flowed to his shoulders. Over his mouth he wore what Arthur could only assume was a gas mask or diving apparatus but painted to look like a sickening grin. Out of the corner of his eyes Arthur could see Silver turn away from the bars, as if to put as much distance between him and this man as possible. Strapped to the large man’s back was an equally as large gun. As the man walked towards Arthur’s cell, he stopped and crossed his arms, looking down at the Titan. So you’re the one causing me and my men all that trouble at the gates, eh? Don’t look like much.
Open this door up and we’ll see if you’re right.
The man let out a deep belly laugh, Oooh we’ve got some fight in this one, good find boys. He said to the assorted Scavs behind him. I can’t wait to watch you break.
Arthur simply stared back at the man intently.
The man let out another belly laugh, booming against the earthen walls of the jail, That’s the problem with you slaves, always so serious. Where’s the emotion? Where’s the anger? Don’t keep it bottled up inside, let it out. Let me see it!
Arthur said nothing and the large man sighed from behind his mask.
Here, maybe this will help. He said and snapped his fingers.
From the door the group had entered came three guards dragging someone in chains with them. From what Arthur could tell it was a female, her clothes torn and tattered, her hair a mess and caked with drops of dried blood. As she neared, Arthur immediately knew who this was, but kept himself composed so as not to show weakness in front of this large Scavenger. The big man reached down under Claire’s chin and lifted her head up so Arthur could see her in this disheveled state.
In case you hadn’t already guessed it by now Arthur Kane, I am King Criksix and this is my new property, I believe the two of you know each other. When Criksix said property he reached down and groped Claire’s left breast. She said nothing in protest but simply looked away from him and Criksix. Arthur’s fists tightened at his sides but he said nothing, not wanting to give the bastard the satisfaction.
Hmm, nothing? I’m surprised. What about… He began before back handing Claire across the face then staring at Arthur, now? Claire said nothing, remaining silent save for the small yelp she let escape through her teeth when his massive hand struck. Her head hung low, staring at her feet. Arthur reached forward and grabbed the electrified bars of his cell, burning electricity coursing through his veins and muscles. He felt nothing but pure pleasure as he began laughing, low at first but then growing into a maniacal belly laugh that reverberated throughout the chamber. As he did so he began to bend the bars, no longer worried about any irreversible nerve damage his hands and arms may suffer. Seeing this, Criksix suddenly became very serious as he quickly grabbed a large pistol from his belt and held it to Claire’s head, Enough or you’ll get a first hand account of what gun powdered sprinkled brain tastes like.
I already have, and it’s delicious! Arthur said, laughing like a madman but released the bars all the same.

There was a painful silence between the two men as Arthur’s laughter died down to a quiet chuckle and then silence. The smell of burned flesh filled the space between them and then finally Criksix began laughing as well, That’s it! There’s the emotion I was looking for. You seem like a crazy sonofabitch, huh? Can’t wait to see that tonight. He said, waving the gun at Arthur as he spoke as if it were an extension of his hand, another finger. Don’t worry, we’ll both be there to watch, won’t we darling? Criksix said before smacking Claire’s ass and walking away. As the guards began to lead her away, Claire looked up to meet eyes with Arthur and he could see pure hatred and bloodlust in them for just the most fleeting of moments. Whatever had happened in the short time she had been a prisoner here, the old Claire was still alive and well somewhere inside.

