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1Harold D. Saint Empty Harold D. Saint on Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:08 pm

Name: Harold D. Saint
Alias/Epithet: None to Date.
Race: Human
Tier: T2
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Mode: Hard

Occupation: (Available Occupations Found Here)
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: NA

General Appearance: (A run down of your character's appearance. Clothes, body build, etc. 400 words minimum.)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 172.
Crew Tattoo Placement: NA


Likes: (T1 Requirement - 3 Likes, T2 Requirement - 4 Likes, T3+ Requirement - 5 Likes)
Dislikes: (T1 Requirement - 3 Dislikes, T2 Requirement - 4 Dislikes, T3+ Requirement - 5 Dislikes)

History: When his mother was a young woman, she was filled with both desire and wit, and equipped in all the ways needed to unhinge and twist a man about her finger when beneficial to her own agenda. But she had little education and few resources to boot by the time she was old enough to set off on her own. She was however crafty, some might say manipulative, and inevitably managed to make a comfortable living preying upon feeble minded nobles, royalty, and officers alike while saving an ample amount for the sake of one day fulfilling that dream of hers. That dream being a restaurant inn she'd be dreaming of since she discovered her love for food as young girl. The years passed and she also grew fond of one particular patron, so much so that she began to yearn for his company as much as he did hers. What was once merely an exchange of currency for hers became an exchange of deep secrets, fond words, fulfilled desires, and love. She however believed that what a man stood for weighed more than what he was actually comprised of. Her main concern in loving that particular man was that she feared the organization he represented was the wrong side, an oppressive one, and the further he advanced up the rungs of leaderships the more responsible in her eyes he became for some of the travesties she witnessed. It wasn't until months had passed since she uprooted and vanished that word of a potential child got back to Howard. Some would say it was out of anger and spite, that he never considered the rumors to be true.  As a young boy Harold matured rapidly and grew to ponder it all, the world, his parents, his purpose, he reasoned inevitably that the only satisfactory answer would be the one he got for himself one day. He never questioned his lineage however, attributing all that he excelled in to the man he was forbidden from seeing. Eventually in losing his mother he lost everything that tied him to one spot, even at the age of fourteen. He could easily recall his mother's voice sharing tales of his father's rise to fame and power, and of his abilities. Yet as glorious as it all sounded to him, he remembered that it was his mother's decision to leave and keep him hidden from this very man. At the age of sixteen he resolved to join the marines, following in a sense his father's footsteps to ascertain greater power and influence as had he and to get the answers he deserved, to one day cast judgement on him and all those under him as his mother had. 

Face Claim: (Gangsta|Nicolas Brown)

Bonus: T2
Location: Dressrosa
Fate Point Allocation:
5 God of Haki  
1 Lineage [Howard D. Saint]

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