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Free Agents
Free Agents

Solomon exited his castle despite the protests of his advisors. ”Sire, it is much too dangerous to go out wandering the island. Those bandits have made it their mission to randomly attack people just out and about.” one of his main royal advisors attempted to convince the king to stay in the castle. ”All the more reason to go out and talk to my people. I want to be the type of king that inspires his people and makes them feel safe. Times like these are exactly the ones where I am needed the most.” Solomon would not be deterred. He was determined to go out and deliver a speech to the citizens of Occulto, and there was nothing that anyone could say to change his mind. ”Well if you’re going to go out there now, at least take Netul with you. He should be sufficient to keep you safe.” ”Netul’s place is to guard the profit, and I can’t just take him away from her side because YOU feel like I need to be guarded. I’m perfectly capable of protecting myself! Solomon was beginning to get irritated, and as king he didn’t have to sit there and listen to other people trying to tell him what to do in HIS kingdom. “I’m going to deliver my speech alone! I will not be followed and I will come back whenever I please! With that, Solomon walked away from the castle down into his kingdom to give a speech to his citizens.

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