They came for Arthur a few hours later. The gladiators had been fed a meal of tasteless gruel in the time. He was told by Silver it tasted like shit but was high in nutrients and protein to keep the gladiators in top fighting shape for maximum entertainment. Arthur simply nodded and finished his bowl in silence. When they did come, the guards wielded shock batons and opened the gate only after he had shown them his Seastone bracelet was still locked in place on his arm. They lead him roughly out of the holding area, up a set of stairs and to an area with various sets of mismatched armor and weapons, many of which were still caked in blood and grime. Looking down at his torn, blood stained clothes, Arthur simply said, I’m fine.
The King wants you looking the part if you’re going to compete tonight. One of the guards said, waving a shock baton closer to Arthur. He didn’t fear the baton, confident that if necessary he could kill each of these guards even with the seastone touching his skin, but he had no doubt Criksix would put a bullet through Claire’s head if he attempted such an escape. He simply wanted to get this whole charade over with and so complied, tearing off what remained of his bloody suit and changing into a loin cloth made from what he could only assume was once an animal and twin metal shin guards. His feet he kept bare, preferring to feel the vibrations in the ground if he was going to need to fight. His chest he also kept bare, confident in the natural durability of his own body. As he was lead away from the armory, he took the passing time to check on his healing wounds from earlier in the day. Already they seemed to have closed up almost completely and he was no longer worried about them reopening in the upcoming fight. He couldn’t get a good look at the one on his shoulder, but the small abdomen cuts from the shrapnel were of little concern.

Lead to a gate now, Arthur could hear the murmuring and cheering of thousands of gathered voices. Looking through the porthole in the gate, he could see a circular floor covered in a thin layer of sand. There were two large pools of water in the center of the pit, leaving a rectangle of ground between them. Wrist. The guard said, his hand outstretched and an odd, rounded key in his hand. Arthur raised a curious eyebrow. He had assumed he’d be restricted to not using his Devil Fruit powers; Criksix probably had seen the battlefield topside and not wanted the same thing done to coliseum. Before you pop a stiffy on me, the King told me to remind you that you’re little girlfriend will be up in the royal box with him the whole time and if he thinks you’re getting out of hand he’ll put a bullet in her pretty little head without a care in the world. The man said, a coy smile on his face until he saw the look of bloodlust in Arthur’s eyes and quickly added, His words, not mine. I’m just the messenger. The guard quickly unlocked the seastone bracelet and scurried off with it in his hand. Arthur hardly had time to get his bearings before a loud horn sounded and the gate in front of him opened slowly. Arthur stepped out into harsh artificial light, shielding his eyes as they adjusted. Across from him, on the opposite side of the battlefield stood a fishman with an impressive looking trident and net. Both weapons appeared somehow more advanced than the weapons Arthur had been given a selection of. Siegfried, you know the rules. Arthur, you seem like a smart guy, I’m sure you’ll catch on. Criksix’s loud voice boomed as the crowd settled down. He sat in a large, ornate box with comfortable chairs and fellow cronies surrounding him. Beside him sat Claire who stared intently at Arthur. She had been done up, placed in a lovely evening gown that seemed out of place in such a place as this. The left side of her face was swollen and purple from Criksix earlier stunt and that only made Arthur’s blood boil all the more. I want to be entertained gentlemen, make this a good show. With that, Criksix sat down and the same horn sounded again to signal the beginning of the fight.

The fishman wasted no time as he began to spin his trident; the water in the two pools seemed to spin as well, generating whirlpools as the man approached. Then, without warning, Siegfried pointed his trident at Arthur and two geysers of spinning water erupted from the pools. Arthur activated his Kenbushoku Haki and crossed his arms in front of himself. The geysers crashed into his arms, pushing him backwards but he stayed upright. If not for his Haki he would have been stabbed through as the fishman jumped through the geysers, lowering them at the last moment to stab his trident at his opponent. Arthur sidestepped the stab, grabbing the staff of the trident and attempting to deliver a devastating side fist to the fishman’s head. The man ducked beneath it, missing by the breadth of a hair and pulled the net forward to wrap around Arthur’s legs. The netting had been infused with small orbs of electrically charged machines, which shocked Arthur even more painfully than the bars thanks to the conduction of water that now soaked him. Arthur burst out laughing as he was pulled down to his feet, releasing his hold on the trident due to his muscles contracting. The fishman brought the trident up again and stabbed downward, but Arthur swatted it away, his forearm coated in dark grey busoshoku haki. It impaled the ground near his head as he said between laughs, I’m tired of this electricity bull shit. Getting his feet up, Arthur delivered a painful double kick to the gladiator’s chest, sending the fishman flying backwards to land in one of the pools of water. His trident and net lay on the ground beside Arthur, the man unable to keep a hold on them after a surprise strike like that. Getting to his feet, the water in the pool began to bubble and churn as it rose into the air, revealing the fishman at the top of a very large geyser of water, which spun across the sand and towards Arthur.

