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15 Re: Interview with the king( Topic) on Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:05 pm

"No, we will not take any vessel that belonged to you. I have one, docked, at the port within this town. It is sizeable and guarded with individuals(T3) I hand selected to make sure my ship isn't tapered with. The max capacity on my vessel is one hundred. Fifty, including myself, already are present. You can, within the next thirty minutes, get your desired amount of individuals and any other equipment to this location and we will leave. The Island you wish to go to is up to you. Or you can go to the Island that your Mother wanted me to take you to. The choice is ultimately yours. " Von would say as she would reload her weapons, both of them, and place them at her side. "Also, once you are on the ship, or I see other wise, I will remove the sea stone bullet that is stopping your Devil Fruit abilities."

The first task, killing King Zeal, technically was now over. Her next task, given to her by Destiny Ridgets, was now in full effect. Get her son off of the Island of Dreams. At this moment they were secure underground. But, once they were top side getting to the docks, which were around two miles away, could leave them open. Von though would be able to handle, and would handle, anything that come their way. Keeping Dream safe at all costs.

Von would remove her Den Den Mushi and begin to speak, "I am heading to the docks soon. Prepare the sub and also be prepared for any combat." After giving her orders she would hang up and return the Den den Mushi to he pocket. Von had also been given another order and that was to kill anyone that tried to kill or stop Dream from leaving the Island, no matter who they were. Just as she first entered this building she was ready for any and everything.

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16 Re: Interview with the king( Topic) on Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:10 pm

Dream looked up at her as she was talking. Saying that they wasn't going to take his ship. He looked on at Von smiling when she said she was gonna remove the bullet. Blocking his dear devil fruit ability. Dream looked on again,I was hoping you say that.
Keeping this bullet in poor ole me. It's not like I'm going to try and escape I need you more than you know.
He looked at Von wondering why walk the 2 miles when he could get there within moments. Only to realize he could not really move. He really didn't have nothing to take with him seeing as he had all he needed on him. Within a box on him laid the Yuki yuki no mi.But he will keep what's inside be box a secret. Dream soon sent out a alert to have his grunts make sure to clear the way. True I'm no longer a king and haven't been 1 long. But I was born a boss.
Now anyway with that Von anyone you see on the streets will be a target. Because there should not be nobody out and about.
Dream looked up as his Grunts help him up to his feet. They soon dressed his wound than cover him back up in a new cloak. Dream would soon wear a mask to cover his face. He tried to walk but was still wobbling because of the sea salt bullet and it's effect. Dream smiled, I really don't have no where I'll rather be than here to be honest. But since that's not the case I'll be going to where ever my mother wants me to go. I just hope she doesn't read me my rights or get me to marry no one. Dream smiled again under his mask,well let's go Mockingbird you'll sure to be in not only my favor but my mother's as well.

Don't be fooled by the truth after all lying is part of the seven deadly sins.
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18 Re: Interview with the king( Topic) on Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:06 am

Von would make her own adjustments to make sure that this all ended well. "If you don't mind, Dream, I would like to have your soldiers help us get you out of here safely. Also put on the uniform that your soldiers wear." If he agreed to this she would have all the grunts, even the ones that left, be on look out on each corner. It was a straight path to the docks from this building to the docks. Her ship, still submerged, was at the far end of the docks. So, it will take some time to get there after arriving to the docks entrance. What she would have done, if allowed to manipulate the groups, would have all of them within this building to leave. Yes, leave the building.

"I see you have equipment for a den den mushi broadcast. Get it ready and put Emily Ford on now, she will send out a emergency broadcast saying everyone needs to be inside and that (this area) is most likely to be damaged and soldiers will be out to help secure their homes. And also that King Zeal has died. Last time I was up it was bad, and most likely has gotten worse. So, we will use that to our advantage. People will either be worried about the storm or the death of the King. Regardless this will show that the only people that'd be outside will be enemies. Especially if they are outside in the area we will have all your solders. Emily also during this entire time repeat the message over and over again." As she spoke Emily Ford got up and moved over to the soldiers with the den den mushi equipment. Even if the display part won't work that good the loud echoing of her speaking this message will be heard sooner or later.

All the solders that were sent out before would be called back and the area would be covered. Also those within the building, posing as civilians would come outside. Securing the area was all the solders would be told to do. The plan was only known to those within the room. Von though, even with her plan being done, would not leave the room nor allow Dream to. They also would make sure to stay out of the broadcast of Emily.

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19 Re: Interview with the king( Topic) on Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:22 pm

Dream smiled a delightful smile as he looked at Von, Remembering his first meeting years back. Dream soon put on his soldier attire. Which was a standard navy uniform. But the colors was green and black. As he was wearing a navy hat that belongs to the kingdom army. Dream soon began to walk a bit. Still wobbling however this time he was a bit ok. Despite the sea stone bullet in him. He was able to walk somewhat. Looking at Emily Ford he smiled,your known as the island of dreams most trusted voice. Your word is like a law of it's own because when you talk people listen. That makes you a reliable person indeed.Now than did you hear Mockingbird she is our last hope out this mess. I need you to follow her oders to the T got that. Dream looked around as his technology was booming. Than to his soldiers,hey get her live than turn it into a recording have it on repeat. Tell everyone this is a red alert by the way have all the others report back to the Zeal area of the island. Have everyone go inside at once and anyone out side will be offed if you know what I mean. Dream soldiers began to active the broadcasting system ( technology T2 btw). Dream soon looked up as Emily Ford was standing by the monitors den den mushi cam camcorders. As the lights went on a extremely low siren could be heard. This would echo throughout the entire 4 islands. The message would say, STATE OF EMERGENCY EVERYONE GET BACK HOME AND LAY LOW. This would repeat itself as the loud screen out side would shoot on. There stood Emily as everyone begans to freak out. Emily took a bold stand and said, everyone I don't know how to say this but King Zeal dead he was assassinated. I'm sorry to say this but please go home and lay low please. This video would repeat itself as all Dreams grunts (300) in total came to the area. Dream looked at Von wobbling a little bit before standing still. Ok Mockingbird we ready when you are. Emily looked at Dream,I want to know your entire life story like why you even change your now. Dream smiled, listen I'll tell you everything you need to know but right now us getting out of here is what needs to be done.
Fact is Mockingbird will be calling shots as of right now. It's the best way I believe.
He gave her his den den mushi number. Than smiled at Mockingbird, as I was saying let's get out of here.

Don't be fooled by the truth after all lying is part of the seven deadly sins.
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