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1 An unlikely job on Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:39 pm

Earlier that day Hemlock was looking for work. He was unemployed and made his money by doing various tasks or missions that he found on a obscure board somewhere off in town. He couldn't tell you where it is, but he could show you the way because of how confusing and complex it is to get to this board. This message board was one for tasks or duties of illegal or unusual nature. Breaking the law wasn't something Hemlock loved doing, though not all of the requests on that board broke the law, but he needed a way to pay for his expenses. The sole reason as to why he even left his home and came to this island was to make money, well that was the spoken reason. The true intentions were more for becoming more than what he already was, not a celebrity or world renown individual, but more than just a tall guy in a suit.
    So on that board this day there were the usual requests, "Kill blank" or "Need sex?" Hemlock wasn't into the usual, as the usual usually meant a getting his hands dirty. There often would be multiple jobs than just the regular, however there was only just a single job this time. On a nice white crisp piece of paper pinned to the board written in black in was a job with little to no information on it. It simply gave a few words as to what the job was, the time and location of where to meet the client. The job was detailed as a pick up, and to meet the client at one of the various local bars which Hemlock knew all of very well at 5pm. A task such as this being so vague and little in detail is an easy red flag, however meeting your client at a bar filled with people is one of the safer places to see them. Additionally, Hemlock had nothing to loose. There were no other jobs available on the board which he would even consider taking, so what was there to loose? There was little to nothing someone could take from Hemlock, and everyone in his family is poor so holding him for ransom is a no. Lastly the vagueness of the job means that Hemlock can back out once he doesn't like what he's hearing. Hemlock concluded that he would take the job. So Hemlock removed the paper from the wall, folded it, put it in his pocket, and went on his merry way waiting until 5pm.
    It was currently 4:55pm, Hemlock was 5 minutes away from meeting his client. The sun was ready to leave and have the moon take its place. It's departure changed the sky into a beautiful reddish orange. Hemlock was wearing his regular suit which was currently being covered by a white leather trench coat. The local bar which the paper spoke of was one that would only be frequented by the locals. It was known for being less populated than most bars, but had a laid back atmosphere with a good selection of alcohol for a good price. Hemlock was on track an walking to the bar and began second guessing himself, "What if what I am told holds me liable and thus forces me to complete the task otherwise my life is threatened?" another thought then popped up into his head, "Suppress the thought, until I actually find out what I've gotten myself into, right now it's just bringing unwarranted worry. I take the same risk every time I take on a job off of that message board." Hemlock took a deep breath and looked at his watch, it was 4:59pm and he had made it to the entrance of the bar. Standing in front of the entrance of the bar, Hemlock took one last deep breath for good measure and walked inside.
    As he entered the bar, he didn't pay attention to the details, he simply scanned the room with a quick glance and noticed that it wasn't packed but there were a few folk at the bar. Nothing really caught Hemlock's attention as dangerous or suspicious, so he walked deeper into the bar, until he found an empty table to sit at. He pulled out one of the wooden chairs making a squeaking noise and sat down. Sitting there, waiting patiently for his client.

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3 Re: An unlikely job on Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:12 am

Hemlock spoke to soon when he concluded that there was nothing out of the ordinary about the bars current atmosphere. He quietly observed 5 figures enter the bar and thought to himself, "That must be them." His eyes from that point onward were glued to the 5 individuals as they approached him, ready to pick them apart from head to toe. 4 of the men were suited, what stood out in particular from the 4 was that only one of them was holding a duffel bag, "What could possibly be in that bag?" Hemlock thought to himself. In fact he was questioning everything he observed. It wasn't a curiosity of nervousness, but he was simply intrigued, he had never had a client of this caliber. The gigantic man wearing the suit of armor and holding the spear stuck out like a sore thumb. Thus Hemlock swiftly concluded that the men in suits were bodyguards of sorts, and the individual in a suit of armor was his client. The movement of the group was mechanical, it appeared to be carefully thought out and planned, every step, and every breath. When the group was about 2 meters from Hemlock they stopped in unison. From the blob of men the armored man emerged and headed for the table at which Hemlock was sitting. At this moment Hemlock took in a deep breath to clear his head of the consistent questioning that was racing through his head moments before. Once the armored man reached Hemlock's table he spoke, "Do you mind if I join ya lad?" Hemlock giving a stern face tried to find the eyes hidden behind the man's helmet and stared into them. "With pleasure sir, It's nice to meet you, my name is Jonathan Hemlock here to fulfill your needs, I'm all ears from here on out." Hemlock always holds his clients with utmost respect and kept it short and concise as he always does. Hemlock didn't really know what to expect after introducing himself, he just hoped for the best.

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5 Re: An unlikely job on Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:11 pm

Hemlock's mind was racing and he tried to collect and sift through the first information dump which was just put upon him,
"Gale Witherspoon? Never heard of such a name, doesn't even raise a flag. Government officials? that definitely helps the legitimacy of this job, though it could also be seen as a negative. 2 million beli? That's a lot of money for a simple pick up of some sort, so there definitely is some level of danger otherwise why would such a sum be paid?" Hemlock also took note of the envelope placed by one of the guards upon the duffel bag containing money and shortly after his thoughts were cut off by the continuation of the Gale's speech. He again was putting paying as much attention as he could to the details and continued his thoughts,
Abfall? Heard of it, I know barely anything about it though. Meji Shiranui? I'm as oblivious as a worm in the earth on that one..." Gale then brought up his life being on the line if the letter was not delivered to Meji in the given time fram, "Standard, and the time fram doesn't sound too bad, however how will I get there?
I can't possibly get there without a ship of some sort, and I doubt I'll be able to hitch a ride to Abfall of all places. There are too many unknowns in this job which I need clarification in in order for me to feel comfortable when it comes to accepting this job."
Hemlock took a moment to wrap his thoughts for the most part and cleared his throat. Shortly after he spoke,

"I understand the task at hand. It is to deliver the letter to Meji Shiranui, however, I am still uncomfortable on taking your job for simply there are too many unknowns for me to be assured I can complete the task and that you can be assured that I get this letter to Meji. So I have a few questions to ask, Firstly, How will I get there? When I take a job off of that board I usually expect it to be on this island and not on one far off into the distance on top of that, I don't have a boat. Secondly, I know little to no information about the island of Abfall, so I would just like a simple run down of what it's about. Remember, I assure that I will take this job if transportation is provided guaranteed, regardless of what's on the island, it's so I am most well prepared to deliver this letter." After this response deep in the back of his head Hemlock felt as if this was something he couldn't not take. Even if he knew every detail before accepting the job there was bound to be danger in the simple fact that he doesn't know the location of the target unless he accepts the job. He could be in a prison, or in a forest comprised of carnivorous man-eating plants, it was a risk he would take though. His life was getting stagnant and stale, almost depressing, this would definitely spice things up. Additionally it could open other opportunities in the future. Thus something sparked within Hemlock, an adventurous excitement of sorts. Hemlock waited quietly for Gale's response.

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7 Re: An unlikely job on Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:59 pm

Learning that Gale was a man of urgency and short temper, Hemlock understood that this is bigger than him. It was bigger than he would ever be. He swiftly put the red envelope containing information that seemingly relieved any confusion on the task at hand. Both of his hands then extended outwards, the right hand grabbing the envelope on top the duffel bag, and the right grabbing both handles of the duffel bag. Hemlock then spoke in a serious tone, "It's a pleasure working with you good sir, I will deliver your letter to Meji as soon as possible." Rising from his seat Hemlock holding the bag in one hand and the envelope in the other headed straight for the exit, on course to the docks.


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