Looking around, Arthur reached for the trident but stopped. He looked down at the net and grabbed it by the rubber handle the fishman had held onto it with before tossing it into the base of the geyser. The result was better than anything he could have expected. Arthur, and he imagined the rest of the stadium, had to shield his eyes from the blinding light as the electricity conducted through the water and up to the fishman, frying him into a golden fish stick right before everyone’s eyes. Arthur stared down at the fried fishman after he fell from the sky, the water tornado having dispersed with the fish’s death and he actually laughed. He wasn’t in any pain; no more than usual anyway, he just found the scene before him ridiculously comical. As guards came out to retrieve the body and weapons, Arthur was given an opportunity to catch his breath. An opportunity that Criksix of course took to hear himself speak yet again. He began with a loud clap, which the rest of the coliseum took up so as to please their megalomaniac leader. Well done, an impressive first bout for a newcomer. Using his own weapon against him, I knew you were a smart one. Criksix said, shaking his finger at Arthur and laughing heartily. Let’s see how you handle this next guy. The last one he fought literally spilled his guts by the end.

With that, the large metal door across the coliseum opened once more and the next challenger was already sprinting towards Arthur. Arthur was surprised by the next contestant’s speed, easily matching his own but instead of sticking to the defensive as he had in the last fight, Arthur leapt towards the robot to meet it head on, leaving a small crater behind him as he accelerated to top speeds. A quake bubble coated his fist as he swung it at the contender, pushing the robot back and denting its chest armor. The robot however seemed unbothered by this raw power and threw one of its large, flat blades at Arthur who deftly ducked out of the way as it flew past. However, what he hadn’t been expecting was the sword was on a wire and as the robot twisted to the left, so did the wire, spinning around Arthur’s neck and dragging him to the ground. The robot began to tighten the wire, attempting to strangle Arthur into submission. Instead, the doctor dug his heels into the ground and wrapped his fingers around the thick wire, pulling on it. At first, he and the robot seemed evenly matched in a deadly game of tug-o-war. He gave the wire a hard yank and the robot flew through the air towards him where he kicked downward with a quake bubble already around his foot. The resulting impact sent sand flying high into the air, covering the first few rows of rafters and leaving a sizeable dent in the ground where the robot now lay. Plasma shots flew through the dust cloud from beneath Arthur’s foot. He dodged all but the first, weaving his body in and out of harm’s way, which skimmed across his chest leaving a nasty burn. More laughter to mark this successful attack by the robot, but Arthur’s foot didn’t budge as he instead raised it and smashed it down harder into the robot, denting the creature’s hard shell even more. He then bent down; two fingers outstretched and generated a miniscule quake bubble which he simply tapped the chest of the robot with, Now disappear. Arthur said with a sick laugh from the pain in his chest before stepping off the robot and watching it literally disintegrate before his eyes. Arthur turned to Criksix and shouted, Bring me your best and he’ll die like the rest. and the crowd exploded in cheers.

Words: 3421/2800


Skill Name: Brich II – “Break”
Tier: 2
Type Offense
Range: 30m
Speed: 3
Description: This is the staple skill of the Gura Gura no Mi, the user moves in some way, usually a punch or a kick, and sends destructive vibrations towards the target. Generally this skill is used at close range but the user is able to displace air with the vibrations up to 30m away, shattering things like wood, stone, iron and bone instantly.

Skill Name: Molekülzusammenbruch II – “Molecule Collapse”
Tier: 5
Type Offensive
Range: Touch
Speed: Own
Description: This skill is extremely dangerous and often used in combination with Arthur’s other skillset. Rather than attempting to create large-scale vibrations as he so often does, Arthur focuses a quake bubble to the point of his two fingertips. The quake bubble generated is so small it’s difficult to detect with the naked human eye. Upon touching a target, the vibrations will spread out across the targeted area, but rather than do any obvious external damage, the vibrations will cause the breakdown of the target’s molecular structure. Effectively this means the targeted area will simply disintegrate before the target’s eyes, but on the molecular level the target’s molecules are being broken down and atoms scattered, disrupting the structure of the target. At this stage the vibrations end after the entire target/object has been destroyed, spreading out across the entirety of the target at Tier 6 speeds. For inanimate or non-living objects, Arthur can destroy the molecules of an object 150m in length/width before the vibrations cease so long as it is made of Diamond or below.

Skill Name: Zittern-stief – “Quake Step”
Tier: 1
Type Utility
Range: Self
Speed: Own
Description: This skill has the user focus vibrations in his feet, allowing him to burst forward at max speed instantaneously. As a result of the destructive power of this fruit, a small crater is left behind in the user’s wake about 5m in diameter and deals minor damage to anyone caught in it, friend and foe alike.

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Task Name: …Only One Walks Out
Tier: 2
Location: Abfall – Scavenger Land Arena
Crew, Team, or Personal: Solo
Description: Having won the arena challenge, Arthur demands Claire be returned to him but is (predictably) denied. As the Scavenger King begins to taunt Arthur using Claire, Arthur’s fury is unleashed.
Enemy Details: Hundreds of gathered T1-T3 Scavengers
Boss: Yes


Boss Name: Chad
Tier: 4
Description: Chad is a plain looking man with shaggy brown hair and brown eyes standing at 5’10. He’s of average height and average weight and looks bored seemingly all of the time. One has to wonder how the hell he became the champion of these ferocious gladiators?
Devil Fruit: Hana Hana no Mi
Haki: K&B
Equipment: N/A
Strength: 5
Durability: 6
Speed: 4
Perception: 4
King Scavenger:

Boss Name: King Scavenger Criksix
Tier: 3
Rebuilding an Empire Latest?cb=20150418140135
Devil Fruit: (If they have one what is it.)
Haki: K&B
Equipment: Various machine guns
Strength: 5
Durability: 3
Speed: 2
Perception: 2

Criksix stared at the cheering fans, all cheering for Arthur.  Arthur could see the anger and hatred in his eyes as he gripped the arms of his chair tightly. He rose to his feet, holding up a hand to silence the crowd. Quickly the cheers fell silent and Criksix waited a long moment until he addressed Arthur, Clearly I underestimated you. I don’t know what you did to Nova just now, and I’m not sure I want to know, but I’m impressed. Well done. Criksix clapped alone, a reverberating echo throughout the silent stadium and a clearly patronizing one at that. If it’s the best you want, then it’s the best you’ll get. I’m about to watch a Titan die, this should be fun. CHAAAAAAAAAD!! Criksix bellowed as the gate opened once more and Arthur turned his attention from the King of the Scavs to his champion. Arthur wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but this man Chad certainly wasn’t it. The man walked out in a sports coat and jeans, a toothpick hanging from his bottom lip. He was plain looking, not particularly tall or muscular with no real intimidating qualities about him. Arthur looked turned back to Criksix, a single eyebrow rose questioningly but said nothing. He wasn’t one to underestimate his opponents, but this seemed extreme even for him and he simply couldn’t help it. Regardless, Arthur turned to face his opponent, the terrifying undefeated champion…Chad.

Chad looked Arthur up and down, a large burn mark still smoldering on his chest. Fresh scars scattering his stomach and legs and sweat coated the front of his hair. Sup?
Arthur just stared at this strange man who shrugged when Arthur didn’t respond.
Alright fine then, let’s get this over with. Chad said before cracking his fingers out in front of him. Suddenly two massive hands appeared on either side of Arthur coated in Busoshoku haki. They slapped together with him in the center like a housefly. For a moment, it appeared to anyone in the crowd that Arthur had in fact been crushed in the first seconds of the match. Perhaps this was why Chad was the revered champion. Chad himself simply stared at the massive hands that had crushed his opponent, his own hands in his pockets as he twirled the toothpick over with his tongue. However, after a long few seconds the hands began to budge as Arthur appeared between them, pushing them apart with his own raw strength. He jumped down from where they had lifted him slightly into the air, breathing heavily as he stared at Chad. The simply raised his eyebrow curiously but said nothing. Confused as to what had just happened, Arthur took to the offensive, charging forward to meet Chad head on. Before he could reach the other man however, another large, busoshoku covered hand appeared and swatted him away back to the center of the arena.

Arthur rolled to the edge of the pool, his left hand over the edge and fingers dipping into the water. He began to rise when more hands yanked him down and under the water, attempting to drown him beneath the shallow surface. He pulled and kicked at the dozens of hands but with each strike more seemed to literally grow in their place. In the water his devil fruit was useless and panic was beginning to set in. With his remaining strength he attempted to curl his body into a ball before exploding outward, making as much sudden room as possible and with raw strength, freeing him of the numerous individual hands that pulled at his body. Underwater he sunk like a stone but luckily the pool wasn’t actually that deep and, with his feet on the ground he managed to break the surface, the water coming up just past his waste as he moved as quickly as possible to pull himself up out of the pool. On all fours to catch his breath, Arthur looked at Chad who continued standing in the doorway of the coliseum.

Do you know why Chad stands so close to the entrance, Kane? Criksix’s voice echoed throughout the coliseum, Because he discovered long ago that his fights were so short it actually wasn’t worth his time to walk all the way out to the center. The goliath of a man said with a hearty laugh. Wrap this up Chad, I’m growing bored of Arthur Kane. Chad flipped the King a thumbs up before a large mouth appeared beneath Arthur’s feet. The mouth was so large he had nowhere to run to, to escape it and nothing to jump from to get out of the way. Suddenly he found himself falling into a void and when the mouth closed, the sand and earth that made up the ground of the coliseum closed around him as well, threatening to suffocate him once more. To the audience, the fight was over and even Claire rose out of her chair to lean over the balcony railing in disbelief. The arena was silent, everyone captivated by what had just happened. Could it be possible? Was a Titan really killed that easily?

The ground began to rumble and even Chad looked surprised as it split and fractured before suddenly exploding. Sand and dust were thrown high into the air, covering the audience and arena alike, reducing visibility to nearly nothing. Chad was knocked off his feet by the violent rumbling left only to stare into the void of sand and dust, his toothpick having dropped from his open mouth. Arthur ignored Chad for the moment however, seizing this opportunity to jump out of the massive crater he had just created using his Zittern-stief and into the royal box housing Criksix and Claire. The guards were all confused, unable to really see anything more than their hands directly in front of them so dispatching them was hardly any effort as Arthur used his natural sense of vibrations to pick them out of the dust storm. Using the teachings of his Eight Trigram style, the guards dropped to the floor of the box paralyzed, many with irreversible damage done to their spines and joints. With them out of the way, the sand and dust began to clear as Arthur located the hulking mass that was Criksix. He could sense the man reach for the large pistol at his belt and raise it in the general direction Claire had been standing. Arthur knocked it away, listening to hit clatter on the ground. Criksix stood facing Arthur now, Claire to the side and slightly behind Arthur just watching them. Chad, dispose of this pest! Criksix ordered but Chad still seemed shook from what Arthur had just done as he stood gaping at what was once the coliseum floor, now stood a 70m deep and wide crater. All but the very edges of the coliseum had sunken in or been shattered apart and thrown into the air like dust. The audience filled the air with coughs and complaints of being unable to see, but neither Arthur nor Criksix paid them any mind. Your time on this island is done, it’s time for a new era. Arthur said as he grabbed the large man by his throat and lifted him off his feet. Criksix grabbed Arthur’s arm with both hands, attempting to free himself from the vice-like grip but to no avail. Before Arthur could finish the king of the Scavs however, a voice said from behind him, Arthur!

Arthur tuned in time to see Claire raise Criksix’s large pistol and fire a single shot. The shot rang out, silencing the complaints of the audience as warm blood splattered across Arthur’s head, chest and arm. Sorry, I guess you got to taste gunpowder sprinkled brain matter after all. Claire said and Arthur, silent for a moment, broke down laughing before dropping Criksix’s corpse to the ground. Arthur stepped forward to the front of the box and gazed out at the sea of Scavengers; the bulk of them all contained in one area. You’ve seen what I can do. I will bring this entire coliseum down on our heads if necessary. Your King is dead so now you have two options, die with him, or swear your allegiance to me and help me rebuild Abfall. Arthur shouted so all could hear. There was a long moment of deafening silence, none of the Scavs willing to be the first to talk before one, from the rafters randomly shouted, [b]Yeah I’m good with that, Criksix was kind of a dick anyway.[/color] and the rest of the coliseum erupted in cheers.

Your new royal subjects aren’t exactly the deepest of thinkers, huh?
No, but they seem loyal enough so long as I’m still alive. Let’s do something about that bracelet of yours and then start thinking about rebuilding this dump.

After the little coliseum challenge, the remaining gladiators (including Silver) were freed and Arthur allowed them to either join the new society he was creating or go back to whatever island they originally came from. Many chose to stay, including the grey haired mink. Arthur and Claire were lead out of the coliseum by his new Scav guards, who had gone ahead and found Benji out in the Badlands with the remaining dogs. Apparently it had taken some convincing and several dozen Scavs to finally relay the message to Benji and the canines that they weren’t there to harm or capture him but instead bring him to Arthur. Claire snorted at that fun anecdote. When Benji saw Claire he enveloped her in a big, squishy hug, which Arthur noticed she didn’t seem to mind as much as usual. A few hours later the three were eating in one of the larger Scav buildings. They were alone save for the servers who had brought them food earlier. So what exactly is your plan for this place anyway? Claire asked as she took a large bite of some kind of meat. Benji sat on a large, lavish couch, scratching one of the dogs that had taken a liking to the strange boy behind the ears.

Well, the Scavs are relatively low on the intelligence spectrum, but they’ve been fighting their whole lives. They’ll make up some form of military on the island with the gladiators who remained leading and training them. I’d like to take the people of Haven and move them into the city ruins here. This is far more land and with all the Scavs we killed on our assault of this place yesterday I’m sure there’s more than enough room for the people of Haven. I was also told there are other settlements on the island, smaller, but it’ll be important to bring them into the fold as well. We’ll spend a few weeks here, making sure the people elect officials to lead them while we’re gone before heading out. I want to make sure everything is at least moving in the right direction before we depart. Most of these people have only ever known the rule of Criksix or whatever megalomaniac ruled before him, I doubt they even know what to do with democracy. Arthur concluded.

I doubt the Scavs even know how to spell democracy. Claire jabbed. Hey whatever happened to that Champion Chad guy? Last I saw him he looked like he had just pissed himself after you blew up the arena floor; didn’t see where he went after that.
One of the Scavs told me he wandered into a bar looking like a ghost. One of the Scavengers liked his blazer, apparently had for a while but Criksix always protected him. With Criksix gone and Chad still distracted by his defeat, the Scav took it upon himself to…these are the Scav who told me’s words not mine, ‘shank the shit out of that mother fucker until his kidneys pissed blood’. I’ve heard the Scav who killed Chad looks positively dashing in his blazer. Arthur said as he brought a mug of tea to his lips and blew lightly on it. It seemed just about everything had worked itself out in the end, one way or another.

Words: 2030/2000

Arc Complete

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